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So excited about this one!!!!

Hi, I'm planning to run this Adventure Path, however I don't see much fan content for it... Does anybody know if it is possible to find maps for this AP, probably not like the ones for RotRL, but at least maybe for the major dungeons? Thanks and happy 20's on the dice ;)

GM Facepalm wrote:
Jazlizard wrote:

It came together. Had to take a break from gaming for a while. Once we started up again, my group is , well slow!

We only play once a week, but it good times.

Most folks probably forgot about this thread already, but for those still playing. Hope these help.


Ravenscraeg Cliff Level

Ravenscraeg Upper Levels

Ravenscraeg Dungeon Level 1

Ravenscraeg Dungeon Level 2

I didn't make the funeral ship, Asvig's farm, or the Rimerunners guild hall as I thought the maps in the book were fairly decent and just enlarged them for my purposes.

I sent you a pm if you are available to talk more about maptools.

Hi, Links are dead. I'm planning to run this Adventure Path, any idea where I coud find the maps?

Askren wrote:

I've been re-making some of my maps for Jade Regent to use on my livestream of the AP. Here's the first few I've got used:

Brinestump Marsh Witch's Map

Brinestump Marsh Cave

Licktoad Village

I've got more in the works, though the rest of the Brinestump re-makes will take time as I'm past that segment. Also these might change slightly in the future, but the links will always be the updated versions

Hi, it seems the links are dead, and I'm really interested in those maps ;)

I use them a lot... I own the Core Rule Book, Pact Worlds, Alien Archive 1 and 2, an the ones from the Dead Suns campaign. We are already in Book 5, so probably at the end of this campaign. we will start Against the Aeon Throne... however I'm thinking about the Attack of the Swarm... just don't know when the pawns are going to be released and I would prefer to DM that campaign with the panws. So yeah, we print our maps and we use always the pawns, they are nice, easy to transpot and cheaper than miniatures... specially because there are no Starfinder miniatures yet enough for a campaign... But now that the deal with Wizkids is done, I'm going to have to rethink if I want to keep DMing with pawns or miniatures. Personally, I think probably pawns since you can get always exactly the creatures you want.

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Our campaign is pretty comedic, a bit on the Guardians of the Galaxy style, but we just love it that way...

No need to fix the Garaggakal. My 4 3rd level players all survived. A hard fight, but they all loved it...

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Really waiting for this book: I love Starfinder and it has become my favorite setting and my favorite system in 30 years that I have been playing rpg's... Keep the good work Paizo!

Thanks, you are awesome! I will be checking with the post mail if the first order still arrives!

Is the 3rd, is night, and my shipment hasn't arrived yet. How do you proceed in these cases since you have no way to track my package?

Hi, I'm writing becuase I have sent emails, and so far, no answer. This is concerning my order 4627020 that was supossed to take maximum 40 days, but now it's been more than 60 days. How should we proceed?

Order 4627020

GameMastery Critical Hit Deck
GameMastery Critical Fumble Deck

Can you do something about this? This was sent to Mexico, not the other side of the world and it has never taken so long

Thanks in advance

Hi, the adress is the one in Mexico :) I'll send you the pictures

But what is your experience as Masters and Players? Did you enjoy them?

Hi Dear Paizo, I'm a loyal customer who had bought all products from Starfinder a nd a good collection of Pathfinder. Prefer to support you buyong the physical book. So I preordered my Starfinder Core Rulebook from Amazon, and the first one that arrived came all damaged from the corners, the modl and with the packaged was badly handled. Well, I received a replacement in September... now, this replacement has many issues. First most of the final pages are missprinted, wrinkled and in bad shape... and now thye binding is fallign apart! they say they can't send a replacement since the order was placed more than 90 days ago. It was a preorder yes, but the replacement came 2 months ago, and I haven't read fast my book to realize all these problems soon enough. With the earthquake we suffered in my city in September and the problems after it I had no time to read my book with my mind in peace.. Please Paizo, I read about the binding problems in the forums and how you been taking care of loyal customers! Help me with this, I need a replacemt :( the book is not cheap, and is not fair Amazon sent a damaged product and now they don't want to take care of this... I do not know what else to do!
> I really hope you can help me with this!
> Thanks in advance

Hi, I have heard a lot about these cards, good an bad for the next reason: do you use them also with the enemies, are they allow to draw tme aswell, let say, just the bosses not the henchmen type, the typical goblin, but instead a Warchief Goblin... or on the other hand, if combined with the Critical Fumble Deck, then just the PC's will use both decks, but not the enemies... How is the way you use them?