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Arcane Bloodline Familiar: Spell Catalyst (Su) - Spells you cast that target your familiar are treated as having a caster level 2 levels higher than your actual caster level.

So... Hypothetically speaking - if Mr. Crispy (the Familiar) moves into the enemies square, and is subsequently hit by my fireball, what happens?

A) The Spell is AoE and isn't "Targeting" so nothing happens.
B) The Caster Level is increased only against Mr. Crispy and the other targets in the AoE are affected normally.
C) The Caster Level is increased for all targets of Fireball if Mr. Crispy is in the AoE when it is cast.

Obviously, this Strategy is only going to be used on Fire Resistant familiars or Figmented Archetype familiars - to prevent Mr. Cripsy from a preemptive death due to his master exploiting him for "target" practice. But does this work at all?

So... Lets say for an arguments sake that some Deity had both the Skalykind (Saurian) (Level -2) and Animal (Level - 4) Domains. If a PC gets both of these and gets Eldrich Heritage for the Arcane Bloodline (Level - 2), how would this work in Pathfinder Society?

I swore that I had seen an FAQs about this, and it had said that the PC would have to select one of their companions at the beginning of the session and leave the others "at the stables" (Effectively rendering them unusable).

Unfortunately, I'm unable to locate this FAQ and am completely lost.


Additionally, how would this rule effect a Druid casting Spontanious Summon Natural Companion while they already have an Animal Companion on the field?

So... I've been fiddling around with a character build concept involving the Spiked Chain, and noticed something that I wanted to make sure was correct. For clarification, this build is using the Master of Many Styles Monk with two levels dip into Unarmed Fighter.

Both the Unarmed Fighter and the Master of Many Styles Monk can select a style feat without meeting the prerequisites. The Kyton Style feat normally requires Exotic Weapon Proficiency (Spiked Chain) in order to obtain, but a MoMS Monk or Unarmed Fighter can select this feat without the prerequisites.

The Unarmed Fighter is proficient with all Monk Weapons.

The Kyton Style feat says "When using this style, you treat spiked chains as if they had the monk special weapon feature."

Does this mean that an Unarmed Fighter is proficient with Spiked Chains while using the Kyton Style feat? How does this function for other feat prerequisites that use the Spiked Chain?

So... I've been looking at the Swashbuckler for a little while now. Specifically, the Aldori Dueling Sword wielding Rostland Bravo archetype. However, I have found a feat that has perplexed me and how it functions with the Archetype and build as a hole. Falling Water Gambit says "When attacking a creature denied its Dexterity bonus to AC because of your successful feint, you increase the threat range of your Aldori dueling sword by 1 (typically to 18–20/×2)".

How exactly does this stack with Improved Critical? I can see 3 possible outcomes regarding this feat and how it "Stacks":

1) The increased threat range occurs before the multiplier. Aldori Dueling Sword becomes a 18-20/x2 Crit that turns into a 15-20/x2 Crit with Imp. Crit.

2) The increased threat range occurs after the multiplier. This means the 17-20/x2 crit range after applying both feats.

3) Neither additions nor multipliers stack (ala: Keen/Improved Critical) - effectively turning this into a worthless feat that requires a 4 feat tax?

Also, if possible, could someone link the Keen/Improved Critical FAQ link? I can't find it, and was hoping that the wording of the FAQ might help clarify this situation. If Falling Waves Gambit does end up being an overpriced Improved Crit, I know I'll be saving $9.99 before the game I'm joining. lol

So... Unfortunately Demolition count are listed on the Profession list. Because of this, I don't want to take any tanks in these skills due to Pathfinder Society legality, and having some trouble picking a Profession for my character.

The character is a rough guy who grew up on the wrong side of the street, solving his problems by beating people up instead of talking with them. He was later recruited by the Pathfinder Society and he is often called in to "break stuff" for them when they need it. He's got a bad habit of nicknaming people after the weapons they are using (having called an Archer "Arrow", a Shaman "Staff", a Witch "Claw", and a Bloodrager "Hammer" during his first adventure). He is also short, and has a small temper towards anyone who makes mentions his height. He is an anarchist at heart, and I'm currently torn between Grand Lodge or Liberties Edge at the moment due to his reckless behavior.

So... on the list of professions given on the Skill, what profession would be best for a "Demolitionist" style character?

Currently working on a "Tank"ing character(s) for an upcoming Emerald Spire Super-Dungeon group, and was wondering if you guys might be able to give me some advice regarding this concept. I am still working on the kinks, but the general idea is going into Melee (possible Dip into Fighter for Proficiency's) and using Compel Hostility to help control the enemies aggro between be and my Eidolon.

Instead of only one Fighter who runs around with AoE tripping things, it'll be two slightly lower level Fighters running around with AoE tripping things. While looking at the concept, two really big archetypes caught my attention; the Twinned Summoner and the Storm Caller Summoner.

The Twinned Summoner seems like the obvious choice for this. It gains shared Teamwork Feats at level 4, giving feat options like Coordinated Makeovers and Tandem Trip, along with other teamwork options. Also, the Twinned Eidolon can pick up extra bonus feats by spending Evolution points, since it'll be using a weapon rather than Natural Attacks.

The Storm Caller is less obvious, and while it doesn't have the Teamwork Feats and shenanigans that the Twinned Summoner can pull off, it has Call Lightning which scales at 1d6 1st level and every 2 levels thereafter, and can "Ark" the lightning between him and his Eidolon as a Standard Action to strike everyone between them.

Any advice? Twinned Summoner or Storm Caller seem better for the "Tank"ing roll with the Summoner? Or should I just go with a more straight-forward "Tank"ing roll? If so, what other options would there be regarding this?

The title of the thread asks the question. Basically, can the Spell "Full Pouch" duplicate the items that are created/combined with the item "Hybridization Funnel".

For example - After taking the 10 minutes required to mix an Alchemist's Fire with Acid Flask would deal 1d6 Fire Damage and 1d6 Acid Damage, with 1 Fire and 1 Acid splash Damage.

This combined item - the Alchemist's Fire Acid Flask - could it then be duplicated by the effects of Full Pouch?

So... Recently started the career of a full support build Life Oracle (Spirit Guide Archetype). The build is as followed:

Oracle (Spirit Guide) Level 1
- Feat (Level 1): Fey Foundling
- Feat (Human 1): Selective Channel
- Feature: Revelation - Channel Energy (1d6) 6/Day
- Feature: Cursed - Pranked

Oracle (Spirit Guide) Level 2
- (Filler Level?)

Oracle (Spirit Guide) Level 3
- Feat (Level 3): Extra Revelation
- Feature: Revelation - Channel Energy (2d6) 6/Day
- Feature: Revelation - Lifelink (3 Links)
- Feature: Spirit Hex - Lifelink (3 Links)

Currently still at level 1, and the first big purchase for this character is going to be the Channel Positive headband. At level 7, my Channels per day are going to increase by double (Will have a +2 Charisma Ioun stone by then, so it'll be 14/day both full powered channels).

I'm thinking of taking a single level into Bard and taking Divine Expression (With Shelyn as the deity of choice), allowing me to have a scaling pool of Bardic Performace. While this doesn't increase the boost it gives, it does increase the number per day I have and helps decrease action economy when I level too (Move action at level 7). Was probably going to go Mute Musician because I'm not to big a fan of being "Mr. Mc-Talk-to-everyone". And it gives me Eschew Materials and allows me to cast spells using an Instrument for both verbal and somatic components for spells.

Beyond that, with 14 Channel / Day at level 7/8 (depending on Multiclass), what else is there to do with Channel Energy? I'm going to be taking Quick Channel for when it is needed. I was looking at Purifying Channel (Up to 1 target deselected by Channel takes Fire damage equal to the healing result and is dazzled. Will save halves damage and prevents Dazzled) - is that feat worth taking for a Support focusing on Channel Energy?

Are there any other spells/advice that I should be concerned with while supporting with the Oracle? I already have all the Heal skills memorized and what I can/can't do with it, unfortunately my Wisdom is low - meaning I can't make the most of Heal until higher level.

Any advice is welcome (Except for "Do something else!").

So... I was reading up on the Oracle class while looking at different Support healer options for Pathfinder (not Pure healer as I'd like something to do during combat. Was thinking Divine Expression 1 Bard/X Oracle). Anyway, I was looking at the Spirit Guide archetype and noticed it was Errata'ed.

Spirit Guide Oracle - Bonded Spirit (Su):
Spirit Guide Oracle - Bonded Spirit (Su) wrote:
A spirit guide gains one hex of her choice from the list of hexes available from that spirit. She uses her oracle level as her shaman level, and she switches Wisdom for Charisma and vice versa for the purpose of determining the hex's effects.

Does that mean a Spirit Guide Oracle who goes Life+Life has their second Channel pool determined off of Wisdom instead of Charisma? (i.e.: 2+CHA+WIS/Day Channel Energy instead of [1+CHA]*2/Day Channel Energy).

Currently debating on Pei Zin Practitioner or Spirit Guide for one of my new builds, and this might sway my opinion.

TL:DR Is the Ripsaw Glaive from GoG considered a Glaive even while spinning? And if so - why bother reprinting the weapon to be worse?

Recently, there has been a small disagreement within our Pathfinder Society group regarding this weapon's rulings. The player in question has earned a place of infamy from my perspective after convincing the GM to make their Giant Spider encounter a "Wolf-Spider" than arguing and winning Favorite Enemy bonus against the encounter because it was a "Wolf" (ignoring the fact that the Giant Spider was a Vermin and not a Beast). However, this happened several months ago - and the player is now trying to finagle the rules into his favor within the group again. I already know nothing I say will be taken seriously due to the GMs existing friendships with this player, but I wanted to ask for an official ruling just to satisfy myself regarding this case because it's driving me crazy.

