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I am surprised no one has mentioned the humorous "Dungeon of Monty Haul", though I suppose the joke has grown long in the tooth.

Note that for a serious title, any _______ Keep/Tower would do well enough. The 'Wizard's Tower' is a fairly generic name...

Anguish wrote:
Game time is precious. Level up outside of game time.

I agree 100%

As the party knocks down the deranged wizard behind all the trouble, they find out what's behind him... a Contract Devil!

The really ugly thing about him is that he refuses to fight the PCs (projected image or some such). He just wants to talk and maybe offer a bargain or two... He will certainly offer to swap the wizard's soul for that of the Paladin. :p

Lenses of Situational Sight give you ten uses of Darkvision, ten uses of Detect Magic & ten uses of See Invisible for 5,000. Each use is one minute IIRC.


Note: Surma has SR 15 in both tiers. Seriously!? That's the SR of an Aghash Div in the bestiary... which is CR 4.

At Cr 12 (15 high tier) the SR should be around 23 (26).

My players (low tier)
1. succeeded at 7 obstacles in the sandstorm chase
2. impressed the Guardians and went past
3. figured out the correct shelf in the library on the first pass
4. channeled the daylights into the ghuls, and let the alchemist bomb the statue to death (not that it wasn't a hard fight)
5. talked to Sinuhotep, who was fine with going back to work with Tahonikepsu, if the party would get rid of Surma
6. had more problems with the elementals than Surma, as the low SR let the Mesmerist block off access to spell/spa/su/ex abilities. There was one Phantasmal Killer (saved against) and one lightning bolt. Surma fled with minimal hit points.


I have to agree with Gary, if there's no chronicle sheet then she can take her character to Gallowspire. She just has to start Eyes over with a different character some other time.

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When I played White Box D&D (0 Ed, for you Johnny-come-latelys) back in the late '70s, we used to do this. We also played under a judge with a pretty tough rep.

After about six months play was modified to allow you to move the stats around & re-roll anything under a seven.

Then it went to 'roll four characters and take the best one'.

In short, this was too 'Old School' for a decidedly lethal judge back when 'Old School' was 'that new derivative of Chainmail'.

If you guys want to try it as a hard-mode lark, knock yourselves out. I can't recommend it long term.

Be carefull with the part about "insinuate a disguised succubus as a friendly NPC into the party". Some parties become paranoid to ultra-paranoid about NPCs when you do that even once.

I agree that the demon should port out and regroup after the third time someone uses Freedom of Movement on him. With Multi-attack, this shouldn't take more than one or two rounds of combat.

BTW, if the party is magic-heavy, how do they get any damage on the demon if he's got big SR. Big, as in they need 15's to penetrate even after feats/etc?

Or... you could have them spring a Confusion trap and let them fight each other.

It won't double the duration?

Iomedae called me when I was very young; I don't remember a time that I didn't want to go out into the World and Smite Evil. My noble family accepted and supported me in this.

I joined the Pathfinder Society rather than wander Golarion randomly... Ha ha! my Venture Captains provide plenty of random travel. As I seem to be hunting monsters and Smiting Evil just about everywhere they send me, this arrangement is working out splendidly. I have organized support and comrades-in-arms all over the place. I am living the Dream!

'Tis a pity I missed the closing of the WorldWound...


When I looked at the event finder on Saturday, no Paizo events were up for Pathfinder except some 2nd ed 'playtests'. No 1st ed games, and no Starfinder.

Supposedly there are threads on both the PFS and SFS boards about this.

I finde this to be very peculiar, seeing as the PFS & SFS events are listed on the Gen Con system.

I have no experience with the Inquisitor class, but I would say the healing starts in the next round. The reason: Inq in question has already benefited from the judgement this round.

Some potions/alchemical stuff.

Holy Water
Alchemists Fire
Potion of Cure Light Wounds


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I'm going to have to retrench a little here. When I asked the player about the drake, he explained about the paladin archtype. At this point, I can't say with certainty that he didn't also say 'it grew with X'.

As to the VA... he runs 45%+ of all the games at the FLGS, so I figured he had already asked how the growth worked.

