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One modification I'm doing with my group that's working *wonders* for the over-arching ticking-time-bomb effect is I'm spreading the Pall across the world once the citadel returns. 5-7 days per global alignment shift. Just a few days in and all the pure good hearts in the world have been corrupted, and just a scant few hours all the neutral hearts will turn evil (further restricting which replacement heroes can enter the campaign). It's really making them stop and think, "Do we really need to rest? I mean, really?"

I also setup the Architect's area to be filled with an anti-magic field that could be turned off via lever so they would have to deal with a couple challenges in a mundane way (no +5 cloak of resistances for you!), and that was a quite fun and memorable (difficult in the moment) modification.

They have yet to find the method of stopping/reversing the pall, but building materials have been produced at exceptionally high velocities and infighting has begun already. This will be a campaign they will speak of in years to come.

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I think that there is a non-trivial group of people who are like me - if you make a 1e AP compliation (like rise and curse of the crimson throne) we will buy it. Even if we bought the soft-cover already. No extra art or toys needed. But if it's 2e only we won't.

Love you for doing it piazo, just be aware that you've got a die-hard 1e fan base. We want to throw money at you.

:) I'm having a heck of a time getting the party to actually make themselves available to the peddler. They absolutely refuse to even consider being inside tsar after dark. I'm having the peddler appear to them at midnight inside the city (as that's where the information and plot is) if the party decides to spend the night inside the city. And the peddler isn't going inside (for my game) their mage's mansion. Instead, they trust the dweller at the crossroads (because apparently, he gives information that they find trustworthy - even though he's trying to screw them). o.O And they decided that the blood mage (disguised as a scholar in bards gate) is trustworthy and quite loveable. Only after did he learn their secrets did he betray them. *facepalm*.

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Toxycycline -

Thank you very much, this does help a great deal. :)

Yes, I need to start writing short snippits of what the players are doing too; I've been making notes every session log for our own internal use but others might enjoy it too. They are nearing level ~13 and just finished exploring the hidden sewer system. I'm starting to prep book 3 and jeepers it looks to be a lot of fun.

What is the timeline for the Saga? I've been saying it's hundreds if not thousands of years between the great retreat and the start of the saga but now it's becoming important in my game to have this proper time.

Thank you in advance,

Cool, that's good to know. Thank you for confirming! :)

I'm looking at Page 714 of my Slumbering Tsar book - under the new monster appendix. Next to a Protocreature and Megaswarm.

>> Is the bleeding horror immune to all magic or just unbeatable spell resistance?
> Bleeding Horror is an acquired template that bestows spell resistance equal to 11 + CR.

I'm referring to a specific creature listed inside the Saga itself, not the template (though they do look similar).

Is the bleeding horror immune to all magic or just unbeatable spell resistance?

I am loving this thread; it is a great resource, thank you. :D

And a special thanks to you greg; as I'm running this I keep encounting sections that I think "Oh that's poorly written, you should do xyz...", and then I run it as written and I'm floored at how perfectly the players play directly into scenario; far better than I could have ever drempt. Thank you so much for a fun and engaging game! :)

I'm starting to prep the crooked tower and I'm confused as to the golem at the gate. The book says it's a stone golem, and it opens with it's breath weapon. Iron golems have a breath weapon, but not stone. I'm confused! How did everyone else run it?

Awesome, thank you.

Is there any way to use/abuse the 'Sunlight Powerlessness (Ex)' weakness of creatures? I see it on a couple things but I never see it being exploited. A torch would not trigger it. Would a sunrod? Or could a simple silent spell enough to create a 'sun' or other sufficiently bright light to trigger the weakness? Or would a Major Image be needed for the thermal effect? Or is there a magic item I could use?

Thank you in advance,

Okay for future reference for other GMs here's how I'm going to play Vrocks & their dance (assuming no further discussion or a Dev response).

