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A computer interface (armory, page 82) comes with a t1 computer, Artificial personality and control module. It can activate a single armor system once per turn after a condition is triggered. It can be linked to tools or weapons attached to the armor with-in the limits of a control module. The main gripe is if a GM would let me order the AI to fire as a trigger condition.

The total cost of this set-up (minimum) is: 3450 for battle harness, 6000 for interface, 2400 for tactical energy converter (cheapest explode weapon i could find besides grenade launchers)
Totals: 13,850. Over 80% of a level 6 character's wealth, just over half a level 7 character.

I would only need 2 feats, heavy and power armor. The control module covers proficiency already.

Keep in mind I'd be aiming to have the power armor already for strength, letting me focus on cha, con and something else. The mounted weapon set-up is extra.

The computer interface should allow the weapon to fire automatically. It'd be a way to boost damage while already engaged.

Something I've been looking at with my solarian concept (forever dm tho) has been minimum strength for power armor, then doing power armor and charisma.

The curve is a little harsh for wealth but it's less MAD without sacrificing saves. I believe some graviton revelations also help mitigate check penalties from armor.

If you have the cash to burn adding an explosive weapon to a control module and computer interface could come in handy. Every space Paladin needs a shoulder mounted plasma cannon.

Therec is a passage in the 13th gate on pages 26-27 that describes the weapon being fired.

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I opened the pdf and had a quick read.

The stellar degenerator fires an energy tether at a star, and forces it to rapidly turn into a black dwarf star, which no longer gives off light or heat. The tether is an energy weapon on its own, capable of destroying ships and moons on it's way to the sun.

IRL a black dwarf doesn't exist yet. They form when smaller stars like ours shed mass their outer masses and collapse into white dwarf stars and that then cools. The cooling is expected to take longer than the universe has been alive.

In starfinder it reads like this process happens in a few minutes.

As a side note. Stars continue fusion past iron. All known elements are the product of fusion or are synthetic. Iron is the point where fusion consumes energy rather than releasing it however.

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I believe 120 is correct. The scope increases (changes) a small arms weapon to 1.5x it's normal range increment.
1.5x30 is 45.

On a longarm, the increase (change) becomes 4x instead.
4x30 is 120.

Dracomicron wrote:
Owen K. C. Stephens wrote:

A door is a solid barrier.

It's not an immobile barrier, but that isn't required.
it is a solid barrier, and you can't use infinite worlds to bypass it.

Okay, good.

Luckily it would not have changed our game much, thanks to the Witchwarper.

Return to Sender Spoiler
** spoiler omitted **

That's still a daily limited resource, compared to say mage hand. Doesn't sound too breaking.

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Doesn't infinite worlds also expand barriers? There's a case for the door being extended into the lower area too.

Use a fusion seal? Those work on any weapon with a given level or less. You pay 10% more than a weapon fusion with the same maximum level.

I had a similar issue with wanting a hook sword and the chained fusion so I could trip enemies. Hook sword level 3, changed fusion is 6. Fusion seal let's me do that.

Hey all, I have a high level (CR 16-18) drow matron NPC/Encounter that I'm planning out, and was looking for advice on a couple items.

The one I think I have nailed down is a greater version of Pathfinder's Cyclops helm:
1/day as a swift action, a character can activate the helmet and gain flashes of insight into the near future. For 1 minute as a swift action or reaction the wearer may decide the numerical outcome of an attack roll, skill check, ability check, saving throw or any damage dice, treating the die as if it rolled that number. Each die affected reduces the duration by one round.

I also want to create a couple variations of the drow viper whip from the forgotten realms setting, and know I want to have it apply a debuff on the lesser one. I'm considering making the greater one apply a poison. I'm not sure what other properties they should have though.

Edit: I fully plan on the party looting this stuff as part of their big reward at the end of the adventure.

If it is a poison using the affliction rules it'll have a formatted entry and block saying the DC, the track, any modifications to the track, and the number of consecutive saves needed to cure.

If it just makes you do a save or take some 1d something dex damage then it's not an affliction, and doesn't use those rules.

A good comparison is the crest eater, with a venom special ability, and the deh-nolo, which has a dominion bile poison in its attacks.

I'd still treat that venom special ability as a poison for bonuses to saves. Also remember undead and some constructs don't have con scores, and are immune to affects requiring a fort save.

One I used on my party's skittermander I called prey's curse:

While you are threatened by any enemy or ally one size larger than you, you are shaken. The penalty from this shaken increases by 1 for each additional category larger.

Taking damage from such a creature causes you to be frightened for until the end of your next turn.

I had one that dealt strength damage on a successful melee attack ready, but the guy missed and never got another chance to use it.

I think the armory has perfumes and such

Also, most creatures have templates or grafts attached, which modify stats like saves, attack bonus, or skills

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I'm 200lbs, 6 feet and technically overweight.

