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Zaister wrote:
Svardi Eagle-Eye wrote:
Is it possible to get a set list posted for this pawn collection?

Here you go:

** spoiler omitted **...

Awesome, thank you!

Is it possible to get a set list posted for this pawn collection?

These sound like positive changes to me, but I only play Starfinder, not PF2. I will say it does seem to decrease the value of subscribing if I'm losing on the number of scenarios I currently receive for free in favor of one-shots and bounties I would have to pay for. I also agree with one of the comments above that I would like to see bounties for levels higher than 1st. Looking forward to seeing some of these new short releases in Foundry VTT as well if they're made available there.

LeJerque wrote:

Just want to put a big Thank You here to the design team who put this volume together as a PDF. I just got mine, and I was overjoyed to discover that the image issues we had in the FFoD series are completely gone. Everything in this book, at first glance, looks like it is formatted for ease of use on VTT and remote play, and we still got the standalone interactive map pack, to boot.

This makes me so happy as a GM and I can't wait to start putting a group together for this!

I agree! Much better than the image issues with second release of the Devastation Ark PDFs and the Fly Free or Die PDFs. The file size is much larger, 130MB vs the 30MB or so of the others but I'll take that trade-off for the ability to easily extract complete images and select text. Any possibility we could get the FFoD PDFs repackaged this way retroactively?

CorvusMask wrote:
Sidenote, but I guess same benefit that applies on Junker's Delight also applies here? :O

The free PDF with Starfinder AP subscription and pre-order benefit? I hope so because I just pre-ordered both modules!

Aaron Shanks wrote:
Porridge wrote:
Sara Marie wrote:

Thanks for nudging this along Aaron!

I've set the product up so it should grant a complimentary PDF for Starfinder Adventure Path Subscribers who preorder this adventure.

To receive a complimentary PDF of Junker's Delight you need:

  • ♳Starfinder Adventure Path subscription
  • ♴Preorder Junker's Delight

The PDF will be granted when a SF AP subscriber's preordered copy of Junker's Delight is processed for shipping from our warehouse.

Please email customer service if you have follow up questions.


I hope you all can announce this somewhere more visible as well!

We don't really have a place for the and no way for marketing to email subscribers only. Kindly, spread the word.

That's great news, I am pre-ordering now!

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Aaron Shanks wrote:
Zaister wrote:
Is there a reason for not offering a subscription? This is really unusual considering your normal business model.
As I've said previously, this year is an experiment with the Starfinder AP frequency, new standalone Adventures, and One-Shot balance of products. Paizo is not committing to an Adventure subscription at this time. My personal belief is that sales will be strong and that we will see one eventually, but those decision are made above me. I'm the messenger of what is and what will be in the near term, not so much the why or why not.

It doesn't make a difference to me whether or not there is a subscription, but if there is no PDF copy included with a pre-order I probably will not buy this. I want both physical and PDF but I won't pay for the same thing twice.

You can't enter a code to unlock the PDF copies of the books but you can purchase PDF copies of the 4 books you listed for $9.99 each.

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I agree, all of the Fly Free Or Die PDFs have the image problem with lines of text included as part of the image and generally poor image resolution. The Devastation Ark original large file size PDFs did not have this issue but the newer updated smaller file size ones too. Please fix this, it may well mean I never run this since I mainly game online.

Wzrd wrote:

The PDF of "#35: Merchants of the Void" is suffering from the same issue as #34 and the revised #31, #32 and #33 SF APS. All the images are multi-part images making them mostly unusable.

None of the Pathfinder APs suffer from this issue, nor the latest Alien Archive 4. Could the #31, #32, #33, #34 and #35 Starfinder Adventure Path PDFs be fixed?

I agree, these are not very usable for extracting the images and using them with a VTT. I extracted the images from the non-revised (large file size) versions of 31-33 and those are fine, but 34 and 35 have the images embedded in blacked out text with nameplates in the way in front of the pictures. Might as well just grab the images directly from the PDF with Lightscreen or the Snipping Tool.

Maybe they tried flattening or combining layers to reduce the file size? I would definitely like to see the PDF generation method go back to what it was prior to #31 as well.

Thanks all, those are some good alternates to NitroPDF, I'll try them out and see if one works better than what I'm using.

tricklet wrote:
Ixal wrote:
Can't you make a screenshot of the pdf and then cut the images out?
Sure, and that's what I ended up doing. Usually I run an image extractor which pulls everything out in a couple of minutes. It's not a huge deal, just extra work for me

What program are you using to do the image extraction tricklet? I use NitroPDF.

I went back in and updated my payment method again and made sure that I had only one payment method and one shipping address and that all of the names and addresses matched 100%. Then I manually completed a purchase which prompted me for the CVV code from my credit card, which was not happening previously. That web order completed and now I notice that my subscription order that had been pending has processed successfully. So it seems like once the payment method is changed an automated order can't process until something is ordered manually to prompt for the CVV code, and the system is very picky about addresses matching the billing info, which is a good thing really. So to anyone else having this problem, consider removing all existing addresses and payment methods and start over, and then if you have automated orders you might have to go buy something like a bounty for a couple of bucks to get the CVV prompt.

Customer Service please ignore my two emails and this post referencing the subject order, my issue is fixed. Please also notify your payment people about the CVV prompt, it's a small thing really but I shouldn't need to purchase something manually to get my subscriptions working again.


I'm having a problem with the subject subscription order. I changed my payment method and now the order will not go through, the payment method is definitely valid.

I also cannot complete an order from the webstore manually, I keep getting the big red button to complete the order but it does not complete so I don't know if the website is having issues in general or if it's just me. I've tried calling several times over the past few days but I just get a message that the voicemail box is full.

I have also sent an email and replied to one of the "problem with your order" emails I've received but have not received even the automated response email back yet.

Let me know what I need to do to get my subscription order completed.


Svardi Eagle-Eye Male Dwarf Cleric of Ragathiel Level 4

A stern battle scarred dwarf with a patch over his left eye bearing the symbol of Ragathiel, a bastard sword crossed with a crimson wing. The name Eagle-Eye comes from Svardi having lost his left eye to a Griffon after his clan was forced to move to the surface of the mountain range north of Pitax in the River Kingdoms. The partial blindess explains his low Dex and relatively low Charisma. He has a deep hatred of goblin kind after his clan was forced from its ancestral home by a tribe and its allies.

This is desverendi, still working out the details of the character for the Kingmaker campaign.