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I was recently talking with someone about Pathfinder Society and they were curious when I mentioned that some Adventure Paths were Society Sanctioned. I know specifically that Emerald Spire (PF1e) is Society Sanctioned, because I played an Animal/Plant Domain Cleric that was both the parties support and strength based character.

Anyway, they were asking more about information regarding this. While I'm pretty sure Kingmaker, Wrath of the Righteous, and Whispering Tyrant were all Society Sanctioned, I'm not 100% sure and I am not certain how they were ran even if they were.

Could you guys confirm which APs are Society Sanctioned for PF1e and PF2e and how they are run differently from normal society games?

Wanted to point out that Wild Heritage is a featthat acts like Skill Focus for Eldritch Heritage, but gives an option for Wild Blooded choices for your Eldritch Heritage.

It'll cost you three feats (Wild Heritage, Eldritch Heritage, and the +4 level feat) but it's one way to get a Full Level companion w/out taking class options into account.

Honestly, might still consider making a Familiar with a ghost pet, if nothing else but to experience having Kira in my games again. I used to have a character with a pet which was a tribute to my old cat, and when it died in the story I was in (unlucky combat with a Mauler Familiar), I opted to make it a Figmented Sage familiar to represent it being a ghost.

So it would be interesting to have a Ghost familiar, even if we don't have Maulers in PF2e.

So... not sure how I missed this while reading the Book Of The Dead rulebook, but I recently saw the "Old Friend" familiar option and (besides having a mini emotional breakdown after reading it) had a few questions I wanted to ask...

As someone who had built an 'Old Friend' in Pathfinder 1st Edition using Figment Familiar, this made me want to build a character focused around this idea. However... I'm not quiet sure how familiars function or what makes them work in 2e, so I wanted to ask a few things:

1) What does it mean "Required Number of Abilities" for specific familiars? From what I'm reading, it sounds like it costs a number of Familiar Abilities? So I'd be down 4 Familiar Options in order to take the Old Friend Specific Familiar? (It has 4 listed next to it).

2) What can incorporeal creatures do to benefit the party? I understand it'll pretty much be a non-combat pet thing outside a few spell casting gimmicks, but I'd hate to invest an extreme amount of resources (~3 Class Feats and <assuming above> 4 Familiar Abilities) for something that is just the equivalence of flavor.

3) What other benefits would Familiars have to the party if I were to choose a Familiar focused character?

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I'm going to flag this thread, it's been derailed far enough and I'd rather see it removed than have this continued...

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I love how it's the people who are quoting me to "attack" or "defend" the ONE person I WASN'T referring to about in my last post, are the people I was originally referring to... If you think "Filling a thread with anger" is about one post, you might want to re-read the thread and view your own posts and see how much bitter resentment you used in the words chosen.

Just so we're clear, this has nothing to do with keftiu or their post, and this has everything to do with people going on people sending me harassing DMs, posting unrelated political opinions on a thread about skeleton fluff, and all around dog pilling and dog whistling.

(Edit) Re-reading the replies, I'm also specifically exempting Arcaian (in addition to Keftiu as previously stated) from my blanket statement. It appears they're the only ones who even attempted to resolve the issue with as little resentment as possible.

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-sigh- I swear... Can't go a single day on the internet without a topic getting completely derailed by something completely unrelated about politics. Remind me again why I even bother with the internet anymore...?

Anyway, thanks for the discussion guys. I don't think I'll play 2e anymore, it's clear that accidentally saying one wrong word in a full paragraph is enough to fill a thread full of anger. Have fun all. <3

Book of the Dead isn't available on the Additional Resources list yet, but so far all races have been made available through boon purchases (basically, play enough society games and you can buy boons for new character slots). I'm guessing it'll end up being 160 Points, if available at all, because that is how much the rare ancestries cost. Then again, Book of the Dead hasn't been added to Additional Resources yet so no way to tell.

@Keftiu - Hm... I could maybe see the Phantom Eidolons working if they were less about emotional connection and more focused on the spirit/ghost aspect of things. Main reason I was thinking of Undead was to have both the Eidolon and Player being Negative Energy based. I can definitely see the appeals of being both Negative and Positive Energy through. Devotion Phantom seems like the best option. That being said, the Phantom Eidolons feel very reaction heavy - maybe if there was a way that both the player and eidolon could get actions? Would be cool.

It's a shame that Pharasma is so dogmatic about killing undead though. Like, a skeleton awakening in the middle of a battlefield with little-to-no recollection of his past life, with the symbol of Pharasma marked on his bones. I could even see them having a Psychopomp Eidolon and partially being a pact made with Pharasma to stop an undead plot - albeit his body was already rotten away with only bones remaining by the time Pharasma agreed <kind of like the Duskwalker thing but no flesh xD>. I definitely like the idea of him trying to keep his undead self a secret by hiding in a massive suit of full body armor, lol.

@Perpdepog - "Don't ---- with me, I have the power of God and Anime on my side! Ahhhhhh!" - Random Youtube Short

Though looking at the tenants, Tsukiyo seems like the best. I'll have to dig more into this build. Hopefully Skeletons don't cost too much for PFS. Lol

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So... I've been looking at the Book of the Dead Rulebook for PF2e and had a few ideas pop into my head, one of the ideas that flashed into my mind happened while reading the Summoner class with an anime in the background.

