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Onward to 10K!


Do the Charleston

It can get soupy!

*jazz hands*

Ra ra rama ma ma gish gish ra ra ram ma ma ma gish gish

I want your stabbins
I want your spells please
I want the flame posts
About your BABs
I want your gish
Yeah yeah yeah
I want your gish ...

Where HAVE all the cowboys gone?

Aberzombie wrote:

The zombie machine springs to (un)life

Opens up one eager eye
Focusing it on the sky
Ninety-nine red balloons go by

99 Death Knights awake

Ride super-fiendish nightmare steeds
Everyone's a min/max munchkin
Everyone's a splat-book mench.
With orders to destructify.
To rapify and pillagify.
Scramble in the Greyhawk sky.
As 99 red balloons go by.

La dah de dah de dah de dah de dah de dah dah

Stabracadaaaaaabra ....

La dah de dah de dah de dah de dah de dah dah

Magus haaaaaggis ...

Do the cancan through the thread

Ambrosia Slaad wrote:
Mmmm... cherry pie...

"Paizo's my cherry pie!

Online Nirvana,
Such a sweet surprise.
Games so good,
Bring a tear to yer eye!
Sweet cherry pie!

Big Tex wrote:
Just remember, pardners, the eyes of Texas are upon you...




[but 324 behind Heathy]


Welcome to the land that's way crazy,
the sky's always digital come rain or shine...

Down in Paizonia,
Come to Paizonia.

Where topsy meets turvy and they start to spin,
Like Dire Pigeons chasing Flying Lemmings again.

Down in Paizonia,
Come to Paizonia.

Mothman's a live wire, Aberzombie's a lich on a log,
Kobold Cleaver's all fired up while the Jacks play with the dogs.

Down in Paizonia,
Come to Paizonia.

Kruelaid and Courtfool,
Tarren Dei always keeps his cool.
Butterfrog and his mother called Big Mammy Grillz,
Ubermench and Dragonborn3 always looking for thrills.

Flash_cxxi and Radavel are always ready to game,
Just call up Sebastian if you need a good flame,
The 4E brothers are a-lurkin' about,
The poodles, the borg, have we left anyone out?

Oh yeah, don't forget Heathansson...

He put the Paiz in Paizonia,
Down in Paizonia,
Come to Paizonia,
We mean you!


Sebastian wrote:
Heathansson wrote:

They don't have any firewood on the moon though.
True. At least not since the whalers used it all...

We're whalers on the moon,

We carry a harpoon.
But there ain't no whales
So we tell tall tales
And sing our whaling tune.

Smurfs to the left of me
Hippys to the right
Here I am
Stuck in the middle with you

The Dancing Girls come out after the frogs and do a Rockettes number

I like big butts and I can not lie
You other fighters can't deny
That when a Gnoll walks in with an itty bitty waist
And a round thing in your face
You roll dice, wanna pull out your mace
'Cause that butt was in your face


"You get the maxx for the minimum at T.J Maxx!"

XxAnthraxusxX wrote:
*busts out wad of smurf dollars* Now thats more like it..

Now you're just a cute little blue bundle of sheep virus aren't you?

Begins the opening moves of the Dance of the Seven Smurfs.

2Centswise the Clown wrote:
Bring on the dancing girls.

You called, master?