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I've added some items to my cart, but when I get to the final stage of the checkout, past the 4 numbered buttons and there's only a big red 'Place Your Order' button at the top. I click that big red button and nothing happens. The screen stays the same. I don't get any error messages. I've tried on both Firefox and Chrome and the problem is the same. The order hasn't gone through. There's nothing added to my downloads. I get no order emails. What's the probs?

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I am having the same issue. Even tried edge and IE but press the button and nothing

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Same here. I logged in OK in both Safari and Firefox on my Mac, but clicking the big red "Place Your Order" button only seems to refresh the same page. I did have to update my credit card expiration date prior to placing the order, but that seems to have been done per my account settings.

Adding: Same issue in Chrome too. Disappointed - but not actually surprised - to see no help here from Paizo support. I'm literally trying to give them money. Oh well.

Update: Nothing seemed to work for me and there was no response here. After 10 days of frustration, I sent in an email and to my surprise and relief Logan from Paizo CS was able to push through my order from her end and resolve my problem very quickly. Problem solved and hopefully it won't happen again!

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I too am having this issue just today. I tried to call but only got a busy signal.

What gives?

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I see in another thread someone suggested emptying the cart and trying again, but this has not worked for me and I'm still having the same issue. I've tried emailing Customer Support as well, but I know they've got a huge backlog... :-(

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FYI, we're essentially caught up on backlog and email is currently the BEST way to get a quick (within a couple business days or less) response!

As for phone calls, we're still working from home and don't have access to our phone lines right now, apologies for the inconvenience! Like I said above, email (customer.service@paizo.com) is going to have a pretty quick turnaround.

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I can confirm that email is the way to go as my issue has now been resolved! Thanks, Paizo CS :-D

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