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Quantium, of course, is made of quantum-matter. Which explains, why, of all things, it is vulnerable to adamantine.

(read in a snobbish English accent)

TheGreatWot wrote:
Wizards can't rewind time to that extent.

Lol, I know. I just couldn't stop my brain. Far too much GM fiat, lol.

Every time I try to imagine a battle between an immortal paragon of magic facing ANY threat, I see Dr Strange with his Time Stone, and simply preventing every single threat before it every materializes.

Imagine this: You and your crew are all in your headquarters and you are all sitting around having just finished planning the attack when a being appears amongst you!

A serious looking man, simply dressed, appearing in his 50s, calmly meets each of your eyes for just a moment. Some of you are caught with a drumstick in your mouth, some sipping wine, some with heads whispering together.

He states simply, I am (said wizard). Your plans are to no avail. However, in exchange for your services dealing with X, I'll recreate (the McGuffin). There will have to be a sealed and signed contract, of course.

[If there are any threatening moves made, fade to black and recreate the scene with the caveat that whatever was used in aggression towards the wizard, spell, weapon, etc. is used up to no effect, or disappears from the possession of the owner. This continues until the party figures out they will simply run out of weapons and resources and there is no fight(spoon)]

Wait...some people get their characters to 20?

My only advice would be to keep your mind open before you roll. Try not to have a particular class/build in mind, either. Roll the dice and let the gods decide!

Other than that? Have fun!

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I generally start out with: PO BOX...

I liked to use Deadly Juggernaught with my Rage Prophet against mobs. When it worked, man it was beautiful. I almost maxed it out a couple of times.

I also liked to use Stunning Barrier, Greater.

They are both short duration buffs, but I got great mileage out of them.

Gotta say, my favorite all time character has to be my 3.5, 6/10 LN Cleric/Walker in the Waste, Rhakanishu Chikuk, or Rhak.

We were on a desert world, my cleric was a Bhuka (desert goblinoid species) and one of his primary powers was to "take their water" (desiccation).

A close second is a dwarven battlerager (Complete Book of Dwarves) from AD&D 2nd edition. Max INT and Wis of 6 makes for some very poor choices AND in order to exit the battlerage, you had to make a wisdom check...fail that and you continue to attack the nearest creature. Somehow, I never murdered my entire party and made it to level 9.

Had an Battle Oracle/Rage Prophet for RotRL who was the main tank for the party. I chose to focus on Intimidate/Dazzling Display build that got up to the 50's in his Intimidate skill, but my GM determined that all of the giants that we encountered throughout the campaign were immune to mind-affecting effects due to being controlled by the BBE, so the secondary focus of my character ended up being unuseable against most of the mobs we fought.

Really frustrating as I didn't find this out until we assaulted a giant controlled fortress in the mountains around lvl 10 or so. Complete waste of at least 4 feats, a ton of skill points, and ended up being mostly unused.

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John Mechalas wrote:
My spell card generator includes the Shaman class.

I am unable to find the words for the epicness of this website! John, just wow. Well done.

Our GM ruled that all bladed magical weapons glow, color to be determined by possessor. No other magical weapons glow.

Our group uses a few, but I don't know how common they are.

(already listed above) All crits are crits. No confirmation needed.

78. Instead of the x2, x3, etc damage on a crit, we roll a percentile and use a table our GM created.
79. Keen, Improved crit, and anything else that modifies the crit range of a weapon only increases the range by one number. I.E. 18-20x2 with keen/improved crit becomes 17-20x2.
80. Metamagic feats do not increase the level of the spell. A player is allowed to use any metamagic feat 3/day (hardcapped), regardless of the number of metamagic feats.

Temperans wrote:
For gnomes and any magus with ptoficiency, the Gnome flickmace is just great (1-handed reach 1d8 20/x2 B). Im really surprised people don't talk about it more.

Maybe I'm missing something, as I often am, but when I looked this weapon up, it doesn't appear to have an 18-20 crit range.

