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I think that there is a non-trivial group of people who are like me - if you make a 1e AP compliation (like rise and curse of the crimson throne) we will buy it. Even if we bought the soft-cover already. No extra art or toys needed. But if it's 2e only we won't.

Love you for doing it piazo, just be aware that you've got a die-hard 1e fan base. We want to throw money at you.

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Toxycycline -

Thank you very much, this does help a great deal. :)

Yes, I need to start writing short snippits of what the players are doing too; I've been making notes every session log for our own internal use but others might enjoy it too. They are nearing level ~13 and just finished exploring the hidden sewer system. I'm starting to prep book 3 and jeepers it looks to be a lot of fun.