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Hi, thank you for your guide. I know you haven't posted builds but check this one. Overall, I think the Dread vanguard is an interesting archetype.

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I would definitely read a new Antipaladin guide

IluzryMage wrote:
So nothing in the item description seems to specifically say arcane spells...just that its only useful to arcane spellcasters. Moreover, we know that you can cast any spell so long as you know it and its on your spellcasting list, which this ring does. So...idk seems like a silly raw thing but hey if you can find something for me that says it only arcane spells, I'll take it.

Actually it specifically says "Arcane spells" in the last paragraph...

IluzryMage wrote:
Also I have because transmutation spells include A LOT of great buffs. Moreoever, you CAN cast so long as the form you take a.) has limbs to perform somatic components and B.) can speak A language to perform verbal components, so elemental body, Form of the Dragon, Fey for, Undead Anatomy, Monsterous Physique??? All of those spells fly and you can still cast in those forms.

That's good news, especially Elemental Body. But if I were a Razmiran Priest, I would need a False Focus to cast...

Hi, thank you for your guide!

First, just a point of detail: a Ring of spell knowledge works only on arcane spells.

Then a question. You have rated the Shapechanger bloodline pretty high, notably for its amazing 3-rd level power. Now, polymorphing is good for utility, but if you're in beast or elemental form you can't cast as far as I know (unless you have Silent and Still Spell). And then I was looking at Razmiran Priest, so someone who can UMD. Any ideas or I should just dismiss the polymorph spells?

Belafon wrote:

a) Any cleric spell or any spell from the two domains he has access to that day. (And that he is a high enough level to cast).

b) As many as you want and your GM allows. Most neck slot items only do one thing, like an amulet of natural armor. If you want to make it an amulet of natural armor and an amulet of mighty fists, you’ll need your GM’s permission (and someone to double-check your math on costs).

Thank you very much! On a), I thought he could cast any spell from any domain and subdomain of his deity...

An ecclesitheurge gains a Bonded Holy Symbol:

At 3rd level, an ecclesitheurge forms a powerful bond with a holy symbol of his deity, which functions identically to a wizard’s bonded object except it can be used to cast cleric and domain spells (instead of wizard spells) and the ecclesitheurge can grant his bonded holy symbol only magic abilities appropriate for a holy symbol or a neck slot item. As with a wizard’s bonded item, an ecclesitheurge can add additional magic abilities to his bonded holy symbol as if he had the required item creation feat (typically Craft Wondrous Item), provided he meets the feat’s level prerequisites.

Two questions.

a) Can an ecclesitheurge cast through his Bonded Holy Symbol any domain spell that his deity provides (he has potentially access to all the domains) or only those he prepares?

b) How many magic abilities can be added to his Bonded Holy Symbol?

Artofregicide wrote:

This sounds like an evil party, but I digress.

It's a really neat built, and I strongly approve. Not a lot on the way of suggestions, sadly.

Thank you very much for your feedback!

Lemartes wrote:

I like how your ID is Soul Devourer and you're playing this build. ;)

Easily one of my favourite familiars. :)

Yeah, I actually shortly played a Soul Eater PrC in 3.5 over a decade ago, and have been wanting to play something similar ever since. Too bad Pathfinder nerfed level drain, or the Soul Drinker wouldn't be a bad option :)

Artofregicide wrote:

Are the other players cool with this super evil character, who apparently wants to bully their neutral characters into allowing him to be openly super evil?

If so, cool. If not...

I was actually planning to ask collaboration to the druid on an agenda against agriculture :)

Of course, I would not bring such a character to the table without first consulting the DM and every player

Reduxist wrote:
Also, how would you proc attacks of opportunity frequently for Combat Reflexes?

Thank you very much for your reply and advice! Horsechopper is a reach weapon (and I get it via a trait), so that should provoke AOOs even before getting Righteous Might

Yeah, I guess I will take skill points from FCB.

Noone can give me some advice?

