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I'd like to delete my account, but can't find it in the settings. Someone elsewhere on the forums said that it can be done for me if I ask here?

Hey Ashiel. I thought id atleast tell you. That i'm deleting my account. People are to quick to play the victim and try and think everyone is trying to tell everyone else they are wrong. They want understanding but dont want to give understanding.

They want their cake and to eat it too. They poke and make fun in other threads. I litterly cant deal with it. You were a nice person to talk too and i might still keep in contact thru my Fiance. Everyone is to self centered and gets to hurt without trying to take things differently. They think they are in the right and tell you 'dont you understand your wrong' without trying to understand how they are wrong too. they think you are playing the victim when you aren't.

I mentally cannot take this anymore. I stuck around for you i tried for you. I cant do it so i'm out. I hope you have a nice day and everything.

Edit. Or not... Since apparently you can't delete your account here. Either way, I'm gone.

Wait, here's a question! Why won't they let people delete their account?

There. On topic.

Can you look at this and drop off any bits of advice you can? My first thread, and it's about running a campaign!

Ive never done a thread before so hopefully its in the right place and done correctly.

I always been fascinated by a few things. They are always my favorite thing in video games and some i have not seen yet in a campaign. Haunted houses, Fairy tale references and worlds. All are my favorite but one thing i always find lacking. Is mysteries.

I was curious about doing a phantom thief sort of campaign or filler. Yet i'm not exactly sure how to go about it. I was thinking maybe the pc's are hired to gaurd and look out for trouble. Then of course the Phantom thief strikes and the mystery begins.

Everyone is a suspect and of course the fingers get pointed to those that stand out the most, the PCs. Random encounters of murder and false clues would also be taken into account.

I'm wondering if there is any advice to give to make it more fun. To keep the aspect of mystery to it. What would be a good starting level and if you could revolve an entire campaign from the starting level to nearly finish following and trying to capture this phantom thief? Any suggestions would be appreciated cause really i don't have much outside of bare bones.

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I blame cosmo that people have to cause problem for people who are already having so many problems and needing help. Who use the excuse that your not working hard enough. Despite waiting and trying for so many years to ask for f!#~en help.

People like that really piss me off. Makes me want to create a wizard whose entire purpose is to do explosive runes and put it on the person they plan to sleep with. Then it goes off the next time they try to sleep with them. Good luck exploring that body.

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I'm about to launch myself into a world of pokemon and rp to try and get myself into a better mood. Ive been playing alot of pokemon games and before that monster rancher to try and cheer me up so i thought it be fitting. Tho i want it to be a bit more realistic. My Fiance is a bit slow at leveling in the game.(gets distracted easily.) I dont want to just verse him and trounce him cause my pokemon are 20 levels higher then his or my monsters are like 3 generations later in training for monster rancher 3.
So I was wondering how would you go about deciding things of who wins. I keep thinking a dice roll or something like that wouldn't be as fun. Any suggestions on how to handle it?

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I blame Cosmo that nobody seems to mind! Here I am tryin' ta do the Fishstick, and they just keep trying to shove Mudkips in my face! It's a very delicate state of mind people!

I'm not very good at quoting and cutting things off while still quoting. So i wont really try. Thanks for the advice tho like a lot of advice easier said then done.

Over the past well months ive done a lot of self reflecting. Ive accepted a lot of what i was running from. Before tho i always admitting to being it i never accepted it. I always thought well i'm this for now but i will be normal soon. I will be like everyone else and be what everyone has been pushing and saying i could be.

For awhile that was my shield my strength and when i accepted it i made myself vulnerable. I was hurting myself by not accepting it but by accepting it i made myself easier to hurt. I depend on others but have no one really who is dependable. I can accept that but as you get older and relize you cant do things by yourself. You get scared when the few people youve come to depend on have now let you down at every turn. You dont have anyone else and cant seem to meet anyone else willing to help and accept you.

The goverment wont help without stressing you to the point of committing things(mostly suicide). Ive been alot of things but never bitter. I always cared about people things even when they have wronged me. Ive always been kind to a fault but by accepting something and making myself vulnerable. I feel like other things about myself could change due to all the pressure and pain that keeps getting inflicted on me. All the disapointment and being let down. Feeling your future is bleak and pointless. Like no matter what you do due to how you are. Needing to depend on others makes you less of a person. Feeling ignored all the time cause it seems everyone else is more worthy of a persons time.

Sorry if this seems like dumping its probably better for pm but well at this point i just dont care who sees. Most people ignore others anyways. Also i'm starting to hate the marketing phrase. "There when you need them most." Yeah right then why do you work so hard not to help. The denial letter said a variation of that phrase on it.

