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Imbicatus and Lamontius, big, hearty lols to you both.

I was hoping to see a wild Selleck appear.

"Come on Goose, its time to buzz the tower."

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@Bigdaddyjug, it was the first name that came to mind, but I don't think I could do it. Maybe I'll name him Rocky just to drive everyone up a wall.

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Yes Hiroki, that bastard suffered at the edge of your blade. That was one heavy hit my friend. His death was not in vain. For if not him, it was likely you, me, or the oracle who would have received the full force of that blast.

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G'Darm, thank you my friend.

Flutter, I did not take our foes' skull, only some of Biscuit's ashes.

OoC - I am frankly amazed that Biscuit survived as long as he did. Making baddies go through an animal companion to get to squishy casters is a hard way to earn a dollar, though rogues loved him. He was super fun to play, and after a couple of beers, I thought it would be fun to eulogize him.

Up next, I think Thaddeus is getting a Moose.

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Biscuit, my 8th level companion met his end tonight at the hands of a merciless caster. But he died as he lived, protecting the squishes in the party, and likely thinking of his celebratory steak. I'd like to believe that he felt none of the 96 points of disintegrate damage he took, but I bet it hurt like hell.

So my good friend (pours mead from flagon), rest well. I shall carry a small sample of your ashes in a locket, so that we may travel together, until Pharasma claims me. I shall now retreat into the woods to meet a new friend, though they shall never replace you.

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Awesome, can't wait!

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Email sent...

Any room for a Level 5 Ranger?

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Darn near every time I've had the honor of sharing a virtual table with a PC named XigXag, a gnome oracle/cleric/sorcerer with a Badger companion, which is 3 or 4 times now.

He's brash, always on the lookout for trouble, and calls it like he sees it. GMs fear him, both for his ability to control, and his creativity.

One example, during the last scenario I played with him, his medium badger, Arrow, had fly cast on him; he then raged, and with the help of XigXag, he was airlifting other PCs in a 3D combat situation. It was beyond hysterical.

Another funny situation, not with XigXag, was during the Shadow Lodge special:

During the Shadow Lodge special, when it was run online, my group in the 3-4 tier were waiting around for the upper level folks to deal with some dragons. We were speculating on how the dragons were carrying so many goblins into the colosseum. We landed on the hypothesis that dragons must have marsupial-like pouches, like kangaroos. The vision of hordes of goblins dropping out of dragon pouches onto the field of battle is as funny as it is terrifying. Since then, I've taken von Dragonpouch as a surname for some of my PFS PCs

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I'll happily chime in here... A great time indeed!

Thanks Jesse for getting this all together; the evening was definitely fun, and it was quite interesting to be involved on such a large scale. For the first time running one of these specials online, from a player's perspective, things went pretty darn smooth.

I also want to thank Keht for running a great table. I know we all had a blast, though, we also weren't staring down that dragon for very long (Tier 3-4)...

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Thank you good sir Expax for a delightful adventure!

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Tried to send a PM, there was no link in your profile. Also, tried the 'email member' link in the upper right corner, to no avail. I am interested, PM if there is room in the group for a Level 1 Ranger.