Back to the question at hand: These characters are for Official PFS games that are tracked and recorded for the society. However, I was told "expect GM Variance" by the group when they ruled this case. I wanted to clarify some information officially - if only to save my own sanity.

I understand that player's can choose to use different print versions of weapons/feats/equipment/ect... from different source books unless otherwise specified in the Pathfinder Society rules. For example: Players can choose to take Divine Fighting Technique from either the WMH or DA, but can only pick the PFSG Grenadier Archetype due to rules. However, based on the ruling of this weapon, I don't think that is the point of this argument.

Ripsaw Blade (GoG):
While the blade is spinning, it deals +2 damage; otherwise, treat this weapon as a glaive.

Ripsaw Blade (AV2):
While the blade is spinning, you gain a +2 bonus on damage rolls with the weapon. When the blade is not spinning, treat this weapon as a glaive.

So... This player is arguing that the GoG Print of Ripsaw Glaive's "otherwise" is used in the context of 'In addition to' instead of literally meaning OTHERWISE in the weapon description (Dictionary Term: in circumstances different from those present or considered; or else.). The only argument they could give in response was "Well, if it isn't counted as a Glaive, what does it count as?" - and they promptly ignored my "It counts as a giant spinning blade of death that isn't a glaive".

So... In order to save my sanity from continuing to dwell on this pointless ruling: What exactly is the official ruling for this?! I don't even care if I'm wrong at this point - JUST SO I STOP THINKING ABOUT THIS. Just ANYTHING official would be nice.

Like I said: This doesn't really matter because either way the player will be running around with this on his official Pathfinder Society character and using this weapon however he wants to. I am posting this for my own sanity, as I won't be able to ignore this until I receive something official.

So... As most of my recent posts have been pointing towards this, I have been in the process of making a Fey-themed Magus character for PFS. I am currently eyeing the Shillelagh Druid spell, along with other Druid themes that would serve as a flavorful crunch to the character along with some minor mechanic benefits that would help me play towards the trickery fey theme.

So far: I've decided that this character will be a Staff Magus/Eldrich Scion that exchanges the 1st Bloodline Power for a Bloodline Familiar. At level 3, I'll be taking Improved Familiar for the Fey template on my Familiar - and upgrading it to Sprite at level 5 and Liminal Sprite at level 7.

Other than that, and the base summary of his Story (Fey Touched), I don't have much planned out on him...

Regarding the Shillelagh spell: There are several options I currently have, each with their own Pros and Cons:

1/2 Levels Dips into Druid with the Feyspeaker Archetype:
+ Replaces WIS with CHA as Primary Casting Stat
+ 6 plus INT Skill Points instead of 4 plus INT
+ Druidic and Sylvan as a Bonus Language for Free

- 1/2 Levels removed from Magus
- Sorcerer Base Attack Bonus (2 levels max)

1/2 Levels Dip into Druid with the Green Scourge Archetype:
+ Shillelagh Spontaneous Casting

- 1/2 Levels removed from Magus
- WIS Primary Casting Stat

1/2 Levels Dip into Hunter with the Forester Archetype:
+ Permanent Animal Focus Bonus (Change as Swift-Action)
+ Bonus Combat Feat (At level 2)

- 1/2 Levels removed from Magus
- WIS Primary Casting Stat

2/3 Levels Dip into Wood Oracle:
+ Wood Armor Bonus (+4 Armor for 2-3 Hours)
+ Pai Zin Practitioner Archetype is a good source for self-healing.

- 2/3 Levels removed from Magus

4 Levels Dip into Spirit Guide Oracle with Wood Shaman Spirit:
+ Free to choose Nature/Lore/Lunar/Ect... Revelations instead of Wood.
+ "Fixes" Dexterity by placing the majority into Charisma focus.

- 4 Levels removed from Magus
- No Access to Shillelagh until Level 5 (At the Earliest)

Nature-Bonded Magus Archetype:
+ Gains a Druid Spell with each new Spell level.

- Does not stack with Eldrich Scion.
- Removes key features of the Magus.

Item: Wisdom of Jatembe (Nine Warriors Edition):
+ Can use Druid Spells in the book.

- Requires 45 Fame to purchase.
- 38,415 gp cost

Item: Ring of Sacred Mistletoe:
+ Cast Shillelagh once per day.

- Only can be used once per day.

Personally, I am a fan of the Feyspeaker Druid Archetype dip - which gives me 2-3 uses of the Shillelagh Spell. I also like the Forester Hunter Archetype dip option due to the Animal Aspects which become permanently available for me and can be switched around as a Swift action and Spontaneous Casting. Unfortunately, Hunter is a WIS based caster which means I need at least 11 points in order to make use of Shillelagh.

The Point Buy builds are as followed: (+2 Any, either Human or Half-Elf)
Cha/Wis Casting Classes:
14(16) STR; 12 DEX; 14 CON; 10 INT; 11 WIS; 15 CHA

Cha Focused Casting Class:
14(16) STR; 12 DEX; 14 CON; 10 INT; 8 WIS; 16 CHA

What do you guys think? Any advice or opinions on a Fey-based Magus that walks around with a Quarterstaff and a Fey companion?

So... In case you guys don't already know... Liminal Sprite are an Improved Familiar option that have a "Celtic" style curse on them. Because of this, they cannot sleep in areas that are indoors or outdoors and are cursed to remain awake due to this inability to sleep. Luckily for them, this "Curse" is a common trope in Celtic folklore and there have already been various examples and points that would make an appropriate sleeping space for the Liminal Sprite.

The Liminal Curse:
An ancestral curse hangs over liminal sprites that prevents them from sleeping either inside a building or outside in the open. Fortunately for these sprites, a loophole exists that allows them to find rest within the external features of a building. As a result, liminal sprites make their homes under eaves, porches, and staircases

As they've already pointed out in the curse details, some loopholes are the overhangs of houses, underneath the porches, and beneath staircases. Other examples that are shown in Folklore include inside an opened window (folklore about a boy blessed by a Fairy for allowing it to sleep in the windows), or beneath a bridge (folklore about a man who cannot be killed indoors or outdoors, and part of the solution was killing him beneath a man-made bridge).

So... If I were to get a lovely Liminal Sprite for myself, what other loopholes might there be that I could use to keep my poor dear from tuckering out due to the curse? Especially if there are no human settlements nearby? I wouldn't want the poor dear to be fatigued/exhausted due to it's inability to sleep...

So... minor question here - it has become blatantly apparent that I will not be able to craft several higher tier (and arguably incredibly useful) Alchemy Items without the use of Master Alchemist. I can currently take 10 with 35 to Craft (Alchemy) when creating items, but that only gets me 50% of the way to creating one of these items. The items listen can be argued to be "worth it" at 2/3rds the cost, but I'd really like to save some extra coins by spending the feat to take Master Alchemist.

Unfortunately, the Master Alchemist has an (outdated?) PFS Rules text that says it can only be taken by Alchemists or Poisoner Rogues.

Was this an oversight for the Investigator class? If not, can someone explain the reasons behind this voice against the Investigator class?

Just want to make sure, because some items just aren't worth it even at 2/3rds cost, and Master Alchemist would fix a lot of my budgeting issues.

Okay... So I've been having some internal struggle recently on how I should build a new character and what the build should be like. Unfortunately, my Elemental Monk has recently become deceased die to unfortunate die rolls. That being said, I've chosen to move away from the Diplomatic and Knowledge themed character.

The frequent members of the PFS Group that I joined have started to become more bloodthirsty during each encounter and are being reflected in the groups progress. I have grown tired 'trying' to play the voice of reason only to be belittled and teased as they run headlong into a fight which could have been peacefully avoided. Which is why I'm making a Dumped-INT Dumped-CHA Barbarian! (I was going to play the Aberrant/Dragon Crossblood Bloodrager - but then I learned that Tumor Familiars were erretaed to disclude Protector as a valid Archetype)

The first choice is Orc Atavism. Because the group regularly has light sources, and because I'm a Natural Weapons fighter, I will also trade Darkvision and Weapon Familiarity for Skilled and Pariah respectively. This will give me 2 Skill Points / level instead of only 1, and will give me +2 against Fear and Emotion effects with the cost of being less socially aware. Because this gives me Ferocity, I'll be able to take Furious Action (no longer Staggered) at level 1 [or more likely Level 3] so I can full round attack even while negative.

The second choice is more geared towards Diehard and Deathless Initiate. Shaman’s Apprentice gives me Endurance and Sacred Scars gives me +1 (or +2 with Fates Favored) bonuses to Saving Throws. I haven't thought too much about this build, but its full round action seems to come on later than the Ferocity, but gives more bonuses.

Either way, any tips or tricks for a giant hulking berserker rager who just isn't going to go down until he is dead?

I was going to use Bloodrager before this, but now I am curious if it would still work despite Tumor Familiars no longer being valid Protectors. Do you guys think a Half-Orc Orc Atavism would be viable as a Dragon Diciple Natural Attack Blood Rager?

Honestly, any advice regarding a Orc Atavism (or Deathless Initiate) build would be greatly accepted. Anything that would help me enjoy the final days of PFS 1e.

So... I have a few questions to pose regarding Weapon Modifications and their potential uses in the game. The first question; What are the rules for purchasing Weapon Mods on Double Weapons? I.e.: Can I purchase Duel-Balanced on a Double Weapon, or do I have to purchase it separately on both sides of the weapon?

Second; do Double Weapons count as qualifying for Duel-Balanced Weaponry? I.e: purchasing a Monk Spade and adding Duel-Balanced, would it function with the double weapon and reduce the penalty of its attacks?