PFS Legal Gnome flick-mace
Source Gnomes of Golarion pg. 22
Cost 20 gp Weight 10 lbs.
Damage 1d6 (small), 1d8 (medium); Critical x2; Range —; Type B; Special reach, trip
Category One-Handed; Proficiency Exotic
The description for this item was cut from Gnomes of Golarion. - Nethys

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I always pictured deep black with a hint of dark green when light reflected off of it.

I like the idea of other colors though, like the DEEP PURPLE!

The necro is strong with this one...

I have an elven wizard and when I prepare my spells, or gain new spells, I use a translator to create phrases in Tolkien elvish.

I think it really adds flavor when casting spells.

Pretty awesome, deserves necro.

Cavall wrote:

Well, the more to the story is the link provided about a trait the does the same thing that absolutely DOESN'T stack with something magical, and in fact the developer for the game said it works the opposite of the way you're stating

Toughness has no cap. It has no way to state it doesn't stack. It's a strawman.

The only things we have as concrete examples are the wording of the feat and the developers words on how to proceed in cases like this. Both of which work opposite to your process

I did read all of that.

The ioun stone in question is not a spell, nor does it have the wording,"This additional damage stacks with other sources of precision damage.", nor any wording of the like.

The feat raises the base SA dice by 1d6. If the feat does not increase the base SA dice by more than 1/2 character level, the feat applies.

The spell stacks with the feat because the spell specifically says it does.

Ingrish is far too difficult for far too many people.

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The real question is: Do werebears $hit in the woods?

Cavall wrote:

I dont think anyone has said they don't stack.

They just dont stack when exceeding the amount that the feat says it no longer applies to.

This has absolutely nothing to do with the spell. It has everything to do with the cap on the feat.

Several people have stated they don't stack, including the situation you describe.

The feat hard caps your base SA damage to 1/2 your level, as we all know.

We all also know that the spell stacks with all sources of precision damage, of which SA is one type.

Once Accomplished Sneak Attacker is taken and applied, it permanently increases SA by 1d6, so long as the increase provided by the feat does not raise SA dice more the 1/2 of character level.

Here's the issue.

The feat is a little like toughness. Once it's applied, it's just there. There aren't conditions in which it doesn't work, unless the increase provided by the feat increases the SA dice to be more than 1/2 character level, which should be super rare. It's a passive, always ON, feat.

The feat already applies it's bonus before the spell. As such, Sense Vitals stacks in all ways, shapes, and forms with ASA.

How is there more to this story?

I'm honestly confused as to how this is still a discussion.

One source comes from a feat, that like many other feats in it's category, that raises a class ability, but not higher than that of a pure class build.

The other source is magical and clearly states it stacks with all other sources of SA.

It's magic. It stacks.

For those that suggest it doesn't stack, things like heighten spell and magical knack shouldn't stack in your home games.

Does anything stack in your home games, especially when they clearly state they stack?

If you are running a high magic campaign, gear out the mooks with low level gear that won't be interesting to the party members as loot, but will boost attack/damage numbers.

As others have said, use different mechanics of the game, such as traps, opposing casters in each troop, set up enemies in fortified positions, have the enemies use surprise, charge, flank and other battlefield tactics.

Archers on roofs shooting flaming arrows, road blocks that impede/direct traffic, natural hazards (buildings on fire, rubble that modifies movement), pits, dead ends...make it a maze to get through town.

Lots of options that don't modify the creatures themselves. Mix in bards, bad-touch clerics, blaster sorcs, debuff wizards, and put at least one enemy caster in every group if you are able.

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After reading the spell description and the definition of the word demesne,

"Deities and other beings who rule a planar realm can prevent a gate from opening in their presence or personal demesnes if they so desire."

Demesne: 1. land attached to a manor and retained for the owner's own use.
2. the lands of an estate.
a region or domain.


possession of real property in one's own right.

I would have to adjudicate this to include their castle, lair, or for deities, the entire plane. For lesser beings, I think this would be reduced to the size of their domicile and the surrounding lands they control directly.

I would suggest that the words, "in their presence" to be a finite area in close proximity to the being,to be determined by the GM.