My first major fluff question; would it be possible for a Skeleton PC and an Undead Ghost originate from the same corpse? The idea that's been scratching the back of my head was a fully armored Plate Mail Summoner + Champion Archetype that uses the As in Life, So in Death feat. His Eidolon being an Undead Eidolon and a ghost of himself.

The second question; I understand that this might come with a lot of self loathing, but is it possible for an undead to worship Pharasma? I like the idea of an undead not knowing how they died, only having glimpses of their past life, and seeking Pharasma for answers of why they returned? I know it feels weird, but it seems like an idea to mull over.

Third question; what non-evil deity other than Pharasma would work with an undead? Any ideas how that would work in play? I am curious actually.

Final Question; Is it possible to be a Duskwalker Skeleton? I understand "Neither your body nor your spirit can ever become undead", but I'm just curious if/how the heritage would work with this ancestry.

Hopefully my questions and ideas aren't too obvious. xD

Ah, thank you. I sent a message to Customer Support, but I'll send a message for them to close it and messaged orgplayreportingerrors instead. Thank you again!

I accidentally purchased a Experienced Adventurer (Level 2 Start; 12 XP, 12 Fame, 12 Reputation, and 30 gp) on an already existing character and didn't notice the mistake until I noticed that the character slot it was purchased on already had pre-existing experience on it...

Is there a way to fix that online? I just finished a game with the new character that it was meant for and noticed the mistake when I was trying to get the numbers for my DM, and like I said, noticed the Boon was on the wrong slot...

Also; it looks like this boon doesn't appear in the Summary page of my Organized Play, which is probably why I didn't notice the mistake for so long...

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Hm... guides aren't dead for PF1? I'll have to start (Re)working on my Alchemical Items guide that I scrapped when PF2 was released. Lol

That being said, Crossblooded Sorcerers are pretty insane with the right combinations. Some of my favorites with a fluff/crunch combo are Pheonix/Solar for the ultimate Sorcerer Faithful of Saerenrae; and Orc/Solar for the munchkin cheese of negating Light Sensitivity at level 1 while also getting +1 Damage to All/+1 Damage to Fire spells.

Actually; my first Munchkin'ed character in PFW was Erif Covah the Firestarter, a Half-Orb Crossblooded Sorcerer (Orc/Solar) born of a Mother Priest of Saerenrae and a Father Shaman of Sezelrian... What? Just because I was making crunch doesn't mean I can't Flavor it. He is only level 3 right now but already burning things to a crisp.

Main reason I pointed this out was because of your Magic Trick section (PFS APPROVED BABY!); something to keep in mind is that Fireball is a Radius spell, meaning you're going to be hitting things in a 10ft burst rather than a 5ft square. Keep that in mind when you're sculpting the battlefield with dots of 5ft radius death balls. Widened Condensed Clusterbomb Fireball is got to be the most Munchkin thing in the game - 5d6+10 damage 5ft radius death orbs.

Honestly, not sure why I didn't put outflank as the Level 9 bonus feat. That and Improved Outflank are really good with this build. Outflank gives +4 Flanking Bonus and Improved Outflank means you just have to be adjacent to the same enemy. The reason why Improved Outflank is good is that you need to stay adjacent to your allies to give them your Shield Wall and Sisterhood Style bonuses.

But yeah, what AVR said - Outflank and Improved Outflank is awesome. :D

I still say AVR's Shield Brace build is the best build, because you can meme with double banners. xD lol

@AVR - Not sure about PFS, but the rulebooks say that Level 8 starting gold is 33,000gp. So it'll be more than half (leaving OP 15,000gp left for Magic Armor, Weapons, and else gear). But just read the OPs newest post, and looks like he's getting it for free, lucky guy. xD

Regarding the different types of builds, it looks like the Aasimar build is just base buffs from your class with flying. The second and third are bodyguard builds that provide the base buff plus the ability to defend allies that are next to you. All of them are really great builds, but they aren't focused on buffing the party as much as just keeping them alive. I definitely agree that Power Attack is going to be required if you want to keep relevant in combat, but if you want a more buff focused character, here is something I went with:

If your party has a lot of shields, Sisterhood Style is actually pretty fun (if you can get the feats needed for it). Basically, with all the feats required, you can give two people adjacent to you +3 to Will and Ref saves and +3 AC (and +1 to Will/Ref at 20 feet). All-in-all, it'll cost you 6 Feats and Charisma 13 (minimum), so Human is definitely looking optimal here.

Likewise, another good feat to use is Iomedae's Inspiring Sword. Granted, this is a better option for Paladins, it has two levels. The Initial Benefit gives you a Full-Round action to give your allies a +2 Sacred Bonus to all Attacks, Saves, and Skills for 1 round + 1 round per 5 BAB. It's... eh, but Sacred Bonus means it stacks with a lot of things (combined with the above, you're now giving +5 Will/Ref Saves, +2 Fort Saves, +2 Damage, +3 AC, and +2 Skill Checks to adjacent allies). If you can get Dazzling Display, you can get the Advanced Benefits which give you an extra effect on your Standard ad Charge attacks. If you hit with a longsword, you grant all your allies who see your attack a +2 Sacred Bonus - so instead of a Full-Round Action as above, it's whenever you hit with an attack.