Lastly; Are Unchained Monks considered to be proficient with Monk Weapons that have received a Weapon Modification? I.e.: if a Monk were to purchase the Monk Spade and apply Duel-Balanced to it, would they then be required to take the Modified Weapon Proficiency or Weapon Adept?

Are these assumptions correct?
(1) I'm unable to find any written RAW rules for this, so I presume that Double Weapons are either unable to have a Weapon Modification, or applying a Weapon Modification does not have additional costs for Double Weapons.

(2) Duel-Balanced specifically calls out "When wielding two weapons with the dual-balanced modification". Because Double Weapons are a single weapon, they do not qualify for this Weapon Modification bonus, am I correct?

(3) "A character proficient with a specific weapon is not automatically proficient with a modified weapon of that type." - Does this include the Monk's Weapon Proficiency with All Weapons that have the Monk Weapon type?

I'm under an assumption that this doesn't work, but I wouldn't mind being pleasantly surprised. lol

So... I have been wondering about this since the Elemental Monk archetype was released. Currently, the Elemental Monk is able to switch between the Genie Style Stances using the "rules for style feats are on page 78 of that book". Because this Archetype uses the same rules as Style Feats, can I use Combat Style Master to then switch between the Genie Styles as a Free Action?

Honestly, this is going to really define the build for me. I am having trouble with feats (Duel Talent Human). I really want to grab Dragon Ferocity, but because Elemental Fist replaces Stunning Fist, that kind of slaps me in the face.

(Off Topic: Why does Elemental Monk forfeit BOTH Stunning Fist and 1st level Bonus Feats for Elemental Fist? Just seems a little scued, especially because it doesn't scale like the MoFWs monk, who only trades Stunning Fist and does the same exact thing).

So... With the rules regarding Magical weapons being changed from Pathfinder 1st edition into what it is now for the Playtest, a +1 Magical Enchantment bonus to a weapon is much stronger than it was in the previous edition.

Magical Striker is a feat for Spellcasting classes like the Wizard and Sorcerer which turns your weapon into a +1 Magical Weapon (or increases its Magical strength by +1 if its already magic). This basically means that it doubles a weapons strength (or increases it by another dice if the weapon is already magical). The downside is that most good spells are 2 actions to cast, meaning that you'll only get 1 attack per round unless you find some way to work around this limitation.

Solution: Magic Missile with 1 action. This allows the player to cast a spell and instantly deal 1d4+1 Damage (plus another 1d4+1 damage per empowerment if you so choose), while maintaining two other actions that they can do anything else with. Now, with only two actions, we will have to make the most of our move action if we need to take one. Hence going Elf with the Fleet racial ability and then taking the Fleet core feat as well, buffing our speed to an obnoxious 40 ft. per movement. You'll be the fastest archer in the group.

Unfortunately, because you are forced into a Spellcasting class to use this Feat (unless you want to wait until level 8 and have even more limited activations for this ability), your HP will be lower than most classes. Because of this, I believe the most effective weapon to use would be either the Longbow or Shortbow. Composite Longbow and Composite Shortbows allow you to add 1/2 Strength to your damage rolls, but that also requires at least 14 Strength to give 1 point of damage, taking away from one of the other two core stats.

As stated above, this build will most likely play as an Elf with the Racial and Core movement speed feets for a total movement of 40 ft. per movement action. This means that you'll have +2 Dex/+2 Int/-2 Con.

Possible Stat Combinations:
1st) 12 Strength, 16 Dexterity, 10 Constitution, 18 Intelligence, 12 Wisdom, 10 Charisma
2nd) 14 Strength, 16 Dexterity, 10 Constitution, 16 Intelligence, 12 Wisdom, 10 Charisma
3rd) 14 Strength, 16 Dexterity, 8 Constitution, 18 Intelligence, 12 Wisdom, 10 Charisma

Personally, I believe either the 2nd or 3rd might be the most optimal, but you'll have to be careful with low HP, as both the racial and class health is reletively low.

So, all together, with a full attack action (not "wasting" an action with Movement or Drawing the weapon), the full damage output is: (Auto Hit/1d4+1)/(Attack/2d8)/(Attack-5/2d8). Seems fairly reasonable to work with. Any advice or suggestions you might have regarding this pseudo magus Wizard multiclass Fighter?

So... Serious question mechanically - Does a player character have to be female in order to take Grey Maiden options such as the Sisters-to-arms or the feat Sisterhood Style? None of the rules say that being Female is required (only one such feat specifically calls out being Female and Level 1), while the only other Prestige Class that does has a PFS Note saying "A Sanguine Angel does not have to be female."

Just wondering - how does one become a Sister-In-Arms despite not being female anyway? Do they have a mentor or trainer who trained them how to be a Cavalier through noble acts towards their companions, or maidens since aged who are attempting to raise others of the younger generation into their indoctrinates?

So, question about the Spontaneous Casting class feature from the Druid and the Cleric... If I were to multiclass into another class, would I then be able to use spells from that class as fodder for my class?

For example: Level 1 Druid/Level 5 Wizard, would I be able to sacrifice a 3rd level Wizard Spell to activate the Druid's Spontaneous Casting class feature?

So... I have been working on my Concordance of the Elements character, and plan on making them either a Melee focused Druid or Magus - both themes heavily inspired off of Celtic/Gaelic Lore. I've been spending a lot of time trying to make the Melee focused Druid work, and have only played him three times thus far.

Background Information:
The first time was... Less than stellar. I had taken Weapon Proficiency (Lance) with Eidolon Mount. That was my first encounter with: "You're too large to charge!" It didn't help that I was rushed with my character, so my Elemental Allies were unfinished.

It wasn't until the second game (when I scrapped the Mounted Combat concept) when I had more than a basic idea of what the character was going to be like. This time, I had taken Weapon Proficiency (Madu) with Two Weapon Fighting, using a Masterwork Spear (+4/1d6+3) and a Madu Shield (+3/1d6+4).

It... Didn't go to well... Unfortunately, Nixie (the Water Eidolon) had Improved Unarmed Combat instead of Dirty Fighting, Sidhe the Wind Eidolon was also not helpful due to having been taken control of due to being a Wind Elemental. Uru the Earth Elemental was my next best thing - because I wasn't going to summon Eldur my Fire Eidolon in the middle of the ocean. Both of them were weakened due to the elemental disturbance.

It wasn't until the third time I used Ulrik when I felt that I was actually doing something. I picked up a Quarterstaff and used Shillelagh as my primary offensive spell. Used the spell in the beginning of combat and ran around slapping people in the face with (+5/2d6+6) 2handed or (+3/2d6+5|+3/2d6+3) two-weapon fighting. I gave my Water Elemental the Dirty Fighting feat, and it was SOOOOooo much better to grab with a +9 while flanking. The Earth Elemental was good because it helped us climb down a cliff with its climb speed. Wind and Fire still haven't have too much limelight yet, but they're progressing slowly.

I was thinking of continuing this character... Until I found the Nature-Bound Magus and found out that it stacks with the Staff Magus. My question: Is it work trading Magus Arcana for Druid Spells while you progress? (Starting with One level 0 and 1, and then getting a new one each time you get new level spells).

Current Builds:
Druid Build:

Ulrik Talandi, the Spirit Caller:
Archetype: Elemental Ally
Stats: (Str: 16) (Dex: 16) (Con: 12) (Int: 8) (Wis:14) (Cha: 10)
Human: Bonus Feat, Skilled
Feats: Two-Weapon Fighting, Weapon Focus (Quaterstaff)
Traits: Scholar of Balance (Faction), Monk Weapon Skill (Quarterstaff)
* Quarterstaff 2H (+5/1d4+6)
* Quaterstaff TWF (+3/1d4+5)(+3/1d4+3)
* Shillelagh 2H (+5/2d6+6)
* Shillelagh TWF (+3/2d6+5)(+3/2d6+3)

Nixie, the Spirit of Water:
Eidolon: Elemental (Water)
Base Form: Aberrant
Feats: Dirty Fighting
Immunity: Sleep, Paralyze, Cold

Uru, the Spirit of Earth:
Eidolon: Elemental (Earth)
Base Form: Serpentine - Small
Feats: Skill Focus (Stealth)
Immunity: Sleep, Paralyze, Acid

Sidhe, the Spirit of Wind:
Eidolon: Elemental (Wind)
Base Form: Quadruped
Feats: Toughness
Immunity: Sleep, Paralyze, Electricity

Eldur, the Spirit of Fire:
Eidolon: Elemental (Fire)
Base Form: Biped
Feats: Weapon Focus (Slam)
Immunity: Sleep, Paralyze, Fire
Magus Build:
Cedric Talandi, Friend of Fey:
Archetype: Nature-Bonded / Staff Magus
Stats: (Str: 16) (Dex: 16) (Con: 12) (Int: 14) (Wis:8) (Cha: 10)
Human: Bonus Feat, Heart of the Fey
Feats: Combat Casting, Weapon Focus (Quarterstaff)
Traits: Arcane Temper (Magic), Monk Weapon Skill (Quarterstaff)
* Quarterstaff (+5/1d4+5)
* Shillelagh (+5/2d6+5)

Spriggen, the Flower Sprite:
Familiar: Flowering Lattice
Archetypes: Figment, Sage
Special Abilities: Bountiful Fruits, Pollen

That is the crunch of it all. Ulfrik is more rough and gruff with his Elementals not having much development (I suck with IRL RP), but Cedric seems like he would be fun with his little Spriggen (Being a Figment, I already have ideas of what I can do).

What do you all think?

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Please Evaluate and Critique Honestly

So... I've been working on this character for a while now. To be honest, I am not someone who normally makes the brawler or fighter character in our group - in favor of something more skill focused in our campaigns (while still contributing to combat the best I can). This will be my first attempt at a martial character who focuses on strength and fighting over dexterity and skillcraft. PEACH to your hearts content.

