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Is there any way to use/abuse the 'Sunlight Powerlessness (Ex)' weakness of creatures? I see it on a couple things but I never see it being exploited. A torch would not trigger it. Would a sunrod? Or could a simple silent spell enough to create a 'sun' or other sufficiently bright light to trigger the weakness? Or would a Major Image be needed for the thermal effect? Or is there a magic item I could use?

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I'm not really sure how a vrocks' dance of ruin works. It says that as a full action the vrock can dance and then 3 rounds later an explosion goes off.

Dancing: It doesn't specify that the vrock needs to continue dance for the next 2 rounds for that to happen. Could the vrock dance, then attack for 2 rounds before the kaboom goes off? The players can interrupt the dance, but again, if the vrock can dance and then attack that limits the window of attack. I guess a better way to ask it is the dance a delayed effect ability or a concentration/channeled ability?

Joining a dance: The spell mentions that other vrocks can join the dance to increase damage and DC. Does this mean that all Vrocks need to start dancing at the same time (and for the same duration - till conclusion) for the increase of damage? Or can Vrock B join Vrock A dancing mid-way through? And once Vrock A's dance goes off (10d6), does Vrock B continue dancing for a second reduced effect (5d6) when it goes off?

Dancing while flying: Can a vrock dance while flying? With heroism they can have a +14 to fly; so they should hit the DC 15 Fly for hover consistently.

Using a Vrock: Does anyone have any examples of how to use a vrock (in general) well? It looks like their toolkit is built for melee with the dance of ruin being the exception.

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