Granted that accuracy is more important than damage using Iomedae's feat, I'd consider dropping Power Attack, but ultimately that's just my advice if you choose to take this specific feat.

Human Sister-At-Arms Build:

Racial Options: You'll want to keep Bonus Feat because of how feat hungry this is. Skilled can either buffer a lower INT dump, or you can replace it for Heart of the Fey (for +1 Will/Ref, Low-light Vision, and Perception/Nature class skills).

Level 1: Weapon Focus (Longsword); Bonus Human: Shield Focus; Bonus Class: Shield Wall
Level 3: Sisterhood-Style; Bonus: Bodyguard
Level 5: Sisterhood Rampart
Level 6: Bonus: Sisterhood Dedication
Level 7: Divine Fighting Style (Iomedae's Inspiring Sword)
Level 9: Dazzling Display; Bonus: Precise Strike

Using this build, you can give your allies the following buffs:
- Passive: Sisterhood Style, gives adjacent allies +3 Will/Ref and +1 Will/Ref up to 20 feet.
- Passive: Shield Wall; Gives +3 to adjacent allies [w/ heavy shield]
- Swift Action; Sisterhood Style, give 2 allies the Shield Wall feat until Stance ends.
- Swift Action; Challenge (3/Day), +2 circumstance bonus to melee attacks if you threaten the target.
- Swift Action; For the King (1/Combat), Charisma Mod +1 competence bonus to Attack and Damage Rolls within 30 feet for 1 round.
- Full-Round Action; Inspiring Sword, give allies in 30 ft. a +2 Sacred Bonus to Attacks, Saves, and Skills for 2 rounds.
- Standard Action; Lion's Call, give allies +2 competence bonus and Charisma +1 competence bonus vs Fear for 8 rounds.

So - Assuming 16 Charisma, you'll optimally be giving these bonuses to your adjacent allies:
* +5 Will/Ref Saves
* +2 Fort Saves
* +8 Attack
* +4 Damage
* +3 AC

This build will be better when you can start using your Standard and Charge attacks to trigger your Sacred Bonus for your allies at level 10, but until then using a full-round action every other turn might be your better option. Your Lion's Call does last for 8 rounds.

First-turn in combat will probably be Sisterhood Style + Inspiring Display, followed by Lion's Call and Challenge. Definitely try using For the King every combat, since it's an insane swift action buff.

I apologize if I rambled too much with my post... my first ever character that I played a full campaign with was a supporting character. He was a Paladin rather than a Cavalier, but crafting this concept reminded me a lot of him. I hope you have good luck with your Cavalier! :D

(Edit) Sorry, just noticed this. Can you clarify what you mean by "I'd be using a scarlet rose banner attached to a long spear."? Are you referring to the Scarlet Rose Banner (1-Handed, Counts as Heavy Shield), or are you referring to the Banner of Ancient Kings (2-Handed, can be attached to Long Spear)? Both cost 18,000gp, but they have two very separate builds and buffing abilities.

(Edit 2) Not sure how functional this is, but if you get enough Gold Pieces for both of the Banners, you can use AVR's Shield Brace build to use both banners at the same time! Double Banner Build!

@DeathlessOne: Hm... never thought about it that way, I haven't had much experience with Spellcaster classes - much less Mystic Theurge builds - but definitely agree that useful class features that don't scale with level would more than makeup for a couple points less than max on the main spellcasting attribute. Just something about Seducer Witch and Feyspeaker Druid caught my attention with how fey-like it is.

@VoodistMonk: Not really any 'point' just a fun piece of trivia. Basically, you lose a couple of levels of Spellcasting for a larger pool of Divine Spells than just the couple you'd get from Faith Magic. Definitely not game-breaking, but a neet idea.

Also, I would never consider myself a Powergamer or Min-Maxer. Yes - I do make some ridiculous mixes and combinations between character options, but that's usually because I'm mixing for flavor. lol

But yeah, I saw the Necromancer Build once and was like "This is the Necromancer I want to play"* (before the Juju changes).

@UnArcaneElection: I know, right?! I would have loved to see the Stigmatized Witch as an option for PFS. Unfortunately, they're Owlcat exclusives and Paizo has pretty much abandoned PF1 altogether. Not quite sure why Owlcat made Stigmatized Witch a Charisma caster tbh; but I was just going off based on the games.


I am curious though, how well do the Witch and the Druid spell list mesh together? I feel like ultimately, the final level spread would be 3/7/10 to get 9th level Druid Spells, or 7/3/10 for 9th level Witch spells.

I still like the idea of being a WitchDruid, sounds fun. lol

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Woot, thanks for the list. I love that it includes Psychic spells too. I'll definitely be peeping at this more too, looks awesome.


avr wrote:
...note the {wizard or arcanist} 7/divine spellcaster 1 option using faith magic to get a 2nd level divine spell.