TL:DR - Blind Monk that uses a Monk Spade with Meditation Feats

Basic Description:
The basic idea (and soul for this character concept) is a Blind Monk whom specializes on the Monk Spade, dancing around the opponent and slapping the enemy with the weapon. The reason I chose to go Fighter over Monk for my first 2 levels are two fold: Master of Many Styles forfeits Flurry of Blows and Monk does NOT get proficiency with the Monk Spade (Whaaaaa?!). Anyway, I'm planning on spending my first 2 Prestige Point on an Alchemist Silver/Cold Iron Monk Spade - which pretty much means that DR is never an issue for my attack.

Level 1 is going to be "skipped" by playing a different build before switching to this one. I'll be running a similar build to see if I like the style, but lets be honest... Being Blind without Greater Blind Fight or Blinded Mastery is just biting your own foot at that point... Level 2 will be tedious, but getting Greater Blind Fight with Scent 10 will help me pinpoint my targets once my non-CN allies point me in the right direction.

Level 3 is going to be both my first major power spike for the character and my most disappointing level by far. Firstly - my Blindness has been upgraded to Blindsight 30ft. Secondly - Flurry of Blows with my Monk Spade. Unfortunately, I am unable to take Power Attack due to the reliance on my General Feats earned thus far. Also, I'm trading my Stunning Fist for Perfect Strike (Which for SOME REASON does not work with the Monk Spade.... WHAAAAAA?!). Oh, I also get the Meditation Master feat as a Monk Bonus Feat because... I can!

Nothing much to say about Level 4 other than the +1 to Strength which increases my damage by 2 (2-handed weapon) and a Meditation Feat. Debating on Body Control, Mindful Meditation, or Sensory Mastery. Each of them give me something unique, though I am leaning on Sensory Mastery for a 40 ft. Scent ability. I also get Weapon Focus for a +1 to attack at this level, which is nice.

At level 5 we finally get POWER ATTACK! Our base attack is only +4 due to the monk's 3/4ths BAB, but we get +6 Damage for our -2 Attack due to Monk Spade counting as a 2-handed weapon (so long as we don't attack with both ends). So we are making 2 attacks at -4 in order to gain a +6 to both attacks, 12 damage if both hits. Unsure if this will work, but with the other bonuses to attack we're getting, I think it should work okay.

We finally get our first mutation at level 6, Eyes Shown Shut, which effectively gives our character a radar of 60 ft., meaning no one is going to hide from him. Also the first level we don't get a feat.

Level 7 we are grabbing Combat Meditation because feat tax. Level 8, this turns into Slow-Time which gives us Haste Once/Day after we use our Full Round Action for Combat Meditation. Also getting another +1 to Strength.

Unfortunately, I'm stuck at level 8 and unable to brainstorm past... I mean, Scarred Body is good for the Monk, and I'm almost always going to be Flurry of Blows using my Monk Spade for multiple attacks with my 2-handed Monk Weapon. Any advice on how to proceed from Level 8 to Level 12?

Important Weapons and Items:
Monk Spade - Cold Iron and Alchemist Silver. (2 Prestige Points). Cold Iron applied to the P/S weapon while Alchemist Silver is applied to be B/S end. Going to be enchanting the Alchemist Silver to avoid the double cost for enchanting Cold Iron but thinking of adding the +1 Magic for damage and attack bonus later on. First purchase pretty much.

Tunic, Snakeskin - +1 Armor and +2 Dex basically mean that I'm getting +2 to my AC with the added bonus of having extra Dexterity for other things. +2 Poison Resistance, but I don't think that is as important.

Monk's Robes: - I'm... never going to be able to buy this... But if I am able to, this will be AWESOME!

Ring of Protection: - One of my AC Items which I need to buy as a Monk not to go squish.

Bracers of Armor - One of my AC Items which I need to buy as a Monk not to go squish. Also has the added benefit of allowing me to use Armor Mods without wearing Armor.

Headband of Inspired Wisdom: - I really don't need INT or CHA for this character. He is going to smash face. That's about it.

Cloak of Resistance: - If you don't know why, then you're not an adventurer.

Belt of Physical Might: - Already have an Enhancement mod to my Dex, so I only need Physical Might to buff up Strength and Constitution, in that order.

Other than that, any advice is wonderful for this too.

* Fighter - Unarmed Fighter
* Monk - Scarred Monk + Weapon Adept

Attributes, Feats, and Traits:

Str: 15 (+2 Human), (+1 Level 4), (+1 Level 8), (+1 Level 12)
Dex: 14
Con: 12
Int: 10
Wis: 16
Cha: 7

Trait 1: Blind Zeal
Trait 2: Monk Weapon Skill (Monk Spade)

Level 1: Blind Fight (Trait Bonus Feat)
Level 1: Improved Unarmed Fighting (Unarmed Fighter Bonus Feat)
Level 1: Blinded Blade Style (Unarmed Fighter Bonus Feat)
Level 1: Improved Blind-Fight (Human Bonus Feat)
Level 1: Blinded Competence
Level 2: Greater Blind-Fight (Fighter Bonus Feat)
Level 3: Blinded Master
Level 3: Meditation Master (Monk Bonus Feat)
Level 4: Sensory Mastery (Monk Bonus Feat)
Level 4: Weapon Focus - Monk Spade (Weapon Adept Bonus Feat)
Level 5: Power Attack
Level 7: Combat Meditation
Level 8: Slow Time
Level 8: Weapon Specialization - Monk Spade (Weapon Adept Bonus Feat)

So... Clerics get something called Healing Hands, which would be GREAT to combine with Heal, especially the two action version giving 1d8+Wis to all allies within the 30 foot radius (not counting the damage). Unfortunately, 2-Action Heal requires Somatic and Verbal Spellcasting Actions already, meaning it would have 2 Verbal Components to the spell. Does that mean one cannot combine Healing Hands with Channel Energy? Does this mean no 3 action channel energy to buff the entire party with Heroic Recovery?

Also, is there any way to Selective Channel a 2-action version of this ability?

So... I understand that the Spells are "listed" from page 199 to 202, but they have no description. When viewing the spells, they are completely out of relevant order, and trying to find and compare all of the Cantropes (Especially for a wizard-ish newb like me who is only taking the multiclass feat), I am completely overwhelmed at trying to find this information without getting distracted by the 100 other spells between the listed Cantropes.

Is there any way this can be organized by spell level rather than just alphabetical?

So... I am going to be posting some unpopular opinions regarding this "issue", which is the fact that I rather enjoy the idea of Heritage Ancestry feats. HOWEVER - It seems that Paizo has thrown the "Heritage" keyword on many Ancestry feats that don't deserve the tag.

To me - a Heritage feat should be something that represents a different genetic heritage and/or an intervention from another species or influence. For example, the Dwarf's "Ancient's Blood" feat is a perfect example of what (I feel) would be considered an accurate Heritage feat - as it specifically points out that you're resistant due to your Heritage rather than directly due to your Ancestry.

At the same time, the Hardy trait seems more like an Ancestry thing and less of a Heritage thing. I don't believe sickly, or anything less than "hardy" is something used to describe a Dwarf, so why are we restricting it to only a few Dwarfs with specific breeding that might cause this phenomenon to occur?

Another example of this poor Ancestry vs Heritage trait can be seen in the Elf's Keen Hearing feat (I guess that means Half-Elves can't have Keen hearing like their elvish ma or pa).

Even more argumentative is that the Goblin's Flame Heart feat SPECIFICALLY calls out that this happened during Childhood and not because you were born with the specific genes required to trigger this mutation.

My 2 cents: Save the Heritage feats for sub-species of the Race (i.e.: Drow or Aquatic Elves for the Elf race), instead of key features that should be shared between all of the available creatures in that race.

So... For the sake of Arguments... lets say I am a Paladin who has multi classed into Cleric. My Deity's favorite weapon is a Simple weapon for me - and as a Paladin, it deals increased Weapon size. Lets also say that I take the Cleric Dogma, and take Deadly Simplicity which increases the damage dealt by an one step.

Does this damage increase stack with each other?

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TL:DR - I don't believe Goblins should have +2 Dex, +2 Cha, -2 Wis, +2 Free; I believe that Goblins should have +2 Dex, +2 Con, -2 Wis, +2 Free. It makes more sense with their biography and common background.

Okay... So hear me out about this: Generation 1 Goblins were all +4 Dex with -2 Cha and -2 Wis. While I understand that these bonuses and penalties needed to be changed for balance, I don't believe they should be completely neglected either. Because of this, I don't believe Charisma should be one of the Goblin's mandatory +2 Stats. Not only that, but there are several things in the Pathfinder 2e Playtest Book which would point to Charisma not being a manditory key stat for the Goblins.

You are welcome to disagree with me, but please allow me to present my arguments based on the information described in their racial biography. I am going to take a few moments to break down what they say a Goblin is and should be, and why Charisma just doesn't make sense.

Pathfinder 2e Playtest PDF wrote:
Charisma: This score measures your character’s strength of personality, personal magnetism, and ability to influence the thoughts and moods of others. Charisma is an important statistic for bards and sorcerers, and it grants benefits to clerics and paladins. Charisma also determines your character’s Resonance Points (see page 376).

This is the in-game description of Charisma for Pathfinder 2e. Its safe to say that, when comparing this to the Goblin's biography description, it doesn't make sense why a Goblin would naturally gain +2 Charisma. Key word "Naturally". I don't believe that Charisma should be a Goblin's penalty, but I do believe that it should not be a secondary bonus for them. My arguments are presented below.

Pathfinder 2e Playtest PDF wrote:
Even those goblins who break from their destructive past often subtly perpetuate some of the qualities that have been tied to the creatures for millennia.

