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I just got my copy of Edgewatch #1, and I just wanted to show my appreciation for the included Interactive Maps! I've been running my games of Extinction Curse online, but even when I ran in person I used digital maps and these ones are GORGEOUS (especially after the admittedly disappointing quality of the Interactive Maps for Extinction Curse. Unless that was ever fixed, in which case I apologize and will happily re-download them.)

The first thing that stuck out for me was the lines. Everything is crisp and sharp, which is a godsend for things like placing dynamic lighting. I won't be able to tell until I get it in a VTT whether the grids are square or not, but even just at first glance they look MUCH better than I'm used to. Also awesome? I can turn off secret doors! That's always a pain in the neck, because while the base images in the PDF don't include the room numbers and such, that big S was always baked straight into the map and I had to poorly edit it out. Being able to do that with the click of a button will be a lifesaver.

Overall I just get the instant impression that Paizo is trying to make things easier and cleaner on us digital folks, especially with the times being what they are. If just these maps are any indicator of the quality of the rest of this campaign, you guys are going to knock this out of the park.

Again, thank you so much, I am so excited for this AP and this just made things 10,000 times better.

They are a much higher quality. I still needed to use Map Align to get them to match the grid in Foundry but they do look good.

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I concur, these are very welcome improvements. Well done!

The maps look very nice, although the wings being backwards on the dragonfly pagoda stood out to me. Not a big deal at all, just funny.

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One thing I wold like , though, is a better map of just the Precipice Quarter. I keep trying to fit the map of the Radiant Festival onto the Absalom Map, and matching the shoreline makes the Festival cover 3/4 of the Quarter. However, from descriptions, there's obviously a lot of buildings, restored or otherwise, in the quarter but not on the fairgrounds, with the fairgrounds being "from Whisper Street to the edgewall"

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