Wow, that is a nice catch. Definitely pushing Wizards and Arcanists to Low Purple-High Blue instead of Blue in my mind (if I did make a guide).

Looks like a lot of people are interested in making a guide, I hope I get to read them if they ever finish them. xD

Sorcerer's are definitely one of the better filler Arcana classes because they can alternate themselves between INT/WIS/CHA, though Wizards feel like the better INT class to choose from. Shaman's are also pretty cool in terms of their Hexes - which also apply for taking the Witch. A supportive Shaman/Witch would be interesting if they took Supportive Hexes to buff and heal their allies.

Deathless, does your list include archetypes and options that alter their spellcasting type and/or spellcasting attribute? I'd love to see it.

Hm... looking at your guide, Plant Subdomain: Leshy might be a good choice because it re-enables Summon Natural Ally Spontaneous Spellcasting. Sadly, if you do make a Mystic Theurge guide, this would have to be in the "Not PFS Legal" section, cuz Seducer Witch is banned [for obvious anti-lewd reasons]. lol

So... I had this idea a while ago, but never fleshed it out because of PFS Legality [RIP Seducer Witch], but Wrath of the Righteous introducing Stigmatized Witch made me curious about revisiting it. Basically, in the WotR game, the Stigmatized Witch is a Charisma Caster that replaces their Patron (and Spells) with an Oracle Curse instead. [This would be fun to Homebrew. Next time I talk to someone about a Non-Society game, I'll ask them about it instead of potentially creeping them out with the Seducer, lol].

Anyway, I'm rambling. The biggest draw for this build is that both classes are Charisma Casters and only require 3 levels to reach Spell Level 2. These are the Feyspeaker Druid and Seducer Witch [not using Stigmatized because that isn't official material sadly...].

Three levels of Seducer Witch does the following for us:
* Patron: We only get one Spell from the Patron (At level 2), and fitting to the theme the Plant Patron gets Entangled as a 1st level spell. If you'd prefer picking something else, Seducer is limited to Deception (ventriloquism), Enchantment (Unnatural Lust), Thorns (Thorn Javalin), or Trickery (Animate Rope). Thorn is tempting, but we're trying to make ourselves Less MAD - not more.
* Otherworldly Allure: Replace INT with CHA as your main Spellcasting modifier. Ignore the rest of the Archetype. This is literally the only reason I've tried to convince DMs to allow me to play this Archetype - and why some of the cringe DMs are upset when I don't play into the rest of the Archetype.
* Witch's Familiar: Oh cool, a pet! That acts as your spellbook... Don't let it die.. (not part of the Archetype, but thought it was important).
* Fey Charm: Gives Charm Hex and increases its save DC by +1. Ignore the rest of it. Nope, just ignore it. I SAID IGNORE IT!

If You Must Know...:
If you must know, +2 if they're attracted to you physically, +3 if you got physical recently. I TOLD YOU TO IGNORE IT!

Anyway, here is what the Feyspeaker Druid gets:
* Fey Magic: Replaces WIS with CHA as main Spellcasting Score. Unfortunately, you won't see the enchantment or illusion spell from the sorcerer/wizard spell list for a while. You also lose Spontaneous Casting for Summon Nature's Ally and Wild Shape delays until Level 6 (aka Never).
* Fey Speech: Oh cool! You get Sylvan for free! Now you just need Aklo and you're triple trouble (Druid, Sylvan, Aklo for all your faerie needs). Also gives Bluff, Diplomacy, Disguise, and Sense Motive as class skills. ALSO gets 6 + her Intelligence modifier, instead of 4 + her Intelligence modifier Skill Points. However, your BAB is reduced to Sorcerer Level (more reason you don't want the Thorn Patron).
* Wild Mischief: Wild Empathy but with Deception instead of Diplomacy. Weirdly enough, it replaces Medium Armor prof. and not Wild Empathy, so you have both technically.

What do you guys think? Think this would be a good baseline for the Mystic Theurge class in a non-Society game? (Other than the fact that the oversexualized Seducer Witch Archetype is usually an instant ban by respectable DMs and an insane magnate for Creep DMs.)

What options do you guys think would be valid options for the class choice-wise? Obviously Druid's Domain > Companion due to levels, but what Domain would you pick and why? Any specific races that pop out? [I was thinking Leshy for lore fluff]. What spells from the Witch/Druid list would synergize well together? I'm curious what you guys think about a weird take on the base for Mystic Theurge.

If you'd like, we could also talk about Wrath of the Righteous's exclusive archetype too (Stigmatized Witch), but not sure if the WotR Game is a topic for PF1.

All I'm hearing is more reasons PF1 was better than PF2, lol

Hey All; I was wondering if there was any way to convert the Mauler Familiar from PF1 into PF2 with current resources (specifically for Society play). Recently had a little bit of emotional turmoil and thought making a pet-themed character might help a little with that. I understand that "Pet" builds usually use Animal Companions, but the Mauler Familiar has always held a special place in my heart from Pathfinder 1e.

Are there any options (other than going Animal Companion instead of Familiar) to have a combat-focused familiar (for other than just delivering touch spells)?

