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captain yesterday wrote:
In a surprise, instead of networking via Facebook, my family is planning holiday festivities via Email, i'd forgotten what a*$@*&&s they are, its good to be reminded now i guess:-)

Happy f+~$ing holidays!

You don't f~+~ing know the half of it.

Married? That means a f!$+ing bachelor party! I know this club in Gehenna where the strippers literally strip their skin. This is gonna be f@#&ing awesome!

Stupid f+$$ing cacodaemons! They give the rest of us minor outsiders a s~~+ty name!

Stabbing is pretty f#%~ing fun.

Stabbing is pretty f@%$ing fun.

F#~! off.

Welcome to Hell, bub. mwahahaf##~ingha!

Actually, that makes a lot of f#@@ing sense!

Shut the f%$@ up, bear! Nobody's around to hear you s&%* in the woods.

It's the happiest f#~+ing place in this s#$!ty multiverse.

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F+#~ f+$@ f!$% f!*@
F++@ f+#* f*%# f@#$
F+~# f+$+ f~#@ f$&@

How the f*@! can you tell with that moron?

What the Hell??!??!

I'm looking forward to Ultimate/Samuel L. Jackson Nick Fury shouting, "Get these motherf~$~ing Hydra agents off my motherf!@+ing Helicarrier!"

Celestial Healer wrote:
Do we need blood sacrifices for that stuff? Because that can be arranged.

Hells yeah! The more f%~$ing blood the better!

I found this f~&!ing awesome book called the "Necronomican". I can use this f$&&er to bring back that price of s**! follower guy (and I mean that in the nicest f$&#ing way possible).

You're all f$**ing idiotic f@@$ing morons!

<Retrieves Celestial Follower's corpse>

I've got a f%#+ing brilliant idea!

CH, where the f$~* is your young ward? Those f!#+ing pizza rolls can't cook themselves, dammit!


No accidental f@@%ing bleeping of crap now.


I'm gonna let everyone know this is a religion thread if I don't get my f#!#ing pizza rolls.

taig wrote:

I can't%+@ch!

I think this was an attempt to foil those who were attempting to foil the language filters.


That f u c k e r, Urizen, can get around it, though. He's tricksy. And his crow minion, too.

Where are my f+%&ing pizza rolls?!!?

Mairkurion {tm} wrote:
Sebastian's Publicist wrote:
Hey, watch it there, bub...ah, Trolls...you mean trolls. Very well, carry on. Just try to be a bit more sensitive with your description. You might want to specify that you don't mean big sexy green men, just to avoid confusion.

Yeah, this f@@~er isn't the least bit regenerative.

<Fires up chainsaw>

Let me see if I understand this s&!*:

Each American city fields their toughest felons, and after each of these teams fights the others, the best two teams of felons has some kind of ritualized prison riot?

Are there any shivs?

Celestial Healer wrote:
Check out my post on the Serious Business thread. Maybe it's a solution?

That f#++ing works for me.

Jiminy Sunwake wrote:
Shanky the Dretchachaun wrote:

That's f#!@ing sweet kid.

Let's go find some hookers.

We get to use meat hooks on people?! I luv that game!


That f+$&ing works for me.

That's f&&$ing sweet kid.

Let's go find some hookers.

Jiminy Sunwake wrote:
taig wrote:
Moorluck wrote:
taig wrote:
Moorluck wrote:
BADGAH!!! How you been buddy? I haven't seen you in a while.

I've been around! Sheesh, it's like I'm invisible or something. :)

Well, I was in a crappy mood yesterday, but I seem to have gotten over it.

How are you doing?

Well I haven't, so I couldn't very well see you now could I? :P

Glad you cheered up, did you try my "Happy Dance"? The one that involves crashing through windows and brandishing chainsaws whilst wreathed in flames?

I'm doing well, nursing cuts from a plate glass window and burns over 90% on my body, but well. ;)

I gotta find a less painful way to celebrate.

I set a schoolhouse on fire. I think it was unoccupied.

I set a schoolhouse on fire once, 'cause the kiddies inside were mean to me, and the teachers wouldn't give me candy, and I like candy, so it wasn't really nice to hide it from me, but the fire kinda carmelized the bones, and carmel is a kind of candy, right? Then these people started crying and all, the noise was interrupting my enjoyment of the carmel, so I made them quiet too, which really surprised them, but it made me laugh, 'cause they kept trying to talk, but they couldn't 'cause I took out all their tounges, but they didn't seem to notice, then they were flapping their arms around and looked like a bunch of chickens without feathers, so that gave me an idea, and I summoned hot oil and had it rain on them, 'til they were all sizzling, and it kinda sounded like chestnuts roasting on an open fire. Did you like my holiday music list?

I f@*~ing loved it!

We need to go on a roadtrip, s&~&bag!

Jiminy Sunwake wrote:

Jiminy Sunwakes' Holiday Hits -

Satan Baby
Deck the Halls (with the Bowels of Your Enemies)
Silent Knife
French Fry the Snowman
Grandma Got Run Over By a John Deere (and I was driving!)
Rudolph the Red-Nosed Snack Tray
Parents Roasting Over a Open Fire
Strangle Bells
Slashing Thru The Halls (with a switchblade in my hand)
I Saw Mommy Killing Santa Claus
All is What I Want for Christmas

I just luv the holidays! Don't you?


F~%% yeah! I want to party with you, ya little s%*@!

Are all Celestials so f*+$ing stupid?

You need to offer the little pig f!&*er some s*&# like truffles or one of these g~*#@!ned turnips.

What the f!+#'s with the temporal flux?
I'm a friggin' poet!


Who the f*!$ let the f@&#ing a+$!### bear in here?!?

Hold on a f*!&ing second, while I get the g@*%*@n bear-trap rifle...

Get the f#&% out of here m$#&*&#@!$~@! Don't you have some a*$@&*& slaads to dick around with?

Why the f**% were you assclowns replaced by f#~$ing proteans?

Taig commissioned me to write a f$&!ing song:

F*#% YOU AT&T!

I don't give f@@% if you like it.

I've got a question:

WHAT THE F*$*?!?!!

What the flying gishy f!~%???

F$&@&$@&$@&&$@&&$@&$@&$@&@$@$&& amp;&$@@&$$K!!!!

Now I'll get f+@* all out of my f#~+ing stock. Here ya go, you can wipe your ass with it now.

I learned you don't f~*@ with James Jacobs.

Celestial Healer wrote:
Valegrim wrote:
microwave is a dirty word!
Especially if you've seen the one we have around here...

F*$~ yeah. I won't even touch that f%%+ing gish.

The gishing fish taught me that gish.

Celestial Healer wrote:
I've never heard those words.

Gish you, mothergisher!

Yeah, that s!~* tastes like f&@#ing s~+~!

Treppa wrote:
Now I can talk smack and blame it on the filter.

F%~* f!%~ f&+&ity f&&$!!!

What the f$%$ is going on in here?

Mac Boyce wrote:
Bored badger is a deadly badger.

At least the f&$%er isn't suggesting f@*@ing bukake clinics for f@$%ing kids. Even I'm not that much of an a*+%~%~.

Urizen wrote:

Up at 4:30 am EST??!!? Who does that?

Oh yeah, me! Gonna give that 7 second delay a motherf~*~ing workout!

Looks like it already started here. Ha!

Have a f&~*ing great time, a#~%~#%!

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