5 Advantages (+3 Int, +2 Wis, Telepathy)

--- Unless there is no time to prepare for combat, Vrocks should teleport to a safe place in order to summon reinforcements, cast heroism and mirror image before returning to battle.
--- Vrocks can Hover/dance assuming they can make the flight checks (with heroism this shouldn't be a problem).
--- A Vrock can join an existing dance with their own dance at any time and the existing dance will gain the benefits. Their dance will continue after the first dance stopped. For example, Vrock A dances, and two turns later, Vrock B joins in the dance; at the end of that turn 10d6 will go off. In this way it's possible to form a 'round' of highly immobile, but ruining dancing that will go off every turn.
--- While a Vrock does NOT need to continue dancing to gain the benefit of the dance so long as they are alive, and mobile enough to dance if they wanted to (not stunned, grappled, prone, etc...), they generally would. If they wanted to, the vrock could dance and then screech or use telekinesis, or attack for the next few turns. To be fair to the players (and to play off RAI) the GM should describe dance's effect as continuing (as an on going electrical charge? Static electricity?) and the Vrock doing exceptionally cheesy dance moves. For example using the Disco Crotch point for telekinesis. While they are contributing to the dance in this way if they are stunned/slain/grappled, etc... the dance they are contributing to (theirs and any others) would stop.
--- Vrocks do not need to be next to each other to dance together; they need only be within 100 feet of each other.
--- Vrocks have Telepathy, are immune to electricity, so covering for each other would be normal for them. They would also be quite aware and willing to pick on casters/archers or focus fire a specific target. For example Disarming, and using Telekenesis on a melee target moving it above the ground for other vrocks to full attack with impunity.

JB -
> Don't forget Spore is a free action.
> There is nothing so say they can't "dance" in the air.
Yes, I have that marked down for use. I'm guessing spores from different targets work for their damage over time. Excellent, I'm glad I'm not the only one who thought that it's possible to dance in air. :)

Lizard Mage -
> Giving it a quick read, I'd say that the Vrock must dance for those > > three rounds. But, if another Vrock enters at any point during those > > three rounds, the Dance gains the bonus.

> I wouldn't disagree with the position that it can attack during the
> next two rounds, but the way I'm reading it, I think they continue
> dancing during those rounds. That's me though. Clearly, there are two
> different ways to interpret it.

> Also, I'm evil, so if another Vrock joins the dance the 2nd round, then
> 3 rounds after Vrock2 started dancing another explosion would occur,
> rinse, lather, repeat.
Absolutely, that's why I'm hoping a dev or someone can chime in for clarification. There is a RAW and a RAI interpretation. I might have to split the middle but I'm hoping I don't have to; I'm certain I'm not the only one who's run into (or will run into) this problem.

Lemeres -
> They are a race of flashmob backup dancers.
Oh my goodness.... I LOVE that imagery, I'm going to have to have fun playing with that.


I'm not really sure how a vrocks' dance of ruin works. It says that as a full action the vrock can dance and then 3 rounds later an explosion goes off.

Dancing: It doesn't specify that the vrock needs to continue dance for the next 2 rounds for that to happen. Could the vrock dance, then attack for 2 rounds before the kaboom goes off? The players can interrupt the dance, but again, if the vrock can dance and then attack that limits the window of attack. I guess a better way to ask it is the dance a delayed effect ability or a concentration/channeled ability?

Joining a dance: The spell mentions that other vrocks can join the dance to increase damage and DC. Does this mean that all Vrocks need to start dancing at the same time (and for the same duration - till conclusion) for the increase of damage? Or can Vrock B join Vrock A dancing mid-way through? And once Vrock A's dance goes off (10d6), does Vrock B continue dancing for a second reduced effect (5d6) when it goes off?

Dancing while flying: Can a vrock dance while flying? With heroism they can have a +14 to fly; so they should hit the DC 15 Fly for hover consistently.

Using a Vrock: Does anyone have any examples of how to use a vrock (in general) well? It looks like their toolkit is built for melee with the dance of ruin being the exception.

Thank you in advance,

Sorry if this is a silly question, but are we supposed to add treasure based upon the monsters that would normally have treasure, moon-spiders have normal treasure for example, or does the module list all the treasure the PCs are expected to find/have? I ask because my PC are getting trashed...