What would trigger Sunlight Powerlessness?

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Is there any way to use/abuse the 'Sunlight Powerlessness (Ex)' weakness of creatures? I see it on a couple things but I never see it being exploited. A torch would not trigger it. Would a sunrod? Or could a simple silent spell enough to create a 'sun' or other sufficiently bright light to trigger the weakness? Or would a Major Image be needed for the thermal effect? Or is there a magic item I could use?

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Basically you need something that explicitly says it acts as natural sunlight. A sunrod or illusion will not cut it.

Alchemists can get the Sunlight Bomb discovery.

Bottled Sunlight works when smashed.

The Sunlit Strike feat takes advantage of sunlight powerlessness, as does a Starbow.

Those are all I could find; it's largely meant to interact with actual sunlight.

Awesome, thank you.

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