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Any plans on Tup getting a Pathfinder Battles Mini?

The increase by 4 for non-weapon proficiency applies to every time you use the item, not just when discarding it for the extra bonus.

Will the associated ACG iconic card for Kolo be a Cohort? And such, will Cohorts be making appearances in future class decks for shamans, cavaliers, hunters, or others? Or is this something going to be held closer to the chest until you're ready to reveal?

Vilnix wrote:

Just picked up Wrath of the Righteous after much debate over the last month or so. Any tips for a beginner as I dive into the game? I will be playing primarily alone or with my son.

Thanks in advance for any help!

Healing (Spells or abilities that let you recharge other cards out of your discard pile) will help cover a lot of early mistakes. You don't need to bite the bullet and take a pure support character if noone wants to, there are loads of hybrid chars who have spell slots for a Cure, or items slots for early potion of healings you may find.

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Frencois wrote:
** spoiler omitted **
That, however, is intentional.

I had no doubt whatsoever. You naughty naughty...

I was also curious about that... I'll have to wait to find out.

Can't wait!

I think the titles of her two new role cards are switched. The Blade has an ability to absorb combat damage for someone else, which sounds more like a sentry. The Sentry listed has an ability to boost her check against a demon, which sounds more offensive. Though it has the movement ability as well, which could be both offense or defense.

So who's next on the preview block? Looking forward to Adowyn or Crowe.

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Just got off phone with Paizo CS. Let's just say a bunch of people will not be happy. I'll wait for their official post on this.


Sigh. I'm guessing Organized play will be pushed back to accommodate. School starts back up for me next week so I guess no more thinking I'd have it to mess around with before then.

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Over/under for seeing my order change to a true shipped status today? Man, I hope this happens today!!! SOOOOOO excited to get S&S in my hands!

I know, staring at "currently pending" is killing me...

Melindra and Radillo sell this for me. I'm glad Ezren is the only one without blessings, and that it's not class wide.

Waits patiently for this (ok, not so patiently, do want soon!)

Post Character Spoilers: Looks so much more interesting than the last Char Add-on. 3 new unique characters and the new druid is actually very different ability-wise. I was already getting this and now I'm glad I am.

Wow, so many good characters. Looks like I'll be picking up more Class Decks then I planned. Melindra and Wrathack are going to see play by me for sure (and I wasn't planning on either of those decks before).