Do you ever think at times that curling up and dieing would be better for everyone... Then wonder why you think that when its obvious that no one really will miss you anways. You disapear for months and not a single hey i haven't seen you are you okay. Now i feel like i'm ranting so i'm going to shut up.


Its alright that you didn't notice i'm used to it. Thanks for noticing later. Still Ashiel did give good advice.

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I blame cosmo for only seeming to be noticed when i talk about cannibalism or something from the world of erotic that isn't mentioned all the time.
Maybe i should mention something about mudkips or the fish stick.

Ashiel you ever have one of those days.? Those days where you just feel bitter and empty? Like you just dont feel like caring about anything or anyone? Where when you think about things you stop thinking about it for love or cause you care or want to but more of a have to and survival.
For the first time in my life i feel bitter about life. Like i feel like i shouldn't care about anyone or anything. Where just words arent enough?
If someone tells you something you want proof. like a total binding thing that if they break it like something bad happens. Like you get half their money like in alot of marriages. Maybe they lose a left testical or something.
Its strange i'm not used to feeling so bitter. So i wonder if youve ever felt bitter and what youd do?

ps:sorry about typos or misspellings. Just dont feel like fixing things either.

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I'm still pretty new to being a GM. I'm better with ideas then follow thru. One thing i enjoy doing tho is actually expanding the merfolk race.
If there is a fish that i have some idea about i have a tendency to make it a merfolk.

Like whales and angler fish along with a whole community for how each interact with one another. More added at times as i come across more ideas for how i would want the fish to be like or feel their place in community. Merfolk can be quiet common in my worlds.

Also i have a tendency to half breed anything. I think pratically anything can mate with a human. Even dwarfs despite pathfinder saying they cant. Which in all honesty make humans more of a target when it comes to slave marketing and breeding. If someone just wants to breed they will go for a human. Humans have a tendency to be more fertile in my world to other races. Meaning a higher chance for a human to get pregnant or impregnate another race that isn't human.

Which also leads to some more cults and certain towns that i feel fit distrusting any race in their borders outside of humans or having like different quarters or areas that others cant enter.

This next one is rather common which is dark elves are their own race. There are good and evil dark elves. Tho to keep dark elves to have that some sort of off putting and since i play with only adults. Dark elves have a tendency to be more sexually aggressive even when good aligned (in terms of top and bottom).

In my more random games there is a haunted house in every town or city. There is a maze in the middle of most forests and underground caverns and there is always that cottage you come across on the way your trying to go. that holds random encounters.

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I blame cosmo for me being sick yesterday and sick again today. I also blame cosmo for the bacon that caused me to be sick.
I also blame cosmo for being confused by Rysky and what seems more like a candibi then a succubi.
I also blame cosmo if no one knows what a Candibi is.

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Rysky wrote:
Artemis Moonstar wrote:

I blame Cosmo for... For.... Well, nothing particularly horrible or distressing has happened in the past... Since I posted, so....

I blame Cosmo for nothing interesting happening!

*pops a wampi-flavored caramel into mouth*

That's your cue MP.

Isn't caramel already a certain flavor so if its a different flavor then that it wouldn't be a caramel anymore?

Also what is a Wampi flavor anyways?
I blame Cosmo for these questions and i will take the initiative and blame him for the answers and if the other option happens. For them not being answered.

thegreenteagamer wrote:
Tarinia Faynrik wrote:
Tacticslion wrote:
** spoiler omitted **
** spoiler omitted **...
** spoiler omitted **...

I think you misunderstood my intent. At this point it sounds more like your preaching.

Edit: To keep with the thread as best i can. I'm no where near a cruel person and no one has really done anything cruel in games outside of being the usual entitled pricks.
I didn't do it but the parties witch player upset me my rogue so much at one point. That i the player debated everywhere to take out this said witch. From setting the web of his spider famliar on fire while slept to outright getting a contract with a devil to give me the most awesome familiar to take out this witch. To even plotting revenge fantasies in and out of chracter.
Plotting character progression all to take out one person. This said players witch for me saying something to the gm. Unfortantly him being the gms favorite i could never get anything done. So in turn him saying that since he is a caster and i'm a rogue he could take me out at any point so i should watch what i say out of character.
Tho i think what made it really cruel is i got the gms girlfriend on my side so if i ever put my plan into action he would end up having to make a decision to either keep giving into the demands of his favorite player or give into the demands of his gf.

