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I know I'm a little late to the party here; but with the Absalom one, there might be a way to have at least one of the PCs be a consultant rather than a full-time cop (I'm thinking of how Sherlock Holmes works with the NYPD in Elementary).

I'm with Wumiao - I feel like the Aldori Duelist archetype is more for people who are new-ish to the Aldori Style. I suspect we'll see another archetype down the road for representing a true Swordlord. Probably end up being similar to those higher-level archetypes in the Lost Omens Character Guide, where you can't even start on them until at least level 10 or thereabouts.

BellyBeard wrote:
Teamwork makes the dream work!

Or, as it was phrased on the MechWarrior Online forums way back when; "Teamwork is OP".

In any case I do think that Impaling Finish is the sort of feat you take when you know you have reliable ways to shove guys around into position for it (either because the party has another martial character or two besides your swashbuckler, or the spellcasters have a way to reposition enemies). It still feels like a rather teamwork-requiring feat, but that's not necessarily a bad thing.

While an iruxi might find acceptance elsewhere, many people react to lizardfolk in the same way that they might respond to finding a large alligator lying on their sofa and wearing their slippers. That is to say, for all you reptile fans out there who are about to claim to be delighted by such a thing, not well.

I probably shouldn't be reading this preview after having spent most of the day binging on clips from QI - I just read that quoted bit in Stephen Fry's voice.

Owen K. C. Stephens wrote:
ShadowFighter88 wrote:
And if you were hoping for the Psionics system that QuidEst mentioned (the point-based casting system) - I get the feeling that the guys on the design teams at Paizo aren't fans of it (otherwise they would've used it in Pathfinder instead of the Occult classes - it's open-content same as the stuff from the 3.5 core book, as I recall).

For the record I am a HUGE fan of psionics.

And a huge fan of how Dreamscarred handles them.
And very much looking forward to cracking open my Starfinder-compatible psionics book from Dreamscarred.

Don’t get me wrong - I loved 3.5’s take on Psionics and likewise DSP’s Pathfinder port (they actually made the Soulknife a useable class, for one) and I’m looking forward to their SF port as well, now that I know is happening.

I just assume there’s a reason the system was never ported over in a 1st party book.

Xenocrat wrote:
ShadowFighter88 wrote:
Been a while since I checked the spells; are there many buff spells they can use from range?
This is the biohacker forum - they shoot people (or stab if adjacent) with injections to buff them, no spells.

I was asking in comparison to a Mystic buffing people. Like if they're also restricted to getting adjacent to an ally to deliver buffs as a Biohacker would if they didn't want to have to make attack rolls for buffing.

Been a while since I checked the spells; are there many buff spells they can use from range?

A friend of mine on Discord has one big problem with the Biohacker and, to quote him directly, "I just think rolling to buff your allies is silly".

While I don't quite agree, I can see where he's coming from. The Biohacker being a medium BAB class and flat-footed not being as big an impact in SF as it can be in PF, having your main gimmick be reliant on attack rolls feels off.

Anyone have similar concerns about the class or is it not as bad as it sounds?

And if you were hoping for the Psionics system that QuidEst mentioned (the point-based casting system) - I get the feeling that the guys on the design teams at Paizo aren't fans of it (otherwise they would've used it in Pathfinder instead of the Occult classes - it's open-content same as the stuff from the 3.5 core book, as I recall).

Xin-Shalast is in the far north-east of Varisia, right near where the nation borders both the Realm of the Mammoth Lords and the Hold of Belkzan. So there's at least a whole country and a glacier between Xin-Shalast and the Crown of the World.

Voss wrote:
ShadowFighter88 wrote:
Voss wrote:
I'm a little more puzzled that there are so few full casters and they're both clerics. Octavia comes preset as rogue/wizard, which is a little annoying. (granted, arcane trickster comes at no effort, but still)

Pretty sure Regongar is a sorcerer, a draconic one at that (although I'm basing that on a recent trailer they put out where he casts some variant of Form of the Dragon so I'm just guessing that based on that spell, his personality, and that his free hand in the artwork seems to be turning into claws.