Myself, I would rule it to be anywhere within the being's movement range for a standard move action.

Sounds interesting...just having a hard time seeing STR: 10 while wielding a LG size bastard sword and a light carrying capacity of 33 lbs.

Just your armor and weapon come out to 36 lbs.

Maybe you don't use encumbrance rules in our campaign, and that's ok.

Additionally, there are rules in pathfinder that don't allow a medium sized creature to wield a large sized weapon.

Slashing Grace requires the weapon used to be appropriate for your size:

Choose one kind of light or one-handed slashing weapon (such as the longsword). When wielding your chosen weapon one-handed, you can treat it as a one-handed piercing melee weapon for all feats and class abilities that require such a weapon (such as a swashbuckler’s or a duelist’s precise strike) and you can add your Dexterity modifier instead of your Strength modifier to that weapon’s damage. The weapon must be one appropriate for your size.

You also wouldn't be able to regain panache either through a crit or a kill as your chosen weapon is not light, nor a one-handed piercing weapon.

Might have to rethink this one.

Meager Rolmug wrote:

Made from bone and sun-dried sinew, this masterwork harp produces a vague sense of unease in anyone near it. If the owner of this item has the bardic performance class feature he can use it to perform a dirge of doom even if he is not of sufficient level to normally have access to that ability. A bard who can use dirge of doom and who plays the harp as part of his performance increases the effective radius to 60 feet.

1. RAW it seems to give "dirge of doom" to archetypes that don't have it.

2. RAW it seems you only need to "own" it (not hold or play it) to benefit from #1. Though you have to play it to "increases the effective radius to 60 feet."

I am looking for something more than opinions. It is pricey, and per RAW still requires rounds of performance be used. so I don't view it as overpowered if interpreted as I have above.

"If the owner of this item has the bardic performance class feature he can use it to perform"

This line specifically implies it's usage using the perform skill and perform class feature.

You have to use the item in order to benefit from it.

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I just figured it was a self-esteem booster.

Awesome list CloudCobra! I'm playing an EK now with necro focus and this is great!

Firebug wrote:
Soulgear wrote:

You could also just have one made for you as a large sized weapon and take -2 to all attacks. Then add Impact as and magical weapon enhancement and Enlarge person.


The next paragraph in the inappropriately sized weapon section begs to differ.

Inappropriately Sized Weapons wrote:
The measure of how much effort it takes to use a weapon (whether the weapon is designated as a light, one-handed, or two-handed weapon for a particular wielder) is altered by one step for each size category of difference between the wielder’s size and the size of the creature for which the weapon was designed. For example, a Small creature would wield a Medium one-handed weapon as a two-handed weapon. If a weapon’s designation would be changed to something other than light, one-handed, or two-handed by this alteration, the creature can’t wield the weapon at all.
You cannot wield a two-handed weapon made for a creature larger than yourself without additional support (Titan Mauler/Titan Fighter, etc).

Oh, dang! I guess my GM house-ruled that one. One dropped as treasure and he told me the rule was just a -2 to all attacks with it. Thanks for the heads up!

Played a Rage Prophet/Oracle to lvl 17 through RoTRL as a main tank and he flat out kicked ass. Here's a link to the build and the general ideas.

Funnest "melee" character I've ever played. Self-heals, great Fort and Will saves, huge HP pool, super self-sufficient.

http://paizo.com/threads/rzs2un3f?The-Oracle-of-Battle-The-Prophet-of-Rage- Is#1

You could also just have one made for you as a large sized weapon and take -2 to all attacks. Then add Impact as and magical weapon enhancement and Enlarge person.


Ryan Freire wrote:
I mean, other than the rules i linked talking about how you spend WBL when creating a character, the rules about how magic items are actually available, spending caps, purchasing caps, the in game realities of finding a 16th level ranger who took craft wand in order to create the wand in the first place...

The ranger doesn't need to take the feat in order for the wand to exist. He only needs to cast the spell required to enchant the wand as a part of the creation process.

Nothing in the rules states the creator of a magic item has to be the caster of the spell required. In fact, it states just the opposite.