As I said before, the party was already mopping up the end fight, so it didn't seem like a great factor & I let it ride.

I'll probably ask the player 'hey, I know I asked last week, but can you remind me how that drake stuff worked; I might want to try it." A polite and complementary way to check.

Thanks to everyone who responded!


Blake's Tiger wrote:

A Medium drake is appropriate for a 10th or 11th Paladin.

Did the player say what spell, magic item, or ability they were using to increase the size steps? There are things out there.

No, and the FLGS venture agent was playing at the table & didn't blink an eye. As I was judging I just moved on. It was a season 1 Scenario with a surprisingly weak end fight anyway.

Could you list a few of those magic items? I wouldn't think it would be a spell from the paladin's altered spell list; nothing in the archtype domain(s) listing seemed to lend itself to enlarging the drake.


I have not expressed myself clearly, the drake was not powerfull at medium size. When it was grown two size levels to Huge, was another matter.

The paladin was either 10th or 11th level.


I ran into that situation last Thursday. The drake didn't seem to be very powerfull when it was grown to huge proportions and carried the paladin around like a flying mount.

Is/was this legal? If so, how?

Ralph T Dog wrote:

I still haven’t received my code due to a change of email address and have sent two requests to customer service about the latest Humble Bundle.

What else should I do?


If you sent a customer service request to Paizo, forget it. I sent in a similar request 10 days ago and haven't heard anything form them. I asked over at the HumbleBundle provider, got a response, and a new email with corrected bundle ID codes days ago.

So... send a notice to the bundle provider that you have changed your email and you should be good.



If necessary, have Zarta use a sending and call the players to a fixed location. Then she can say that she has picked up one or two points of evidence (& round the group up to four). Then off to see Rowane!

I concur. My players constantly complained that my mysteries were too hard (non-Pathfinder game) so I had to simplify them constantly. And I occasionally goofed up & didn't simplify enough...

Polyglot is used instead of Common (Taldan) in many parts of the Mwangi Expanses.


Eh, in the most simplistic/non-mechanical sense, the player took an advantage in exchange for a drawback. He knew the drawback could come into play and accepted the risk. If you soft pedal it too much, then the player got this advantage for free.

My rule of thumb would be to charge him half price, as it's the first time, and give a reason of the split attacks.

But next time, full price.


Please add:
Grapple Games
2121 Calistoga Dr
New Lenox, IL 60451

PFS and occasional Starfinder on Thursday nights, starting at ~6:30pm.
Schedule on Warhorn.

Dasrak wrote:
Gyre Glenross wrote:

Your quote is actually incorrect. Try this:


Permit me to provide you with the link here.

The text you link to is incorrect. I checked against a physical copy, and in the actual printed core rulebook it does say "divine spellcaster" and not "cleric". I have no idea why the AON PRD has the wrong text, but it is wrong.

And this is where you went wrong. AoN took the PRD straight from Paizo. The PRD is more up to date; just look in your core rule book for Gunslingers or Kineticists.

Have you given up on Seething Hatred? I'm not sure from the discussion.

An additional problem with seething hatred is that it only applies to one enemy type that is selected from the ranger list...


Prerequisite(s): Studied target class feature.

Benefit: Select a creature type from the Ranger Favored Enemies table. When you designate a creature of this type as your studied target and hit it with a melee or ranged weapon attack, your favored target bonus on damage rolls against it is doubled.


10-11, 10-13 & 10-15 all deal with Hao Jin & her demi-plane Tapestry. they are written for players of levels 5-9, 5-9, 7-11. So some leveling will required. Hmm, 8-02 features the tapestry & is 3-7,

There are also multiple scenarios dealing with the Blakros family & the Blakros Museum. You might want to check season 7 - 10 for this as well. 10-18 deals with this subject, but is also 5-9. 9-15 is another Blakros module in the 5-9 range.

A simpler mechanism is to use the "knocked prone" result as "you lost 20' of altitude". If you are still above the ground, then you are still flying, albeit lower down (and possibly in reach of melee); if you hit the ground then you are prone. No falling damage.