Think I also read his class in a Kickstarter update ages ago, but not sure.

He was originally going to be a sorcerer, but when the kickstarter bonus (or whatever its called) unlocked the magus, they switched him to an eldritch scion. He still has a dragon bloodline*, and dragon disciple is in the game, so... form of the dragon is quite possible for him.

*its worth noting that eldritch scions may be based on sorcerer bloodlines rather than bloodrager bloodlines (since the latter aren't in the game). That means some bonus spells and bloodline abilities are slightly different. Personally I'm intensely curious about Abyssal...

Yeah, just looked him up on a wikia someone's made for the video game and he's listed as a Magus and the trivia section mentions he was originally going to be a Sorcerer. A little disappointed by that, honestly; if they kept him as a Draconic Sorcerer then he could've been angled towards the Dragon Disciple - his personality certainly sounds very dragon-y. That and having him be a bit of a bastard makes him feel a little too much like Seltyiel.

Voss wrote:
I'm a little more puzzled that there are so few full casters and they're both clerics. Octavia comes preset as rogue/wizard, which is a little annoying. (granted, arcane trickster comes at no effort, but still)

Pretty sure Regongar is a sorcerer, a draconic one at that (although I'm basing that on a recent trailer they put out where he casts some variant of Form of the Dragon so I'm just guessing that based on that spell, his personality, and that his free hand in the artwork seems to be turning into claws.

Think I also read his class in a Kickstarter update ages ago, but not sure.

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Joe Pasini wrote:
Farlanghn wrote:
Are we going to see Tieflings in this book? I would love to see some space tieflings added to the Starfinder universe.
That would be cool...

You... you bloody tease!

Incidentally; anyone else a little annoyed that the Noble Scion feat doesn't give you a noble's outfit (and accompanying jewellery) to start? Then again; I can just go with a re-flavoured traveller's outfit.

Throwing the profile together now, but I've got a name and the start of the backstory.

Theodric Silvui d'Ontalen - youngest child of a family originally from Taldor who left the country a few centuries ago and set up in Magnimar (still deciding why but my leaning is "this country's getting way too decadent and foppish, we're peacin' out"). The d'Ontalen family's had some dealing's with Roderic's Cove since the town was formed but mostly as a waystation for wine shipments headed elsewhere, either by boat or caravan.

Theo's father probably stopped in on the town every so often over the last couple of decades, bringing Theo with him sometimes so he could get a sense of what's involved in the family's wine trade. I figure he'd have made a half-dozen visits over the years, maybe even trying to see Cariad's father a few times early on (so he and Theo could've met as kids) as part of the d'Ontalen family's arcane interests but would've given up on that side of his visits to the Cove as Cariad's father got worse and made the visits just about the wine trade.

So Theo and Cariad could be friends of a sort, even if it may have just started as a bored Theo wanting someone close to his age to talk to while on one of these boring trips.

Actually not sure how much of a presence my sorcerer (who still isn't named because I'm a lazy bastard, I'll work something out after work tomorrow) would have in Roderic's Cove before this. Maybe his family's been doing some sort of wine trade there for a while or have to stop in any time a ship carrying their goods is sunk (has that been a constant thing since 4708 or just sporadic and whenever Roderic's ghost shows up?) so he'd have met some people now and then.

He's not going to be too old, mind; probably only about 19. He'd probably at least have met Caraid on those visits. If he interacted with Nime or Calendula, it probably wouldn't have been much; I get the feeling those two are significantly older than him.

Jesse Heinig wrote:
There are a couple traits for playing nobles, and the Noble Scion feat, of course.

Yeah, was gonna take the Noble Scion feat at 1st level (oh the joys of humans having a bonus feat - been so long since I played a human in Pathfinder I'd forgotten :P ) - the bit about the family having some not-inconsiderable interest in magic being the fluff explanation for taking the Scion of Magic version of the feat.