Directly from the magic item creation section in chapter 15 of the Core Rulebook:

Note that all items have prerequisites in their descriptions.
These prerequisites must be met for the item to be created.
Most of the time, they take the form of spells that must be
known by the item’s creator (although access through another
magic item or spellcaster is allowed). The DC to create a
magic item increases by +5 for each prerequisite the caster
does not meet. The only exception to this is the requisite item
creation feat, which is mandatory. In addition, you cannot
create potions, spell-trigger, or spell-completion magic items
without meeting their spell prerequisites.

It looks like you are on the verge of qualifying for the Eldritch Knight prestige class, and when I initially saw your class breakdown, I thought that might be where you were going with your character.

From my perspective, I would say that if you wanted to create a gish, you invested too heavily into your casting stat and not enough into your physical stat, either dex or str. I do also question choosing a merfolk with a base movement speed of 5 on land for an all land adventure path...

What spells do you use for crowd control? What party buff spells do you use? At level 9, you will have access to 3rd level spells, i.e. haste, which will dramatically change combat for your party.

If your role in the party is to be support, maneuver yourself to always flank someone, buff your party members to enhance their fighting capabilities, and think about spells such as grease to web for battlefield control.

Ryan Freire wrote:

Because a character like this one levelling up would likely die from being undergeared and need to spend wealth to be resurrected before accumulating 30k all at once.

...So your argument is a "what if"? That doesn't make much sense.

Suggesting a player "can't" do something because something else is "likely" to occur is...I'll let you fill in the blank.

That's a strawman argument.

Congrats! It's tough to get through an entire campaign.

We've only completed RotR, but man what a trip. I think it took us almost four years. We're currently floundering through Second Darkness, not sure if this one will go...

Meirril wrote:

Ok, the short version of the argument. Lets say the character in question has all of his bonuses and Terrain Dominance pointed at Mountains. You enter a forest, where you are fighting Ents. You cast Terrain Bond, which makes you treat the forest as a Mountain. Which mean you get all of your skill bonuses here. This Forest is a Mountain as far as you are concerned.

But it only changes the Terrain. It doesn't change where the Ents come from. That is still Forest. Just because you treat the forest as a mountain it doesn't apply to CREATURES in it, and it doesn't change their origin to Mountain where all of your bonuses are.

Terrain Bond wrote:

You call upon the spirits of nature to help you adapt to your environment. You treat the terrain you are in as your most favored terrain until this spell ends.

Good point Meirril. After some rest (a little sleep deprived) I agree with you and you are correct. My mistake.

Must have misread/misunderstood what you had written.

Balkoth wrote:

"Terrain Dominance: At 3rd level, a horizon walker learns total dominance over one terrain he has already selected for terrain mastery. When dealing with creatures native to that terrain, the horizon walker treats his favored terrain bonus for that terrain as a favored enemy bonus (as the ranger class feature) against those creatures.This bonus overlaps (does not stack with) bonuses gained when fighting a favored enemy."

A level 13 character joined a game I'm playing in saying he had +20 AB/damage against creatures native to every single terrain he has favored terrain in due to some combination of wands/multi-classing.

Is this indeed possible? Seems insane.

The highest bonus he could attain with gear mentioned above and being 13th level is +14.

Any additional bonuses would have to come from BAB, STR/DEX, buffs, and equipment. The ceiling could be quite high, easily mid +30s to hit and high +30s/low +40s to damage/hit.

This could apply to all domains if he can get scroll/wand of 4th level ranger spell: Terrain Bond, which is quite a powerful combo.

Meirril wrote:

The Rogue talent doesn't give a bonus to Favored Terrain (other than the inherent +2 for the selected). The Ranger one doesn't give a bonus to any Favored Terrain (other than the inherent +2) until you get to 8th level so it is out of consideration.

The one from Horizon Walker does give the +2 bonus to any of the favored terrains you know, and the one you just picked is valid for the increase. Obviously our player here wants to stack them all on one class. He gains 5 Favored Terrain as a 7th level Horizon Walker so that could be stacked on any of his +2 terrains for a total bonus of +12.

