Thanks to Jesse Davis (et al.) for the Online Special

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Liberty's Edge 5/5

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Thanks to Jesse Davis (which I believe is the actual name of IronHelixx, who again if I'm not mistaken is the one who organized today's Online "Year of the Shadow Lodge" special)! Also thanks to the GMs who ran it.

It was quite fun. There were other tables out there (10 or 11 in total), and we got a sense that stuff was going on as we would hear updates about other pathfinders who'd gone down in one heroic way or another, battling dragons and what not.

Thanks for organizing this!

Scarab Sages 5/5

Five crits in a row on my players. Welcome to the ownzone.

Thanks to all for playing, and to Jesse for organizing.

Shadow Lodge 4/5

Very good time, I had the honor of running for 5 great murder hobo's who made goblin souffle on many occasions.

I concur, big shout out out to Jesse Davis for a well organized event.

Silver Crusade 4/5

It was a very fun and challenging event. Thanks to Jesse and the Gms for putting it on, I hope to do another soon.

Sovereign Court 3/5

Jesse does a helluva job, both with his online stuff and with organizing games here in Houston. I'm glad to hear this was successful.


wvpolarbear wrote:

Five crits in a row on my players. Welcome to the ownzone.

Thanks to all for playing, and to Jesse for organizing.

Haha, I heard about that Huge Black Dragon getting off like 5 crits in one round, from my GM, who had a tone of disbelief in his voice.


That was quite an event, and one of the best part was the sense of being in something bigger than just a single table game.

It was also fun to hear news from other tables, even if distracting. It was a bit less fun to hear your character’s name told to everyone when she got killed…

Liberty's Edge

I'll happily chime in here... A great time indeed!

Thanks Jesse for getting this all together; the evening was definitely fun, and it was quite interesting to be involved on such a large scale. For the first time running one of these specials online, from a player's perspective, things went pretty darn smooth.

I also want to thank Keht for running a great table. I know we all had a blast, though, we also weren't staring down that dragon for very long (Tier 3-4)...

Liberty's Edge 5/5

Starfinder Superscriber

Heh. I was in Tier 3-4, and we used the combination of some Dust of Disappearance we were given, and an Obscuring Mist spell cast thanks to a Bonded Object, and the Dragon never even saw us....

Grand Lodge 4/5

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That was a good experience. Looking forward to Blood Under Absalom next!

Scarab Sages 4/5 **

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Yes, thanks to all the staff that made the online event awesome! First time playing in a special, and can't wait to participate in another (online or off!)

Shadow Lodge 3/5

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You could say it was pretty special.

Shadow Lodge 3/5

Thanks for all your hard work Jesse. Without all the effort you put in at the top level, this never would have happened. I ran a table at this event and I can personally attest to the amount of effort that went into trying to make this the best event possible. Good job!

Shadow Lodge 4/5

Yes, Jesse is #1 Cat Herder!

Yes, thank you! It was epic!

Liberty's Edge 5/5 Regional Venture-Coordinator, Online

Glad to hear everyone enjoyed themselves - it was a lot fun. :)

All the table GMs worked really hard to make it happen, so they made my job easy.

Much Thanks goes to the GMs:
Arthur P
Steve F
Brandon C
Sean S
David S
James R
Brandon W
Billy D
Steve S
Marty W

(Steve F also earned his 4th GM star by GMing Year of the Shadow Lodge, so congrats to him on that accomplishment as well.)

Also, the players did a great job - everyone was ready to go and prepared - which made all of our jobs much easier.

We learned a LOT from this one - so they will only get better from here.

Look forward to seeing more specials and other events online soon.

We definitely are already planning the next events. :)

Thanks everyone for making this a success!

- Jesse [IronHelixx]

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