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Starstone hype

Which normally would be fine [sp = mundane], if it called out mundane crafting in the racial ability itself. As there are other crafting related things in the game that do call out the distinction between mundane and magical such as a Forgemaster Cleric for example.

Forgemaster wrote:
At 5th level, a forgemaster can craft mundane metal items quickly, using half their gp value to determine progress, and can craft magical metal items in half the normal amount of time.

But due to the ambiguous wording when crafting items with the chosen skill with text that simply reads "when crafting items with the chosen skill" as it makes no distinction.

The simplest answers are either:
A) Paizo forgot to add 1 word (mundane).
B) Paizo wrote it for both types of crafting.

Simply put, clarification from the person who wrote the section would be nice.

Java Man wrote:

If this applied to magic item crafting it would equate to being able to craft ten times faster. With 20 levels of fcb, a trait, and 7 assistants with the proper feat choices you could match that.

Do you think it is intended to do that?

I don't know 100% if that is the intention from paizo, but that does seem to be the effect of it that I am gleaming from it as well (10x crafting progress).

How does the Eternal Smith alternate racial for Aphroites work with Master Craftsman?

Eternal Smith wrote:
Some aphorites retain knowledge of the techniques axiomites used to create arms to defend Axis. Aphroites with this racial trait choose either Craft (armor), Craft (bows), or Craft (weapons). When crafting items with the chosen skill, aphroites with this racial trait use the item's gp value as its sp value when determining crafting progress (they do not multiply the item's gp cost by 10 to determine its sp cost). This racial trait replaces the spell-like ability racial trait.
Master Craftsman wrote:
Choose one Craft or Profession skill in which you possess at least 5 ranks. You receive a +2 bonus on your chosen Craft or Profession skill. Ranks in your chosen skill count as your caster level for the purposes of qualifying for the Craft Magic Arms and Armor and Craft Wondrous Item feats. You can create magic items using these feats, substituting your ranks in the chosen skill for your total caster level. You must use the chosen skill for the check to create the item. The DC to create the item still increases for any necessary spell requirements (see the magic item creation rules in Magic Items). You cannot use this feat to create any spell-trigger or spell-activation item.

Example: I have an Aphroite Commoner 7 with the Eternal Smith racial and the Master Craftsman and Craft Magic Arms & Armor feats and is focused on Craft (Armor). Does this character use the eternal smith benefit when crafting magic armor from master craftsman when determining crafting progress through silver pieces instead of gold pieces?

I am asking as normally these types of things related to crafting tend to call out magical or mundane crafting, but eternal smith doesn't.

Rogue Eidolon wrote:

You count all your uses of an ability during the day, even if you temporarily gain additional uses multiple times. Here's the relevant CRB FAQ:

FAQ wrote:

Temporarily gaining abilities: If I temporarily gain an ability that is limited in its uses per day, am I limited in my overall uses of that ability if I can temporarily gain it more than once?

Yes. You are limited by the ability in the same way as a character that has that ability permanently. For example, if you have an ability that allows you to gain the Stunning Fist feat for a limited period of time and you use it 3 times. Those uses count against your total number of uses should you temporarily gain Stunning Fist again later that day. This limit also applies to abilities that grant additional uses of another ability (such as Extra Channel). Once used, they are consumed for the day, even if you gain the ability again.

Then shouldn't the Elemental Monk be errata'd to ignore the perquisites and gain the style feats by default in order for it be as cut and dry as possible of this class feature? That the Errata should state that Elemental Strike only replaces the Stunning Fist. While the Genie Style class feature itself states that it replaces the bonus feats in addition to what it also replaces.

If the intention by the creator is for unlimited Elemental Fist use, then the errata should have the archetype lose the "per day maximum" as presented in the FAQ.

Which is where I think Jae Wolftail is correct in this manner.

So what happens when you exit out of a style through Genie Style? Wouldn't you lose the benefits of the previous style feat since you don't actually possess the feat? As wouldn't you be gaining a new Elemental Fist use from a "new source"?

Start in Efreeti Style, swift action to Marid Style, expend elemental fist use. Next round you swift action into Efreeti Style which is treated as a "new source" as you didn't have the feat previously before Marid Style.

Normally in a monk archetype you would gain the feat with the tagline "...even if you don't meet the prerequisites." Like with, as examples, Hungry Ghost or Master of Many Styles. Which is where the "only 4 extra uses of Elemental Fist" would make sense if you gained Djinni, Efreeti, Janni,Marid, Shaitan style as feats.