So for the sake of argument lets say our Horizon Walker has all of his bonuses stacked into Favored Terrain: Urban +12. He also spends 2,400gp and picks up Boots of Friendly Terrain to pump that Urban bonus by another +2 to +14 total. So all of our Horizon Walker's other Favored Terrains have a bonus of +2, just the default.

He picks up 3 Terrain Masteries. Urban, Underground and lets say Desert. Because why not?

He picks 2 Terrain Dominance. Urban because that is the entire build, and Underground because he's an adventurer, right? Terrain Dominance is the ability that gives him Favored Enemy bonuses against natives to the terrain picked.

So when he's adventuring in the Jungle he casts Terrain Bond which means as far as Favored Terrain is concerned he's in Urban terrain. Great. +12 to do skill stuff. But that is all he gets. He doesn't have Terrain Dominance Jungle. Now if this was a Dungeon or a Ruin or a City inside of a Jungle then either Terrain Dominance Urban or Underground would cover him. But if its just a Jungle, or anything not those 2 types...the spell doesn't change them at all.

That Horrison Walker can be extremely annoying, but its not foolproof. In a dungeon or a city he'd be unstoppable, but outside of there? Not really.

Oh wait. Native to the terrain. Unless the creatures in the Jungle Dungeon are native to Dungeons they don't qualify for the bonus. It doesn't really matter what...

Seems like faulty logic to me. Once Terrain Bond is cast, whatever terrain the Horizon Walker is in becomes his highest favored terrain, which in turn means all effects, such as terrain dominance FE bonuses to creatures native to that terrain apply, along with terrain mastery bonuses.

The reason this is so is because terrain mastery and dominance are both bonuses to favored terrain.

Magic. Ain't it a magical thing?

Taja the Barbarian wrote:
Psycho Mantys wrote:


I recommend straight paladin, something like:

Human paladin 4 (God: Desna)
1) Noble Scion(War) and (fey Foundling or Alternate Racial Trait(Focused Study) or power attack or piiranha strike)
3) Divine Fighting Technique(Way of the Shooting Star)

Use a Starknife and a buckler.

Desna is Chaotic: Paladin's can't worship her...
Gray Paladin wrote:
Alignment: A gray paladin can be lawful good, lawful neutral, or neutral good, though she must still follow a lawful good, neutral good, or lawful neutral deity.

Maybe I'm confused (as I often am), but I can't find anything that requires paladins to even worship a deity, much less a LG one.

Can you site a rule?

They can always try...

For solo play, I've personally been a fan of 2 rogue/X ranger with an animal companion.

All the skills you'd ever want, flanking with companion, Favored Enemy and terrain, evasion...and the list goes on.

Tougher than an inquisitor, able to use healing wands, and eventually some great buff/utility spells.

*crosses fingers for wave two...

Val'bryn2 wrote:
I stand by my belief that Batman would be about 6-9th level. He's famous, but he's really only a regional hero, staying in Gotham. According to the Gamemastery Guide, a regional influence would be between levels 1-6. Bruce Lee would be about level 6, 7 at most, because it's actually been shown that a real-world person is low level, with 6th level being the equivalent of an Olympic level athlete. And Batman is described as Olympic level, not superhuman.

That may be true in game terms, but keep in mind that Bruce Lee fought a grand master (a 10th degree blackbelt), Wong Jack Man.

6th level? Sounds fishy.

Blackbelts are heavily restricted when it comes to sparring other combatants because of the lethality and dangerous nature of their martial abilities. They have to restrict what strikes can be used, and upon reaching 3rd degree, are most often not allowed to spar others, even those of the same rank, because of their lethal martial prowess.

Even in the Olympics, they don't allow for full-contact martial arts competitions. They are all floor routines, non-contact, form and balance, etc.

Hardly a good estimation of ones true martial ability.

Additionally, Batman's martial prowess may be that of an Olympic athlete, however, that's just one facet of his skill set.

Know any 6th level characters with unlimited wealth?

