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I do declare, a fourth ed thread. Keep up the good work in reporting Galtrin :)

Huzzah, a CoTCT journal!

I can not wait to read more!

Another journal by Moonbeam. Thanks so much for making this day at work go quicker :) Its given me something to do whilst hundreds of annoying littl e students have played havoc outside my door.

Awesome dude, thank you very much for that.

I love the stats too. Gone are the days I would of cried at them. They give a lot of scope to mess with :)

Good luck with the campaign and keep the journal flowing.

Good reading thus far 8)

Any chance of a brief run down of the characters for those of us who live vicariously through others games?

Very nice work thus far sir. Please keep it up 8)

I concur.

More please! :)

Loving the story thus far. And despite my reservations at the start, the smaller group is still performing very well!

Any chance of an update on the stat and character blocks :P


We play fortnightly, and our average game only goes 3 - 3.5 hours.

We started in 2006, I think about October. Not sure exactly, I blame the beer haze.

Just before Xmas (2007) we finished Kings of the Rift.

We do muck around a bit, which can probably be blamed on all the good/bad food and drink we consume on those nights.

Came back from holiday and I definately had a good read to keep me busy at "work".

However, the question does beg, what did Drith come back as...oh do tell!

Very well written. Kept me glued to the page until I had to print it out to take to a meeting with me. Sure filled in the time nicely :)

Keep up the good work!

PS, potentially unhinged paladins who remain good are just awesome.

Only three players Grim? Or is that all that is created thus far?

It would be interesting to see how they fare with no Fighter/Paladin up front taking the beats. Maybe a more hit and run skirmish style?

Ill be reading this as it progresses! Keep up the good work.

Interestingly enough, I used to think, OMG what an arse. How do these people keep playing with this DM, etc etc. Maybe it was due to a previous DM who seemed to delight in taunting many players with "The answer is right in front of you" before TKPing us again. (In hindsight I think he got some serious perverted kicks, but thats another story).

However after reading the thread, and coming back to it each time a new post appears, and not to mention the fact that Mr Stewart has more players than I have seen in a lifetime, who come back each week, I have well and truly rescind my unvoiced arse comment.

Your game sir, is obvious testament to your love and your players love of the game. It does not always have good points, but it obviously has more than bad. I take my hat off to you and your team.

With all the character ideas I have floating in my head, I wish I was able to experience such a game. It maybe the only way I could ever get to play them all 8)

And your party is not packing any "Hold" spells casters does it from memory?


Mop and bucket aisles 2, 3 and 7 please.

Please ensure you give us a round by round break down on how this goes.

Lovely pictures indeed! I wish I had such a talented artist on hand to draw pictures of my favourite characters, or current adventuring party.

Keep up the fantastic work.

If I was a pirate, I would steer clear of canons that have a 5% chance of blowing up every time you fired them :O

Nice work though Sir. Have you per chance checked out the Firearm options in the Ravenloft sourcebooks? I know I used some in my game, but for the life of me can not remember exactly what the stats etc are, and I am at work :\

It will be with a heavy heart that I say goodbye to Dragon and Dungeon magazines. Having read them for most of my life, I like others will definately feel a void there.

I will not try to fill that void with a replacement, but I will seek out Pathfinder in the hopes it can become a new fast friend, albeit a bit different.

Good luck to the team at Paizo. Even when not playing they sure have given myself some rollicking good adventures to read and dream about running/playing in.

None, thus far and they have just entered the temple in Zenith Trajectory.

However they have used up a few hero points which surely would of seen death. I gave players who persisted in my old Ravenloft game a couple of re roll (Hero points), and well they have come in handy. However as time goes on the supply dwindles...

Thank you very much Sir :)

Silly question. Where on earth is the Runesmith from? I tried the PRC database on the Wizards site but it did not advise.

Generally splitting up always goes bad. If we have learnt anything from Horror movies anyway :P

I was looking at adding another Umber Hulk in my game. However in the end I am glad I did not.

We have five players, all sixth level in the game. Not exactly over the top but still rather well geared.

I had the combat drawn up on 4 A3 map grids and started the scene off and went running. And it took....ages...about 90 minutes just for this. Not that I am complaining mind. The confusion gaze can really really cause havoc...or should I say confusion. The first failed save saw the rogue start stabbing helpless townsfolk!

Highlight of the fight was the old fruit peddler attacking the mage (confusion) with a watermelon and critting.

We always had trouble with it.

One day we changed it to Couscous (as in the grain). Laughs all around.

Playing in this campaign whilst DMing SCAP.

Our party came in from Ravenloft @ about 4th level and started the path. The lubberly DM chap upped encounters where necessary and our levelling slowed down whilst we plowed through some of the easier stuff. It is starting to catch up now.

Current roster we have:-

Crag - Human Male Barbarian 9th Level. Takes his first level of Frenzied Berserker next. That should prove interesting. Does some sick damage.

Edana - Human Female Sorcerer 9th Level. The player did previously have a Dwarven Tempest but changed as the DM advised we really may require some arcane support. A learner player, but loving the firepower of a caster without having to know a zillion spells.