Tacticslion wrote:
** spoiler omitted **


Hmmm now i read that link. Figured id ask here. Your a nut job christian but are you a true christian. I count my god parents as true Christians. My god father more of a nutjob between the two but still true none the less. They are my basis for what a true christian is.
If need to know what i believe a true christian is.
One who isn't pushing to the point of damning someone who doesn't believe in god. Helps without wanting anything in return. Will help even when its hard on them. Accepts people for who they are yet never wavers in believing they are christian.
Examples are their son is a homosexual, and my cousin a lesbian. They wont let anyone talk bad or say 'religion says it wrong' about them. Wont let a single person call them evil for that. Even tho despite their son never acting on his desires always a strong part of the church. The church turned their back on him when they found out. He reached out to them and they smacked his hand away. Despite always being there for people. They supported him and their belief in their relgion still never failed. Despite it being wrong and believe to this day what was done to him was wrong they are still christians and go to church every week. When they moved automatically becoming a major part of even the new church they joined.
A true christian to me needs to live up to that in order to be one. So far i have yet to meet one like that other then them. I must admit i might be biased to christians because of my god parents. I hate alot of people who call themselves christians yet wont lend a hand when they damn well can. Who when they give things to a family really down on their luck they insist on it back the next month despite the next month being just as hard as the last. Demanding constantly to be paid back while still be a christian.
As you can tell i love my godparents and believe thru and thru they are real christians but i have alot of hatred towards christians as well. I mean no offense but its merely curiousty. Call it a small subconcious mission to find another real christian in the world.

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I blame Cosmo for making me blame cosmo. For i had no reason to blame anyone. Until i saw this thread and its magic pull to make me blame cosmo. For what i do not know just yet. I'll have to get back to you for it.

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If knowing what these beans do is one desire.
Then the troll shall very much inquire.
Whats it to you?
If satisfactory answer was doth given.
His answer would proceed in rhythm.
It is said these beans doth do.
A tree of great height and might doth grow.
Its also said these beans doth do.
Many colors of a rainbow shall beam.
It leading to something angry and green.
If this angry green thing is much defeated.
Colors of gold and crimson shall then be shown.
Its also said these beans doth do.
If shown with tender loving care once in ground.
A plant will grow more human then not.
Tho whether it be man or woman is still unknown.
Whether it be friend or foe as well.
If it is not obvious yet the troll doth not know.
They are certified so magic will happen.
The mystery of the beans is really its major pull.
Just like the mystery of your backside to this said troll.
Since you did not pay my bill to said inn.
I was found under that one tree.
Now washing dishes in its kitchen.
This message was doth dictated.
For hands too pruney to write.
Hopefully just the inn people will notice me.
For if that orc in the corner is one i feel it is.
This night might be that night i once promised.
I hope the rumors i heard are but that.
If it true and that be that orc.
Well Adieu

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Oh dear Ashiel I doth have a question.
On this night of which 3 hours of sleep been had.
Its an urgent question of such random.
Only The ashiel of adventure can answer.
If one day you met a ghastly troll under yonder bridge.
Who offered real certified magic beans.
What he asked for trade one might wonder.
But only a grope of thy backdoor bosom.
If blinks were greeted me like expected.
Who said trolls lingo matched thine own?
So would one tango with this here troll.
Or let one get tango'd by the troll.
Another repeat of his question in summary.
Magic beans for backdoor bosom.
Tho one cannot forget the matching hand gestures.
If still confusing blinks were met.
A grope of his own ass would be example.
So tell me the Ashiel what one would do.
When met with said troll under yonder bridge.
I'm sure ones answer would be cool.
I now make my leave with babbling left.
This here tree do look quiet comfy.
One remind me for future reference.
Tinfoil and wind make one a sleepless night.
If an answer is not had before i come to senses.
Then hopefully no sees my instance.
The instance i dare lost of the reins.
The reins to mine own randomness.
So i bid the well dear ashiel.
May not the dwarves find me as i sleep under this tree.
For i still owe them that one goblet.
Of a job i dare took when down on ones luck.
Never take a job from a fighter dwarf of hammers.
Whose ones words seem to involve much the same.
Also may not the orcs find me either.
For i promised that one a night a few taverns back.
One who i cant seem to remember.
Tho from what i can tell remembers me.
Also wish not the elves to find me either.
I sort of stold something i also cant remember.
Better yet only wish upon me what follows next.
Wish upon me nights of the GOOD monster guys.
You know what i mean and if not oh well.
Then wish me sweet dreams of tinfoiless winds.
I bid sweet dreams and days to you.
I await they reply with similar cadence.
If not then i still await thy reply.
Also if you could cover that bill at that one inn.
I sort of broke the window...
And other things when i did rage.
At the tinfoiled wind against said window.
Now i really should bid thee well.
Or this will go on much longer.