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@Watery Soup - Androids do have the Polyglot Android Heritage, which functions identically to the Halfling Feat (albeit it arguably doesn't stack with Gnome due to its wording). So at level 7, I would have:

- Linguistic Archetype [Level 2, x2 Multilingual feat]
- Multilingual Cipher [Level 4 Skill, goes well with knowing all languages].
- Spot Translation [Level 4, translate for my friend's spells/abilities]
- Druidic Archetype [Level 6, gains Druidic Language]
- Multilingual x7 = 21 Language [2 Linguistics, 5 Skill Feats]
- Society Master Rank = 7 Languages [from Multilingual feat]

So at level 7
4 [Starting Int] + 2 [Polyglot Android] + 28 [Multilingual] + Druidic = 34 Languages

Level 8 would be Lip Reading and level 9 would be Sign Languages


What makes for a good Face character feat-wise? I'll be taking the Voluntary Flaws for +2 Charisma (8 STR/10 Con/14 Dex/18 Int/16 Cha/10 Wis).

Guild Agent (Pathfinder Society Agent) with the Through Reports into Scrollmaster is pretty good if you're playing the knowledge skill monkey. Presuming you're playing the Medic Method, you'll have a decent enough Wisdom and more than enough Skills to gain ranks in all 4 of the knowledge skills. Loremaster is really brought down by the fact you'll only ever get Expert Rank - and that's only after you gain Legendary Rank - in the recall knowledge skills.

Especially if you're going Known Weakness at level 1, having a Recall Knowledge build can be quite helpful.

So... I've been wanting to make/adapt my Linguistics focused character into PF2e. After researching a bit, I found an interesting build. Albeit it isn't the same character as my PF1e Linguistics, here is what I've got so far:

Ancestry: Nomadic Halfling
Background: Thassilonian Delver
Ancestry Feat 1: Halfling Lore
Class: Investigator
First Archetype: Linguilist


So the idea with the choice of Ancestory is because of Nomatic Halfling and their level 5 feat Cultural Adaptability. This gives a total of 5 Languages and 4 additional Languages per Multilingual feat (plus 1 at Master and Legendary ranks of the Social skill). I can trade Thassilonian Delver for Translator, bur the extra language seems like it might lead to some cool dialog.

As per the class, Investigator or Rogue are really the only two options due to the sheer number of Skill feats the two of them give. I think Investigator slightly rules over Rogue, but that Dex to Damage is impressive... Also Rogue can pretty much put their +2 into any state lue Constitution. I am having trouble deciding on the Method to use for this character? All of them work, but which would you guys say is the best one to use for a Linguistic character?

As for stats, I'm currently at:
8 STR / 12 CON / 14 DEX / 12 WIS / 16 INT / 16 CHA

(Debating on taking the optional flaw into Con and Wis to gain +2 Int, but I don't want to degrade my health any more than I already have).

So anyway - at Level 5 I'd have 6 Multilingual feats, giving me access to all 32 Languages so far (31 if not counting Thessalonian). At level 7, I'd be able to retrain one of the feats to something else because of the extra languages from the Society skill rank increase.

Any advice on where to take this character from there?

Could someone move this? The website is glitching out bad and somehow this got posted in Starfinder and not Society...

Opera isn't letting me login to my account and Chrome isn't allowing me to view or edit my posts after submitting them.

So... it's been a couple years and we still haven't had any additional resource updates regarding the Pathfinder Player Companion: Chronicle of Legends book legality. Is there going to be any legality update for people who play Pathfinder 1st Edition?

It's bad enough that it has no support or presence outside of Online Games, the least you could do is actually make the final book legal for use. At the very least.

Seriously, it's like buying DLC for a game but the DLC never gets released for use to the public, and you can only use the DLC on Home Custom Servers that can access it for free despite having purchased it.

I presume this is where the idea originated?

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On a side note, I can't wait to see what the Magus dedication will be like... Rogue with Eldritch Rachet Magus and Fane's Fourberie level 2.

Hm... Mastermind seems interesting but I'm already flushed for Action Economy - Besides I already made a Recall Knowledge build so I'm not really interested in being the know-it-all person for this character. I just wan't to be the high-pitch voiced "HELLO, I'M THE PIERROT! A PLEASURE TO MEET YOUR ACCENTUATE! I SHALL BE ACCOMPANYING YOU THIS PERFORMANCE!" (I have a Pierrot Mask and circus cloths for cosplay if I ever get the chance, and I've even been practicing my abnoxious high pitch voice and wit comedy. lol).

Eldritch Trickster (Bard) Fits soooooooooooo much for this character; unfortunately it is a TERRIBLE idea for this build. Multiclass Dedications were horriby designed to be used as lazy "Pick at level 1" shortcuts and it shows extensively on Eldritch Trickster. I wouldn't be able to pick Juggler until Level 8 at the earliest because of this issue, and that is far too late to be the core mechanic to focus on for a character. Therefore, this Racket is invalid by default. I wish picking this didn't prevent me from going Juggler level 2 - Alas... Paizo made this racket impossible to use for this ideal...

Thief and Scoundrel both suffer from the same issues as each other - which they both focus on Melee Ranged Attacks. Scoundrel is less painful than Thief - because it allows me to get a buff to Charisma... but ultimately neither would be useful for their actual Rachet effect.