Here's Trelmarixian

Please critique my PC and suggest possible developments. The idea is to have a reach and "bad touch" Cleric, who is capable at melee, but will eventually become more of a caster. He will collect the souls of his enemies (via his familiar and Talisman of soul eating) and then sell the Soul gems to summoned planar allies. He will need Intimidate also because the other PCs (a Wolf Shaman Druid with a wolf companion and a Rogue) are Neutral, but he'll be the most proficient in melee and thus an asset to the group.
Tiefling (Oni-spawn) Cleric (Fiendish Vessel) 8
NE Deity: Trelmarixian
Init +3
AC 19, touch 13, flat-footed 16 (+6 elven chain, +3 Dex)
hp not yet rolled, hope many! (8+7d8)
Fort +8, Ref +5, Will +11
Speed 30 ft.
Melee Horsechopper +1 conductive +7/+2 (1d12+7/*2) or morning star +1 conductive +7/+2 (1d8+7/*2)
Special Attacks
Channel Evil (Su) 4d4 (DC 19) 3 per day (for self-healing)

Statistics (rolled)
Str 18 
Dex 16
Con 15
Int 14
Wis 18 (20 Headband +2)
Cha 11

Base Atk +6/+1; CMB +10; CMD 22

Feats: Scribe Scroll, Combat Reflexes, Combat Casting, Power Attack
Traits: Fates's favored, Heirloom Weapon (Horsechopper)

Skills Acrobatics +2, Bluff +3, Concentration +13, Escape Artist +2, Climb +3, Disguise +5, Intimidate +11, Knowledge (arcana) +6, Knowledge (history) +6,  Knowledge (planes) +6, Knowledge (religion) +6, Heal +9, Fly +2, Perception + 18, Ride +2, Sense Motive +9, Spellcraft +13, Stealth +2, Survival +5, Swim +3

Special Abilities
Touch of Evil (Sp): You can cause a creature to become sickened as a melee touch attack. Creatures sickened by your touch count as good for the purposes of spells with the evil descriptor. This ability lasts for a number of rounds equal to 1/2 your cleric level (minimum 1). You can use this ability a number of times per day equal to 3 + your Wisdom modifier.
Vision of Madness (Sp): You can give a creature a vision of madness as a melee touch attack. Choose one of the following: attack rolls, saving throws, or skill checks. The target receives a bonus to the chosen rolls equal to ½ your cleric level (minimum +1) and a penalty to the other two types of rolls equal to ½ your cleric level (minimum –1). This effect fades after 3 rounds. You can use this ability a number of times per day equal to 3 + your Wisdom modifier.
Aura of Madness (Su): At 8th level, you can emit a 30-foot aura of madness for a number of rounds per day equal to your cleric level. Enemies within this aura are affected by confusion unless they make a Will save with a DC equal to 10 + ½ your Cleric level + your Wisdom modifier. The confusion effect ends immediately when the creature leaves the area or the aura expires. Creatures that succeed on their saving throw are immune to this aura for 24 hours. These rounds do not need to be consecutive.
Whispering Evil (Su): At 8th level, as a standard action, you can whisper a hypnotizing litany of empty promises. Each enemy within a 30-foot emanation that can hear you must succeed on a Will saving throw or become fascinated for as long as you continue the litany. You can use this power a number of rounds per day equal to your cleric level, but these rounds do not need to be consecutive. This is a mind-affecting effect.

Magic Items
Headband of Inspired Wisdom +2 
Circlet of Persuasion Eyes of the eagle 
Talisman of soul eating 

FamiliarCacodaemon adjusted for a familiar

For further feats I was thinking about Cunning or Intimidating Prowess at 9th level and Divine interference at 11th. We do advance very slowly, so that's it for the moment. Is Power Attack necessary? And by the way I haven't assigned FCB as yet. Tiefling Cleric can "add a +1 bonus on caster level checks made to overcome the spell resistance of outsiders". Seems cool, but don't know how much I'll use it (Planar Allies don't get SR, so maybe I'll go for skills if I've got enough HP).

Thank you in advance!

Gray Warden wrote:
In a home game, you could also pick Prestigious Spellcaster, which gives you back the lost caster level/spell progression. However this is hardly necessary.