Yet that is not what is happening at all with Elemental Monk. The only feat you gain from this archetype with the that tagline of "...even if you don't meet the prerequisites." is Elemental Fist. Which is why you lose all other feats with this archetype.

That when you Swift Action, even outside of combat uniquely, you are forced into a style but you don't get to keep the feat.

And since you don't have the retention of the Style Feat itself like say from Djinni Style for the extra Elemental Fist use, you treat re-entering it after what was previously Janni/Efreeti/Marid/Shaitan style as a "new source".

It is literally Style Cycling for Elemental Fist uses.

So I am a bit confused with Genie Style from Elemental Monk.

"At 2nd level, as a swift action an elemental monk can gain the benefits of one of the following style feats, based on one of the five types of genies. When she does so, she automatically enters that feat’s stance: Djinni Style, Efreeti Style, Janni Style, Marid Style, or Shaitan Style."

As what is tripping me up is that normally something like Djinni Style gives you the initial the benefit of "You gain one additional Elemental Fist attempt per day." Which is usually upon purchase of the feat or temporarily obtaining it.

Yet the way the feature is written, it doesn't state anything about getting the feat like with Brawler or Master of Many Styles. It also doesn't state anything about the bonus Elemental Fist uses from 4:5 styles given. Simply just that you can enter the styles as swift actions and gain their benefits.

My initial impression was "Is this Style Cycling for Elemental Fist uses?" Yet I feel like I am somehow misreading it.

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Its very simple: Give martials more utility tools.

I've seen it with Path of War and it only exacerbates the problem of martials in that they are still mostly good at one thing and that one thing is combat. Congratulations you hit things more often and/or harder. Anything else you want to share with the class? No? Then your attempt was good but extremely flawed. As I've had quite a bit of chatting with experienced GMs that used PoW and they tend to tell me that outside of combat, martials usually face the same problems as they do in first party material.

The only martials that really even seem to have a modicum of this is Barbarian, Monk and Gunslinger in that they have various options that is not necessarily combat. As combat is not really an issue for martials who can basically 2-shot the Tarrasque by end game.

Its never a quick fix for martials. This requires in depth working with the system and remodeling it to actually give martials options that are not necessarily combat.

At some point you can always "upgrade" and find a Book of Infinite Spells.

Quicken metamagic rod

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BigNorseWolf wrote:

So apparently, the only thing keeping munchkins away from Druidzillia is the granola flavor...

*sprinkles granola around the tables*

If anything it will push people back to Druid and optimize the wild shape capabilities there.

Druid can still wildshape into what pleases, it just has a level penalty if its doing something like Dragon Shaman. Druid isn't restricted by another class feature called "aspects" for its wild shaping. Druid's capstone is wild shape at-will rather than 8/day. Druids can wild shape into an ooze that still gets benefits based on what equipped magic items it has and can even speak with the Wild Speech feat.

What I think people honestly expected out of Shifter is the Druid's shapeshifting turned up to eleven but forgoing most(4th-level casting) or all casting. As Shifter was toted as the equivalent to paladin, who is the more martial version of cleric, to the Druid class. That shapeshifting would be the corner stone of the class.

The fact that its also supposed to be "entry-level shapeshifter" is a slap in the face. As if anyone here has played a Druid, they are well aware that the wild shape by itself is anything but "entry-level". As you actually have to keep track of a long list of animals in addition to your casting.

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Why doesn't shifter get wild shaping at level 2?

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graystone wrote:
Wei Ji the Learner wrote:

...I can see it now.

"What kind of character are you going to play?"

"I dunno. So I'm gonna take Oozemorph. No clue what it does, but it's a formless blob that sort of sits there, so... get 'em folks. I'll just soak up the free exp until about... oh, fifth or sixth level when I can pretend to be humanoid all day long."

Just pour me into a bucket and wake me up once we hit 6th!!!

*snore*... Wait, I don't even know if I can snore!!! Curse you unknown abilities!!!

Regular oozes don't sleep, but apparently we are not a regular ooze, we actually can sleep.

(In before abducted in your sleep by a random wizard because they want you as a test subject for their research papers on a brand new species of ooze that requires sleep)

Sounds like Sea of Dust or Shifting Sand are my only benefits. So the options would be:

A) Artifact (minor or major)
B) Druid in party
C) Expensive custom magic item (120,000 for continuous SS)
D) Scrolls (375 for SS or SD 3825)
E) Wands (11,250 SS)

I'm working on a 20th-level monk character and they have an archetype feature that works well with desert terrain. Is there such a way to create the surrounding landscape become desert terrain when needed for encounters?

