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TOZ wrote:
TOZ wrote:
fight me.

Seems counterproductive.


The Supervisor wrote:
The Informant wrote:
There will be, but not until we hit 111,111. You've time to study.
I don't think he's classified to have that information. Please report to my office for re-education, citizen.

I'm not a registered citizen, though thank you all the same.

I can keep the information silent, though that costs more. And you would know my prices aren't measured in gold, my fine sir.

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There will be, but not until we hit 111,111. You've time to study.



Only one hundred left to go.

The right word in the right ear can buy more than all the gold in the multiverse.

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Urizen wrote:
I wasn't going to wade through the 7.8k unread messages.

Unfortunate. There will be a test.

Sissyl wrote:
Rysky wrote:
Set wrote:
Sissyl wrote:
This may already have been asked... but Bestiary has a list of Archon Empyreal Lords. I did not find any of those names that matched what was in Chronicle of the Righteous. Now, it doesn't really bother me, and I am VERY impressed with CotR (especially Lymnieris and Dammerich), but I would like to know why the names from the Bestiary weren't used.

Same question, but for the Devils. Several of the names in the Bestiary (Astaroth, Glasya-Labolas, Rubicante, etc.) didn't appear in Princes of Darkness, that I saw.

For Demons (p. 56), every name was a demon lord in the Golarion setting, but for Archons, Azata and Devils, not so much, and some of those names sounded *crazy* evocative (like Cocidius the Hawk Keeper or Muyingwa the Seed Thrower).

The Forgotten, Freedom Even From Memory.

I. Must. Know. More. About. This. One. Pretty. Pretty. Please.


Ummm... it may be that nobody remembers much about that one... =)

And those who do may not part with such knowledge without price.

And of course nothing goes before the committee without board approval. You'll need to apply for that, of course. Here are all the necessary forms. Any omissions may result in immediate disqualification. Expect a response by land mail in approximately six to eight weeks.

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Mike Welham wrote:
The spells must flow.

He who controls the spells controls the universe.

Continue providing information to the community. You're doing an invaluable service.

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taig wrote:

This tiny rogue dragon will steal your heart.

This would be quite painful, actually.

Ah, I see you've met my associates.

"Have come ye now to seek the wise
Vafthruthnir, sage, the knowledge keeper?
To tell the tale of light's demise
With sullen cry, oh darkness seeker?

'Tis boots much smaller than thy own
Shall scale the mount to enter the hall;
Thy bones shall rest far from thy throne
When time shall come for the sun to fall."

A most intriguing tale, is it not? And merely the beginning thereof, penned centuries before even I set foot upon this lowly earth. One might declare such things prophecy; in my time however it has become foolish to place too much stock in the ideals of such preliminary declarations. Everyone knows the tales of kings and tyrants undone by prophecy, when had the word of divination been discarded and ignored all would have passed without incident or notice. No, most prophecy is merely a skillful maneuvering of the mind into predictable, expected patterns and a series of desired reactions... or a hidden message that all things have been put in place, arranged in advance, to give the impression to the unlearned, unaware, or unobservant that mystical precognitive power rests within the hands of the declarer. Such is the case in this tale.

But I get ahead of myself.

Some of you may know who I am, by reputation or rumor if nothing more. Many of you do not. Allow me to explain for the uninitiated and clarify for the marginally aware. I am The Informant. A sage, much like Vafthruthnir of old, keeper of knowledge, learner of legends and lore, giver and seeker of information.

What's that, you say? My name? Such information is highly prized, my guest, and all things come with a price. No, spare your coin; I only accept payment in such triflings for information of equal value and availability. Gold, for all its assigned worth, is plentiful enough that it passes through the hands of all of us from time to time, some more than others. Information, knowledge, truth, however... these have true value. Rarity, indeed, shared only sparsely and available to few, and as a merchant of the highest caliber I will accept only something of equal worth for that which I wish to distribute. Sometimes a favor, sometimes a task, sometimes a secret of equivalent value. My price? Nay, not the method by which I work. Rather, name your own price, curious one, and I shall determine if it be significant.

But we may attend to such business at a later time. For now, we are distracted from my true purpose here. My title you have, and it shall have to suffice for now.

The strange events of the past year have demanded answers from across the lands and over the seas, as far as the Isles of Senkaku and yes even the distant shores of Wachara and Teremvor. And the blame lies at our dear kingdom's feet, and dare we blame them? For the lands to the north have no king, answer to no lord, and did the storms of vengeance not sweep through our forests and our plains, ravaging the land and scarring the sky? But no, the blame is not ours to bear. Thus have I been summoned before the queen and court, to provide our questioners with the answers they so seek.

For knowledge is my business, and it is business I do well.

Still yourselves. The tale is long, and there is much to tell. We shall return to the mysteries of Vafthruthnir in time. His name shall mean much, you shall soon see, but more important are names with which a sparing few of you will be familiar, and the rest no more so than that of a long-ancient giant sage. This is a tale far more recent, for it begins no more than a trifling few years ago, at the closing of the year, in a village of our very own - a tiny hamlet upon the border of our lands, neighbor to Sentara of the Elves, a little place called Somerset.

It is here that we begin the tale of Fimbulwinter, the Storm of Storms.

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He who controls the spice controls the universe.

Silly dragon, thinking such information is made publicly accessible...

You have to have the right channels.

Your secret is safe.

Unless of course there's a better offer to be made.

Of course I know. But if I told you, I'd have to kill you.

Then again, everything has its price....