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I really like the descriptive texts of your conditioning ability.

I would raise the choices to be on par with vigilance, myself. A flat bonus to skills and saves would make a fighter a much more compelling choice!

For example, cunning as a flat bonus to all acrobatics, but double for combat movement.

Of course, I'm just spit-balling here :P

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Id ragers got way cooler. So excited I didn't check auto correct...

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Slam attacks?! I'd ragers just got was at cooler! :)

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Claxon wrote:

Edit: And I just realized that you concede these points to me.

Which ultimately leads me to my point that what you're describing isn't really about how you handle XP, but about how certain GMs handle issues that surround XP.

Yeah, I wasn't trying to push a perspective or change your view, rather to share my own experiences to illustrate why I enjoy XP. :)

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Although its not an item, the Sense Vitals spell from Dirty Tactics Toolbox might be a tool you could use.

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My suggestion is the same that is used to solve most problems at the table: express your concerns to the group (or just the GM) before the game.

How much of the group's enjoyment is derived from jokong and socializing during the game? Take this into consideration and try to come up with an amicable compromise so everyone will be able to have fun!

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I've been in two mythic homebrew campaigns and have had a lot of fun in each. The only considerations I had to use as GM in the first was selecting templates that were challenging to the party. I never had a problem with NPCs that had mythic tiers, each path had options to have exciting combats.

I did have two houserules: Max HP for bad guys, and actual epic weapons to overcome epic dr.

So it was a bit of extra work running it, but I and my table have been having a blast with mythic adventures.

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I'll put in as well that he can do as he wants. However, it isn't very courteous or fun to do such house rules without any kind of warning. See if he might be willing to put together a list of house rules he will be using in the game... it'll greatly reduce "nagging" and unpleasant surprises.

Also, why couldn't the character have been brought back with raise dead? If he still wanted to have a service fee you could still save some money.

You'll probably hear this a bit, but open and polite communication is one of the best ways to have fun in a game!

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Do you have a good idea of the feats you will take until you hit the level cap at your table? I'm playing my own reach cleric, and don't feel the build is very feat intensive. My point being, you could probably just take heavy armor as a feat and skip fighter.

Are you the only frontliner? That would increase the value of a fighter level a lot. If you aren't, I'd stick with straight cleric.

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Lots of suggestions, I've built a pretty large music library for games.

Nox Arcana, leans toward creepy but a good amount of non situational stuff

Two Steps From Hell, great for battles

Midnight Syndicate, great fantasy music

Adrian Von Ziegler (sp)

Bruhuville (sp)

Search the last 2 on YouTube in case my spelling is off. Choose a favorite film for any other selections. Conan the Barbarian (the original) is a great start.

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A suggestion following on the sorcerer and bard, have the two traits be accompanied by an alternate trait for ram's horns or hooves.

Following further on Ellis' suggestion, perhaps a +1 CL to beneficial 'group' spells. That opens up a benefit for other classes, while the horns and hooves give an option for martials.

ooh, a trait called "steel wool" for +1 natural armor!

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I've had many elves in my Golarion campaign be quite promiscuous prior to marriage as part of their personal growth, coupling with all manner of races that they might find attractive. Humans are just the only race that result in offspring!

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Have you explained it in depth like you did in the post? After laying it out like that my first thought was it is a pretty rational and well thought out way to enjoy the game despite the touch of metagamey-ness (I metacreate characters too, usually waiting to be the last of the party to pick a class and choosing what the party needs). Or does the problem perhaps run a little deeper, maybe there are other contributing factors?

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Dale McCoy Jr wrote:

I'm really glad you enjoy it. I hope your trapfinder really loves/hates it.

We're still deciding on the Hero Lab file. For a while we were including a hero lab file with every release that we were doing. And our sales went down. Quite a bit. We are deciding if we will come up with one and sell it through Hero Lab, but considering you are the first person I've seen ask for it, it is kind of doubtful at this point in time.

That's understandable (though suprising!). I'm not too savvy with the coding so I always look for supporting files, but I'm no less excited about the new foes I can use!

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I just picked up the PDF version, and I love it... this is a very welcome aid for my group of 18-19th lvl players. The fact that you've included high CR traps is just exceptional (our trapfinder in the group will come to loathe you.. :)). Keep up the excellent work!!

PS. This is the first Jon Brazer book I've bought, will there be a supporting hero lab pack for purchase as well?

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I enjoy the imagery of giant weapons since I first played Monster Hunter (one of the pictures you linked), but I don't think any of those pictures were striving for realism... although I could be mistaken! Perhaps just the result of current artistic trends?

You might find this interesting:

Could Cloud's Sword Be REAL?

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A craft: cooking check could yield 16 pieces from the pie, enough for every combatant. It might be difficult to do, though, unless one of the PCs can use invisibility, or knows the lyrics to I've Got a Dream.

edit: or at least get them to join in a version of the song :P

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Thanks again for the suggestions guys! I think I will have to visit an arts & crafts store and make something from a toy or perhaps the Balinese Dragon suggested. 'Tis a shame the Reaper minis aren't actually colossal...

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I second Tangible that piety should mimic extend spell. The only real problem I would have in a game with these houserules is... Where is the love for the martial classes?! :-)

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Its only 1 point less damage for almost any weapon (on average). At the extreme maybe 2 or 3? Personally, I haven't considered it a huge deal, and have had great fun playing small characters... A gnome 2H fighter being my particular favorite, despite rolling a d10 for damage.

That being said, I don't think there is anything wrong with not using size rules, at least between small and medium (as opposed to fine and colossal) but I personally wouldn't, to me it takes away part of what makes such characters unique.

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I'd definitely like to see lots of special materials, I do enjoy them ever-so-much.