A healthy half-orc should be heavier than me easy.

I'm looking at the Mi-go, and it's evisceration ability allows any claw attacks that hit a grappled or helpless creature automatically crit (and deal triple damage on a nat 20) and inflict a severe wound, which is an amputation. The Mi-go also has the grab ability on its claws.

As far as I can tell, nothing stops these abilities from working with full attacks. That's a very real chance of getting dismembered twice a round after it closes, taking double damage the whole time. That seems a little rough on the party no?

Attacking a starship with normal weapons should be considered under attacking structures, where they'd have to deal with hardness and hp/inch or foot or whatever.

People being in the way of a starship weapon (since aiming directly at people would be near impossible) would take ×10 damage.

BRB while i find page numbers.

Edit: Found page numbers. The Shooting Starships sidebar can be found on page 292, which explains characters shooting ships or ships shooting characters. Page 408 has material stats for things, including starship exteriors

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For 8 players? The trick is going to be more monsters, and more liberal use of AoE abilities. Something to get the players doing things besides shooting a target down every round.

Boosting a single monster's cr to match that size i find makes a fight more likely to be frustrating as players will be missing more than they might handle.

If a cultist throws a grenade and happens to hit Panelliar, would that break the enchantment? It's a hostile act against him by Tahomen's allies.

If the CR is referenced in an ability, or item or other effect then it should be the PC's level. CR has taken the place of hit dice in that respect.

For building encounters? I'd treat CR=Level as well. An npc using a class graft won't have as many abilities as a PC, but usually have better hit chances and damage, and HP comparable to PC Hp+stamina.

I personally want to see some of the classic demons. The havoc a glabrezu could wreak on a city-sided space station where no one could leave. Or being able to teleport to a stationary ship docked off world as an escape. What would a space battle with a marilith at the helm of an armada look like?

How does the ability actually read? I don't got the AP.

Ralkawi died. The party was being odd around her, she stole a pistol for herself and she was killed when the party found out.

The Inevitable isn't an all new npc. He's encountered in book 5, and he traveled with the party some. They took a while leaving the drift as they turned back to Absalom Station to cure a disease.

Well I'll give it a whirl with just the three of them. I might drop enemy AC some so the technomancer can hit with something besides spells (they're quite weak in the dex).

I am going to balance things down for 3 players, but I'm worried it's not enough with this group.

My thinking on this was two fold: because the party never disabled the distress beacon and is clearly trying to 1 fight/day this chunk of the adventure, they have noticed two new ships have entered the system and they've guessed the ships to be more devourer guys (they are) and only a few hours from landing (also true). The party is now very banged up from a single APL encounter with 2 players getting knocked out and losing a bunch of resolve. And I've put it out there that their delaying has allowed more enemies to gather.

At this point real life makes the envoy need to quit.

I settled on one of the outsiders because they can travel near instantly, and i could handwave their arrival and reason for being there easily. The Inevitable has already been there, and his return to Axis would expand his parameters to more directly did the party. The Angel would have caught wind of activity happening in the artificial system, as their aim is to hunt down dangerous technology. The party hasn't sent a call to help or really attempted to speak with anyone, so I'm not sure how hep

Additionally they'd help with a wave cultists descending on them.

The more I think about this the more I'm leaning toward the inevitable, as he can pop out and do things behind the scenes to push things in the party's favor rather than be an additional party member.

It can be worth it if you're rolling alot of dice during a gunnery phase. The range on a coil gun changes from 4-16 (avg. 10) to 8-16 (avg. 12)

A linked coilgun goes from 8-32(avg. 20) to 16-32(avg. 24). Divert weapons also affects all weapons in a round, so if you got good gunners firing at will, you're going to get a few ones.

My party is dropping from four to Three, and are currently on the planet in book 5. I haven't heard if they're going to pocket the extra character or not, but in case they are not, i was looking to give them a friendly NPC.

Given the location and where they're at, I'm leaning toward the Inevitable they met earlier in the book (I had him teleport away for repair after the party helped him). I'm also thinking of the Angel from Alien archives. It's not as outright powerful as the Inevitable, but can buff the party up.

Any other ideas or thoughts between them?

The party is a ysoki technomancer, ikeshti exocortex mechanic, and vesk blitz soldier. The dropped character was a skittermander envoy.

The acid dart rifle line is from the crb and is a projectile longarm weapon dealing piercing and acid damage.

The rules for weapon damage state that weapons that deal two types consider the damage split evenly between the two types.

I did a quick read of energy resistance and DR don't say anything about weapons that deal multiple damage types.

Following that I'd say since the half the damage is piercing and half the damage is acid, then DR cannot reduce that damage by more than half, no matter how high the dr is. The same would apply to acidc resistance. If a creature has both then it could mitigate all the damage.

