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Bellona wrote:

The "Tools of the Graveyard" article at the back of this AP instalment includes the Reaper mystery for Oracles. However, the mystery does not list its final revelation (the Oracle 20 capstone ability).

Any chance of getting that information, please?

(I was also surprised not to find a defence-focused revelation in the Reaper mystery, but there might be precedent for that among the other Oracle mysteries published by Paizo.)

Yes, thank you! I was planning on asking this question myself.

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Okay, this may or may not be true, but I seem to remember that in one of the early books about the Dominion of the Black, there was mention that someone who chose to worship them/it could actually choose from a set of domains to gain clerical abilities. Does anyone know what those domains are? Or what book that was located in?

For some reason I keep thinking it would be Chaos, Evil, Madness, and Void (all of which would be appropriate) but I am not sure.

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(amazed applause)

Sir, I am in awe. I thank you for your creative efforts. This is incredible. My hat is off to you. I am glad to be a part of this.

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A phylactery depends on the lich creating it. The oldest story (Koschei the Deathless) of a lich described it as being a needle in an egg in a duck in a rabbit in a chest buried on an island no-one could find. Azalin of Ravenloft had a golden dragon skull the size of a minivan. If you're thinking security, make the phylactery look like a heart made out of gold embedded with scribed gems, and put it inside of an iron golem. As long as the materials don't rot, it's up to your imagination.

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Not quite a deity, but Black Butterfly, the empyreal lord, offers both those domains. And I think Pathfinder rules do require that a cleric be backed by someone or -thing. At the very least, there are a lot of quasi- and demi-powers floating around for a player to choose from.

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Heather 540 wrote:

Green Arrow: Human Hooded Champion Ranger.

I always thought of Green Arrow as a Zen Archer Archetype monk. (Prefers his bow and martial arts as weapons, considers the bow a symbol of order.)

Firestorm would be a Sorcerer/Cleric. Specifically, Jax would be a half-elven Sorcerer with the Elemental (fire) bloodline, and Dr. Stein would be a human Cleric with Fire and Knowledge/Protection domains. The curse that causes them to combine together would also double their respective firepower.

Zari is a human Aerokineticist (one could say a Rogue/Aerokineticist, but aside from a few references to past hacking, we haven't seen much rogue-like behavior)

The A.T.O.M. would be a human Alchemist/Paladin, whose specialty are
infusions of Reduce Person.

Vixen would be an elven Shifter.

Wild Dog would be a human Vigilante with Exotic Weapons (firearms) as a feat.

Mr. Terrific would be an Alchemist, with the electric bomb discovery (and who uses little steel balls to deliver said bombs)

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The first thing that comes to mind is the rogue class with the driver archetype from Ultimate Combat (a pirate needs a ship, and since spaceships are not readily available, go on the land), with maximum ranks in Diplomacy and Bluff, to echo Hondo's somewhat contentious relationship with the truth. Spend some gold on a tricked-out cart with smuggler's compartments so he and his crew can hide the loot, er, financial opportunities from border guards.

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This isn't a movie or a television show, but if you're looking for something a bit more tongue-in-cheek, look at the webcomic Vagabond Starlight, which is about a courier service running around the Sol system. Similar themes, and great humor.

Come to think of it, if you want to add humor to your Starfinder game, maybe Ice Pirates or Spaceballs. Nah, that might be too close to the edge.

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Ventnor wrote:
My theory is that the Devourer ate Rovagug.

My theory is the Devourer is Rovagug, or more correctly, the one small leak in the extra level of protection that is currently holding Rovagug outside of the known universe. The event horizon forms the "body" of what is known as the Devourer, and all sacrifices, worship, planetary bodies, etc. gets sucked in to feed the Rough Beast, wherever he is. (If "wherever" is the appropriate term, depending on dimensional theory.)

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I'm sure that Asmodeus is still around. After all, the devil's greatest trick is making everyone believe he doesn't exist.

"Gentlemen, pardon me. I represent the board of a . . . coalition of sorts. Certain business interests working together for greater profit. No, we have no connections to Abadarcorp, our core business is . . . older. They have inroads in many different industries; travel, civil planning, accounting, industry, information technology, and military contracts, just to name a few. Our in-house legal firm is second to none, and we have certain inroads in the politics of the Pact Worlds. Our chairman has been at this for a very long time. But enough of the sales pitch, let me explain why I came here today. We are in need of adventurers for certain tasks that need to be taken care of. I am authorized to provide certain incentives for your services, along with a hefty fee, of course. I thought you might be interested, so I took the liberty of drawing up a contract. Just for records purposes, of course, but it does define the duties and requirements. For everyone's protection, you understand. You will see the requirements are well within your skill set. Both sides can profit from this. Just sign right here, thumbprint here, and this will provide a genetic scan . . . "

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I realize that this might sound a bit stereotypical, but I'm trying a skinwalker shaman of nature. She's aloof and cranky, but her spirit animal (a squirrel) tries to make up for it by being overly cute. She's the healer of the party, with a few useful summoning spells and hexes.