As for noble-focused traits - not sure which ones to grab (mainly because there's so damn many of them that it's hard to find ones that fit the character I have in mind) so I was just going to be cheap and take Rich Parents (and no, the irony of me taking that as the "cheap" option is not lost on me). Although I'm open to suggestions on that front.

Trying to work out the fluff for this character - at least as much as I can before getting a look at the player's guide.

Was wanting to try making a noble for a change. Probably from Magnimar for the sake of proximity (since I somehow doubt that Riddleport has much in the way of actual nobility) and is possibly in Roderic's Cove because his family is considering expanding some business there way if things seem to be on the up-and-up enough (ie; not to the point that such business would be supporting Riddleport's pirates).

My sorcerer won't be overly diplomatic and he's not supposed to be - he's just there to get a baseline view of the place and an overall feel for it. He agrees because it helps him avoid having to deal with the actual business part of the family business. And if Roderic's Cove has trouble of the violent variety; he's one of the more capable members of the family.

As for what the family business is, I was thinking primarily wine - they own and operate a vineyard and sell the results all over the place, and maybe showing up to the odd auction of particularly rare vintages. But as a secondary part of that, they also have some pull in the arcane community - my sorcerer's older sister could be an accomplished wizard experimenting with new forms of enchanted items, for example.

Think this could work, depending on the campaign traits involved?

DM Brainiac wrote:
You can swap out mage armor when the bloodline gives it to you.

Awesome, thanks. Surprised there's nothing in the class mentioning this sort of conflict, I've seen similar notes with other classes or the like.

Jesse Heinig wrote:
If we absolutely have nobody doing healing duty I'll make a mystic theurge or something, but it does get tiresome doing the same old routine.

What about a Bard? They can serve as an emergency healer, can't they?

Or have I just been watching Campaign 1 of Critical Role too much lately and Scanlan's rubbing off on me? :P

Throwing together a Sorcerer together, one question, though. A sorcerer doesn't get to swap out existing spells until 4th level - but I'm taking Mage Armour at 1st and the Draconic Bloodline gets you it for free at 3rd.

Would I be allowed to swap out the chosen Mage Armour for another spell at 3rd anyway, or should I just take Shield at 1st level instead and avoid this whole palava?

I choose to blame the delay on the website folding in on itself so much lately.

It is easier when you go in with a concept in mind. Like going into the Fighter example in the OP - if I went into that knowing I wanted to make a medium-armoured swashbuckler kind of character (and I've no idea how well that concept works with the class' armour-related feats, I can't recall at the moment); then I'd already know that I want to use Dex as my key ability score, that I'd want an agile weapon and I'd skim-read the feats to decide whether to go single-handed, sword-and-buckler, or sword-and-dagger. Cuts out most of the flipping back-and-forth before I've even started.

(I say "sword" there, but obviously I mean a rapier - unless there's something more akin to the swords you see HEMA people using with a buckler and I just missed it)

Mistwalker wrote:
I also agree that wizards should have 3 skills + int modifier per level, and that they should have more signature skills (including all lore skills).

There's no "Per-level" with skills anymore, BTW. Any time Skill Increase comes up in the progression, you just raise one skill.

Having them in with the spell descriptions isn't too bad, but I feel like we need an extra page between the end of the spell lists and the start of the spell descriptions, and to have that page showing the class power lists.

The descriptions are all in alphabetical order so it's not too hard to find a power once you know the name (helped by the fact that powers have a red level number in their header while spells have a black one), it's just having an easy reference for those names that's needed. Spellcasters have the spell lists right before the descriptions, but finding the names of class powers requires you to flip through the class feats to find them all (unless you're playing a Sorcerer, then you just find all the powers in your Bloodline entry).

As far as I know; you get Lay on Hands for free but then any other champion powers are granted via class feats.

So a Level 1 Paladin can only spend their Spell Points to cast Lay on Hands, unless they take the Deity's Domain class feat as their Level 1 Class Feat which gives you the chosen deity's domain power (which are on p72 in the Cleric section) and an extra spell point.

