Waiting for order for more that two months

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Hi, I'm writing becuase I have sent emails, and so far, no answer. This is concerning my order 4627020 that was supossed to take maximum 40 days, but now it's been more than 60 days. How should we proceed?

Order 4627020

GameMastery Critical Hit Deck
GameMastery Critical Fumble Deck

Can you do something about this? This was sent to Mexico, not the other side of the world and it has never taken so long

Thanks in advance

Customer Service Representative

Hello Tazera,

Your order shipped out on March 8 and had up to 40 business days in transit to you. On the long end that would put it arriving as late as tomorrow, May 3. If it has not arrived by the end of the day tomorrow please let us know.

Is the 3rd, is night, and my shipment hasn't arrived yet. How do you proceed in these cases since you have no way to track my package?

Paizo Employee Customer Service Representative

Hi Tazera,

Thanks for letting us know! There can sometimes be delays at customs, so it's possible that the shipment is still on the way. However, I've got a replacement order set up to be sent out to you as soon as possible. If the first order does arrive, just let us know and we should be able to cancel the second one before it goes out.

Please don't hesitate to ask if there are any further questions or concerns that we can help out with in the meantime.

Thanks, and have a great weekend!

Thanks, you are awesome! I will be checking with the post mail if the first order still arrives!

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