Gregori - Elven Male Bard 8th/Arcane Archer 1st Level. Aimed for this from the start. A bit of a noob player but has come a long way with this character.

Vlondril - Tiefling Female Fighter 8th Level. Based a bit on Uma Thurmans character in Kill Bill. Uses Katana and Wakizashi. A new player but refreshingly goes out of their way to accessorise with gaudy clothing and trinkets. Good RPing.

Delia - Human Female Ranger 1st/Rogue 4th/Invisible Blae 4th Level. Twin Kukri user. Damn scary. Dont turn your back on this one.

Euryales - Human Female Fighter 2/Cleric 6th/Radiant Servant of Pelor 1st Level. My character. Big back story and plays with an 8 con. People learn to protect the weak healer ;P

A fun group to be sure. Lots of fun.

I like the idea of Skie packing up shop and moving to Sasserine.

Perhaps expanding on what Frank said above, have the characters help her recover anything salvageable from the old store and then act as her body guards for a trip there if they need the xp from a land travel / side trek.

Or if the PC's have access to teleport they can get her there quick, but perhaps she is a bit cagey about staying in Sasserine by herself without a shop set up to her liking so she hires them at that end for more guarding.

Either way, good chances for the party to further ingratiate themselves with Skie :)

You will need a host body and perhaps something like a Wish to help with that situation.

Or of course recovering the gem itself and then a host body.

If the characters real body is no longer available, can it regenerated from any remains perhaps? If not and they go cadaver searching....well.....lets hope they are not good...

Frozen DM was right on the money there Sir with one small change, it has to be cast within 1 round of the victims death. It originally appeared in the Miniatures Handbook iirc. It is one fantastic 5th level Cleric Spell.

The hard cover does have a bit more info than the Dungeons cover.

And well, its a hard cover ;P

But I personally would not purchase it just for the Prestige class info. They are, IMO, more geared at NPCs.

A couple of answers here from me. Not sure if they are right or not but yeah ideas none the less.

When I started Shackled City, I assumed it was set for four characters and increased some loot based on this. Divided by four and multiplied by six etc etc. However I was advised later on that it was in fact written for a six person party. Ive never seen any official numbers on this, but it sure seemed right as far as advancement is concerned with xp / 6. If that was the case maybe STAP is actually written for more than four? I dont have any of the guff yet as NZ takes months to get any information :(.

As far as room concerns, I can definately relate to that. In the weekend my large party went into the Kopru ruins in SCAP and I was delighted it was 10' spacing for the most. However even then I found most room fighting was cramped. This was to the parties detriment more often than the enemies as they caught a few AOE's in bottle necks. But in saying that it also does not give the enemy much chance to move as well, and they can equally get caught in said bottle necks.

Perhaps it might give party members additional options that they dont normally think of. A few might choose to use reach weapons for a change and attack from the middle ranks over the door blockers. Or on the flip side some may choose to be small and take the feat (I forget the name) that lets a couple of small characters pile into the same square. Imagine 3 halfling monks tumbling into that one orcs square. However these options do rely on the players of course and we can never steer them into a decision that they dont want.

Good luck with it whatever happens =)

walter mcwilliams wrote:
I will begin 13 Cages next Tuesday and all 6 of my players are 16th lvl. One of my PC's is Sor/Bar/Rage Mage. I cant give you the full level count but the PC is in no way disruptive or over powering. In fact he just gained 4th lvl spell access so I would say he is a little underpowered, although his use of metamagic feats with his rage mage abilities can make for some powerful and unique spells. Overall I like the PrC

Thanks oodles for the input Walter :) Much appreciated.

Hey All

I have a player who is looking at picking up Rage Mage to augment her bizzaro Sorc/Barbarian mix. She is basing it all on a figurine she has. Good on her I say.

The trouble is I am unsure as to the viablity of the class in SC. The party is not going to be missing out by any combination she takes, so that is not a concern.

So just wondering if anyone else has had one of these in their games? If so, how has it gone? And again if so, what class mix and levels prior did they take?

Any help would be appreciated.

My group was named Crimson's Shockers. As the leader of the group was a Sorcerer named.....Crimson. However the player wanted to change as a result of another player dropping and a healer of some type being needed.

Anyway last game they went back to Skie and she greeted them as she had done since adding their sigil/mark to her doorway. They then quickly thought of a new and more appropriate one. Based on the fact the druid has a Leopard and the Ranger has a panther. They thought up Pride of Cauldron. And it seemed punny enough to stick for them.

Also gets up the Stormblades nose...

walter mcwilliams wrote:

My group just finished LoO Tuesday. We play every Tuesday for about 4 hours and have managed some extra, and extra long sessions in between. We started in Aug of 04, and should finish about the same time. The original 7 were Laron the cleric, Val the fighter, Arn the monk, Cade the Rogue, Giegan the Barbarian, and Lilly the Sorcerer. Laron moved away and was replaced by Tlyn the cleric, Val moved and was replaced by Queixan the Paladin, Arn went to war and was replaced by Erasmus. Thus, now on the cusp of 16th lvl they stand prepared to eliminate the threat of the Cagewrights once and for all.