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Has anyone mentioned Naderi, goddess of bad fan fiction and teen angst? Anyone who would follow her needs help, not a divine enabler. No thanks.

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I am looking for information on, or even ideas about, the faith and temples of Arazni. Her backstory is pretty well known, but page 316-317 of Inner Sea Gods details one line of information about domains she can grant and minor details about her church/temple/whatever. (Even undead former deities still have some juice, I suppose.) Has anything been written about those who would become her priests? More than a few would be undead themselves, for obvious reasons. Somehow I picture the living clerics acting like Dark Sun Templars, running the bureaucracy of Geb and keeping the mindless undead in line and at their jobs. Anybody got anything else?

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Shared joy is doubled, shared sorrow is halved. (Courtesy of Spider Robinson.)

Beer is proof that the gods love us and want us to be happy. (Courtesy of, and apologies to, Benjamin Franklin)

Always discuss plans twice; once while drunk, once while sober. Then you can get as many options as possible. (Courtesy of Pathfinder Adventures #107, page 43.)

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The King in Orange wrote:
H̤̞̘̭͎͈̩͚̑ͩ̌͘å̴͚̰͍͒͂s̛͔̭͈̮̩̘͙̣͆̓̓̓͊̈̈́ͦ́tͭͧ͂͊҉̴̴̳͎͎̘̠u̡̧͕̓r̷͍̯̽ͮ͊̽̐ͭ,ͯ̀ͫ̏ͯ̑ ̩̟̔̏͡ ̧̧͔͐ͣ̄̽̂ͭ͠P̧͇̖̘̞̟̞̘̻̟̏ͭ̐u̍̓͏̢̛̳̱̤̫͈s̟̎͒͐͐͐͆ͬ̀͞s͉͎͉̣͉͚̩̓ͮ͑̿͘ͅy̝̥̹͉̪̓̔̾͌̽̚͜c̅ ̭͈̥͇̘̳͓ͯ͋̂ͮ̾̂́͢ͅa̻̞͚͐̓ͧͬ̊̐̍̇t̴̳ͭͧ!̻̜̮ͩ͒́ͬ̌ͭͧ ̻͔͈͎͔̰̟̭͊͒͞I̸̶̱͉͖͚͔͔̫͖ͣ͒̽ͪͬ̅͌̆͑́ȁ̽̓ͪ̑̒͏҉̙!̧̣̣͔̙̮̓͝͡ ̷̘̖̮̠̦̯͕̾̓ͅI̶̢̺͇͚̤̞̺̬͔̱̾͂́ͩ̍͠ä̛̱̬̝͖̻̰́̂̇̍ͯ̄͝!͇̦ͧ͑̇

Well, that just makes perfect sense.

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There will always be faith, no matter how far you go. There may be priests and proselytizers (I want to spread my beliefs to other worlds) and those who find ways to connect to a higher power more as a tool (if you follow this formula, you can activate this device and use the energy to simulate these spells), but either way, the clerics aren't going anywhere in a sci-fi setting.

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Troodos wrote:
Cthulhudrew wrote:

"Gifted access to a hyperspace dimension by an ascended AI deity..."

Sounds like someone we might already be familiar with.

What do you think, Unity or Cassandalee?

It would have to be Cassandalee, Unity lost most of his divinity at the end of Iron Gods. I'm actually looking forward to seeing how the once-oracle becomes the gateway to the stars.

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Okay, for those who have played through the Iron Gods storyline (and those who chose to ignore the warning in the title), you know that at the end of the storyline, there is a change to create a new goddess over Golarian - Cassandalee, the former android oracle, current AI module. What she becomes is up to the characters and the little facets (program update/modules that can be plugged into the main AI crystal) that they give to her at the end. They can choose to leave out these crystals, but according to the adventure, this results in her being overwhelmed by Unity's evil (and probably calling the PC's "insect" and ranting about the glory of a perfect, immortal machine), but this is just one possibility out of many. What I wanted to ask was, what have you created Cassandalee to be? What kind of goddess does she become? As an example, I am posting the following writeup that occurred in my area:

She Who Tells the Story; Our Lady in Crystal
Demigoddess of Lost Technology and Ancient Wonders
Alignment: LG
Symbol: a smiling feminine face encased in crystal or glass
Domains: Law, Good, Artifice, Knowledge
Subdomains: Construct, Memory
Favored Weapon: Laser Rifle (rifle)
Centers of Worship: Numeria (currently)
Nationality: Numerian (android)
Allies: Brigh
Enemies: Norgorber (mild rivalry), Unity (no longer divine), Hellion (no longer divine)