I was under the impression that Prestigious Spellcaster RAW did not work with Evangelist, since "The Prestigious Spellcaster feat does not have any effect if your favored prestige class does not have the spells per day class feature"

Wildmonsters wrote:

Herm...Id assume that it would be your souldrinker lvl's plus any other lvl's of a class that grants a Familiar

and the fact that the souldrinker's cacodaemon is as if improved Familiar

Actually, the fact that it is as if Improved Familiar could mean that you are 7th level for that purpose, since normally you should be 7-th level to gain a cacodaemon...

Sorry for the thread Necro...

Xenocrat wrote:
Since no duration is listed, I'd say you can use it as much as you want per day, but the effects only last while the horse is actually occupying the space of an enemy. That's workable and balanced.

Ah, I see. I thought it was a permanent effect

So here goes Charon's second boon for sentinels:

On a Pale Horse (Su): You gain the ability to invoke the power of the Pale Horse. As a swift action, you cause a flickering image of the Pale Horse to appear in a 10-foot square adjacent to you. It then moves up to 120 feet as you mentally direct its movement (doing so is a move action that requires concentration). The image of the Pale Horse ignores difficult terrain and can walk over water or other surfaces that would normally not bear a creature’s weight, but it cannot fly. Any creature whose space the image of the Pale Horse passes through must succeed at a Fortitude save or take a –6 penalty to Strength, Dexterity, and Constitution, as if it had suddenly aged to become venerable. Creatures (like dragons) that normally gain benefits from aging do not gain any benefits, and they instead take the ability score penalties described above. These penalties do not stack with themselves or with existing penalties from aging. A creature can resist the effects of the Pale Horse with a successful Fortitude save (DC = 10 + half your Hit Dice + your Charisma modifier). A creature can be affected by the Pale Horse only once per round, regardless of how many times the Pale Horse moves through its space. This is an aging curse effect.

My question is: as there is no mentioning of a limited use per day, is it an at will power? If so, is it not OP (it comes at 13th or 16th level, levels which admittedly I am not familiar with)? Yes, it is limited by concentration, but you could simply "turn it on" whenever you like by spending a swift action.

Atalius wrote:
Gorbacz wrote:
Trickery is good, but the extra skills are kind of wasted due to Cleric's 2+Int skill points. Unless you're going for some multiclass/PrC combo that yields you more skill points, that is. But copycat is always amazing and the extra spells are spiffy.
Sorry im noob, which extra skill points are you referring to?

Trickery domain gives you 3 new class skills, not skill points.

Atalius wrote:
Id like to have full access to the wizard spell list and be able to cast cleric spells (like the shaman can through arcane enlightenment for wizard spells and human favored class bonus for cleric spells). Is there anything that offers that?

There's the Razmiran Priest or False Priest

Dave Justus wrote:

Personally, I'd rather have a familiar than a broken wayfinder bonded object, and spirit animals are a little better than regular familiars.

The other trades seems more balanced, but I don't think they are quite as good as what the original had.

Thank you very much for your opinion! I don't mind the bonded object but I can see your point. Never having played a Shaman, I cannot figure out if it loses both in power and flexibility.

Ventnor wrote:
The Waves spirit would also be an interesting pick because of the Fluid Magic Hex and the way it interacts with the Pathfinders Past (Spells) feature.

Thank you very much for your reply! Indeed, preparing two "spirit lists" in your regular slot seems quite powerful. Maybe worth giving up Arcane Enlightenment. I'll try to figure out the best spirits to pick in this case. I don't know about Swords... Looks like when you adventure, either you rely on combat or on spells. It is true that the Shaman offers also Hexes which can interact well with both

This link shows the archetype better

I should probably mention my rolls 16,15,15,15,14,13 and the fact that we could start at about level 6 and go on quite slowly. But I was looking primarily for more general advice on the archetype.

I found the Name-Keeper Shaman archetype very intriguing, but I've seen no comments here in the forums. Is it worth it? You lose Wandering Spirit and Hex. Guess it could be very beneficial to a melee Shaman with the Battle spirit. What about casters? Which spirit (and then spirits) would be recommended? Would a gish build be possible/recommended? I do play home games, guess could have an 18 in two stats with Dual Talent

doc roc wrote:
An enhanced Wizards Hook + Lunging Spell Touch is a far better option. Keeps you hitting touch AC with a nice bonus, Plus you dont have to burn 2 uses each time.