Ravingdork wrote:
A light particle beam and a particle beam are not the same weapon! :P

I forgot there was a bigger one. Everytime I say particle beam i mean light particle beam.

Yip. The ship when you first get it is tier 3, has all 95 bp spent, and already has a light particle beam. You get more 20 bp at tier 4. 5 for new weapon mount on turret. 10 for a 2nd particle beam on turret. 5 to link. The ship still has its initial weapons as well.

The group i run twin-linked the particle beam on the turret, then put new BP's into shields and power core to run bigger shields. The double particle beam has been melting everything in the AP so far.

Here's a couple ideas I have floating around:

Ankhalai, Pike Mistress of Blades (CR 16 Soldier/Hellknight):

LG Human CR 16 Soldier(blitz)/Hellknight
Init +9; Perception +29
Defense: EAC 30; KAC 32; Fort +20; Ref +16; Will +16; HP 300; RP 6; DR 2/-;
Defensive abilities: Keep Fighting
Offense: Speed 35; Space 5ft; Reach 5ft; (10ft with Pike Mastery)
Melee: Nemesis +30: (Punishing, Cruel, Cold Iron Meteoric Hammer 11d6B+26)
Ranged: VitariTech Elite Magnetar Rifle+27 6d8P+16 or Mk4 Microbot Grenade +27 or Mk 5 Summoning grenade (Devil) +27
Offensive Abilities: Charge Attack, Perfect Opportunity, Soldier’s Onslaught, Challenge, In Hell’s Name (DC 22)
Statistics: Str +10, Dex +5, Con +7, Int +0, Wis +3, Cha +3
Skills: Athletics +29, Diplomacy +29, Intimidate +34, Sense Motive +29
Languages: Common, Infernal
Gear: Adamantine Night Plate 3 (haste circuit, microspur spray, red forcefield [35hp]), Nemesis, VitariTech Elite Magnetar Rifle, 120 longarm rounds, 2 microbot grenades mk4, 2 summoning grenades mk5
[Homebrew] Kuthite Snare Cloak (magic item): A series of animate spurred chains draped about one’s shoulders. When an enemy attempts a melee attack, they must succeed at a reflex save or gain the entangled condition. An entangled creature cannot move further away from you, and you must make a reposition maneuver if your movement takes you out of the creature’s reach. If they are still entangled at the start of their next turn, they may attempt an acrobatics or strength check to escape. On failure, they become grappled, and take piercing damage until they are freed. There are enough chains to entangle 1 Large creature, 2 medium creatures, or 4 small creatures.

Karantor, Draconic Priest of Abadar, and Preita Regional manager:

LG Huge Mature Gold Dragon Mystic
Init +1; Perception +28; darkvision 120ft, low-light vision
Aura: Frightful Presence (220ft, DC 24)
Defense: EAC 29; KAC 30; Fort +16; Ref +16; Will +21; HP 255; DR 20/magic, SR 27, immunity to fire, paralysis and sleep;
Offense: Speed 40, Fly 180; Space 15ft; Reach 10ft; (15ft with bite)
Melee: Bite+27 6d8P+26 plus swallow whole Multiattack: Bite+23 6d8+26P plus swallow whole, 2 claws +21 4d8+26S, tail+19 3d8+26B
Offensive Abilities: Breath Weapon (60ft cone, 17d10F, DC 24)
Spell-Like abilities: 1/day (DC 28): Dictum, Firestorm; 3/day(DC 25): waves of fatigue, Call cosmos, Mass mystic cure, Greater remove condition; At will(DC24): Fear, Enervation
Mystic spells: 6th (3/day, DC26) mass suggestion, regenerate, 5th(6/day, DC25) dominate person, contact other plane, break enchantment, resistant aegis, 4th (at will, DC 24) Confusion, Mystic Cure
Other abilities: Overlord Connection: Inexplicable Commands, Greater Forced Amity, Echoes of Obedience, Jealous Overlord, Forceful Commands Divine Blessing: Abadar, Change Shape
Statistics: Str +10, Dex +1, Con +5, Int +5, Wis +7, Cha +7
Skills: Acrobatics +33, Diplomacy +33, Mysticism +28
Languages: Common, Infernal

I have a couple antagonist NPCs for campaign baddies if that counts. I'll put them when I get home if so.

However planar binding goes upto cr 10, not 18 HD. But This game's power word kill (snuff life) targets creatures per level.

Magic has been relatively rebalanced I find, and while these casters we have play more like half casters, look like they'll be the standard for full spell casting classes.

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The plasma weapons with explode and crit effects are in the crb (plasma cannon line) and pact worlds (starheart line). I wouldn't expect that an error would persist across two sourcebooks.

You missed something in the description. If you hit, you can only attack once per stamina rest or spend a resolve point to recharge it. The hand also has no effect on undead or creatures immune to negative energy. To me it sits somewhere between a level 1 weapon and a first level spell.

