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I bought several Pathfinder Bundles on Humble Bundle. I discovered several great 3PP there, and got some PDFs I would probably have never bought because they are not my main focus... and finally loved.

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Congratulations to all the winners, and thanks a lot to all these who make this possible: taig, obviously, but all the other generous giver too.
It was a fun game to come see every day!

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Quite the exceptionnal situation on that last roll!
My players would have loved these!

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Oh, so close! Good job avr! I certainly wouldn't have been so fast at chosing a price for myself!

(Also, my name has nothing to do with silver, but with slivers, you know these parasitic creatures from MtG. I can't blame anyone, I also read them as "Silvers" when I discovered them...)

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Oh, I remember this from last year! Always fun to see what the RNGods give us all every morning!

Please count me in, and thanks for organizing this event!

SilvercatMoonpaw wrote:
For me the fact that the only new stuff they added was Goblin and Alchemist just kind of bores me. Truthfully, I think at this point they'd have to change virtually the entire line up of both races/ancestries and classes for me to care about either.

But they aren't really new. The alchemist was a well documented class from a core book (just not THE core rule book). I'll grant you the goblin race was a kind of monster race, and few players cared about it. Now that it's one of the main races, Paizo tells the players that playing a goblin shouldn't be a problem in Golarion: some of them are roaming with groups of human, dwarf and elf adventurers.

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I chose that I wouldn't switch to PF2, that's because I own so much PF1 content (mostly 3PP) that I am even relieved that it will end: At some point I'll be able to say that I own everything I want (which is not yet the case...)

But I love some ideas from PF2. I'll certainly houserule some parts of our PF1 campaigns to add PF2 elements in.

Yeah, HB Pathfinder bundles tend to be excellent both in value and in quantity. And quite cheap!

Same goes for most "mega bundles" you could buy a year ago (or so).

For those wondering: no PDF in this bundle has been sold on HB already. I checked with my collection, didn't own anything, so it was an easy buy for me.

Also, I really like these environment-specific books, which can be good bases for campaign guides if your starting setting is mainly desert, or mountains, etc...

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Congratulations everyone! That's where I drop out, but it was a nice experience!

I can say it now: I fully designed my location (Lawrence's Lists) as a side-quest location because I didn't understand that it should suffice on its own for a whole adventure.

Well, I'll be sure to participate again if Designfinder 2 happens!

(I'll stay around of course... at least to vote for the next rounds, and steal the villains for my campaign...)

I just did my voting, and I have to say it has been a very nice read! Some of the locations gave me adventure ideas immediately, and that is what I valued the most when deciding on my favourites.

I don't always agree with what the judges said, but they don't always agree with each other, so I don't feel too bad about it!

Solid job everyone, I'll go now and prepare a villain... in case I'm part of the new champions. Again I have many ideas, it's going to be hard to choose.

Okay, thanks for the info! I'll be sure to vote wisely, then!

Well, roughly 30 minutes now!^^

I suppose contestants can't vote? Or is it just assumed that we will all put our location in, and the seven other votes will be the interesting ones?

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I created the ghostly bracers.
When reading your comments, I realised I mistakenly used "quick action" instead of "swift action", but that's the kind of mistakes you do when you don't play in english and have to translate everything!

And I fully understand about your decision, 16 items is already a lot to talk about!

(I've just seen there is a subject to discuss about the results... I missed it, sorry!)

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It was a huge surprise for me to wake up this morning to this mail! Glad I'm in the top 16, but I really didn't expect that! I guss I overestimated my item's flaws... (which is natural, maybe?)

I'll take time to read all the winning items, some names are really interesting on their own!

...but I'll have to focus on the next round, as several ideas are competing for my attention, and selecting the best will be crucial.

Congratulations to everyone, even if you have not been selected, I'm sure your items were cool! (Could we have a "almost in" list? I guess it's much work for the judges, but if, in the final debates, you have eliminated some items for some reasons, could we learn about those? I'm sure it would be very interesting.

Thanks! I'll have to find a better prerequisite, then!

I can't find where it says so, but I think I've read about a rule saying we can reference only content from the core rule book, is that right?

So an item requesting a spell from Ultimate Intrigue to create would not be allowed, right?

Or was it that OGL Paizo content was accepted, including UI, but no 3PP?

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I'm going through my Ultimate Equipment to see if my idea doesn't exist yet... but I'll send something soon!

Well thanks, I focused a bit too much on the original message and the first answers...

And the links to the nice pieces of advice are gold! (I've never seen them before, I guess they must be old for some... but still good!)

That's an interesting event! I'll work my mind on an idea for sure...

Am I right to think that the item should be sent in the mail itself, and not as an attached file? (I couldn't find this in the rules...)

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Congratulations to all the winners, and many thanks to all those who gave stuff to them!
I have won a nice little PDF and will read and review it when I'll have time. I hope everyone does the same!

Broken Zenith wrote:
Sliverik wrote:
I know I'm not the only one still waiting for an answer, so I'll just ask: If our pitch has not been selected by Zenith Games, do we get an answer? I thought it would be the case, but several authors have told me they haven't been told anything yet.
I'm not sure that we responded to everybody, but if we haven't responded to you it's a safe bet the pitch wasn't selected. You can always e-mail us to ask.

Okay, thanks for the info!

