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Loads of fun romping through the desert


I will try not to be completely biased here; as I was lucky enough to run through this yesterday with the good sir Matt Duval at the table (he's part of the regular group where I play). He was quite tight-lipped, and let the three of us struggle through on our own.

In all, I think this was a pretty balanced scenario: there are some good combat moments, as well as good opportunities for puzzle solving and a fair amount of role playing. Some of the combat seemed a bit easy, though as luck would have it, the combat leaned heavily in the favor of our ridiculously unbalanced party.

we had a cleric of Saranrae and a life oracle in the party, and many of the baddies were undead. I could've played my ranger, but my oracle is in the Osirian faction, so, yeah.

I would definitely recommend this one, we all had fun with it--In spite of the 24 pre-teens in the same room having a little Magic tournament (the noise was awful!). I will absolutely be running this with my home group, once we can find the time to get together. Thanks Matt!