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I like guys in corsets. Specially latex ones....

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Sissyl wrote:
Stuff about culture!

Christianity... Catholicism really. My family was Catholic (mother's side) and basic Christian (father's side). I went to Catholic School too.

The way they explained it was you were literally eating the actual body of Christ, and drinking his blood.. When you were old enough. There was no 'this is a metaphorical ritual' involved, it was just straight "You're eating Jesus".

Although, Paizo does seem to have a problem keeping modern-day ethics and morals out of a fantasy game. One that's more or less a kitchen sink of time-eras anyways.

Artemis and I are about to start up a 2-person party gestalt-game in Emerald Spire. I'm thinking of playing a steam-punk Strix with a custom built shoulder mounted siege cannon as a Grenadier Alchemist/Gunslinger.

Any problems I should expect? Artemis is going to let me 'tinker' to improve the cannon too, any suggestions on how to improve the cannon? I've only got the idea to launch my alchemist bombs out of it so far.

Current build (according to Artemis, who designed it): Standard action reload, utilizing "paper cartridge" drops it to move; -2 attack penalty; 3d10 B&P damage; 100 range increment. Currently muzzle loaded, eventual 'tinkering' makes it cartridge loaded via advanced firearm rules (whenever he say so, he says).

Example for general power level if this game: "Rule of Cool is king!". He's playing a half-umbral dragon merfolk (strong tail trait) twilight sage arcanist. Still hasn't figured out the other half of his gestalt. 1 feat every level, 4d6 no drop assign where you want. I decided to trade my template for my cannon.

@Bill Dun

I also dont know who either of those characters are really. Then again i dont like Star wars. I also have no interest in Firefly. Tho i atleast know Han solo's name. Same with Drizzt i know his name too but i dont know the characters.

I'm just saying dont call someone something if you dont know if they really are that. At this point tho it seems that even if its not a clone if it relates to any character youve read or hate in anything you wont enjoy a person playing it. -shrugs- Tho i wont really know.

Ive also only been playing dnd/pathfinder for a short time. I think its 3 years now tho only one year was played with any consistency. So far tho the groups ive been in have killed my interest to alot of things.

@ Gisher.

Ive never played a character based off of anything. Each character i dont even have a set backstory or actual personality until i start playing it. I think its why i have a tendency to play Rogues or anything thats adaptable.

As i continue to play my characters develop in my mind. Tho i know not having a set back story or even real personality till i start playing probably is not that well accepted by alot of GMs. I just dont like to put something to my character until i know i will enjoy it. Its a waste of time and emotional investment to do so.

So far i have yet to have a character that ive based on anything or that has reminded anyone of anything. Well outside of i usually play a character who is rather sexual tho that is part of my personality. Its kind of hard to get away from. Then again i was a major free form rper before playing Pathfinder/Dnd.

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Hmmm why does everyone talk like everyone knows who Drizzt is. I have no clue who Drizzt is or anything about him. So spouting someone is doing a Drizzt clone with no clue who he is to me seems more close minded on your part.

After all character even if drawn up the same way rolled the same way will never be the same in different campaines with different friends characters. For what truly makes a character a Character is their experiences.

So if you want to play a Drow or any character that might resemble something else or another character. Id say allow it to happen since in all honesty it will be different. You can never mimic fully what they are and if your trying too. Well youd be sorely disapointed.

Tho at this point with how much hate their is for this character. You might as well turn him into a diety.

Ive never really gotten alignment that much to begin with. Since so many things are dictated by society. So many things are considered evil just because its not normal or accepted in that community. Another thing that seems to dictate most peoples view of good and evil is religion.

I think for me i have a tendency to look at the society and dictate what is good and evil there. Not what i deem good and evil since how do you know what is actually good and what is evil. Its changed so much from the past.

Just like certain things one can do. Ive heard many times that Canablism is evil yet in certain societies it wasn't seen as that. When you think of the catholic and christian religion. Technically during mass your eating the body of christ and drinking his blood.

Still putting that aside would you consider someone evil if they were forced to consume the flesh of another thru necesity. Like lets say you fall into a shaft with no food. Your friend dies and you eat them to survive. You didn't kill them so what about consuming their flesh is evil if they were already dead? its no different then eating an animal. Tho we do kill the animals.

Its just my thought and tho i know one part of what i said is a touchy part. It was nothing but on observation and why i dont really get alignment to begin with.

Oh before i forget what Aelryinth said on evil spells turning you evil. I dont get that really. You as a player would know its evil cause of the word but would your character know its evil? Something i thought id ask if your character doesn't know the spell is evil would that still turn them evil and if yes how so?

