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Gorbacz wrote:
- you can do a Wayne Reynolds cover featuring a pair of glabrezus sodomizing a flumph and NOBODY WILL GIVE A DAMN.

The flumph might...

KaeYoss wrote:
Sealtiel's already there ;-)


Thanks Tarren Dei!

KaeYoss wrote:
I DARE you all to come up with fun posters to do with Pathfinder!

At last, I've got mine... but I don't know how to make a link ;_; a.jpg

James Jacobs wrote:


I have Adventure Paths plotted out until 2012...

Wait... Does this mean James knows the end really is coming in 2012?!


The question has come up in my game that shouldn't humans also have weapon familiarity? Shouldn't Shoanti treat their bolas as martial weapons? Varisians their bladed scarfs? Taldorans their falcatas? And Tiens their shuriken?

I may simply be wondering this since my Pathfinder RPG cleric is the son of a Taldoran diplomat and I'd like to take proficiency with the falcata for my bonus racial weapon proficiency...

That's reasonable, right?

Dear Ask a Shoanti:

I live in a little cottage in the woods, built over one of the many Seals of Tar-Baphon. Every night, voices whisper to me to open the Seal. What should I do?


Shanda Sage

Here's another question for ya:

Is Alistair the demon remains of Alistair Crowley?

Threeshades wrote:
So what other creatures that don't understand the monks actual spoken language will see from his lip movement, when he speaks to them will be totally off of what they hear too?

Exactly! ;)

Diction wrote:
I don't know about the rest of you, but to me, tongue of the sun and moon has never seemed to fit with the monk class.

It fits perfectly if one assumes that the level at which the monk attains this ability is simply the level at which all his movies are available in a dubbed version!

Coridan wrote:
Post in this thread module ideas you'd love to see:

I'd really love to see an adventure like the original Castle Amber set in Golarion. Possibly with revolving around the Odeber Family (Pathfinder Chronicles Campaign Setting page 199).

I can't believe no one has geeked out about the MiB in last week's episode yet! Sure, no one actually called The Observer a Man in Black, but he was classic! Woo!

I'd still like to see some Tesla or Nazi super-science mentioned, though... :(

Dragnmoon wrote:
But David Warner as Evil in the Time Bandits.

"Mom, Dad, don't touch it! It's Evil!"

Lazaro wrote:
** spoiler omitted **

Thanks! I thought so...

Heh. I just finished watching the Season 4 Premire for the third time... and it's just as awesome as the first go round!

But, I still havent been able to tell if

the girl at the beginning with Sam is Ruby's new meat suit...

brent norton wrote:
Who has played the the best and worst Satan? any Genre.

Viggo Mortenson in The Prophecy was quite good.

crosswiredmind wrote:
I watched it last night. I loved it! I am an X-Files and Millennium fan and this show could be just as good if not better than both of them.

Oooo... Millennium. Love me some Frank Black. Best Episode Ever: Somehow Satan Got Behind Me. Maybe one of the best episodes of television ever!

I'm with the It Was Enjoyable But I'll Need To See More crowd. I'm kinda hopin' to see some mention of Nikola Tesla and the ol' Nazi super-science, but I'm not sure Fringe will actually go that direction.

We'll see.

James Jacobs wrote:
But as Wes hinted... some day we'll be saying a LOT more about all of the fiends of Golarion.

My one desire for this book is the inclusion of a Neutral Evil fiendish language. I've always thought it silly that devils and demons each have their own tongue, but daemons have to crib from others to speak.

I'd second Yotsuba&! and also by the same author, Azumanga Daioh. Innocent school-age humor. Good stuff.

Birthright, above and beyond all others.

Planescape, because, really, it was every campaign in one.

Ravenloft & Al'Qadim, I loved the campaigns but never got much going with them.

Greyhawk, but only in 3.5e... I never really liked it before.

Red Dawn

Coupled with Toy Soldiers and TAPS, they make for the greatest '80s Tripple Feature ever!

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Pookachan wrote:
What book disappointed you the most?

1862 by Robert Conroy is the only book in the past 20 years that I've actually been so disgusted with when I finished it, that I threw it away. Didn't give it away, didn't sell it off -- threw it away so that no one would ever read that copy again.

The book is supposed to be an alternate histroy of what would happen if Great Britain sided with the Confederacy during the War of Damnyankee Agression. Only, with the addition of the world's most powerful empire to its foes, apparently the Union whips 'em both -- and faster!