Eye and Neck Slots


I'm building a character and I have all the items I know that I want to get, except items for the eye and neck slots. I was hoping other people could give me some ideas.

I'm building a grapple character, so anything that can help with that would be nice.

I am already aware of the necklace of natural armor, I don't plan on taking that, and I'm with a non power gaming group, so I shouldn't need to worry about losing that extra AC.

Thanks ahead of time.

What sort of grapple character? If it's a Tetori monk or brawler, the AoMF is the obvious neck item. Sometimes, you just have to punch them.

Need Darkvision? Get it for the low low price of 12000gp with Goggles of Night! Or +5 perception for 2500gp wth Eyes of the Eagle.

Lenses of Situational Sight give you ten uses of Darkvision, ten uses of Detect Magic & ten uses of See Invisible for 5,000. Each use is one minute IIRC.

Amulet of the Blooded (e.g., Fey; no, you didn’t read it wrong) or a set of Talismans are my preferred neck options if you aren’t going with AoMF or the armor (which is a reasonable option now with hand wraps).

Silver Crusade

I am fond of the Aegis of Recovery. It can save your life.

It really depends on your budget. Without any idea of how much you can spend, it's hard to recommend an item.

Plus, from my experience, it's rare for a character to fill every slot with an item, except at extremely high level play.

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