^THIS^ is one of they key reasons I believe Goblins should not gain Charisma as a secondary stat. Unfortunately, Goblins have a stigma to them which dilute their ability integrate with others. I'm not saying that they completely lack this ability, but I don't believe they'll be able to influence people with their "Good Looks" like a Halfling might be able to. I guess their repolsive background might count as "influencing the thoughts and moods of others", but in a very negative way.

Pathfinder 2e Playtest PDF wrote:
Goblins tend to flock to strong leaders, fiercely protecting those companions who have protected them from physical harm or offered a sympathetic ear when they learn of the goblins’ woes.

Another reason I believe Goblins shouldn't have naturally high Charisma is because of the quote above. Charisma is a stat that should measures a character’s strength of personality. Flocking to strong leaders and protecting companions who gave them a shoulder to cry on does not market me to believe they have a strong personality. Loyal? - Maybe yes, Charismatic? - Not really. This may be interpenetrated through other means, and its quiet possibly for a Goblin to take charge and take the "Strong Leader" roll for other Goblins, but this seems more like an odd case than the rule.

Pathfinder 2e Playtest PDF wrote:
Some goblins remain deeply fascinated with fire, or fearlessly devour a meal that might turn others’ stomachs. Others are endless tinkerers and view their companions’ trash simply as components of gadgets yet to be made.

"But what other stats can we give these... things?" I hear you asking. Well, if not Charisma, I believe Constitution should be their secondary +2 Stat. Because of their nasty habit of getting burned or scarfing down rotten food, I believe that this would make much more sense than Charisma. (Tell me how Charismatic it is to have your pet eat the rotten food in your garbage).

Pathfinder 2e Playtest PDF wrote:
Occasionally, fellow adventurers find these proclivities unsettling or odd, but more often than not, goblins’ friends consider these qualities endearing.

Some people find these things unsettling or odd? That doesn't sound like a magnetic personality to me. If they would have high Charisma, it would more likely read "While some might find these proclivities unsettling or odd, people eventually grow warm to the goblins and consider these qualities endearing". I also believe this is the one sentence that describes how people like them - but I also believe it feels like it was thrown out there without any context to support it.

Pathfinder 2e Playtest PDF wrote:
Though goblins’ culture has splintered radically, their reputation across the Inner Sea region has changed little. As such, goblins who travel to larger cities are frequently subjected to derision, and as a result many goblins work twice as hard at proving their worth.

Another "trouble fitting into locations" issue that most high Charisma races shouldn't have trouble with. I don't believe being well known for being a menace should warrant +2 Charisma, and hatred is normally a negative Charisma stat.

Pathfinder 2e Playtest PDF wrote:
Those who befriend a goblin quickly learn that while a goblin’s friendship might include all manners of pranks, such fun comes from a place of true acceptance—something that a goblin does not give freely.

Hm... Hard to be friends with? But once they become your friends, they do so wholeheartedly? Doesn't that sound like another race with negative Charisma bonuses? (cough)Dwarf(cough). I'm not saying that Goblins should have a negative Charisma, that's better explained below:

Pathfinder 2e Playtest PDF wrote:
Goblins reach adolescence by the age of 3 and adulthood 4 or 5 years later. In theory, goblins could live 50 years or more, but without anyone to protect them from each other or themselves, few live past 20 years of age.

What is the key thing that is getting these Goblins killed? Surviving! What is survival key to? Wisdom! THIS is why I believe Wisdom makes a better dump than Charisma in terms of Character stats. I still don't believe Charisma should be a secondary buff, but I do believe that Wisdom makes a far better penalty stat than Charisma for this quote alone.

Pathfinder 2e Playtest PDF wrote:
Goblins typically stand about 3 feet tall, with skin colors that range from green to gray to blue. Goblin adventurers typically worship Cayden Cailean.

No idea why I posted this here, maybe because I already quoted everything else in the Goblins Biography, so I didn't want to leave anything out...

Pathfinder 2e Playtest PDF wrote:
As scrappy survivors, goblins are often rogues who dart about the shadows, though their natural charismatic nature also draws them to the pursuit of magical classes such as sorcerer.

Really, the only other thing in this book that says Goblins are... "naturally charismatic", which will come out of left field completely without context if you bothered to read their racial description. I understand the character concept of "Goblin Sorcerer with FIYA!!!!!!", but that is what the floating +2 Racial Score is for. You can EASILY get +18 Charisma, as long as you don't suffer a Charisma Penalty to your face - another reason that I don't want to penalize Goblins for Charisma is because of the Fire Sorcerers everyone wants to play *including me*.


Other quotes that support my +Constitution argument:

Pathfinder 2e Playtest PDF wrote:
Racial Feat: City Scavenger You know that the greatest treasures often look like refuse, and you scoff at those who throw away perfectly good scraps.
Pathfinder 2e Playtest PDF wrote:
Racial Feat: Eat Anything You are comfortable subsisting on food that most folks would consider spoiled. You gain a +2 circumstance bonus to saving throws against toxins and against gaining the sick condition, but only if it resulted from something you ate. You can eat and drink things when you have the sick condition.
Pathfinder 2e Playtest PDF wrote:
Racial Feat: Flame Heart As a result of either a childhood accident with flames or an ongoing fascination with fire, your skin has thickened, protecting you against burning


Well, I hope that this was an interesting read everyone. This was just my 2 cents (as someone who enjoyed Theory crafting Goblins from Pathfinder 1 - because of how rare Goblin Boons are... Seriously Paizo, you should think about making Goblins a boonless Race in 1E PFS when 2E is release.).

Anyway, what are your thoughts on the idea? Do you think +2 Con makes more sense than +2 Cha? Do you think it would be overpowered to have +2 Dex AND +2 Con on the same race? Or do you prefer Goblins being that awkwardly likable migit pet that - no one knows why - but for some odd reason people enjoy watching him eat rotten cheese filled with maggots? Post your thoughts on this, I want to hear your ideas.

Theme: This build is a PFS build based on the Norn race from Guild Wars 2. The character himself is a Human with a Totemistic Religion, worshiping nature and the Spirits of the Wild over any mortal god. Ultimately, I'll be putting "Green Faith" in the Deity slot, but he is most likely to call upon Animal Spirits than any of the Elements of Nature.

The mechanical idea of this build is to be something of a versatile combatant, with more than one way to fight in an encounter. Switch Hitter might be the best way to describe combat, where he can swap between running around and kiting with ranged attacks or running in and smashing face with a melee attack.

I really would like to keep Shapeshifter and Wild Hunter together, and Wilderness Medic has some pretty cool mechanical interactions with Wild Hunter (whenever I use Hunter's Boon to buff an ally, I can buff all my allies with the spirit I choose to channel (Most likely will be Bull or Tiger, depending on the situation).

All in all, the basic idea is a human who worships the spirits of the wild, and channels them to shapeshift. Wild Stalker is also another option, because I can then grab Furious Finish, but then I'd have to remove Wild Hunter and Wilderness Medic, and I think I like the flexibility they give me more than Rage.

What do you guys think?

Race: Human (Heart of the Fey replacing Skilled)
Class: Ranger (Shapeshifter/Wild Hunter/Wilderness Medic)/Fighter (Titan Fighter)
Str: 16, Dex: 16, Con: 14, Int: 11, Wis: 13, Cha: 7

Level Progression 1 to 11:
Level 1: Ranger (1) [Favorite: +1 HP]
- Traits: Reactionary (Combat), Totemist (Faith)
- Feats: Power Attack (Lv. 1), Cleave (Human Bonus)
- Ranger: Herbalist Training (Ex), Animal Focus (Su), Track (Ex)
- Skills: Craft: Alchemy (+4), Heal (+6), Perception (+5), Prof: Herbalism (+6), Stealth (+7), Survival (+5)

Level 2: Ranger (2) [Favorite: +2 HP]
- Traits: Reactionary (Combat), Totemist (Faith)
- Feats: Power Attack (Lv. 1), Cleave (Human Bonus), Weapon Focus: Greatsword (Ranger Bonus)
- Ranger: Herbalist Training (Ex), Animal Focus (Su), Track (Ex), Combat Style: Natural
- Skills: Climb (+7), Craft: Alchemy (+4), Heal (+7), Knowledge: Nature (+4), Perception (+6), Prof: Herbalism (+7), Stealth (+7), Survival (+5), Swim (+7)

Level 3: Ranger (3) [Favorite: +3 HP]
- Traits: Reactionary (Combat), Totemist (Faith)
- Feats: Power Attack (Lv. 1), Cleave (Human Bonus), Weapon Focus: Greatsword (Ranger Bonus), Gorum's Swordmanship (Lv. 3)
- Ranger: Herbalist Training (Ex), Animal Focus (Su), Track (Ex), Combat Style: Natural, Shifter’s Blessing (Bear), Herbal Medicine
- Skills: Climb (+7), Craft: Alchemy (+6), Heal (+8), Knowledge: Nature (+4), Knowledge: Dungeoneering (+4), Perception (+7), Prof: Herbalism (+8), Stealth (+7), Survival (+5), Swim (+7)

Level 4: Ranger (4) [Favorite: +4 HP]
- Attribute: +1 Wisdom (Wisdom 14)
- Traits: Reactionary (Combat), Totemist (Faith)
- Feats: Power Attack (Lv. 1), Cleave (Human Bonus), Weapon Focus: Greatsword (Ranger Bonus), Furious Focus (Lv. 3)
- Ranger: Herbalist Training (Ex), Animal Focus (Su), Track (Ex), Combat Style: Natural, Shifter’s Blessing (Bear), Herbal Medicine, Hunter's Bond, Spells
- Main Spells: Lead Blades, Gravity Bow
- Skills: Climb (+7), Craft: Alchemy (+7), Heal (+11), Knowledge: Nature (+5), Knowledge: Dungeoneering (+5), Perception (+9), Prof: Herbalism (+11), Stealth (+7), Survival (+6), Swim (+7)