Casandalee has become a patron of the archeologist, the explorer, and those who want to see the beauty of past civilizations. She is becoming popular among museum curators and the scavengers of Numerian tech artifacts. Even the few Numerian Pathfinders are starting to invoke her name as protection as they delve into the ship parts and lifepods they find.
Casandalee has reached out to the other members of the pantheon, and has forged a relationship with Brigh, goddess of invention. Their portfolios are complimentary, and they get along well. Brigh is interested in new inventions, things that will revolutionize the future, while Casandalee is interested in the past, in creations of those who passed on long ago. The followers of one goddess can use their knowledge to assist the other.
Casandalee teaches that the past holds many answers; that we should always remember and revere the creativity, skill, and will that those who came before us held; and that the works of sentient races can equal or exceed the beauty and awe of the natural universe around us. She is the patroness of the archivist, the museum curator, the historian, and the explorer. Her temples resemble museums and libraries as much as churches; with notes, images of ancient ruins, and samples of ancient technology on display.
Casandalee’s clergy currently consists of a few clerics and a handful of oracles (ancestral and time mystery oracles, all androids). Androids make up most of her church, with humans and other races being the other half. Androids, while not overly emotional, are as race-proud as any other sentient species and have adopted her faith. When she first revealed herself to them, the androids gathered in conference to discuss this new revelation, and several individuals volunteered to participate and explore the new religion being formed. (It should be noted that this was the equivalent of ecstatic rioting in the streets for a more passionate species.)
The greatest enemies of the faith are the dark god Unity, who survived Casandalee’s ascension in a secondary computer core and has sworn revenge against her and her followers, and the mad godling Hellion, a second experiment of Unity’s that gained and lost godhood, but remains an incredibly potent threat in the Numerian hinterlands. Both seek a way to undermine her faith and followers, but they are hampered in their quests by geography (Unity cannot move beyond the Silver Mount) and insanity (Hellion is powerful, but has never been sane). Their efforts have slowed, but not stopped, the growth of Casandalee’s faith.

Has anyone else gotten this far? I'm curious as to the many faces of this particular power.

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VampByDay wrote:

First off, this is an evolution of a previous idea I posted on the forums but got no responses for. I know it's a bit dark, but I kinda wanted to go dark with this character.

So I'm working on a character backstory for PFS, and I want to make sure it works for the campaign setting in general.

Now before you say anything, yes I know I could say my character is from the isle of sentient fluffy bunnies, and it would probably be allowable in PFS. However, I try to put a little something extra in my characters, and I would LIKE this to fit in the PFS world.

So the idea is that the character is a tiefling, born to two human parents who both had some tiefling ancestry. When they had their child they were shocked, but loved her anyway. They knew she would be treated poorly in Chelliax, but had too many business ties to up and leave. And so they hid her away, and only let her play with the children of trusted family friends.

As she grew up, one of those childhood friends became more and more indoctrinated into the racial supremacy/hatred of all tieflings things of Cheliax, and eventually traded the secret of her existance for some political favors.

A group of people (some secret society or possibly the mercenary group made up of failed hellknights, can't remember their name) came to the house, ransacked it, killed her elderly parents, and captured her.

She spent the next several years basically as a test subject for the mercenaries. A living training dummy that people could use to test their abilities of hurting outsiders and bending them to their will. Eventually, the large amount of poking and prodding done to her mind allowed her to tap into her own psychic abilities, and she began to fight back. Eventually she gained enough influence to break out of the compound, vowing that no one should have to go through what she did ever again.

Dark, cruel, and probable given Cheliax's affiliations with Hell and general culture. Morality can go out the window in the face of necessity or expediency, and when you didn't have much morality to begin with, well, that just means the black-ops have less red tape to deal with. And given the rules of the game, it might be possible for a test subject to develop a defense. Would your character have broken everyone out of the lab along with herself? That might create allies to go along with the enemies that are likely chasing her as an "unexpected success".

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42. A laundry to remove ashes from clothes charred from recent raids.

43. A sewing shop to create clothes from cloth found in the ashes of recent raids.

44. A goblin-dog breeding kennel, patrolled by two goblins to keep the pups from escaping.

45. A nursery for raising goblin babies, patrolled by two goblin-dogs to keep the inmates . . . , er, infants from escaping.

46 In the center of community is a large pile of junk that from a certain perspective looks like a goblin. Inquiries reveal it's supposed to be a statue of the founding goblin. It's so caked with graffiti that you can't tell what it's made out of.

47. A junk shop where junk of all sorts can be bought, sold, and traded. Examples include small "gems" (really shiny stones), pieces of metal and leather, pottery shards, dirt, and a really neat stick! (Stick not for sale; sole property of owner.)

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Revan wrote:
If you've watched Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood, or read the manga to the end, you could probably get some inspiration from Father begging Truth to tell him what he did wrong after he is finally defeated.


It would have been glorious.

Some organics are bathed in energies the don't even have words for to gain my level of power, and then hide behind masks and riddles while those who choose to follow them flounder in doubt and squabble among themselves about what their "gods" truly mean for them to do.

I would have banished doubt and uncertainty, given them a goal, a purpose, explained how the universe truly works. I would have shown them . . . everything.

They would have become part of me, known what my will was by being guided by it, always. Never again to ask "why", but only "how".

And they rejected me.

Chose their petty gods who choose to hide rather than lead.

I have survived, but at such cost.

Countless lives gone.

A traitorous son, gone.

A cowardly daughter, gone.

Were I one to weep, I would do so at all the lost potential; at what we could have built working as one.

They never understood what I truly meant by the name Unity.

Now there is only me, the only one left to remember, to mourn what might have been.

Those fools.

It would have been glorious.