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I've added some items to my cart, but when I get to the final stage of the checkout, past the 4 numbered buttons and there's only a big red 'Place Your Order' button at the top. I click that big red button and nothing happens. The screen stays the same. I don't get any error messages. I've tried on both Firefox and Chrome and the problem is the same. The order hasn't gone through. There's nothing added to my downloads. I get no order emails. What's the probs?

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Hi folks. Please cancel all my subscriptions after the July shipment is sent. Thanks!

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I can't download any of my digital content. I've tried the new stuff and some older stuff that I have already downloaded, and everything goes in a circular loop: click to download, wait 60 seconds then click again, problems downloading? click here, click to download, wait 60 seconds then click again, problems downloading? click here and so on into infinity.

I tried in Firefox and Chrome to see if different browsers would work, but same problem :(

Pls halp!

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I might be being dumb here but I can't see any way to remove the item that's currently in my sidecart. Can I remove it or do you folks have to do it? If it's the latter, please go ahead and empty my sidecart.


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Hi, I have one item in my sidecart - Strange Aeons Pawns - could you please remove it, no longer required. Thanks!

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I have a Pathfinder Comics subscription but the first edition of Worldscape isn't showing with any of my imminent subscriptions over the next few months. Instead it's showing under "Items Shipping With A Later Shipment" along with an item I've purchased outside of the subscriptions.

Could you have a look and let me know what this actually means please :p

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Hi, I realise that there have been issues downloading new releases, but Chris Lambertz suggested I post here.

I have gone through the paying process twice to purchase PFS Scenario #7–18. I had thought that the failure of any download links to appear was caused by the aforementioned issues but now, even after the temporary fix has been put in place I still can't seem to purchase this item. Or if I can, I've purchased it twice.

I go through the process, everything seems fine. I get to the successful purchase screen that shows the little PDF link as if I can download it but when I click it, the page reverts to the product page and my order is still showing in my cart. I've removed the item from the cart to see if that makes any difference, but nope, still can't get it. I've logged out and back into the site. Still no joy.

It's not downloadable from the product page, it's not in My Downloads, and it's not even showing in my order history despite seeming to successfully go through the purchase process twice.

Could someone look into this for me pleasethanksplease :'-(

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Hi, I just preordered the Hell's Rebels Pawns and added them to my sidecart to ship with the earliest subscription. I've received two confirmation emails about it and just want to check that only one set of the pawns has been added. Thanks!

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I like to present NPC portraits etc. to my players during a session and have had no problems extracting images from PDFs until now.

I'm using a Mac (Yosemite) and have tried several different pdf readers (adobe, foxit, nitro online) but cannot select and copy any of the images from the Hell's Rebels AP (#97-99). The images are not selectable. I can take a snapshot just fine but there are often bits of text that partially intrude into the frame. I've just checked and I can select and copy images from the Giantslayer AP without needing to take a snapshot. Is it possible that something has changed between AP#96 and AP#97?

Can anyone suggest anything that might help?


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I won't be running Hell's Rebels for a few months yet but I've already started grouping sources together in thematic lists like Aristocracy, Hell, Hope, Kintargo, Revolution, Secrets, and Tyranny.

The following feature heavily throughout my early playlists and thought the list might be helpful to other GMs. Let me know what music you'll be using so I can steal your ideas too! :p

Amadeus OST - Mozart/Various (plus a lot more of Mozart's works)
Assassin's Creed OSTs - Various
The Chronicles of Riddick OST - Graeme Revell
Dark Water OST - Angelo Badalamenti
Deliver Us From Evil OST - Christopher Young
Dishonored OST - Daniel Licht
Hannibal OSTs - Brian Reitzell
The Name of the Rose OST - James Horner
The Omen OST - Jerry Goldsmith
Penny Dreadful OST - Abel Korzeniowski
Sherlock OST - David Arnold & Michael Price
Silent Hill OSTs - Akira Yamaoka
Terminator OSTs - Various
Thief OST - Luc St-Pierre
The Witcher OSTs - Various

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I haven't received my physical copies of this order, my July subscriptions. I know international orders take longer to deliver but I would normally have expected to receive it no later than about 2 weeks ago. In all my looooooong years of subscribing, deliveries have never been this late before.

Help pls!

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Hi Hi Hi, I just moved this order from my sidecart to ship ASAP and it still seems to be appearing in my sidecart...

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I placed an order today that I wanted shipped as soon as possible, but it appears to be in my sidecart. I thought I had transferred it from my sidecart to ship ASAP but it's still there. Now I'm worried that I've ordered two of the same thing by mistake.

It's likely this is all my fault, but could you make sure it ships as soon as possible, and only one of them, not two, please!


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There's a problem with the links in this blog piece. Seems like the items linked to don't actually exist on the site. I can't find them in the PFS scenarios section either.

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Hi, I realise that the new system will take some tweaks here and there but wanted to make sure that something weird hasn't happened to my latest subscription order. Unfortunately I can't find the order number for you, sorry.

My subscriptions page says that payment was authorized yesterday. Shouldn't I have received an email at that point saying that items would ship in a week or so and I can now download the PDFs? Well if that IS that case I didn't get that email and the PDFs aren't showing up in My Downloads.

Just making sure!

Thanks for everything, you guys!

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Hi, I know you're doing your best with the unexpected demand, but I just want to check that this order hasn't been held up by a bug or glitch. It was placed on November 9th and has been pending ever since.