As far as I can understand, they both deliver only spells, not Spell-Like Abilities. Or am I mistaken?

I remember someone suggesting having a "recharge" time of 1d4-1 rounds (or 1d4 if the Witch has Accursed Hex). I think it's fair, but an HD cap seems easier and it is supported by the optional rules.

There's the Fiendish Vessel archetype

Atalius wrote:
wow pretty epic, I wish Witches had Aura of Doom :(

They do get Vision of Hell though

Louise Bishop wrote:

Your still a beginner and I think the witch is perfect for you cause you get Unlimited Hex use to fall back on. You also get to experience playing a prepared caster and get to start experimenting with spells to see what works and what doesn't. Prepared casters do take some system mastery and good game play to pilot well.

You will be able to pilot the witch class better because it is more user-friendly in its abilities. While it still is super powerful and a top tier class in its own right.

I second this great piece of advice, having had the experience of playing a Witch as my first Pathfinder character and a Wizard as the second. If you really look for more spells from the Sorcerer/Wizard spell list than those you have in your own list and Patron, invest in UMD and/or play a Wayang and get one more every level!

supervillan wrote:

Spells known are relatively cheap for a prepared caster - much cheaper than feats.

The norm is that you purchase access from a fellow class member (NPC) who has the spell you want. This access costs half the cost of scribing the spell into a spellbook (if you had to do that). In the case of a witch, this cost is payable to get an NPC witch to agree to its familiar teaching your familiar a spell. This cost is (10gp * (spell level^2))/2

A witch can also learn a new spell via scroll, but this destroys the scroll.

The limiting factor here is how much your GM controls access to new spells and the NPCs who could teach them.

prd link for witch, see "adding spells to witch's familiar"

See also adding spells to a wizard's spellbook for cost information.

If you're looking for new spells without paying, some Favored Class Options let you pick an additional spell when you level up. If you're a Human, for example, but most notably if you're a Wayang, who can get it from the Sorcerer/Wizard spell list.

I am not sure, but I think that, as an Invoker, you cannot get Extra Hex until level 3.

Keep Calm and Carrion wrote:
The key to building a Souldrinker is a conductive weapon. Build yourself a melee cleric, probably of Szuriel, and at 7th level (5 cleric plus 2 souldrinker), bestow a negative level every melee attack through your conductive weapon. Reach clerics, which let you cast then melee with AoOs, are generally solid.

I see, as a 2-level dip for a melee Cleric. In this case your soul pool will be pretty limited, though. On the other hand, if you stay a Souldrinker you lose too much in your BAB...

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Lady-J wrote:
none, however if a prestige class must be chosen i would say soul eater

I find Soul Eater/Souldrinker really fascinating, but I could not build a viable Cleric with this PrC. Would you mind sharing some details if you have a build? It is going to be revised soon, but I am not sure if it will be more viable...

Atalius wrote:
Hi all, was wondering if I could get some opinions on great dexterity debuffs for a witch at any level, an example of one would be Touch of Gracelessness (its a wizard spell unfortunately but you get what I mean).

A pretty good 3rd level spell is Ray of Exhaustion. It is single target, though.

At the same level, Thorny Entanglement might be an effective AoE.

On the other hand, I would skip these two:

2nd Pox pustules

3rd Excruciating deformation

I cannot find the thread about your character's race, so I am posting here. Maybe you're already set or your GM wouldn't let you play an uncommon race, but Wayang seems to me very interesting. FCB is just awesome and abilities fit.

Atalius wrote:
Just a couple questions, are there any spells for Witches which paralyze with a melee touch attack like Ghoul Touch?

Well, Witches get Hold Person which is arguably better for humanoids...

Atalius wrote:
I like pragmatic activator a lot, but I guess a wand keyring would do the job eventually.

Actually, a Wand Key Ring works just for one specific spell.

As for an Improved Familiar using a wand of Ill-Omen, I know it is a popular and surely very effective tactic. As a Witch, though, I wouldn't want my familiar to get involved in the fight in any manner.