Rhedyn wrote:

The important part of the Batman is perfectly captured by the wizard class.

1. Exponential increase in strength with prep time.

2. Nearly unlimited money.

3. Smarter than everyone else in the party.

And hey, a level 8 wizard would beat Bruce Lee in a fist fight.

Bruce Lee! Are you nuckin futs?!

If we are translating heroic figures into the Pathfinder world...

Bruce Lee would be a high level monk. An 8th lvl wizard would get crushed.

Wizards have nearly unlimited money simply by being a wizard???

In what world?

The ONLY thing a wizard has in common with Batman is #1.

The entire post is based upon the premise that recommending a wizard to emulate the Pathfinder version of Batman is a bad idea. It creates a character that somewhat, and poorly at that, emulates what Batman can do. But it's very clearly something else.

There is no magic to Batman. Everything he uses is a constructed item that his preparation and planning adapt to overcome whatever obstacles he faces.

If you were to insert that both characters in the same world, they would either be different super heroes, or completely different classes with different skill sets.

wraithstrike wrote:
Melkiador wrote:

There’s more to the code.

Additionally, a paladin's code requires that she respect legitimate authority, act with honor (not lying, not cheating, not using poison, and so forth), help those in need (provided they do not use the help for evil or chaotic ends), and punish those who harm or threaten innocents.
If you are breaking the laws of a legitimate authority, then you aren’t respecting it.

Legitimate is subjective so we're still back to GM Fiat, and nothings says the rest of the code can make you fall, which is why I didn't print it.

As long as you've seen me post here you already knew that I was aware of the rest of the code.

So back to the main point. Paladins break laws, and the person(aka Meirril) I was responding to never called out legitimate laws.

With that being said we all know that no matter if the area is being ruled by a good or bad person the PC's often murder people without permission from the local government.

Are they doing a good thing most of the time?

I'd say yes.

Are they still breaking the law?


Can this law be in the area that is governed by a good ruler?


Therefore some paladins break laws.

That's an odd argument. Rooting out evil in the name of justice is not murder.

You appear to be applying USA(or any other modern country) law to the Pathfinder setting. If PC's are being murder hobos, and actually murdering people, and NOT defending their lives or ending the life of an evil being (which is not murder in game sense), then it doesn't matter if laws are being broken or not as the party members are acting in an evil fashion.

Additionally, in the sense of breaking and entering, which Batman does all the time, this would violate the paladin code every single time there was no probable cause for doing so, i.e FIRE! Hearing someone screaming for help, etc. A paladin can't just break into places to investigate rumors, search for clues, or anything else for that matter, outside of special circumstances.

So no. Batman cannot, in any way shape or form be both a paladin and Batman simultaneously.

Can a paladin break the law? Absolutely! Only under the right circumstances.

Is killing an evil person who attacks you murder? Ummm...never. Ever.

My problem with suggesting the wizard class for Batman is martial prowess.

Can a wizard, or any other 1/2 BAB class, even with the help of magic, approach the martial ability displayed by Batman?

Never in a million years. Not without some serious dips, but then he wouldn't be a wizard then, would he.

Can wizards emulate some of the things Batman is capable of? Sure.

But if one wanted to make Batman, choosing wizard would only handicap you, and in the end, would only end up with another Dr. Strange.

"It's really simple to understand: Monk shouldn't equal martial artist.

A dude who does kung fu is not a Monk. He should be a Fighter.

A Monk is someone who combines a martial fighting style, which may be an art, with a mystical bent, at least from my POV.

And on martial arts that don't require discipline, I'd say that's all of them. Anyone can learn the basics of a martial art and apply them in many ways.

Some people are particularly good at it because they have good builds.

Some people have great reflexes.

Some people can take more rigurous training.

Some people are quick-witted and have a knack for on-the-fly combat decisions.

Some people are well-centered and disciplined.

Some people are able to slog forward out of sheer force of will and confidence.

So yeah, I can see a lot of venues for it."

All of these "examples" are all fallacies.