Umm is it to late to sign up for the bonus round?

What i want is something ive wanted for awhile. Tho i know i will never get. Its a non pdf of the adventure path #43-#48. Starts with the haunting of harrowstone and ends with shadows of Gallowspire.

Ive been wanting that adventure path since i saw it. Unfortantly to late to get it. I cant handle reading PDFs very well and most of the people i have played with cant run off pdf. So ive never been able to play in it.

It has been my most wanted Adventure path. So i will say that is my dear santa.

Chris Lambertz wrote:

Removed a post and the replies to it. We are not okay with the framing of posts that attempt to speak in place of other users intentions or feelings and we do not consider the revealing of contents from private messages to be in the community's best interest. Additionally, if you are noticing posts that seem "off" or violate any of our Community Guidelines please flag them and move on. Do not respond to them.

Additionally, because several longer posts were removed because they were quoting/in response to removed posts, if you would like any of this text recovered, please ping community@paizo.com.

So i cant let my Fiance speak for me when i'm to shy or paranoid to? I have high paranoia and bipolar disorder. So i cant always bring myself to talk and he talks for me when i'm to paranoid about speaking. -lets out a sigh- I dont even get to see the responses either.

Not everyone is a strong enough person to always speak for themselves....

I just wanted to say that for someone like me especially if it has to do with me. I would be more comfortable knowing what was said before it was removed....

I dont know if i will speak up again in the forums knowing how paranoid i am and that i wont be accepted. Especially since me and my fiance like to keep our accounts as something that is you know seperate. Especially since he phrases things differently then i do and so forth.

It took me alot of courage to even create my own account and speak up and ask questions. Not knowing what was said but knowing something was said about something having to do with me. It doesn't make me feel comfortable and welcome. Infact it makes my paranoia quite high wire.

I wish everyone a nice and happy day and life for i dont know if i will be posting anymore in the forums. I hope relationships surgeries or whatever you do to make you happy goes smoothly and well and inevetilbly lead to what will lead you to a better life.

Crystal Frasier wrote:
Ashiel wrote:
I for example don't intend to transition. I don't think all the testosterone blockers and all the estrogen supplements in the world would be able to go the distance in my case (I'm about 6'2, large frame, and upstaged only by wookies in terms of hair)
Hun, I'm 6 feet tall and 200 pounds. with broad shoulders and hands wide enough to pick up basketballs, and I turned out hot even by conventional standards. Don't let being a big girl make you think you can't look or feel good.

You look good. I like the glasses.

Also i think i'm just hungry but those cupcakes look good. What was the occasion?

Ashiel wrote:
KSF wrote:
If you do have more questions, this can be a good place to ask them (provided they're not outright insulting).
And for the questions that are, you can always PM me. :P

I think i will take you up on that offer Ashiel later. I sometimes worry that my questions could come across as insulting when i dont mean them to be. So later when i can think a bit clearer you might see a pm from me.

You definantly seem very awesome

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I was Ninja'd as my fiance likes to say since i spent awhile writing my last message even tho it was short.

Tho the person who ninjad answered inadvertandly some of the other questions that i had. So I actually understand alot more then i did in my last message.

I thank everyone again for their replies and responses. It was very helpful and let me see and look at things differently then how i was.

I appreciate it and i hope one day things will be easier for everyone. I always believe that if more people could accept even if they dont understand the world would be a better place.

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Alright i'm new here and my (user)name is Tarinia Faynrik. I finally decided to create an account and stop piggy backing on my Fiance Artemis Moonstar because of this thread. I hope to start popping up more around if what i'm about to say wont get me hated.

I want to understand something about this. I can usually relate to anything but the one thing i have a hard time relating to is Trans. I think its cause i dont understand it.

Why does it matter so much what your body is? I mean how you look and what gender your body is doesn't change who you are. Maybe i cant relate because of how i was raised.

My father wanted a son and treated and raised me as such. I am a female of course. Due to that i get along more with guys then girls. So maybe i have a hard time seeing how gender of my body really matters.

The other thing i think that makes it difficult is my grandfather. He lost a limb in the war yet that didn't change who he was. So i think i kind of see it as well like losing a limb. I know that probably sounds bad but i think its just how my mind rationalizes it.

If you lose a limb does it change who you are. It changes how you look how your treated and go about things. Yet your still you and tho its difficult who you are is who you are despite what your body is or has or hasn't.

I just want to understand why does it matter what body your in? Does it change who you are on the inside? I think that is where i might be having the disconnect and i was hoping someone can explain to me. So i can understand why even trans?