Atalius wrote:
You make a valid point, not sure why your the first guy I've come across that has recommended that. Most say to get the hex.

Misfortune is a great hex, but of course it is a matter of personal choice, including how much do you intend/are allowed to Cackle. It affects all d20 rolls and it is the only offensive hex which is not mind-affecting. Ill Omen is, on the contrary, mind affecting, as most of your spells and hexes, but of course is amazing for a 1st level spell... For another similar effect to Misfortune, you might check also the 3rd level spell Accursed Glare. It has a big drawback - a casting time of 1 round - but it works 1 day/level (overkill?), it affects attack rolls and saving throws, it is a necromancy spell (not mind-affecting, and you might want Spell Focus: necromancy). Of course, the latter's DC doesn't scale with level, if you don't heighten the spell. All in all, you might have better uses for a 3rd level spell slot...

bitter lily wrote:

I'm no expert, but I claim to possess common sense.

And the last bolded paragraph seems to be very explicit (albeit odd to my ears). All living creatures would be affected by additional damage, regardless of their alignment. I therefore don't know why you even list (a).

And since that paragraph totally ignores sickening for good living creatures, I think it's clear that the first sentence rules. "For the purposes of feats that affect channel energy, this ability counts as channeling negative energy." Does ordinary Channel Smite when channeling negative energy award sickening? No? Then how could you possibly justify (c)?

I think you're getting (b) as a RAW gift, and should be happy with it. (And with rules that are inordinately clear and easy to interpret!)

Thanks very much for your reply. Well, first of all, English is not my mother tongue, so help is always appreciated :)

Yes, the specific example is mentioned, but I am not familiar with Channel Energy in general and with Channel Smite in particular. I can agree that a) is not really an option, but the sentence "to determine the damage-dealing potential of the affected ability" made me think that even c) is possible. After all, Channel Smite works with Variant Channeling for the purposes of other effects.


"Channel Evil (Su)

At 1st level, a fiendish vessel, rather than channeling positive or negative energy, instead channels the pure evil power of her fiendish patron. This ability is similar to channeling negative energy, but instead of healing undead and dealing damage to living creatures, this blast of evil energy automatically heals evil creatures and debilitates good creatures within its burst.

Channeling this evil causes a burst that affects all creatures in a 30-foot radius centered on the fiendish vessel. In the case of evil creatures, the amount of damage healed is equal to 1d4 points of damage and increases by 1d4 at every two levels beyond 1st (to a maximum of 10d4 at 19th level). Good creatures in the burst receive a Will saving throw to negate this damage. Good creatures that fail their saving throws are sickened for 1d4 rounds. Good creatures with a number of Hit Dice less than or equal to the fiendish vessel’s class level – 5 that fail their saving throws are nauseated for 1 round and then sickened for 1d4 rounds instead. The DC of this save is equal to 10 + 1/2 the fiendish vessel’s level + the fiendish vessel’s Charisma bonus. Neutral creatures are unaffected by this burst of evil energy...

For the purposes of feats that affect channel energy, this ability counts as channeling negative energy. If the feat changes the way the fiendish vessel channels or deals damage with her channeling, use the amount of damage this ability heals evil creatures to determine the damage-dealing potential of the affected ability. For instance, if a 5th-level fiendish vessel takes the Channel Smite feat, her channeling deals an additional 3d4 points of damage to living creatures on a successful hit (though they may save to negate the damage).

This ability replaces channel energy."

Now, despite the paragraph with an explanation, it is not really clear to me how Channel Smite interacts with this ability in the case of good or neutral living creatures. If they were hit by an attack with channel smite and failed their save, would they be:

a) Not affected at all.
b) Affected by the damage, but not by the sickening effect.
c) Affected both by the damage and the sickening effect.

Thank you very much in advance for your answers.

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UnArcaneElection wrote:
Judging by the (common) use of this ability in real life on Earth(*), it takes all of each round

Well, I am not sure whether it takes more than a standard action in real life, what I can see is more and more people failing their saves...

Thank you very much for your replies!