You already have a bard for buffing & such, but if you really want another buffer/debuffer go cleric. He has both Water Walking and Water Breathing, which sound like tremendously usefull spells for a Pirate campaign. Also, Silence at 2nd is available to both classes... meaning you can both take one copy of the spell.

A druid gets Water Breathing, but not Water Walking; a bard gets neither.

Instead of taking Control Undead, try taking Turn Undead. It doesn't kill enemies, but it sure thins out crowds of them.

Hmm, the Cleric also gets Purify Food and Water as a cantrip, which could be very usefull on long sea trips...

I would have read that as 'will take full damage, but still get a Reflex save to avoid being knocked prone', though I admit the RAW could be interpreted as your judge did. I just think it's a bit harsh.

Upthread, a suggestion was made to multiclass Ranger to get a few more skills and access to wands for spells like Gravity Bow.

The problem with this is that the CRB clearly states that a Ranger is not considered a spell-casting class until he gets to 4th level. (Which is different from a Paladin, who is specifically stated to be a spell-casting class from the get go.)

The problem with the Shawl of Life is that it is a shoulder slot item: that is where your Cloak of Protection goes...

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Take in Alignment Channel, which lets you select which type of Outsider you want to affect, Law/Chaos/Good/Evil. Being able to channel vs Evil Outsiders is something you might want to do.

At the risk of changing your class and stats a little (if this isn't set in stone already), then swap your Con and Cha around & go Paladin. Less feats but other interesting powers, and your three skill points per level are Diplomacy, Knowledge Religeon & Perception. You get heavy armor & martial weapons, and Diplomacy - which is used far more often than bluff, intimidate or sense motive.

BTW, trade out the shortsword for a morningstar. The greatsword is Slashing damage, as is the shortsword. The morningstar is Bludgeoning & Piercing. This way you cover all three types of damage.

Later, when you have a little more money you go with Cold Iron morningstar (16 gp) & alchemical silver light mace (25 gp).

Someone started a 'must play' thread when the PF2 playtest was announced. As in, what modules must every play?

I went through the thread and culled all of the PFS scenarios that were mentioned by three or more posters, yielding this list:

#0-5: Mists of Mwangi
#0-6: Black Waters <---<<
#0-13: The Prince of Augustana

#1-38: No Plunder, No Pay <---<<
#1-40: Hall of Drunken Heroes

#2-12: Below the Silver Tarn <---<<
#2-18: Forbidden Furnace of Forgotten Koor
#2-21: The Dalsine Affair <---<<

#3-01: The Forstfur Captives
#3-02: Sewer Dragons of Absalom <---<<
#3-05: Tide of Twilight
#3-15: Haunting of Hinojai
#3-21: Temple of Empyreal Enlightenment

#4-01: Rise of the Goblin Guild
#4-03: Golemworks Incident
#4-19: The Nightmarch of Kalkemedes <---<<

#5-00: Siege of the Diamond City
#5-09: The Traitor's Lodge
#5-11: Library of the Lion
#5-13: Weapon in the Rift

#6-04: Beacon Below
#6-19: Test of Tar-Kuata

#7-05: School of Spirits <---<<
#7-17: Thralls of the Shattered God
#7-19: Labyrinth of Hungry Ghosts
#7-23: Abducted in Aether

#8-06: Reaping What We Sow
#8-13: What Sleeps in Stone
#8-25: Unleashing the Untouchable

Anything with an '<---<<' after it is something I have played. I personally vouch for all of them. But if I had to pick just one of them, then #4-19: The Nightmarch of Kalkemedes.

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No dump stats. I've always hated them. Stats should not go below 10 unless they are racially modified.

And if racial modifiers were altered so that there were no -2s, that would be good. I understand that 2e starts everyone at all stats=10, then goes through a lengthy process of adding to the base; good!

Turlin wrote:

...when I say squire I mean a support guy, healing, equipment carrier, and of course, there to learn how to be an adventurer.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

Clerics are great support characters. They have lots of buffing spells, healing spells... and Ant Haul. (Bards are generally considered the best buffing class, but they _don't_ get Ant Haul.)