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I personally came to the Kitsune conclusion on my own but it was more of an extension off an existing one that also has levels in Investigator (Infiltrator). Basically a spy who focused on sleight of hand, disguise and bluff checks. The Oozemorph seemed like a natural fit as a 1-level dip.

As the fluid body is easily overcome by the ability to naturally change shape. Which is why I didn't consider the 1-hour drawback entirely bad if it was my 1st level in the archetype. I also don't have to worry when unconscious/sleep and being seen as some random ooze on a bed by an on looker.

What I also think can be useful about the base form is disguise checks, specifically to appear as something mundane like a mere puddle of water.

The compression monster ability I think is actually extremely useful for infiltrating a place like through a drain pipe, window crack, or even a keyhole.

N Kitsune Shifter (Oozemorph) 1 / Investigator (Infiltrator) 8 / Master Spy 3

Feats: Realistic Likeness, Skill Focus (Bluff), Deceitful, Deft Hands, Iron Will, Walking Sleight
Alt. Racial Traits: Duplicitous (+2 racial bonus on Disguise and Bluff)
Traits: Adopted (by Aasimar for Innocent trait), Practiced Deception
Point-Buy (20): Charisma (Primary, 17 points), Dexterity (3 points)
Attribute Level Bonuses: DEX (4th), CHA (8th), CHA (12th)
Skill Rank Placements: Bluff, Diplomacy, Disguise, Sense Motive, Sleight of Hand, Stealth, Use Magic Device

Now what I personally found strange was the Oozemorph gets "Beast Form I/II" and "Giant Form I" instead of "Ooze Form I/II/III" which are in the same book. As when reading these, without getting spoilery, they expand the capability of what an Oozemorph could do if given to them.

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That Sarenrae ritual is something fierce but at the same time its nice that it is a ritual at the same time so as to allow non-casters or partial casters access to it as well. When I saw this I immediately thought of the iconic Kyra and the bard archetype Dervish Dancer which would absolutely love this ritual.

I see Blood of Shadows is back with a vengeance. First it was just Shadow Dancer now its other prestige classes. It fills me with joy as one of the biggest problems with Prestige Classes in general was that they lost too much power when compared to an archetype.

James Jacobs wrote:
Thassilonian Wizard wrote:
Monkey goblins as a playable race? Tell me more about them. I want to add them, Vanara, Derhii, Xori, Charau-Ka, Girallon to a homebrew campaign in addition to regular monkeys and apes.
They're not really monkeys in that regard; they're jungle goblins who have long tails. They're in Inner Sea Bestiary if you want to see more info, but aren't really thematically in line with things like charau-ka and the like.

Hmm. Can still roll with it and can like ROTR it with the monkey goblins.

Monkey goblins as a playable race? Tell me more about them. I want to add them, Vanara, Derhii, Xori, Charau-Ka, Girallon to a homebrew campaign in addition to regular monkeys and apes.

Vanara are finally getting more support? Oh goody. Fortune-Finder archetype? Hmm sounds a bit rogue-ish which suits me just fine.

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Enchanting Courtesan prestige class you say? WANT!

David knott 242 wrote:

True Deception enables very high level characters to fool divination magic used to penetrate their disguises, in much the same manner as the immunity of the Vigilante to divination magic used to gain information about the identity that he is not currently using.

Unimpeachable Honor gives a +4 bonus to saves against effects that would magically compel one to violate one's religion and alignment and a -4 penalty to attacks and damage rolls against allies.

The Wit archetype is a bit of a trickster.

I would not know where to start with the spells in this book. There are a lot of them, and many if not most of them can be used in tricky ways.

Thank you very much for the information :)

So I am curious about three things as I been plotting on making a trickster-based character for a campaign. However I don't have the book yet.

My curiosity is first towards the feats Unimpeachable Honor and True Deception. Secondly, the bard archetypes in this book and if any of them would make for a worthwhile "trickster". Finally I was wondering if there was any spells in this book like Fool's Gold or Tears to Wine from the arcane anthology player companion book.

Perfect chance to introduce two cleric archetypes. One that is about causing sanity damage and the other that is about healing sanity damage.

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I hope there is other "villain" archetypes aside from the LE antipaladin. Also more "shenanigan-worthy" stuff like the matchmaker spell.