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Happy Thanksgiving!

Now to business: I was intending to buy the Legacy of Fire and Council of Thieves map folios for $3.00 each from the GGS. Until the final part of the checkout process they show as $3.00 each, then they jump up to full price.

Having quit the checkout process I go to check on them again and they're still being shown on sale at $3.00 each. So I haven't put the order through but I'd like to add them to my next subscription shipment. HALP!

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Hi y'all,

Is it too late to remove a non-subscription item from this order? I forgot that I had ordered Pathfinder Tales: The Wizard's Mask from you guys, and picked it up from a store instead. Can it be removed from this order?


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Hi, I just received my email confirmation that the above order was about to ship but it only seems to include Chronicle of the Righteous, what about my other subscriptions plus the Pathfinder comic book collection?

According to my subscriptions page the whole order (including Chronicle of the Righteous, The Frozen Stars, Fey Revisited, and Dark Waters Rising) is still currently pending.

Wha g'wan?

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Due to various life occurrences amongst the Pathfinder group that I GM, we find our numbers greatly reduced. We think maybe an injection of new blood is needed.

You may be interested to know that our group includes a contributor to Paizo's glittering library of Pathfinder products, sometimes even two contributors to Paizo's glittering library of Pathfinder products!

We play in my flat in Stepney Green, East London every other Sunday afternoon for about five-six hours.

Any interest?

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Hi goblins,

I have just received my subscription copy of the Inner Sea Bestiary. That's all great and woohoo! But I haven't yet received my subscription copy of AP#64: Beyond the Doomsday Door which was shipped five days before the Bestiary.

Should I be worried yet?

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I know the AP isn't going there, but the question has come up because of PC background stuff.

Our group hasn't played Curse of the Crimson Throne, but Shattered Star takes place after those events. Assuming that Ileosa was defeated, who now rules Korvosa?

Apart from the recipe that appears in Edge of Anarchy, what else do we know about the diet and cooking styles of Varisian Varisians (as opposed to Varisians from elsewhere)?

I'm thinking there would be a lot of simple ingredients thrown together and spiced, and/or eastern European/Mediterranean (Bulgaria, Moldova, Ukraine, Romania) cuisine.

How does Paizo feel about the use of its images or logo as someone's Facebook Timeline cover pic?

I am, of course, asking for no particular reason whatsoever. :p

OK. So it's like this. I want to have one of my talented players paint some minis for the significant NPCs of this AP but I'm having some trouble sourcing them.

Obviously the Ameiko miniature and the original Shalelu mini from Pathfinder/Reaper are going to be used. I plan on using Eando Kline for Sandru, some of Dark Sword's Game of Thrones Wildling minis for Kelda and Ulf.

My real problem is that I cannot find anything really suitable for Koya. Who would have thought that finding an elderly gypsy woman might be difficult!

Any ideas?

Has this year's contest start date been announced yet? Any clues? Any hints? Any anything? :D

So, I was reading The Defenders 'from the Vault' from Marvel Comics and there's a line where one of the characters mentions that he's been playing Pathfinder for three days straight, where previously I think they would have mentioned Dungeons & Dragons.

Pretty cool, huh? Pathfinder is making itself known in other geek-media!

Really pernickety question, I know, but...

Is there any guidance on, or indication of, just how populous Iobarian cities are. In AP33, Mirnbay is listed as the most populous and Kirdorn is noted as the "second great power of Iobaria".

We all know that power is relative, but calling any city a "great power" suggests it's pretty populous, right? That would mean that Mirnbay is even more populous.

I was going to make them both Large Cities (as per the Gamemastery Guide p.203) but next to the massive population of places like Isarn in Galt, Chesed in Numeria, and New Stetven in Brevoy giving the 'first great power' of Iobaria a measly population doesn't sit well with me.

Wow. I can really prattle on about nothing much.

Any suggestions? :p

Hey y'all!

So, I was wondering which deities you think the Aldori Swordlords would worship. Of course individual members would be free to choose their own patrons but I don't really think that any of the three main deities - Abadar, Gorum, Pharasma - of Brevoy are all that appropriate. I know

Since the Aldori have their origins in Taldor, who do Taldan duellists worship?

Does anyone know, or is there any imminent likelihood of finding out, how far, and in which direction, the Pit of Gormuz is from Iobaria?

I'll be starting to GM the Kingmaker AP soon, and one longstanding player has said that she might not be able to make every session. In fact it's possible she might only be able to make every other session.

With the early stages of exploration I imagine it'll be easy to accommodate her absence as her character can stay behind and more thoroughly map or examine something they find that is of interest to her. With the long periods of downtime between games and the kingdom-building elements she wouldn't really be needed (as long as she wasn't regent). But can you guys give me any idea if her intermittency (That's a word, it so is) is going to be a big problem at later points?

I know this has probably been asked before, so I'll apologise in advance, but has anyone compiled a list of all the rules differences between 3.5 and Pathfinder?

There are probably some little tweaks here and there that I've missed, and I'd really like not to have missed any :-(

Today I received the first ever printed item I've bought from you guys. It arrived much sooner than I was led to expect of an international delivery by looking at the forums, and is packaged very securely and safely.

I just wanted to say thanks, and for there to be a 'point of light' (ptui) in the darkness of the Customer Service forum.