I have a solarian Priest of Sarenrae concept originating from bubble cities on the sun. I settled on Lashunta before I learned they can hear things from it.

Racial stats say no. So I'm inclined to say no. Other races with reach day they have reach.

That's The Thirteenth Gate page 60.

1) I believe all armor you acquire has this possibility. It seems more like you have access to a supplier or have some intrinsic know how giving you access to better versions of standard armor

2) I believe you simply do what you would normally do for an armor upgrade. The slot is already there from when the armor was made, you simply are installing an extra upgrade slot.

3) Same answer as 1.

4) IDK, there could be a case of allowing someone else to wear that armor and get the benefit, or that they cannot use the additional upgrade. I'd say they can use the extra benefit, as it can be quite expensive fully equipping armor as is, let alone adding an additional armor upgrade.

5) If I understand your question, your asking about changing the upgrade placed in that armor slot? I believe you can, and it still costs half the normal price.

These are all based on how I interpret the ability, and the assumption that the upgrade slot exists in the armor, rather than an attachment that moves from armor to armor.

I have an enemy coming up on my level 8 party, and he's got bestow curse 3/day. If any of the PC's give him major trouble he's going to curse them.

What are some good ideas for the spell besides the 50% to do nothing and the -4 to everything?

My party is a skittermander envoy, a ysoki technomancer, ikeshti exocortex mechanic, a vesk blitz soldier, and a reptoid solarian (He's been npc'd for a while tho). Some ideas I had are

Prey's Curse: you are shaken if a creature larger than you is with-in 10 feet, and frightened if you are damaged by a larger creature for 1 round

Gibbering curse: Anytime you attempt to communicate through speech, telepathy, or sign language, you have a 50% chance to be incoherent and impossible to understand. If this is part of an action, that action is lost.

I invested in a cosmic horror setting that should be out soon. I might drop my players into a low-key struggle between a colonization attempt backed by an infernal corporation and . "destructive" cosmic being.

I also have an idea for a corporate espionage campaign against a biotech company headed by a dragon worshipping Lamashtu.

Ideally I'd hand off GM to a willing person so i can run a character with this group tho.

There are ways around poison and disease. There are antitoxins and the medicine skill which give +4 bonuses which should help if you catch them early. A remove affliction does cost 1000 credits if you don't have an appropriately leveled mystic. They suck when you're out alone or at low levels for sure, but they become manageable once you get skill ranks and cash, and a little foresight.

Between part 4 and 5 of AP I let them return to Absalom station. 2 of them were in the latent stage (1/week save) when they left and became weakened when they arrived. At this point 2000 credits was chump change and I warned them they were approaching point of no return. They left on their 5d6 day voyage without treating themselves, did a combat part way through where that weakened messed them up. Finished the trip and graduated to impaired stage. They immediately turned around back to Absalom Station, got cured and have to make the 5d6 trip back.

Now I gotta figure out how those extra 20 days play into the campaign. I'm definitely giving the 1/week spells back to npc's and enemies.

I think you're misreading. You use throttle weapons by making a grapple check (which is an attack roll as per combat maneuvers). Succeeding at the grapple check automatically deals the weapon's damage. This particular grapple check also counts as an attack for abilities that boost damage.

By my understanding, envoys can therefore use their improvisations to boost their attacks with throttle weapons.

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Yup. They are going to release a pair of 3-book adventures, then do another 6 volume AP

For things like disease or poison I'd give a round before the condition came back

The full rule:

When wielding weapons with the archaic weapon special
property, the damage you deal is never reduced as a result of
that property. Archaic weapons you wield gain bleed 1d8 as a
critical hit effect (Core Rulebook 182). If the weapon already has
a critical hit effect, when you score a critical hit, you can apply
either the weapon’s normal critical hit effect or this bleed effect.
The bleed damage increases by 1d8 at 11th level and every 4
soldier levels you have beyond 11th (maximum bleed 4d8 at
19th level).

At a first glance I'd rule they cannot use it with their natural weapons since they are not archaic, though i can see a pretty strong case to house rule that away.

I find it odd that pure energy weapons, which just need to contact, also take this penalty.

Is it clear that each attack after the first only adds listed damage? Or is that damage added again after each attack?

9d6, 9d6+4d6, 9d6 +4d6, 9d6+4d6 from quad attack

9d6, 9d6+4d6, 9d6 +8d6, 9d6+12d6

Personally I like the idea of an attack ramping up like the second option, but i get the feeling that's not how is supposed to work.

The operative property also allows a dex build to have a reliable back up weapon.

I think am operative burning a feat for access to a new tier of weapons is fine.

No free set of armor. The ability simply says you gain the power armor proficiency, and any armor you acquire you can add one additional upgrade slot. Upgrades in that slot are half the normal cost. This is the "access to improved armor".

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