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Well, I am sure it has been mentioned many times up thread, but PF2E seems to be taking a lot of inspiration from DnD 5E. That's not a bad thing for me, 5E's more streamlined rules took over from PF as my game of choice. So I'm excited to see what Paizo can offer back to bring me into the PF fold! Looking for to the playtest PDF


A glitch I picked up is that on my phone (Android using Chrome browser) if you click on the COMMUNITY top link, instead of givng you a drop down menu allowing you to select 'forums, PaizoCon etc' it takes you to a page "http://paizo.com/community" with nothing on it.

I also just noticed, whilst typing this oput (Win 10 PC with Chrome) that when I click the COMMUNITY at the top it gives me the same thing, takes me to the page no drop down menu

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I really liked Volo, this looks like a planar version

Once the KS has finished and posted out, there is no real reason for the creators to pour over the comments, so I disagree with you on that. There are other ways of engagement, basically you should be using the forum if you have post - KS questions. A KS comments page is not good at all for any discussion - can't even edit.

Sorry to hear about your books though, mine made it fine all the way to NZ. But I'd encourage you to go FGG forums for questions about the campaign, the KS comments are now quite irrelevant once the KS has finished and fulfilled.

Sadly $83 shipping for a similar hardcover from the FGG store has said no to this KS for me. :(


EDIT: $15 shipping to NZ? I'm in!

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Nasty customs bill paid, my Blight had arrived!

Bizarrely with an extra TB4 in PF (I play and ordered 5e) and FOUR extra 5e GM's Guides... are they breeding, will my house soon be over run? I'm scared.....

Skeeter Green wrote:
Sqn Cdr Flashheart wrote:
I'm interested to know how many, and what size, the maps are in the folios

There will be 200+ maps in the folio, GM map on one side, and player's map on the other (so 100+ individual sheets). They are 8 1/2 x 11; essentially, they are the same pages that will be in the new full color book, but loose-leaf in a folder (and the folder is printed with the cover of the new book, the Mausoleum piece we have been showing, so SUPERCOOL!)

IN ADDITION, we are (currently) offering the giant size maps, printed on 6 ft x 6ft polyester sheets (like a good suit). We are, at this time, offering maps of Level 1C - The Mouth of Doom, the Wilderness surrounding RA, and Level 15 - Against the Master. $200 each, or all 3 for $500.
More levels, or art, may be added later, who knows? (the Oracle knows)


Thanks Skeeter, I'm in.

Yeah everyone who didn't order the cards has shipped, they are waiting on the cards. the initial set was incorrect in some way (I didn't pay attention 'cos I didn't order them) Oh and the PFRPG PHB thingy - I am 5E didn;t get that either!

"Bill has informed me that almost all of the backer orders for The Blight have been shipped. Apparently there was a problem with the covers of The Blight PHBs which required them to be reprinted, so my understanding is that all of the orders that didn't include the PHB are what has gone out. The Blight PHB is being rush printed and shipped to Bill so that the rest of them will go out shortly.

The Blight Maladies card decks are also not back from printing yet, but rather than hold up orders to wait on them those will be shipped separately when they are received by Bill."

I'm interested to know how many, and what size, the maps are in the folios

Sqn Cdr Flashheart wrote:
USPS wrote:
September 25, 2017, 8:01 am Processed Through Facility NEW ZEALAND
OOOOH soooooooooooo excited, the corruption has spread to Aotearoa!

Just got a $141 bill from customs - bu66er!

USPS wrote:
September 25, 2017, 8:01 am Processed Through Facility NEW ZEALAND

OOOOH soooooooooooo excited, the corruption has spread to Aotearoa!

I've just received the beautiful with lovely quality paper (best I've ever received), WHFRP clone Zweihander - it is a real nice book, and well done rules wise. Like The Blight, it could squash a small unprepared bookshelf. So I'm feeling less sad about still having a waiting to ship notification!

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Sqn Cdr Flashheart wrote:

A different format for the Frogs here, all the adventures in one softcover each. This helps pathfinder types as some of those adventures are in the excrement perilous vista series. They are also pick and choose rules system.

There has been a lot of requests for a hard cover so we shall see if it changes

check it out here

Argh this is what happens when you post from an iPad. Excrement should be EXCELLENT! Sorry Tom and the Frogs!


Gerald wrote:
I can't say how disappointed I am in not being able to get a single hardcover collection, instead of numerous softcover adventures. This is their first Pathfinder kickstarter that I am sitting out.

I think they have seen this opinion. Some people are signing up for $1 just to make this comment.

A different format for the Frogs here, all the adventures in one softcover each. This helps pathfinder types as some of those adventures are in the excrement perilous vista series. They are also pick and choose rules system.