Level 5: Ranger (5) [Favorite: +5 HP]
- Attribute: +1 Wisdom (Wisdom 14)
- Traits: Reactionary (Combat), Totemist (Faith)
- Feats: Power Attack (Lv. 1), Cleave (Human Bonus), Weapon Focus: Greatsword (Ranger Bonus), Furious Focus (Lv. 3), Great Cleave (Lv 5.)
- Ranger: Herbalist Training (Ex), Animal Focus (Su), Track (Ex), Combat Style: Natural, Shifter’s Blessing (Bear), Herbal Medicine, Hunter's Bond, Spells
- Main Spells: Lead Blades, Gravity Bow
Climb (+7), Craft: Alchemy (+8), Heal (+12), Knowledge: Nature (+5), Knowledge: Dungeoneering (+5), Perception (+10), Prof: Herbalism (+12), Stealth (+7), Survival (+8), Swim (+7)

Level 6: Ranger (6) [Favorite: +6 HP]
- Attribute: +1 Wisdom (Wisdom 14)
- Traits: Reactionary (Combat), Totemist (Faith)
- Feats: Power Attack (Lv. 1), Cleave (Human Bonus), Weapon Focus: Greatsword (Ranger Bonus), Furious Focus (Lv. 3), Great Cleave (Lv 5.), Vital Strike (Ranger Bonus)
- Ranger: Herbalist Training (Ex), Animal Focus (Su), Track (Ex), Combat Style: Natural, Shifter’s Blessing (Bear), Herbal Medicine, Hunter's Bond, Spells
- Main Spells: Lead Blades, Gravity Bow
- Skills: Climb (+8), Craft: Alchemy (+9), Heal (+14), Knowledge: Nature (+5), Knowledge: Dungeoneering (+5), Perception (+11), Prof: Herbalism (+14), Stealth (+7), Survival (+8), Swim (+8)

Level 7: Ranger (6) [Favorite: +6 HP] / Fighter (1)
- Attribute: +1 Wisdom (Wisdom 14)
- Traits: Reactionary (Combat), Totemist (Faith)
- Feats: Power Attack (Lv. 1), Cleave (Human Bonus), Weapon Focus: Greatsword (Ranger Bonus), Furious Focus (Lv. 3), Great Cleave (Lv 5.), Vital Strike (Ranger Bonus), Divine Style: Gorum's Swordsmanship (Level 7)
- Ranger: Herbalist Training (Ex), Animal Focus (Su), Track (Ex), Combat Style: Natural, Shifter’s Blessing (Bear), Herbal Medicine, Hunter's Bond, Spells
- Fighter: Giant Weapon Wielder
- Main Spells: Lead Blades, Gravity Bow
- Skills: Climb (+8), Craft: Alchemy (+9), Heal (+15), Knowledge: Nature (+5), Knowledge: Dungeoneering (+5), Perception (+12), Prof: Herbalism (+14), Stealth (+7), Survival (+8), Swim (+8)

Level 8: Ranger (7) [Favorite: +7 HP] / Fighter (1)
- Attribute: +1 Wisdom (Wisdom 14), +1 Strength (Strength 17)
- Traits: Reactionary (Combat), Totemist (Faith)
- Feats: Power Attack (Lv. 1), Cleave (Human Bonus), Weapon Focus: Greatsword (Ranger Bonus), Furious Focus (Lv. 3), Great Cleave (Lv 5.), Vital Strike (Ranger Bonus), Divine Style: Gorum's Swordsmanship (Level 7)
- Ranger: Herbalist Training, Animal Focus, Track, Combat Style: Natural, Shifter’s Blessing (Bear), Herbal Medicine, Hunter's Bond, Spells, Shared Focus
- Fighter: Giant Weapon Wielder
- Main Spells: Lead Blades, Gravity Bow
- Skills: Climb (+8), Craft: Alchemy (+11), Heal (+16), Knowledge: Nature (+5), Knowledge: Dungeoneering (+5), Perception (+13), Prof: Herbalism (+16), Stealth (+7), Survival (+8), Swim (+8)

Level 9: Ranger (8) [Favorite: +8 HP] / Fighter (1)
- Attribute: +1 Wisdom (Wisdom 14), +1 Strength (Strength 17)
- Traits: Reactionary (Combat), Totemist (Faith)
- Feats: Power Attack (Lv. 1), Cleave (Human Bonus), Weapon Focus: Greatsword (Ranger Bonus), Furious Focus (Lv. 3), Great Cleave (Lv 5.), Vital Strike (Ranger Bonus), Divine Style: Gorum's Swordsmanship (Lv. 7), Devastating Strike (Lv. 9))
- Ranger: Herbalist Training, Animal Focus, Track, Combat Style: Natural, Shifter’s Blessing (Bear, Cat), Herbal Medicine, Hunter's Bond, Spells, Shared Focus
- Fighter: Giant Weapon Wielder
- Main Spells: Lead Blades, Gravity Bow
- Skills: Climb (+8), Craft: Alchemy (+12), Heal (+18), Knowledge: Nature (+5), Knowledge: Dungeoneering (+5), Perception (+14), Prof: Herbalism (+18), Stealth (+8), Survival (+9), Swim (+8)

Level 10: Ranger (9) [Favorite: +9 HP] / Fighter (1)
- Attribute: +1 Wisdom (Wisdom 14), +1 Strength (Strength 17)
- Traits: Reactionary (Combat), Totemist (Faith)
- Feats: Power Attack (Lv. 1), Cleave (Human Bonus), Weapon Focus: Greatsword (Ranger Bonus), Furious Focus (Lv. 3), Great Cleave (Lv 5.), Vital Strike (Ranger Bonus), Divine Style: Gorum's Swordsmanship (Lv. 7), Devastating Strike (Lv. 9))
- Ranger: Herbalist Training, Animal Focus, Track, Combat Style: Natural, Shifter’s Blessing (Bear, Cat), Herbal Medicine, Hunter's Bond, Spells, Shared Focus, Rallying Bond
- Fighter: Giant Weapon Wielder
- Main Spells: Lead Blades, Gravity Bow
- Skills: Climb (+8), Craft: Alchemy (+13), Heal (+19), Knowledge: Nature (+5), Knowledge: Dungeoneering (+5), Perception (+15), Prof: Herbalism (+19), Stealth (+10), Survival (+9), Swim (+8)

Level 11: Ranger (10) [Favorite: +10 HP] / Fighter (1)
- Attribute: +1 Wisdom (Wisdom 14), +1 Strength (Strength 17)
- Traits: Reactionary (Combat), Totemist (Faith)
- Feats: Power Attack (Lv. 1), Cleave (Human Bonus), Weapon Focus: Greatsword (Ranger Bonus), Furious Focus (Lv. 3), Great Cleave (Lv 5.), Vital Strike (Ranger Bonus), Divine Style: Gorum's Swordsmanship (Lv. 7), Devastating Strike (Lv. 9)), Imp. Vital Strike (Ranger Bonus), Weapon Trick: Cleaving Smash (Lv. 11)
- Ranger: Herbalist Training, Animal Focus, Track, Combat Style: Natural, Shifter’s Blessing (Bear, Cat), Herbal Medicine, Hunter's Bond, Spells, Shared Focus, Rallying Bond, Quarry
- Fighter: Giant Weapon Wielder
- Main Spells: Lead Blades, Gravity Bow
- Skills: Climb (+9), Craft: Alchemy (+14), Heal (+21), Knowledge: Nature (+5), Knowledge: Dungeoneering (+5), Perception (+16), Prof: Herbalism (+21), Stealth (+10), Survival (+9), Swim (+9)

Question is that: I'm curious about taking a one-level dip into the Titan Fighter to used Oversized Two-handed weapons. However, there are a few people pointing out that its not plausable because the Titan Fighter was effected by the Titan Mauler's Errata - stating that any Medium Character CANNOT wield 2-handed weapons that are oversized for them.

Considering that the Titan Fighter archetype for the Fighter trades both their Level 1 Bonus Feat and their Armor Training for abilities that specifically call out on "Oversized 2-handed weapons", was this archetype missed by the Errata team and now a dead Archetype? There haven't been any changes made to this Archetype in any of the books, and no official announcements on changes as far as I've seen. I normally don't post complaints, but considering the Fighter trades a lot for almost nothing in exchange other than CMD while wielding oversized weapons... That seems like a rather large slap in the face.

For reference: [LINK!]
Titan Fighter is an Archetype for the Fighter Class in the Giant Hunter's Handbook.

Giant Weapon Wielder (Ex):
At 1st level, a titan fighter can wield two-handed melee weapons intended for creatures one size category larger than himself, treating them as two-handed weapons. He takes an additional –2 penalty on attack rolls when using an oversized two-handed weapon. This ability replaces the fighter’s 1st level bonus feat.

Incredible Heft (Ex):
At 3rd level, a titan fighter becomes more skilled at wielding weapons intended for creatures one size category larger than himself. The penalty on attack rolls for using such weapons is reduced by 1 when using oversized two-handed weapons. At 7th level and every 4 levels thereafter, this penalty is reduced by another 1 (minimum 0). This ability replaces armor training.

Unstoppable Momentum (Ex):
At 5th level, a titan fighter gains a +1 bonus on combat maneuver checks and to CMD while wielding a weapon sized for a creature of a larger size category. At 9th level and every 4 levels thereafter, this bonus increases by 1. When wielding oversized weapons, the titan fighter can attempt to bull rush, drag, overrun, reposition, and trip creatures up to two sizes categories larger than himself. This ability replaces weapon training.