To suggest that because someone has "good reflexes", or have any one of the other attributes that are mentioned, would make them a good unarmed combatant is foolish, at best.

I've played sports. I've trained in martial arts. After 40 years of participating in such activities, it takes a whole lot more than physical ability to succeed and in many cases be considered competent in such activities.

It takes discipline. Without that, there are knowledge gaps, sloppy technique, and a lot of talk that cannot be backed up.

So to suggest that because a person has some skill or ability does not add up to an expert in an area.

Tholomyes wrote:
WatersLethe wrote:

By all means, I want Paizo to move firmly away from the mistake of [X Fighting Style] = [Y Class]. Just as I don't believe a gun wielder should be forced to play a Gunslinger, I don't think an unarmed striker should be forced to play a Monk.

That being said, I sincerely do not mind if Monks come with unarmed proficiency built in; it should just be readily available in other classes as well, particularly the Fighter. In the same vein, other classes should have access to means of utilizing weapons with "Monk" special property.

That's probably my stance as well. I think someone who decides to be good at unarmed combat, who chooses to be a class other than Monk, should be as good at unarmed combat as a monk, but monks should be the ones to get that without choosing it as an archetype (so long as it's also possible to create monks that can use weapons, especially outside of the almost universally asian-flavored "monk" weapons. Give me my Shelyn worshiping Flurry of Glaive monk already.)

This thought process confuses me...

If one were to compare real-world unarmed combat vs a martial artist (i.e. the monk) a boxer, while fantastic at unarmed combat, would get wrecked by a martial artist. Flat out wrecked.

Is there a real-world unarmed martial art that does not require discipline (think wisdom) or judicial use of force (think law and wisdom)?

Most of this game is in some way founded in real-world legend and lore, so I guess to me, how the monk has been implemented mostly makes sense. I do however feel that monks should have a larger weapon list, and monks should have access to all oriental weapons, including exotic, as simple and martial weapons.

I somewhat agree with these points, but also disagree.

Maybe it's just my opinion, but when I think about the monk, three things come to mind: wisdom/self-discipline, unarmed combat mastery, and lots and lots of weapons.

I would be in favor of a monk being treated similar to the ranger, in which they would get to choose to specialize in either unarmed combat or be a weapons master-type.

They would still be able to use the opposing style, but for instance, an unarmed combat monk would have access only to the basic monk weapons, whereas the weapons master-type would have access to all oriental weapons as simple or martial weapons, but their unarmed combat damage would scale at a slower rate, say increasing every 5 levels (or more) instead of every 3.

I think the class abilities that are mystic in nature should remain the same with both combat styles, but the available combat bonus feats should focus more on the individual styles.

I also feel that monks should continue to be wisdom based for their mystic dc's, unless there are specific archetypes (or whatever similar system that will be implemented), for the reason that monks seek "enlightenment" (good/neutral), or they seek power(evil/neutral). To me, this screams wisdom or strength.

For those that seek strength, they should get alternate mystic powers that are maybe damage dealing more than they are debilitating, but I'm not sure what stat would be appropriate to determine dc's for those mystic abilities.

Monks are awesome and intrinsic to the game. However they implement them, should be good.

Just my 2cp

blahpers wrote:
Soulgear wrote:

I think it's more a matter of preference, or what you want to get out of your EK.

Wizard/x class allows you to get early entry into EK, either by taking the Scryer specialty school, which gets clairaudience/clairvoyance class ability at lvl 1, or choosing Aasimar and using the spell-like ability daylight to qualify for casting 3rd lvl spells.

Sorc/paly into EK has the potential to give you higher/better saves.

The other classes could only qualify for early entry through Aasimar as they have a slower caster progression (except for witch and arcanist).

It would be awesome if EK had synergy with the casting class as many later prestige classes have...it just never got a reboot.

Those early entry tricks don't work anymore.

Dang man! Eldritch Knights breaking the game! Nerf bat! STAT!

This is more than kinda rediculous... EK may be the weakest of all prestige classes, certainly one of the oldest, and needs a complete rework IMO.

Think I'll ignore this updated errata for home games.

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