So all Champion Powers other than LoH are granted via class feats.

Spells and powers are two different things, despite the latter being powered with Spell Points. Paladins no longer have spells, they just have powers. They are not prepared casters, they are not spontaneous casters, they are not casters at all.

EDIT: Frankly, I think Spell Points should be renamed to make the distinction clearer, but I worry that calling them Power Points would cause even more confusion for people who are fans of Dreamscarred Press' psionics.

Forseti wrote:
Create a character with spells and Spell Point fuelled powers? Spend an ungodly amount of time flicking all over the rulebook to find the spells and powers and the rules implications of the traits you run into.

Which class was this for? Because for the Sorcerer, at least, this was pretty straight-forward in the Bloodlines description - "Bloodlines give you three Powers, these Powers are fuelled by your Spell Points and are the only thing you spend those Spell Points on, all your other spells are classic Spontaneous Vancian Casting."

I realise it's probably worse for the other spellcasters but I haven't gotten around to reading them yet. And it was frustrating to find out that the spell descriptions and power descriptions are all in the same part of the book, but at least they're all in alphabetical order. A bookmark, or just a finger, kept in the class' section as you flip to the spell descriptions (or, for PDF users like me, a notepad doc to jot the page numbers onto) makes things a lot easier.

At least the Wrath of the Righteous spoiler is pretty obvious if you're read even a "back page blurb" summary of the AP - you know it involves heroes, you know it involves the Worldwound, you know it made heavy use of the Mythic Rules... pretty easy to figure out the most-likely end result there if you're even a little bit genre-savvy.

Huh, even the polymorphic spells seem to be lacking new ability scores. Just read over Dragon Form and makes no mention of what your new ability scores are. Not actually too big a deal, though; non-combat uses for Strength, at least, are probably covered by that Athletics bonus, the temp HP covers the extra CON (poison or the like might still be an issue, but my knowledge is still a bit all over the place), and it's not like you're expecting to do anything dexterous while you're a 15-foot g&!%&~n dragon.

I'd have to find more of the polymorphic spells (since Polymorph itself seems to no longer exist) but I suspect that any that would involve massive changes to ability scores would be to just use the score modifiers from the bestiary.

I don't think so - I don't see any of the "Animal Attribute" spells in the playtest. I think that whole mechanic's been dropped outright. I haven't had a look at the magical items in detail yet, but I get the feeling that things like gloves of dexterity and their counterparts are going to be conspicuously absent.

EDIT: Or... those would just give item bonuses. Now I feel stupid.

RoninJT wrote:
If the barbarian's dragon breath is only once per hour I think the sorcerer will get to use theirs more even though they have a set limit per day and the barbarian doesn't. In most games, encounters are clustered together far more often than they are spread throughout the day. In my experience, this means the barbarian will only get to use it once (maybe twice) in a day since it's once per hour. The sorcerer on the other hand can get all it's uses off in a single encounter or in back to back encounters.

I'm agreeing with this, that they're balanced by how frequently it can be used. The Barbarian'll get one terrifying breath off in a fight (possibly in a whole dungeon depending on how quickly the party moves through it) while the Sorcerer'll be able to fire off multiple weaker ones in the same timeframe, though they'd probably be the only ones he could fire off for the whole day. But, depending on the dungeon, the party could be out of resources and need to rest or retreat before the Barbarian's been able to fire off more than two or three.

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master_marshmallow wrote:
Can we get an online resource?

Haven't had a good look at it yet, but found this linked in another thread.

EDIT: Seems to still be under construction (the spells/powers section at least seems to be missing a lot still) and powers are still mixed in with spells, but subsequent hyperlinks in the class pages and being able to have the class open in one tab/window and the spell section in another should be a big help.

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ENHenry wrote:
Jason Bulmahn wrote:

...Later on in this process we are going to be releasing a swarm of surveys that are not directly tied to the playtest. While many of those will be about specific game systems and engines, there will be one about our layout and information design. This too is important to us, even though I do not suspect we will get too many answers on it, as survey about user design interface is probably not too interesting to most, but that wont stop us from trying.