Persuasive Insight wrote:
You can use your Wisdom modifier in place of your Charisma modifier on Diplomacy checks to ask favors or gain influence (Ultimate Intrigue 102). During a verbal duel (Ultimate Intrigue 176), you can use your Wisdom modifier in place of your Charisma modifier when using tactics you assigned to Diplomacy or Wisdom-based skills.

I might be misunderstanding this, but could this be a typo?

You can use your Wisdom modifier in place of your Wisdom modifier for Wisdom based skills?

So, I've accidentally created several characters I had no plans on playing in the near future and they all had an account on my profile. I've since deleted them, and kept only the ones that have a play history on them. The problem is, that they currently display as -3 and -7 instead of -2 and -3... Can this be fixed?

So... I've had my eye on the Gun Chemist for the better half of the week, and I keep coming back to this question... Are Gun Chemists able to make a Full Round attack by using the Fast Ordnance Discovery using the Musket? Really the only question I have, but I'd like to know the answer. Thinking of making a Musket Chemist themed after the old west.

The character's name is Gallen Ulfsal, who is going to be using his first level and Human bonus feats to take both Fey Foundling and Noble Scion (War). The main mechanical reason that I want Noble Scion of War is because I'm going to be using Oath of the People's Council for this character - and going first is going to be important in order to give all my allies the nice bonuses I want to give them.

Anyway, enough of the mechanical stuff... Here is the crunch I have, and then I'll give the fluff:

First two levels at least will be Paladin, though I might dip into Oracle for Nature's Whispers revelation and give myself a nice buff to AC while sticking with the Fae Theme - will see how that goes. He is also going to be getting the Fey Magic Human Trait instead of Skilled. 16 Strength, 10 Dexterity, 14 Constitution, 12 Intelligence, 8 Wisdom, and 16 Charisma. With pretty much everything coming from Charisma.

All in all - the idea was classic Irish/Celtic Mythology on Fae, with a mix of fantasy. The village his family was staying at got burned down in an attempt to assassinate his family in an attempt to frame it as a raid on the village. He ends up encountering a Gathlains while trying to stay warm and salvaging for food. She is robed and conceals her wings - just seeing someone in need and offers what little food he has to her. With a warm smile, she asks him what happened and gives her a straight forward answer. After some back and forth with each other, she decides to raise the now orphaned child - seeing it a shame and wasted life if he were to die due to the elements.

After living with her in the northern realms and having been raised by the Faerie woman, she decides that the man needs to train in a mortal village and grow closer to his own kind - despite whatever sting she may feel in her heart at his please for her not to leave him. Forced into the temple of Iomedae, it isn't long before her ideals start to seep into him due to his natural good nature towards others. He decides to take up the sword - not only to defend others, but to inspire others to defend themselves when need be.

What do you guys think? Too Cliche for the Noble Scion/Fey Founding? Anything that might add a little fluff to this?

I am currently working on my PFS Legal Elemental Ally Druid's Eidolons right now, and would very much like some advice and critique on them. They are currently only level 1, but I'll post my level 4, 8, and 12 builds when I come back after work tomorrow.

Any advice or constructive critique is welcome. I would very much like to make these enjoyable for both myself and the people I play with.

So... Here is what I've got so far:

Air Elemental - Is basically just going to be a flying mound that I use when I need to use it. Doesn't look like it will be doing much save for the flying at level 8. Please correct me if I'm wrong. Tempted on making it Small and working as a scout - and growing to Large Size when we reach level 8 and it gains access to Flight through the Eidolon Mount feat.

Elemental Eidolon: Air - Level 1 - HD 1:
Base Form: Quadruped | Subtype: Elemental

Size: Medium | Speed: 40ft. | Perception: +4; Darkvision
HP: 11 | AC: 14 | Fort: +3 | Ref: +4 | Will: +0

Str: 14 | Int: 7
Dex: 14 | Wis: 10
Con: 13 | Cha: 11

Attack: Bite - +4; 1d6+3 Damage

Class Skills: Acrobatics; Fly; Bluff; Craft; Diplomacy; Intimidate; Knowledge (Planes); Perception; Sense Motive; Stealth; Survival;
Skills: Acrobatics +6; Fly +6; Sense Motive +4; Perception +4

Special Abilities:
- Darkvision
- Link
- Share Spells
- Immunity: Electricity, Paralyze, Sleep

- Weapon Focus: Bite

Base form Earth was going to be primarily a scout and annoyance to the enemy. Burrow speed makes him really good with scouting and the fact that he is an earth elemental, makes his "Oh, just a pile of pebbles" make sense when he stealths, lol. Tempted to make biped and give the same riding feat for when burrow becomes relevant for movement.

Elemental Eidolon: Earth - Level 1 - HD 1:
Base Form: Serpentine | Subtype: Elemental

Size: Small | Speed: 20ft.; Climb: 20ft. | Perception: +4; Darkvision
HP: 10 | AC: 18 | Fort: +0 | Ref: +6 | Will: +2

Str: 8 | Int: 7
Dex: 18 | Wis: 10
Con: 11 | Cha: 11

Attack: Bite - +5; 1d6-1 (Reach)
Attack: Tail Slap: - +0; 1d6-1

Class Skills: Acrobatics; Bluff; Craft; Disable Device; Knowledge (Planes); Perception; Sense Motive; Slight of Hand; Stealth; Survival;
Skills: Acrobatics +8; Sense Motive +4; Perception +4; Stealth +8

Special Abilities:
- Darkvision
- Link
- Share Spells
- Immunity: Acid, Paralyze, Sleep

- Weapon Finesse

Fire Elemental is just: "Rawr, Imma hit you!"

Elemental Eidolon: Fire - Level 1 - HD 1:
Base Form: Biped | Subtype: Elemental

Size: Medium | Speed: 30ft. | Perception: +4; Darkvision
HP: 11 | AC: 13 | Fort: +3 | Ref: +1 | Will: +2

Str: 16 | Int: 7
Dex: 12 | Wis: 10
Con: 13 | Cha: 11

Attack: Slam - +4; 1d8+3
Attack: Claw: - +0; 1d4+3
Attack: Claw: - +0; 1d4+3

Class Skills: Bluff; Climb; Craft; Diplomacy; Intimidate; Knowledge (Planes); Perception; Sense Motive; Stealth; Use Magic Device;
Skills: Diplomacy +4; Intimidate +4; Sense Motive +4; Perception +4;

Special Abilities:
- Darkvision
- Link
- Share Spells
- Immunity: Fire, Paralyze, Sleep

- Weapon Focus: Claw

Basically, this is just going to be an annoying control person I use on the final boss. He is going to be grabbing things - a lot of the time. One of the PFS people i play with has a cold witch. Immunity to Cold + Grapple + keeping enemy in Witch's AoE? Profit! Sadly.... Improved Unarmed Strike? Really? WHY IS THIS NEEDED FOR GRAPPLE BUILDS?!

Elemental Eidolon: Water - Level 1 - HD 1:
Base Form: Aberrant | Subtype: Elemental

Size: Medium | Speed: 20ft.; Swim: 20ft. | Perception: +4; Darkvision
HP: 13 | AC: 13 | Fort: +5 | Ref: +1 | Will: +2

Str: 12 | Int: 7
Dex: 13 | Wis: 10
Con: 16 | Cha: 11

Attack: Tentacle Mass: +1; 1d8+1 (Grab)
Attack: Bite - +1; 1d6+1
Attack: Tentacle: - -4; 1d6+1

Class Skills: Acrobatics; Bluff; Craft; Escape Artist; Heal; Knowledge (Planes); Perception; Sense Motive; Stealth; Survival;
Skills: Escape Artist +5; Heal +4; Sense Motive +4; Perception +4;

Special Abilities:
- Darkvision
- Link
- Share Spells
- Immunity: Cold, Paralyze, Sleep

- Improved Unarmed Strike

I know this seems a little cheesy, but is it legal/viable to build a Level 1 build for a character - and then change it before hitting Level 2 in order to make the Level 1 not feel so clunky?

So, curious question regarding the Construct Rider's breath weapon. Is it possible to load a healing bomb into it's mouth to heal people in a cone or line from the constructs position? Or is it only met to deal damage?

So... We all know that Geb is an evil world because undead - yada yada - slaves - yada yada - they eat people - yada yada, but I'm curious... Would someone who sees the necessity of eating humans for certain species be considered evil?

Like... if anyone has watched Yu Yu Hakusho (and if you haven't - watch it because its good), after he finds out about his demon heritage, he gets confronted by demons who wish to take him to his master.

He notices that they are human-eating demons, but doesn't confront them about this. Instead, he compares them to eating humans as he is eating a Hamburger in front of Vegans/Vegetarians.

Obviously his spiritual trainer/protector overheard this and got super pissy about him comparing them eating humans to humans eating Hamburger... but the more I think about it... the more it seems right.

Is it really an evil act not to judge human-eating species as "evil" due to their bloodlust for humans as they do not do so recklessly and without reason?

So... this is going to sound awkward... but what is the best way to build a character that inflicts self-damage to do things? Like, dealing damage to yourself to increase the damage dealt by your attacks or provide buffs to you/allies? Or getting a buff while you're near death or having taken heavy damage?

Just an awkward moment, and I'd really like to make a self-pain inflicting character to throw around and see how it works.

Hey guys! So, going to be honest - this will be the first time that I am going to DM Pathfinder and would like to get some advice for the first encounter. Here is the basic premise of the Campaign that I'm going for: An unnatural force has taken control of Insect and Arachnid like creatures (basically bugs) and are capturing humans for an unknown purpose (At the moment: Assumed to be resources).