Broken Zenith wrote:

Zenith Games is looking for Authors for 100 Side Quests

Project Length: Multiple 300 - 500 wrd Side Quests
Pay Rate: $0.01/word

Additional details: Zenith Games looking for 100 half-page side quests. These will be system neutral, and easy to adjust to a wide range of CRs.

Are you a good writer? This is an excellent chance to get published! I'll be accepting any number authors for this, depending on the quality of the pitch.

Pitch: One completed side quest of 300 - 500 words. Writing should be 100% fluff, 0% crunch, and system neutral. Glance over the Top 12 Tips for Writing Adventures for inspiration (though obviously you shouldn't try to include all that in a side-quest). Also send your credits and a writing sample/published product.

Respond to: zenithgames.blog@gmail.com with your name, credits, and pitch. Subject line should be "100 Side Quests Pitch" is the proposed title of the product.

Respond by: September 17th

I know I'm not the only one still waiting for an answer, so I'll just ask: If our pitch has not been selected by Zenith Games, do we get an answer? I thought it would be the case, but several authors have told me they haven't been told anything yet.

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Well What-a-Rogue, thanks a lot! I didn't expect to win anything with such a score, and kept reading... and then I saw your message.

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J4RH34D wrote:
Rysky currently has the highest average at 15 & 2/3, followed closely by Uncle Teddy and John Napier at 15 & 1/3

Well, technically you could say that Sam Cameron-Mckee has the highest average, with 20, since he rolled only once and won!

Unless you consider tie-breaker rolls, which makes him a 16.5, which is still the best.

(But I get that only those who roll till the end count^^)

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The Luck has begun! So close on the first roll, but Lady Chance has favored other players! Congratulations, and to all who got nothing, remember it's not finished!

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Oh, what a nice little RNG contest!
Please count me in, and thanks for the 3PP gifts! It made me discover a small publisher last year, I really enjoyed the PDF I got.

There is the new cartomancer by Purple Duck Games.

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Drejk, and two of mine!!

Anyway, this was a very nice project to work on, and I have to add that the NPC profiles at the end are very interesting!

Many good spell ideas from everyone! I really enjoyed working on this, and hope people will like to use these spells in clever situations!

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This kind of bundle is how I get my 3pp material, now.
The offers are excellent, ans this one is no different.
I've started to read through it, and advanced androids already charmed me. The bestiaries are cool, too!

A must have, even if you own half of the offered PDFs...

and if that is not a succesful necromantic spell used to revive an old discussion, I don't know what it is!

You may be interested in the setting of Victoriana, which is a fantasy-steampunkish-London set in a fantasy version of the world. (Countries and geography are the same, but add in elves, orcs, dwarves and others. Oh, and magic.)


First, I really like the product, so much that I needed to build a time warden NPC for my campaign... and here's the problem:
The aevum ability says it is available at level 5, but it appears at level 4 in the table. Also, it says that it gains new aevum powers and aevum points at levels 9, 13 and 17, but the table says "Aevum" at levels 7, 10, 13, 16 and 19. Which one is correct?

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Thanks for the giveaway and event taig!
I was really pleased with my product, and left a little review!
Thanks to all the publishers who gave away products, that was very generous and made me (and I'm sure I'm not the only one) discover some lines I didn't know about.

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Well, finally the dice roller decided that I would get bad results, and got me a 1.
I'm still over him, as 1 is better than nothing!

(Well, everyone gets something in this raffle, and nobody is a "victim" of the dice roller anyway, so yay!)

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Gerald wrote:
In three days, I've gotten a 1,2, and a 3, not necessarily in that order. How's that for being on a roll!?

Well, that means that IF we would have done 20 rolls, you would be assured to win at the end (or earlier)!

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For the second time now, I roll a 19... and this time, noone got a nat. 20!

Well, I can't be the luckiest, good luck to everyone for the next days!

(And thanks to everyone involved for the giveaway, it's really fun to come every morning to check the rolls!)

Nice job, Jeremy, nice monster! And nice monsters to all finalists for a nice contest!

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So close, with 19! Nice rolls everyone!

And good luck for the next rolls!

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Good job for these monsters, I can imagine myself using some of them in my campaign!

I will look at them more closely before the vote...

Good luck to you five, let the public voice design the winner! (Once the poll is up, that is)

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Adam Daigle wrote:
Lorathorn wrote:
Count me in! I vow to review anything that I may receive.

Good call!

That's a great way to give back. Everyone should do the same. :)

I've never written a review before, but I think that it is the least I can do if I get anything, and you're absolutely right.

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I'm in! And I can just say: good luck to everyone!

Well, now I'm more curious about the two-different-sizes creature...

That's interesting stats!
I did a NE aberration, so I guess it was a pretty... "normal" monster for this theme.

Really want to see that space undead, though.

I've sent a monster as well, good luck to everyone! (Can't wait to see what people have submitted.)

Do you get a confirmation email once you submitted your monster? (Well, I didn't, but my email may bug sometimes...)

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114 - Wondrous: Every time this weapon hits a target successfully, roll a random effect from the Rod of wonder effects table.

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Was really happy to contribute with three monsters to this beauty.

Ideas are excellent, and variety is the key point: They may all be Colossal, you can see creatures of all types, including humanoids and plants!

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It was my first time actually working on a bestiary, and It was a very nice experience!
I've seen the monsters: the book contains a lot of cool ideas!

I definitively need to add some C-sized ennemies in my game, now...

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Malikjoker, do you take more than one pitch per person? I would have several ideas...

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