Ultimately - this means I'll be going for Scoundrel; which doesn't do a whole lot (Juggling Club, Throwing Knives, and Darts are all Sneak-Attack viable even without this archetype), but at least allows me to unlock their Crit Specs. (1d6 persistent Bleed or shove 10ft).

A same that Fane's Fourberie is a level 2 feat, I'd love to play a build like that... Why couldn't this have been something for level 1? -cries-

Pierrot is a Human so he will be starting with that Heritage. Thrown Weapons use Strength to Damage but Dex for Attack... Throw weapons aren't very far so I'll need some Constitution, but I also want my character's main secondary stat to be Charisma; So here is what I've got so far (Starting Level 3 because of a Preplay points and because of the required Chronicle to unlock Juggler) [I'd love to make him a Tiefling but I only have 18 Achievement points...]:

Ancestory: Human (Versatile Heritage)
Class: Rogue (Ruffian Racket)
Background: Entertainer or Acrobat

Stats: 18 DEX / 16 CHA / 14 STR / 14 CON / 8 INT / 8 WIS
Ancestory Bonuses: +2 DEX / +2 CHA / +2 CON
Voluntary Flaws: -2 INT / -2 WIS
Background Bonuses: +2 DEX / +2 CHA
Chosen Bonuses: +2 DEX / +2 STR / +2 CON / +2 CHA
Class Bonuses: +2 DEX

Class 1: You're Next
General 1: Die Hard (Granted by Ancestory)
Ancestory 1: General Training
General 1: Incredible Initiative (Granted by Ancestory)
Skill 1: ???
Class 2: Juggler Dedication
Skill 2: Juggler (Gained by Juggler Dedication)
Skill 2: ???
Skill 3: ???


Any thoughts on what Skills I should grab? I know level 4 I'll be grabbing Focused Juggler, but level 6 should I grab Quick Juggler or Far Thrower? I'll probably grab the other at level 8. I really want to get Fane's Fourberie with Returning Property, but I doubt that'll happen. I'll probably just use hat 1 ring that lets me swap the returning propery between weapons and grab a few returning Juggler Clubs, Throwing Knives, and Darts.

Any ideas would help! :D

(Edit) Never mind, Returning has better action economy than quick draw. Will continue with this idea.

Really want to play a Juggler build. I'd like to play an Arcane Trickster > Bard Dedication Juggler, but decided against that because it wouldn't be until level 8 until I can pick my second dedication.

But anyway, going Thief Rogue and I understand Throwing Dagger/Juggling Clubs are going to be my go-to throwing weapons, but what is the general action economy like? I presume level 4 is going to be Juggle = 2 Items > Attack Twice?

*Magic Trick: Fireball
- Alchemist's Inferno (Craft [Alchemy] 9 Ranks, Spellcraft 9 Ranks)
This one isn't worth, you 1/2 the damage to add a "Catch on Fire" effect with failed Reflex saves.

- Cluster Bomb (Spellcraft 6 ranks)
This is one of the main reasons why I'm selecting Magic Trick. This allows Fireball to scale infinitely every 2 levels. If a creature is effected by more than one cluster, they only need to roll reflex once. Focusing everything on 1 target or using multiple blasts to clear a wave of enemies makes this a GREAT Choice for Fireball Builds. Super versatile. Combines well will Widen Spell and....

- Concentrated Fire (Selective Spell or Widen Spell, Spellcraft 6 Ranks)
ANOTHER Great Choice for Fireball - decreasing the spell width for power buff also means you're less likely to accidentally scorch the fighter in the middle of your Fireball. 5ft. Radius is still a 10ft. Diameter, so you might still need Selective to avoid smoldering someone. Using Widen Spell + Custer Bomb Trick + Concentrated Fire Trick = a 5ft. Radius, 5d6 Fire Damage expulsion for every 2 levels.

- Sculpt Flames (Reach Spell, Selective Spell)
Not as impressive as the above two, but its a free option if you took Selective Spell on your feat list.

- Where There’s Smoke (Craft [alchemy] 6 ranks, Spellcraft 6 ranks)
Just... Just no... No... Just No...

Crossblood Sorcerer Orc/Solar = +1 Damage per die to all Spells, or +2 Damage per die for Fire Spells; Immunity to Daze; Darkvision 30 ft.

Don't forget Flumefire if you have the ability to take it with a single dip into Blood Rager.

This is how I made my Fireball Blaster anyway. Not PFS Legal sadly.

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Does it have to be a "Spellcaster" specifically? Are you okay if they just brew potions? The Librarian that I ended up using was an Investigator. My second Librarian was a Living Grimoire Inquisitor//Sigilus Magus//Mystic Theurge (It wasn't the best mechanically, but it was a blast playing). Last character I used that could fit the "Librarian" theme was a Scroll Caster (Forgot the class, never got to play them). I think it was an Arcanist.

Not sure what race, but my original Librarian was a Human had Wayfarer (A librarian should know multiple languages, no?). By level 10 he had all languages available in the game because of Druidic Decoder. Also had Skill Focus (Linguist) and Orator; but you could also pick the Empiricist Archetype.