The last time I ran into that card, it was assumed that the magic of the Deck made the character involved the distant cousin/heir or somesuch. There's a lot of ground covered under 'somesuch', if your GM wants to put it there, including the Evil Uncle who wants to eliminate the PC.

Depending on the campaign, you might not ever actually go there...


comccl wrote:
First time in this thread. I'm not certain how boon trading works if you're not close by...

You can mail each other your boon sheets; a physical trade.

Or you can both scan your boons and send them via email. Upon receipt & acknowledgement that your trade partner has received his/her copy, you destroy the original.


What it says on the tin. (Paladin)

I suppose it depends on what sort of support you mean to give.


If you take in the Chaos domain, then you could cast a couple of buff/de-buff spells, then engage in melee. Then use:

Touch of Chaos (Sp): You can imbue a target with chaos as a melee touch attack. For the next round, anytime the target rolls a d20, he must roll twice and take the less favorable result. You can use this ability a number of times per day equal to 3 + your Wisdom modifier.

This can really mess up a enemy boss. (One without Spell Resistance, as it's an SP.)

I started playing in 2014 at a local con when my d6 Star Wars living campaign was running modules I had already played. "Hmm, what else is there to do? Oh look, Pathfinder. Isn't that supposed to be D&D 3.6?"

Having played 3.0/3.5 it looked easy to sit down and just wing it, which it was. I've been playing ever since. It's enjoyable, so I keep playing in the local PFS groups.

As stated above, Pathfinder isn't any more broken than any other game with broad rules and 10+ year's of bloat.

A Silence spell goes a long way to stop Sir-Clanks-a-Lot from giving you all away, but it's a 2nd level Clerical spell. Which means it's hard to keep going all the time. And a bird in a dungeon is going to stick out as badly as a bat in the daylight. Hmmm.

I observe that your scout has Eyes of the Eagle, to provide +5 Perception. But not a Cloak of Elvenkind to provide a +5 competence bonus to Stealth. As the character has no Cloak, you can spend 2,500 GP to acquire one.

If the GM is determined to ambush you all the time, then the +5 won't help much... the character might be better off spending 4,000 to just get a +2 Cloak of Resistance to buff his saving throws.

Can anyone in your group get a familiar or animal companion of a common avian type? Or even a trained bird (animal handling required)? Send it forward instead; if the ambushers are actually shooting every crow/hawk/sparrow they see they are going to run out of ammo pretty quick, and be surrounded by mounds of dead birds. (Maybe a one level dip into a compatible class with a familiar?)

SorrySleeping wrote:

Yes, the Mythic legendary item. This item is a weapon, just unsure of what weapon yet, crafted mainly with oversized dragon teeth and/or talons.

Thanks for all the suggestions.

In the Marvel comic books, Dr. Strange gave the Valkyrie a new sword called Dragon Fang. It was carved from the incisor of a dragon, and was _utterly_ unbreakable. As in, she used the flat of it against the Hulk once. The Hulk was pissed, grabbed it from her, bent through about 90 degrees... and it just sprang back into it's normal shape when he let go.

You could make it a Sword of Sharpness...

Give the bearer the benefits of an Elixir of Fire Breath, except the damage/relex saves are stiffer, and it's three times daily (no 1 hour limitation).

If the item is some sort of rod/mace/wand, it could do 2d6 acid damage in melee, no DR...

Since the description of the Orange Prism Ioun Stone says 'spell' in it, consistently, and never mentions Spell-Like-Abilities, I would say no.

One of the advantages of Two Handed Fighting is that you can wield a one-handed weapon if you want. Just swing your longsword (frex) with both hands. It doesn't do as much damage as pole-arm/greatsword, but you don't have to pull out a different weapon when you get entangled/grappled and can only use one hand.

Try Reduce Person. Note that your weapon goes down a size bracket as well.

I note that Risky Striker appears to be a limited alternate to Power Attack, perhaps you should take that instead? If you take it as well as PA, then your minus's to hit hit start to add up.


Tomppa wrote:
...(I also have some of the newer RSP boons that I could trade, for example Debt to Society or the one that allows you to specialize in a skill after succeeding ten times while being assisted by someone who has a rank in the skill, can't remember the name off the top of my head)

That one is called On the Job Training.

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