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Liberty's Edge

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Biscuit, my 8th level companion met his end tonight at the hands of a merciless caster. But he died as he lived, protecting the squishes in the party, and likely thinking of his celebratory steak. I'd like to believe that he felt none of the 96 points of disintegrate damage he took, but I bet it hurt like hell.

So my good friend (pours mead from flagon), rest well. I shall carry a small sample of your ashes in a locket, so that we may travel together, until Pharasma claims me. I shall now retreat into the woods to meet a new friend, though they shall never replace you.

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Thanks again for all the advice! I know everyone starts somewhere, an it's comforting to have that reinforced. I know the folks I'll be playing with, so I am planning to be as upfront with them as I can.

First get together will be in a little over a week from now. I'll let you know how it goes. I really appreciate the encouragement.