Just thought I would toss that out there. I hate to see enthusiasts so distraught that they cannot even bring themselves to play. Rest assured that we will be looking into that once we have things rolling here.

That’s awesome to hear; for all I’ve enjoyed it, layout is an area that I’ve found impeding my learning curve. It could however be due to years of experience and just bad habits I’ve picked up from design tropes in common with other RPGs over the years.

Layout is annoying at times. For one; I'd like to see class powers (like the ones from Sorcerer bloodlines, Paladin Champion Powers, etc) have their own separate spell lists at the beginning of the spells section.

Keep the full descriptions where they are in with the other spells, I have no issue with that, but put a list of all their names as like a short spell list in after the arcane/divine/primal/occult ones. That way, you have a reference to work with rather than having to find the name in the class' section (where the name could be buried in a feat description or the like) and makes it a lot quicker to flick through the descriptions to find the abilities.

Tempted to try my hand at a Dex Fighter multiclassing into Cleric of Cayden. I'd have to re-read the Cleric Dedication feats but it could make for something interesting.

Nathanael Love wrote:
It's strange that every other edition of this game except PF1 and PF2 and many other table top RPGs solved the page count issue by having half this information in a separate book for GMs so that the "Core" rule book could be focused on being a "player's hand book".

Mind you; you look at the RPG industry as a whole and DnD is kind of an outlier on that front. Most of the other RPGs I've looked into has had the core book do both player and GM content. Eclipse Phase, Shadowrun, Exalted, Cyberpunk 2020, Elite Dangerous RPG, Iron Kingdoms, the various Cypher System games...

Probably a bunch more that I haven't looked at that do the same.

Null sheen, chummer. I got the impression that that was how 10th level spells would work back when they first previewed them in a blog post, I just had to check the tables myself as I was making that post to be sure I was remembering right.

EDIT: Ah; and there is a counterpart to those abilities for Sorcerer's and Wizards - Archmage's Might.

Take a look at each class' Spells Per Day chart (page 70 for Clerics, 81 for Druids). Note how those only go up as far as Level 9 spells?

Miraculous Power, Hierophant's Power (and I assume an equivalent one for Wizards and, possibly, Sorcerers) are the only way to get access to any tenth level spells.

EDIT: The class advancement tables (on page 70 for Clerics and 80 for Druids) bear this out as they make no mention of 10th level spells, but do list the other nine levels.

Yeah, those sections felt a bit too... bland for my tastes. Only bit of those "Roleplaying an X" sections that actually stood out to me was the first half of the Barbarian's one and more just for the mental image I got from that third note (The one that read "Engage in a regimen of intense physical fitness — and punch anyone who says this conflicts with your distaste for patience and tedium.").

Other than always-amusing image of Amiri clocking Alain (because who else would be stupid enough to point this out to Amiri? :P ) in the jaw, those never really drew my attention at all.

@Kalindlara - that was my thinking as well, I guess the person I was debating it with earlier on the Discord was of the mind that "friends with benefits" - and having several such friends at once - was more of a chaotic mindset.

@CrystalSeas - The conversation did acknowledge being committed to multiple people at once (ie; group marriages). The main point of contention seemed to be that the person I was debating this with was applying a "medieval society" mentality to Golarion (which, even in the places that closest match real-life medieval society, is still pretty divergent on a number of points) where sleeping around was not the social norm. Granted; it's probably not the norm in Golarion either, but it's a damn-sight easier/safer to do there than it was in, say, 12th century England.

So this came up in the Pathfinder discord recently, after the 2e preview of the Paladin went up (more because I mentioned a paladin character of my own as an example of why I figured the Paladin Code - in either edition - has a bit more flexibility than most people assume). Basically; can a paladin support several casual relationships and still retain their alignment and follow their code?