The second character was also Human, but much less fluent with language. Was more of a gimik, not really strong, but really fun.

The last character was me just looking at Legalistic Reading and was like "How do I abuse this...?" lol

@VooistMonk - I mean... if we went with the idea of picking incomparable classes archetypes as useless, then Mute Musician and Ocean's Echo would be a great combo; Although this general idea was already suggested by David knott 242. (Mute Musician specifically states you can't use Perform Sing, and Ocean's Echo only works with Perform Sing; ala "you could try making the two class levels work against each other").

Just got PMed there is a restriction. Ganna have to go digging now. lol

Thanks Hammerjack and the person who PMed me. :D

Just curious, debating on making a character right now but I was wondering if the Juggler Dedication will become legal in PFS? Or if not, was there a reason given? I really like the idea for adopting this for one of my PF1 characters when transferring them to PF2 for Society Games.

The Pierrot must juggle! XD

The main reason I wanted Divine Expression was to lower the time it takes to activate Bardic Performance and the number of rounds. It'ed be nice to get more rounds of performance since I have a 20% chance of failing. Lol

Good point about that... There is a telepathic option, but that comes online at level 5 at the earliest.

Powerless Prophecy isn't too bad, but ultimately depends on the DM. Ranged Attacks suck, but if I do have Blind Zeal, then at least I am save from Melee attacks. lol

@VoodistMonk - Classes are selected before Skills and Feats are assigned, so you can't qualify for Dragon Disciple until level 6 at the earliest. Hence why you normally go Sorcerer 1/Martial 4/Dragon Disciple X. That being said, I don't think I'll be pushing this character into Melee. Also, I kind of like the idea of reading braille and performing sign language. Lol

@Wonderstell - Interesting inputs... Still trying to determine if Eye Of The Green Mother's Pupil counts as Iron Will for Improved Familiar Bond or not. I kind of hope yes, otherwise level 2 is going to be a rough time to play... If yes; Level 1 will have Familiar Bond and Improved Familiar Bond. If no; Level 1 will have Skill Focus and Level 3 will have Eldritch Heritage (Arcane).

Unfortunately, Blinded Zeal isn't comparable for this build because of the religious requirements. So this build is going to instead be Clouded Vision + Deaf Duel Cursed Oracle with Mute Musician.

-Securing outside stimulus: Most of this should be dealt with by Empathic Link from the Familiar I'm going to grab (i.e.: Giving the feeling of danger or safety or stuff like that).

-Communicating with others: Same as above, generally a "He is feeling - [fill in the blank]". Most likely, the RP will all be revolved around the Familiar rather than my character... lol

-Keeping your dex-to-AC: That would be a good suggestion but I'm not sure how PFS handles Familiars and Feats. Considering I'm stuck to Raven or Thrush as my familiar for Communication.

-Dealing with the surprise round: Never thought of that, I'll look into this more.

@Oli Ironbar - I've got to agree with you on this statement, this was more of a joke thread anyway until I started actually building the character. Sadly, it seems I won't be able to play Blind because Blind Zeal is a religious trait and Divine Expression is a religious feat... So, I'm thinking Deaf/Clouded Vision Curse Oracle + Mute Musician Bard.

@gnoams - *Yoinks this idea for my Cavalier*

@David knott 242 - It was less a "how to build a useless level 2 character", and more "So... this character is Deaf, Blind, and Mute. Lol"

@Mark Hoover 330 - Because Deaf Oracles cast spells as if they were affected by the Silent Spell Metamagic without increasing their Spell Level. Otherwise, that would of been a great suggestion. :P


I've found out that Familiar Bond Familiars can take the Ambassador Archetype. I won't be able to take the Eagotist archetype until much later, but I think I'll do House of the Green Mother's Pupil trait and Familiar Bond for a Thrush that uses its familiar bond to communicate to the rest of the party.

That leaves 1 trait and 1 feat (or alternate racial trait, or no feat if non-human). Maybe Life Oracle, Selective Channel, and level 3 take Divine Expression?

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VoodistMonk - I actually love that idea... An Egotist Familiar seems all too perfect for this type of character. Imagine a Parrot named Iago sitting on the shoulder of what essentially is a comatose caster.

So either House of the Green Mother's Pupil or Eldritch Heritage (Arcane). I'm thinking HotGMP is the better option because it is level 1, and you can later get the Egotist Archetype with Improved Familiar Bond.

Race: Human (Blind, Deaf, and Mute... I think we need an extra feat).
Level 1: Oracle
- Trait 1: Blinded Zeal
- Trait 2: House of the Green Mother's Pupil
- Feat 1: Familiar Bond
- Feat 2: ???
Level 2: Bard (Mute Musician Archetype)
Level 3: Improved Familiar Bond

(If Iron Will is required for Improved Familiar Bond, then we trade House of the Green Mother's Pupil for a different trait and another).

God... I can't believe I'm seriously contemplating playing a Blind, Deaf, and Mute character...