Currently, the only restrictions I have for them are having a reasonable background (i.e.: No level 1 god-slayers), and a reason to be entering the countries major capitol city (guild, orders, ect). On their way to the major capitol, they will be stopped at a smaller "gateway" city which is under the effect of curfew, so they won't be allowed to leave towards the capitol until after the night. That night, the city will be ambushed by insect creatures that are unnaturally organized for their species. (if they somehow leave the city under curfew, they'll be attacked at a lesser force by the bugs trying to capture them - instead of having to protect the city itself).

The basic idea I had was reskinning the Cave Fisher and reducing their levels to 1 or so, having them capture fleeing villagers while they are herded by other bugs which are attacking the village. When they successfully capture a certain amount of villagers or a certain number of them are defeated, they will retreat.

My question is: How can I perform this without making the encounter too challenging for a level 1 party of 3-4 people?

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Yes - I am creating and planning on playing a Blind character.
No - I will not change him to a Clouded Vision cursed Oracle.

Now that we have that argument out of the way, I'm currently at the understanding that the feat I take as a Level 1 Monk can count as a prerequisite for the other feats that I'm taking at level 1. I've talked with my DM about this, and he said okay. So far, the biggest trouble I've seen with this build is a lack of ability to fight against opponents more than 30ft. away, because his "blindsight" only extends that far... any tips on fixing this little problem? Also, the race is pretty much stuck as a Vanara, sorry.

I'm thinking about going back to Monk and either adding Meditation Feats (mainly for Sensory Meditation, Body Control, and Mental Meditation) - or trying to find another Style feat that works in conjunction with Blinded Blade. Any advice on that?

With that in mind, here is what I've gotten so far:

Trait(s): Blind Zeal

Character Level 1 - Monk 1

Level 1 (Bonus Feat: Trait) - Blind-Fight
Level 1 (Bonus Feat: Monk) - Blinded Blade Style (ignored prerequisite due to MoMS Archetype).
Level 1 (Level 1 Feat) - Improved Blind-Fight (BBS counts as 10 Perception)

Character Level 2 - Monk 1/Fighter 1
Level 2 (Bonus Feat: Fighter) - Blinded Competence (BBS counts as 10 Perception)

Character Level 3 - Monk 1/Fighter 2
Level 3 (Bonus Feat: Fighter) - Greater Blind-Fight (BC counts as 15 Perception)
Level 3 (Level 3 Feat) - Blinded Master (BC counts as 15 Perception)

So, yeah... I know that I'll probably be getting backlash for what I am currently trying to do, considering its a sub-optimal build that isn't the extreme best face melting build in existence... but I was hoping for some rules clarification regarding Saving Throws for a Meditation Master character that I'm currently building... Everyone is okay with it, so long as I can make sure the rules don't get too complicated.

As a heads up, these questions include the following: the Blind condition, Body Control, Mindful Meditation, Meditation Master, and Blinding Sword Style.

1st: Are Blind Characters required to make saving throws against enemy Gaze attacks?

2nd: What type of Fort saving throws don't include poison, disease, starvation, or effects that would make you fatigued or exhausted? Are these types of saving throws common enough to take a feat for a +1 Bonus that only affect these types of Fort saves? It also halves the essentials for living for everything.

3rd: What type of Will saving throws don't include charm, compulsion, emotion, and fear effects? Are these types of saving throws common enough to take a feat for a +1 Bonus that only affect these types of Will saves? Also, this feat gives a +5 bonus vs Feint and Intimidation, with a +1 bonus for every 5 levels.

4th: Does Mindful Meditation's "These bonuses increase by 1 for every 5 Hit Dice you have" apply to the Will Saving Throw? Or only to the bonus vs Feint and Intimidation?

5th: Speaking of Feint, can a blind character be Feinted against?

6th: How does the Scent from Sensory Mastery stack with the Scent from Blinding Sword Style? Do I get 20ft or 60ft Scent?

So... If you guys haven't read the new book yet, I highly recommend it because it has a lot of character options that are more than just fluff. One of the examples is the Elemental Monk, which trades its "Any Lawful" Alignment Restriction for a "True Neutral" and allows you to play a psuedo Avatar character (Wind, Fire, Water, Earth, Body).

So, if you don't have the book, here is what it gets. Elemental Fist at level 1 (This replaces ALL Monk Bonus Feats and Stunning Fist).

At level 2, the Monk can enter ANY of the Elemental stances (Djinni, Efreeti, Marid, Shaitan, or Janni respectively from the previous list) as a Swift Action. At level 6, they can gain the benefits of the next feat stage. Level 10 is the final feat stage. Level 14 gives the Monk immunity to damage based on the element, or enlarge/reduce person for the Janni instead. This replaces Evasion, Purity of Body, and Diamond Body.

There is more to this Archetype, but whats listed above is the main meat of the Archetype - Allowing you to Elemental Fist people in the face almost all day long while switching between the elements of fighting depending on what you need.

My question is, for a Qinggon Elemental Monk, what would you recommend? Level 12 Dragon Breath seems interesting (2 Ki Points = 12d6 Damage for Fire/Acid/Cold in a 30-foot cone or Fire/Acid/Electric in a 60-foot line, really fitting for the elemental fist archetype). Low level, I'd probably be replacing Slow Fall for Scorch Ray or Ki Throw for offensive Ki spending.

I was looking at the Monk Vows, and possibly wanted to incorporate them somehow. Any ideas on what would be interesting for the Monk Vows when using a Qinggon Elemental Monk?

So... I know this might seem like a dumb question, and possibly already answered somewhere else, but I wanted to ask due to personal confusion. To clarify, players are unable to select archetypes that alter or change the same powers of the base class (i.e.: You can't select two archetypes that both replace the Rogue's sneak attack).

I'm asking this primarily because Ki Pool is separated into multiple levels of progression. Not ONLY does Ki Pool give Monks their... well... Ki Pool, but it also gives them "overcoming damage reduction" bonuses (Magic Level 4, Cold Iron/Silver Level 7, Lawful Level 10, and Adamantine level 14).

Right now, its impossible, because all Archetypes that alter Ki-Pool also remove or change something else that conflicts with the archetype, but if there was something that changed level 4 to something else, would that be able to stack with something that changed their level 7 damage reduction?

RAW, they wouldn't stack because they both "alter the same ability", but the skills gained themselves are technically separate from each other?
Another question about Monks - Can players take the Qinggon Monk Archetype with other Archetypes that would replace the Optional replacements? Like, if the Archetype in question would replace Diamond Body, would I still be allowed the Qinggon Monk Archetype, I just wouldn't be allowed to select a Ki-Power at level 11 because its already replaced? (It's an Optional replacement, which is why I'm asking).

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So... this has been something that I've been wanting for quite a while now. Basically, this is from me wanting a Bardic Performance for the Oracle Class. While this is technically possible with Song-Bound curse with Ocean's Echo archetype, this is restricted only for Merfolk. I don't mind the race (And might use them in the future for fun), it doesn't fit into the idea of an Innocent life whose blessing has been withering their body away.

With that said... I was wondering what you guys might think of this random idea. Please keep in mind that this hadn't had too much thought put into this random idea thought, and it was through random ideas that occurred right before falling asleep.

Without further adieu, here is my first every homebrew for review:

Heroes of the Theatre
Silent Muse - Oracle's Curse

Your voice has been rendered mute by the gods, or otherwise stolen by other supernatural events. While you still have the ability to use nonverbal languages to communicate, and you are still able to read and write normally, you cannot speak or use telepathy to communicate with others. You cannot use the Perform [Oratory] or Perform [Sing] skills, and you cannot use other skills which require normal communication. You can provide verbal and/or somatic components for spells that you cast by using any musical instrument in which you have ranks in the appropriate Perform skill.

At 5th level, you gain Bardic Performance, using your Curse level for the progression of this ability. You still cannot use Perform [Oratory] or Perform [Sing] for your Bardic Performances.

At 10th level, you receive a +2 competence bonus on all Perform skills, other than Perform [Sing] and Perform [Oratory]. Additionally, you receive a +2 bonus to all saving throws against sound and language dependent effects.

At 15th level, you regain the ability to communicate using telepathy, and can telepathically speak to creatures within 30 feat from you.

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Oh, I just noticed that the "Pathfinder Player Companion: Antihero's Handbook" book got added to the Additional Resource pages for organized play... I was expecting ex-classes to get banned, because they were stepping on the "ALL RELIGIOUS CLASSES MUST HAVE DEITIES!" rule... Lets see what happens...


:Takes a sip of my tea:


"The archetypes in the book are legal for play except colluding scoundrel and ruthless investigator."




Did this take ANYONE else by surprize? Is anyone else shocked by this choice? Does that mean I can have an "Atheist Cleric" who Channels "something" with his Channel Energy that hurts everything in its path rather than just undead or living depending on energy type? I can be a complete prick Paladin who cares more about hack-n-slash than I do about my divine favor or sticking to the Paladin Code? I can be a Monk who encouraged himself on the sinful natures of man?!

I can be anything!... Except for a Paladin of the People...

Pretty sure I know this is going to get banned, but it looks like the Antihero Handbook has introduced a cool and interesting concept - The "Ex-Class" archetypes. Unfortunately, considering these Archetypes pretty much completely remove the "penalty" of Ex-classing, I'm sure this will end up being panned in PFS... which is sad, cuz I really like the idea of a "Sin Monk".

So.... Traits are suppose to be "Approximately" worth 1/2 feat, right? Well, there is a new trait in the Antihero Handbook that flat out gives Improved Dirty Trick as a Bonus Feat AND gives +1 to Dirty Tricks.... Does that mean Dirty Tricks were that bad, that taking Improved Dirty Trick wasn't worth it as a feat, but maybe a trait? lol

So... Has OotPC been given out as a boon? Or is "Paladins are not allowed to play support PERIOD!" Stigmata still branded on this class?

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