Now, just to clarify, I mean relationships where it's expressly set out at the beginning that it's not intended to be serious - so making sure the paladin's not leading the other person on even by accident. If it's a one-night-stand at an inn, for example, they make this clear when it's apparent they'll be heading upstairs together. There's no deception, no lying, no going back on your word. If it grows more serious then they're open and honest about it and work from there. That sort of thing.

So, bearing all of that in mind, could a paladin support a lifestyle that involves multiple casual sexual partners and still remain a paladin? The main point of contention when this came up on the discord server was that such relationships are not "committed" relationships and, ergo, are not in keeping with the lawful part of the alignment. That and that such relationships are not considered the norm among most societies. Personally; I think that if Golarion is open-minded about sexuality and gender identity (even if more callous individuals may just put that down to Paizo not wanting to offend anyone), it doesn't strike me as a massive leap to assume that such relationships might also be more accepted.

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Biggest possibility that this opens up? Sword canes having a trait or feat that lets you use the scabbard part as either a second weapon or as a parrying weapon.

At least that's what I'd like to see.

My votes:

Aldori Swordlord (Fighter) - Because we need more ways for someone to fight smartly and this one is flavourful as hell. Plus I love the character designs for some of the swordlords we've seen in artwork.
Reincarnation Druid - "What the- I'm a kobold this time? Fuuuuuuu-"
Mooncursed Barbarian - I only actually found out about this archetype when I found this thread but dear god does this need to be a thing!
Spy (Rogue) - If I ever get into a campaign with ready access to Numerian tech, I need me a way to go Michael Westen on some guys.
Arcane Duelist (Bard) - Haven't played a bard yet but always liked the look of this one.

And, as a side note - consider this an extra request for a bard archetype that's specialised in the use of a hurdy-gurdy. This may have been influenced by all those Sea of Thieves streams that w4stedspace was doing while the beta was running. :P

Erick Bonestihl wrote:
Should be an interesting campaign, with all the intrigue, it's going to be a game where almost everyone should have bluff or diplomacy or both, even the front line fighters.

Thank god those are on the Investigator class skill list. Although now I'm worried that the character's going to end up as some sort of hybrid of Michael Westen and Elementary's version of Sherlock Holmes. Moreso the latter unless we start importing remote-detonating explosives from Numeria. :P

Hmm, leaning towards an investigator, but the details are gonna have to wait until I see the fluff for those campaign traits - I’ve an investigator more-or-less ready to go, I’ll just have to rewrite some bits of her background and whichever trait I use might involve more substantial alterations.

Dotting for interest as well, got a couple of ideas but won’t know which one to go with until I’ve read the player’s guide and know how the story opens and what the campaign traits are.

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I'll probably need to do some rewriting, but thinking a Tiefling Investigator I originally wrote up for the next time I saw a Council of Thieves game recruiting.

And some of that re-writing might have to wait until the player's guide comes out because I am not all that familiar with Taldor.

Thurston Hillman wrote:
Grimm Hrafn wrote:
Starship tag... yet another. Looks like I won't be seeing how this one plays out.

Our internal "goal" (not binding in any way) is to have roughly 1 out of every 4 scenarios include starship combat in one form or another. As a new system, it really does help us out for people to try it and get familiar with it—running the encounters faster due to knowledgeable GMs and players makes a HUGE difference. Similarly, some (but not all) of our major storyline scenarios will feature starship combat.

All that being said, I highly recommend you give this particular scenario a shot.

** spoiler omitted **

Does the bit in the spoiler

involve throwing the smeghead out an airlock? :P

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Gisher wrote:
ShadowFighter88 wrote:
Anyone got a link to the thread he mentioned in the (now deleted) OP? Was going to have a read of it but all the posts with the link got deleted before I got around to it.
It was a link to Grick's Guide to Touch Spells, Spellstrike, and Spell Combat. Possibly the most favorited post of the entire messageboard.

Ah, cheers. Knew it was popular but couldn't remember the title or that it was that popular.

Anyone got a link to the thread he mentioned in the (now deleted) OP? Was going to have a read of it but all the posts with the link got deleted before I got around to it.

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