1 - Cade - Rog/Wiz/Blood Magus
2 - Lilly - Sor/Dragon Disciple
3 - Tyln - Cleric
4 - Queiaxan - Ftr/Pal/Purple Orchid (purple dragon)
5 - Giegan - Bar/Sor/Rage Mage
6 - Erasmus - Fighter

My player have had a lot of fun, but I as a DM have never had more fun, and am all ready working on AoW with a tentative start date of October.

Hi Walter

Just a question for you as a DM. How has the Rage Mage played out in your campaign? One of my lads is keen on the idea but was hesitant to make the final leap as he still enjoys getting up front with a power attacking "Insert 2 handed weapon name in here". If it has been good, could you per chance supply a few stats as to the class levels they have taken, weapon used etc :)

Thanks in advance.

Sorry for thread hijacking, but I would like to thank Mr Jolly and his crew for two fantastic SH reads! They have indeed helped me prep for things to come and handle events a bit better in SC :)

Joseph Jolly wrote:
Our group finished this well over a year ago, and the results were...less than satisfying. In the final battle it ended up in a draw with Adimarchus. The party ended up receiving a timely assist from a sorceress in a previous campaign, who fought the demon lord to a standstill, forcing him to flee. The survivors of the group picked up the shreds of their dignity and went their separate ways. In our game, Cauldron ended up being completely destroyed. Some of the plot lines and threads have spilled over into our Age of Worms game, and the threat of Adimarchus is still out there...somewhere.

Sounds like Dr Jolly's SH. And your tag is Jolly. OMG same person alert perhaps?

The player may also be reading one of the many Story hours on the ENboards about the campaign.

I know I have, as they are a good read. As a DM it has helped me see how it plays in advance for my players. But if you are a player it can definately spoil a few things for you :\

Nothing helps tactics explanations like miniatures. Even dice or a stone to represent characters and grids made out of laminated paper work. You can show the combat, point out errors or things they may need to "think about" before execution.

A fantastic write up and a damn fun sounding game.

Thanks for that :). Gave me something to read with the morning coffee.

Keep up the fab work.

hehe, my group did similar. They did some good diplomacy at the initial meeting, including copious amounts of food.

When they came back in next trip they had used some of their ill gotten gains to purchase a scroll of Tongues.

Once they had a hilarious convo with the Mimic, they secured his services to guard their abode/rented rooms in exchange for food and the odd walk (albeit late night).

In theory a necromancer would be a good idea, summoning undead lackeys, send them in, and people nuke from behind.

However having a paladin in the group with a necro can cause all sorts of trouble. Meaning that the Necro probably does not have a chance to use his/her abilites to the fullest for fear of upsetting the Paladin or even letting on what he is.

I dont envy your position, but I can recommend slight tweaks over a complete rehaul for some. Let them know your concerns and be honest with them. They will at lest appreciate the honesty and take a look from your perspective.

Hey Solamani

I remember reading this recent thread about the Cryohydra. It may not answer all your questions but then again may do :)

Good luck with SCAP and remember that the DM should be having some fun too :)

As the adventure is designed for six party members you may wish to make a NPC follower available or just remove the odd critter from multiple encounters.

And as others have said, do not be afraid to run. "Those in plight who run away, live to fight another day."

Or as one of my players says in his most suave British accent "Is that the time, must dash."

I was a player too and ironically I was an Elven Fighter/Rogue, who only got swallowed once ....

Maybe it is a conspiracy vs the Elves or something ....

Thanks for that Gwydion

Is there a space or _ between the Rushing and the D?

*mental note get glasses checked.

I have emailed Gwydion as well as I lost my original of his post :(

Damn dog deciding it had a new bed.

Apologies if this is not acceptable Gwydion.

Hey The Mind

I have tried looking in the threads but the exact one I was after may have been archived.

What I was looking for was a document one of the guys/gals had made up showing the reaction time for the fortress's occupants and how long it took them to arrive at combat. Sure it was not perfect for everyone but it might be good for you, or with the suggested modifications other people in the thread made.

If anyone can remember it, or find it, please can you link it here :)

And my apologies for not remembering the submitters name :\

You never know, some people thrive on being put on spot. So with luck your casuals might blossom into some decent hard core players :)

Otherwise your existing hard core players might be able to seize the opportunity and help school and nurture them along a little and increase their DnD learning curve.

Good luck 8D

Have you considered the Arcane Heirophant from the Races of the Wild Handbook?

Essentially it is a Arcane Caster/Druid who receives bonuses to both casting abilites and also levels gained in the prestige class add to the Druid's existing wildshape skill. Yes you do suffer gaining the few levels or so of Mage or Sorc but its not a total loss of the ability.

I agree with Tom above. That is an outstanding feat for sure. Our players are all in the same age bracket as well.

Older gamers unit, in the diaper filled rooms O_o :P

Its always a woman behind things in the end,isnt it :P

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