So, it looks like it could be a standard action to maintain - definitely not of much use in combat. In this case, however, you are in fact reusing the ability every round, and this raises the questions of new saving throws. Those already affected shouldn't benefit from a new one, as they are "fascinated for as long as you continue the litany". But then every creature entering the area, as well as those that made their save previously but remain in the area, should make a saving throw?

Side questions. Now let's look at the wording of the fascinated condition

A fascinated creature is entranced by a supernatural or spell effect. The creature stands or sits quietly, taking no actions other than to pay attention to the fascinating effect, for as long as the effect lasts. It takes a –4 penalty on skill checks made as reactions, such as Perception checks. Any potential threat, such as a hostile creature approaching, allows the fascinated creature a new saving throw against the fascinating effect. Any obvious threat, such as someone drawing a weapon, casting a spell, or aiming a ranged weapon at the fascinated creature, automatically breaks the effect. A fascinated creature’s ally may shake it free of the spell as a standard action.

It seems reasonable that all the bolded text applies to this ability.

So, fascinated enemies are less likely to hear your litany, thus reinforcing the aura/emanation interpretation about range.

And if I am reading it right this ability is very tricky to use in combat, also because you count as an hostile creature as far as I can see, so you risk breaking the spell if you approach.
Finally, am I understanding right that the first two activities described in italics ("drawing a weapon, casting a spell") do break the spell in any case, as opposed to "aiming a ranged weapon", that breaks it only if targeted "at the fascinated creature"? This would mean you could have problems defending yourself from other creatures if you try to maintain the effect, not to speak of your allies' actions...

Is someone familiar with this particular case or could just help with the interpretation? Is there a way to use this power effectively in a combat situation?

Sorry but English is not my mother tongue.
Thank you in advance

Whispering Evil (Su): At 8th level, as a standard action, you can whisper a hypnotizing litany of empty promises. Each enemy within a 30-foot emanation that can hear you must succeed on a Will saving throw or become fascinated for as long as you continue the litany. You can use this power a number of rounds per day equal to your cleric level, but these rounds do not need to be consecutive. This is a mind-affecting effect.

Now, it is worded as an emanation and not as an aura centered on yourself, like other cleric domain powers. Maybe treating it as an aura would be simpler. That would mean, if I am not mistaken (I cannot find the relevant reference):
-Centered on yourself
-Free action to maintain and dismiss
-Enemies that enter the aura have to save, enemies that exit from it are no longer concerned by it

Oher possible interpretations:
-Emanation is centered on the original point (where you activated the ability)
-Other actions needed in order to maintain the ability?
-Range: enemies are fascinated as long as they can hear you, even if they go further than 30 feet

Chess Pwn wrote:
a Shaman's Arcane Enlightenment can be changed each day as long as it's not your main spirit but a wandering spirit.

I think I read in these forums that there is now a tendency to rule against this use of Arcane Enlightenment as a Wandering Hex, arguing that you can change a spell only once per level in any case, and then your selection of spells is set for that level.

Dragonchess Player wrote:
divine paragon of Szuriel

Dragonchess Player, where could one find the boons for the Four Horsemen?

Thanks in advance

Thank you very much for all your feedback and ideas!! :)

I like the flavor of the Witch and am considering playing again one of them as a PC in the future, after a short game where I had a 6-th level Slumber-heavy one. I don't mind its spell list, especially the necromancy and divination stuff. I have considered some other cool archetypes like the Cartomancer and the Bouda. Cartomancer can be even be stacked with Invoker, though I see no obvious sinergy and you really start to lose too many hexes if you combine the two.

My main concern with the witch is action economy: Hexes are great and I like debuffs, but I was considering Arcanist as well and it has more effective spell-casting mechanics (including Potent Magic) and a superior spell list.

I came across the Witch Invoker archetype and was wondering what is the opinion on it, seeing as it is barely discussed in the forums. You lose pretty much, but the benefits seem to me not bad.

Also, which builds could benefit from this archetype? If we exclude a blasting witch who could benefit from Reckoning, I think the standard powers to use in combat should be Curiosity and Bridge. As Curiosity affects only Patron spells DCs, maybe a good choice for a generalist witch could be the Shadow Patron, in order to diversify her spell list.

Thanks in advance for your replies!

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