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"Agent Service." Stan said, introducing himself to Agent Sitwell with a handshake. "Were there any witnesses?"

Got it! Looks like I missed one.

"Alright, time to level. It doesn't look like we have a shot at catching the other two. They have a lot of escape routes. It doesn't matter anyway since what they were doing was just a set up to cover this. Se got Scorpion though, and sooner or later we'll get him to say who hired him."

"No. This is not good." Stan says with a shake of his head. "Link, what happened here?"

What do you mean, how much I'm going to share? I'm not sure what you mean.

I'm in favor of the Karma pool, but I think Whipporwill is right. The narrative should back up the mechanics.

Stan sighed. "Yeah, Link. Do it."

Turning to where the others were speaking with the reporter, he interjected. "But we're going to find out."

"We may have a lead already. I'm headed back to lock-up to find out. Any of you that want to see this thorough, you're welcome to join me. The address is on the card I gave you. Get there as soon as you can."

Then he turned to go retrieve his bike.

Stan laughs in the Scorpion's face. "Enjoy your trip to the Raft."

"Let them in. Let's get this joker out of here."

"I'm afraid we'll need you to stick around for a little bit longer, miss. We will need a statement from you, and if our green friend gets loose, I'd really appreciate the help catching him again. You all did great work today."

Stan put his hand to his ear. "Link, I need an analysis of the reservoir system. Hydroman could be anywhere, but Shocker will only be able to get out at access points large enough for a human. Call Public Works and get a hold of the folks in charge of monitoring water pressure. We need a report of any sequential pressure spikes. Shocker probably won't be able to hold his breath longer than a few minutes at a time, so rule out any pipes that aren't big enough to hold a person and don't have points where someone could periodically get some air. Lets get a breakdown of potential exits. Send the report to local police, the Avengers, and the Fantastic Four. Maybe some of them will have time to help us look into this."

Turning back to Scorpion, Stan leaned over and stared into his face. "You have been caught by a federal agent in an act of domestic terrorism. Are you familiar with the Patriot Act? Do you know what this country does with suspected terrorists these days? To make things worse, you are a Super-Criminal. There's a whole other set of rules for you folks that was written to deal with people like Magneto and Dr. Doom. If you think you're seeing a lawyer any time soon, you have another thing coming."

"Who hired you?"

Stan curses and looks into one of the floating cameras near him with a frustrated and apologetic expression on his face.

"Too late now, Link. He's gone. Got Scorpion though. I'm going to assume you already called this in and have a containment team on their way? No way he's going into a normal squad car." he said into his earpiece while he snapped both his pairs of handcuffs around the green-armored villain's wrists. "And if he wakes up I doubt those will hold him long."

Looking over to the group of enthusiastic costumed heroes, Stan waved them all over.

"Good job folks. The job's not quite done yet though. I'm Special Agent Service. I could use a little more help. I need two people to keep watch over the Scorpion until the containment team arrives, and I need a couple people to help me go through the wreckage of that structure for more victims. Oh, and I'll need someone who's good with people to talk to the press. They're going to be all over this place in about 45 seconds. You can talk about who you are, and your version of what happened here, but if they ask for any kind of official statement, tell them I said they'd have to wait for it. Keep an eye out for anyone acting irrationally or doing anything dangerous. People who can't find their loved ones can do stupid things sometimes. Oh, and if anyone comes and asks what they can do to help, send them to me."

How wide is is? Could I vault over it to clear the distance faster?

Jumping w/ pole vault assist: 1d100 ⇒ 44

Stan arrived to a scene of chaos. Lifting the handlebars he skipped his bike up the curb and gunned it across the soft central park grass, his sirens getting bystander's attention enough to get them out of his way.

Skidding to a halt and simply laying the bike down he charged headlong into the bedlam trying to get his bearings. The two floating orbs that followed him swung high and quickly focused on one costumed character after another.

"Showtime." he said to himself, knowing he was already being watched by hundreds, if not thousands of people. He still wasn't used to the idea of being part cop, part actor, but he had a tendency to talk to himself when working out problems anyway. He went with it.

"Scorpion tail. I think I remember him from briefings. None of the others look familiar though. That darkness guy on the ground doesn't look too friendly, but then, neither does Daredevil. So who are the bad guys...

"Link, I need IDs, threat levels, the works."

Omni Knowledge: 1d100 ⇒ 64

For now, go with what you know.

The man in the Special Agent jacket and the motorcycle helmet moved into the middle of
the fight like he owned it. He yelled over the commotion.

"Everybody stand down! Scorpion, lay down on the ground! You are under arrest for destruction of State property, public endangerment, and vandalism."

No problem. I'm enjoying the show.

I'm not sure what my bike's stats are. It's basically a crotch rocket with a police package to increase the durability, maneuverability and speed. Bikes like that didn't exist when the game was published. Can you assign me some stats?

Control: 1d100 ⇒ 90
Control: 1d100 ⇒ 19
Control: 1d100 ⇒ 4
Control: 1d100 ⇒ 83

"Was still stuck at the Baxter Building, sir. I'm on my way." he says into his earpiece.

"Tell Dr. Richards I'll have to come back later." Stan says to the robo-receptionist.

Rushing out to his bike, he slams the helmet down on his head and says "Link, I need traffic flow. Destination: central park. Optimize for time."

A flipped switch activates the slights and siren on Stan's motorcycle and he races into New York traffic, weaving between cars and trying to keep up with the information his operator was giving him.

Link is Stan's operator, the code name for whichever tech is handling web-traffic and information monitoring. Basically it's the person behind the two little camera-bots that filters information for Stan while he's in the field.

Omni-Knowledge: 1d100 ⇒ 60

Don't have the chart handy right now, but I think that's a green or yellow result. Might be enough to shave some time off the trip.

I'm going to save that and use it when we need to rent the Ultimate Nullifier.

The whole city was having fun, and Stan was working.

In this case, 'work' was mostly waiting, and waiting was literally painful for Stan.

He squeezed a hand exerciser and paced, trying to stave off the growing discomfort in his muscles. He was fine for now, but another twenty minutes and he was going to have to take drastic measures.

He was looking for a fugitive who may be a metahuman, and waiting for a medical analysis from the blood taken from the crime scene. He'd been told that it would be ready at 1:00. It was 1:40.

Normally he'd be chewing someone out by now, but when the Special Affairs Director manages to get a metahuman analysis from Mr. Fantastic, it pays to be patient.

The two ever-present orb-shaped recorders drifted around the lobby of the Baxter building, giving his viewers a rare tour, guided by one of the automated receptionists. Stan listened with half an ear, but mostly tried to subdue his growing need to move.

Is it possible that Tee could have been doing an exhibition to promote a class or film?

Or maybe the attackers were trying to trash a film set he was working on. Industrial espionage and vandalism isn't that uncommon in the film industry. Fastest way to kill a rival film is to push it behind schedule or over budget.

"Well no, not yet. We've gotten a lot of strange testimony. We wanted to get some details straight from you before we moved forward. I'm Agent Service. I'm a US Marshal on a task force that investigates crimes that may have been committed with or by extranormal individuals. There is suspicion that your attacker may have been more than just a normal person."