Level 1: Oracle
- Curse: Deaf
- Trait 1: Blind Zeal
Level 2: Mute Musician


My question is... how to make this functional? Lol

Lol, sorry for the misunderstanding. I am not worried about having material to play for Pathfinder Society 1e. I'm just concerned that the book (and its contents) won't ever be allowed. Magic Trick seems really fun with Shield and Unseen Servant; and the Exemplar Traits look like they would be fun to play around. But based on the blog, that does put some of my unrest at ease.

Any updates for this? I'm not going to spend money on a product that I will never get to use...

Hm... I would have to agree with what Willuwontu said, they are extremely expensive for what they do. Fire Crystals seems nice, but Dazzle is only a -1 to Attack and Sight-based Perception - most people would take it for the +1 Caster Level. Greater Metamagic Rods and Gems probably wouldn't be used to put Dazzling on a Spell, lol.

And when you look at the other ones - they're even worse with even more restrictions. I'll probably put the Fire Fragment of 2-star, as it's effectively 1/3rh the cost of a Metamagic Gems, but the others are definitely 1 star with them being so restrictive and expensive.

If only these items could be crafted. Lol

The Alchemical Reagents introduced in Plane-Hopper's Handbook all have the same wording in their description, "When you use a [item's name] as a material component or focus for a spell". This leaves me to ask... Does that mean the player gets to chose whether they use it as a Material Component or a Focus? If so, why don't they just 100% of the time use it as a Focus instead?

For clarity, when using a reagent for spell casting the item is either used as a Material Cost or as a Focus. If the item is a Material Components, than it is consumed to cast the spell. However, if the item is a Focus, it does not get consumed. The only downside is that you can't use Foci and Material Components on the same spell...

So my question is - if these can be used both as a Material Component or a Focus, why would anyone use it as anything BUT a Focus?

For example; The user spends 350gp to purchase the Fire Fragment, which not only increases the Caster Level by +1 for Damage, but also treats it as a Flaring Metamagic Spell without increasing the Spell's Level.

Using the Fire Fragment as a Focus means you can use it indefinitely.

Using the Fire Fragment as a Material Cost means you can only use it for 1 spell.

I'm writing an Alchemical Guide, so I want to make sure my RAW/RAI is accurate

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VoodistMonk wrote:
There are ways to get around race requirements and all sorts of things, but the only way to get past the religious stuffs is to have a GM that uses D20PFSRD instead of Archives of Nethys.

Even that wouldn't work - because Madgh doesn't have the Death and Graves domain. Lol

Oh well, guess I'll just stop going to PFS events all together, 2e ruined yet another thing for me. xD

Have fun on the forums

According to the Fateful Channel Feat, the prerequisites require the user to be a worshiper of Pharasma. However, according to Magdh's domains as an eldest, is there any way to get this feat mechanically for a Luck themed worshiper of Magdh?

I simply love the idea of being a Luck themed Shaman, who loves gambling and taking chances as a test of faith by "Luck". Unfortunately, it appears the Serendipity Shaman is also not viable in Pathfinder society.

But regardless, is there any way for a worshiper of Magdh to gain Fateful Channel without changing his faith?

Hm... I'm not too magically inclined in Pathfinder, so I do not know the benefits of the Arcane Bloodline familiar then. I'll probably as the Advice threads to see what they thing. lol

Though - it seems like a Multi-target spell targeting the Familiar and another target would also work? Sadly, most of the fun damage spells are Ray-Attacks, which increases with every 3 levels instead of 2 levels.

Arcane Bloodline Familiar: Spell Catalyst (Su) - Spells you cast that target your familiar are treated as having a caster level 2 levels higher than your actual caster level.

So... Hypothetically speaking - if Mr. Crispy (the Familiar) moves into the enemies square, and is subsequently hit by my fireball, what happens?

A) The Spell is AoE and isn't "Targeting" so nothing happens.
B) The Caster Level is increased only against Mr. Crispy and the other targets in the AoE are affected normally.
C) The Caster Level is increased for all targets of Fireball if Mr. Crispy is in the AoE when it is cast.

Obviously, this Strategy is only going to be used on Fire Resistant familiars or Figmented Archetype familiars - to prevent Mr. Cripsy from a preemptive death due to his master exploiting him for "target" practice. But does this work at all?

JiCi wrote:

They currently have these modifiers:

+2 Dexterity, –4 Strength, –2 Constitution: Kobolds are fast but weak.


These would probably be a better set:
+2 Dexterity, +2 Charisma, –2 Strength

They,re fast, physically weak, but they have a tendancy to compare themselves to true dragons. You can say they're boastful, but at this point, just show that they mean business.

Probably the only time you'll see a +2/+2/-2 Stat block on Kobolds are in the new Pathfinder 2E. Unfortunately, 2E Already has +2 Dex/+2 Cha/-2 Str (GOBLINS!), so I doubt Kobolds will have the exact same stat blocks. But this isn't a 2E thread (we already have a thread asking "WHY?!" for Goblin Stat Blocks), so instead I'll ask something else:

Why haven't we seen a -2 STR/-2 DEX/-2 Con/-2 INT/-2 WIS/-2 CHA Race yet? I want to see how they balance it. Lmao

I am also sad they never added something similar to the Mongrelfolk from 3.5 - a mixture of every race in the game through where there blood is so diluted from everything else that they are mixed with.

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