There has been a lot of requests for a hard cover so we shall see if it changes

check it out here

Here's a short and sweet update:

"Once More Unto The Breach!!
Posted by Frog God Games (Creator)
We're back from the back-to-back cons of Paizo and North Texas and are once more hard at work on The Blight. And we've got great news...we're still basically on track for our end-of-July/beginning-of-August release!!!
Chuck is hard at work with layout and is close to completing it for the PF version of the book. It should go to the printer in about a week or so.
The maps have all been completed and final corrections and minor adjustments are being made.
Art is done and already in layout in the book.
5e and S&W conversions are moving along and will go into layout and then on to the printer after the PF version.
Richard has sent me the manuscript for Scoured to the Bone, which I am about to turn over for editing.
And the various softcover offerings (Players' Guide, PHB, GM Guide, etc.) are all more or less done using the completed files from the main book. They will go to printing after the main book (their print time is much less).
The final pieces of the puzzle are the Malady cards and the Pathologies pdfs. I will be turning my attention to the Malady cards now to get them to the printer shortly.
I've got completed or near-completed manuscripts for 4 of the 7 pathologies and the beginnings of same for the last 3. Like Scoured to the Bone, these are pdf-only products so there is no print time involved and have been as a result left for last. We will be completing them when all of the stuff that needs to go to the printer is to the printer. So we're in good shape on them.
So as far as I can tell, we're still looking good to start mailing out backer orders at the beginning of August.
We're on the home stretch here at last! Thanks for your patience!!

That is the re-issue cover with a bonus adventure I think. But GG do heaps of different covers for their modules, like comic books.

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Killer_GM wrote:

Dear Mr. Pett,

I've clearly missed the Kickstarter. I tremendously enjoy all of your work, and I would dearly like to purchase the Blight. I have seen what appear to be Blight-related-projects over on Frog Gawd games website. Naturally, hard copies of those products are totally sold out...

I can find no information anywhere I've looked on a potential release date for a Blight hardcover of the entirety of the Blight (ala Slumbering Tsar or Rappan Athuk). I'm very eager to purchase it, regardless the price or the page count.

Would you care to speculate as to a possible release date on the Blight in its entirety, in an awe-inspiring hardcover?

Fond regards, KGM

They're not sold out, by the way, the hard copies aren't printed yet. Once they have been printed and sent to backers, they'll be available to buy.

I didn't play pathfinder anymore, and can't afford to keep collecting everything (in every version) from the Frogs, but I'm glad to see this get over the line. Congrats.

Bahaha, yeah me too anguish.

Here is your answer :-) Dany

Gone for the full faux leather set, that makes the shipping around a third of the total, which I can handle ;-)

If it is a beeeyuuutiful hardcover like Southlands, and it replaces my thumbed/shabby softcover original, I will be very happy. And it is 5E, my poising of choice now :)

I'm really enjoying Bards Gate, I'm on a camping trip so it's filling my evenings. It's a little disappointing how many pathfinder references there are in my 5e book (especially skills) but that's not relevant to most of you here. At least I know what the DnD equivalent is- tho it could be confusing to someone new. But my mind is full of ideas for plots in that city, so much inspiration!

Next time send me a draft and I'll 5e check it for you, e.g. Search entire document for bluff and nine times out of ten replace with deception ;-)

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Skeeter Green wrote:

Endzeitgeist's review

I'm so proud!

You and the rest of the Froggies should be, it's a cracker city guide.

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Mine arrived today in sunny New Zealand, w00t!

Rednal wrote:
...or so the update said, but I just got my copy in the mail. XD It probably helps that I'm pretty darn close to where they ship from, though.

Wahoooo Merry Xmas!

Might take a wee bit longer to get to NZ tho ;-)

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Zhern wrote:
Bloody Jack is brutal. Love it!

Oh yeah, a flip through has me salivating for The Blight, to quote


"This adventure contains mature themes that may not be
suitable for some readers or players. As mentioned in the ad
materials and introduction to this adventure, it explores the
mystery surrounding a serial killer that singled out children thirty
years ago and works to prevent him from starting his killing
again. "

So I'll probably never game The Blight cos I game with my kids

"As the father of young children who play roleplaying games,
I would probably not allow them to play Bloody Jack, or even
other products from The Blight for that matter."

But reading this taster it is still money well spent!

JonathonWilder wrote:
Funny thing, I just sent out a question involving Bard's Gate since it was out of stock on the main site, didn't realize there was a kickstarter going for it. I very much want to get a color hardcover of the book, even if it does cost a $100 it is well worth the price... the map is surprisingly expensive though, more then the cost of the book.

Yeah it's 'out of stock' because it hasn;t even been printed yet. As to the map, you realise that is 77"x71" sized! That's humongous!

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Personally I don't care if other ks are released first. It is just they way the fulfilment works. No point hanging other releases back just to make it chronological! If it's ready, release. I'm not saying divert effort/manpower from The Blight to others so they do release, but no point delaying finished releases for no other reason that 'that's not fair'

It is an option the Frogs are looking into, they are in the process of testing how good the printers are. Some of us fans will be ordering books from these printers and confirming/denying that the print/book quality is upto Frogs standard. So this is not happening next week, but is in the process of being checked out.

Wooty tooty got my PDF! Awesome on my quick skim, now back for a proper read :-)

Going to grab this for a 5E game, probably play it after my boys defeat the Storm King and his THUNDER (kajigga kajigga...)

And has it got tentacles around it's neck or is that a collar. I am sure we'll find out soon!

Really, with the excellent 100% record I'm not worried at all. It may make more sense to the FGG schedule for them too hammer out the shorter Bard's Gate then concentrate on the massive Blight once it's done. Rather than jumping between the two. As stated I'm sure that Chuck's misfortunes have changed plans and they are juggling as best they can.

So I'm not worried, but totally support GM_Rednal. Better slower beats faster crappier every time. The more updates the merrier, although I'm happy with monthly on long term projects.

What I think you often get from KS creators is a reluctance to post updates with no real news. For me that's wrong, if we just hear 'oh it's tootling along, now at 75% or so complete on the layout" is much better than nothing.

The Blight yes, long time ago. My CC was charged in April. The Bards Gate within the next week, I think, from KS comments section

wooty tooty!

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Really looking forward to this, in colour! Another successful ks:)

That guy makes me think of either the end of dodgeball or Austin Powers!

I'm hoping for some money magic to get us the vellum map stretch goal!

Luthorne wrote:
Kinimpizle Fordlins wrote:
Hoping we can get some sort of update on the progress of this? Its July which was the original delivery date and we havent heard anything concrete in a long time.
They gave an update less than a week ago.

Well a week is a long time... in politics!

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Copying to ENW and RPG.net. CAN'T WAIT!

The bards gate stuff from the update:

Bard’s Gate actually has all the art and maps done (Skeeter got a head start), and ongoing work is primarily focused on conversion and final editing. While this one needs to print in China (its color), we may actually have the pdfs ready fairly early (like end of summer), and all indications are that this one will be on time.

So have no fear, we will deliver and it will be to our standards of quality—we just have slipped behind on a couple fronts. As a bonus—this gives you time to reinforce your bookshelves before the books get there!

Ok, so Bard’s Gate and the pitch. Those of you who know the Lost Lands know the name Bard’s Gate. It’s basically the hub centerpiece city of both the wilds of Akados and the Sinnar Coast. This place is integrally linked to Rappan Athuk, The Sword of Air, Stoneheart Valley, The Borderlands, Barakus, The Sundered Kingdoms and about a dozen of the Quests of Doom adventures. Heck, it’s the starting point for Sword of Air. Anyone playing in the Lost Lands will benefit greatly from this book.

If you don’t play in the Lost Lands, but just need a city, it works for that as well. Ok, time to do a Grognard check—how many over 40’s used the City State booklet for every city in every area of their game world? The best part about a book like Bard’s Gate is that you can grab bits and pieces of it for use as a city adventure or you can use the whole as canon material—your choice. After all, who doesn’t want to visit Tenkar’s Tavern or Thilo’s Scriptorium? There are Easter Eggs galore throughout the city, and dozens of side quests and adventures that can be tailored for low, medium and high level player characters at the GM’s discretion.

Skeeter and Casey have done a wonderful job of expanding and re-imagining the work that Clark Peterson and I produced back in 2003-2004—this city is much bigger and better than it was before—this is not just a window dressing of the existing material. We have modified most of it and added over 120,000 words of new material.

We designed this book to be used, not to sit on the shelf (ok, the metal one is designed to sit on the shelf, it weighs too much to use at a table I fear). Care was taken to make it so you as the GM can easily read, find and follow plot lines and connections within the book and thereby maximize its utility. After all, since the player characters need to return to a city after killing the dragon and rescuing the princess, you might as well have something waiting for them that wants to kill them!

Just add another alias!

Gah I'd love that big poster but not $200 (plus postage to NZ!) love it ;)

cycnet wrote:

Yeah! This is going to do well, I can feel it. Exciting.

The only part I don't like is having to wait for it!

Haha SNAP!

Interesting tie in with the partially owned by FGG (I think) Tabletop Library PDF store

basically free FGG PDFs if the KS does well.

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