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Waves to DB3

Man, did they invent tipping like 30 years ago? WHY DONT OLD PEOPLE TIP????

I got rotten tips too!


Man, don't it suck when they put your soul back in you and you realize you've killed more people than live in Gary Indianna?

Serafina moves from the DJ booth, skillfully putting herself between the three Celestial nymphs and their scowling fiendish counterparts. She writhes and sways, but keeps an eye on the demonic nymphets

lynora-Jill wrote:

Is it? I'm sorry. I had to guess at your size. I'll have to remember to adjust that order for the self-repairing bikinis so yours is in the right size.

No it's okay. It'll stretch out a bit, see?

runs fingers along seams to stretch out top

I like the pink skulls, although the top is a little snug.

Adjusts bikini top

Serafina squeals and puts the new suit on

I love it! Thanks Lynora!

Alaina gets out of the pool and lays down on a lounge chair. Serafina gets out as well, looks for her bikini, realizes it has been destroyed. She gathers up alaina's Which was a +5 bikini of Blade Turning and made its save :P and goes over to the tanned priestess.

Someone disintegrated that cute bikini I just bought!

Serafina pouts, then shrugs and lies down for a while

lynora-Jill wrote:

*looks discouraged*

Someone cut the straps on all my bikini tops. So I guess no swimming for me.

Serafina looks at the pool

Well, it looks like the swimmers already in have no bikinis on. I'm willing to go commando if you are!

Serafina unsnaps her skull and crossbones top, shimmies out of her bottom and runs to the pool, cannonballing in

Serafina smiles

I'll take it easy. Hey, anyone hot? I'm all sandy too..

Looks over at the pool filled with fiendish dryads and nymphs

Anyone for a quick dip?

I'll get it!

Serafina runs after the ball, pert bottom twitching and covered in sand. She bends to pick the ball up, then tosses it to Alaina who serves it over

Allura wrote:
Allura dives for the ball, bumping it up so that LJ could spike it right back over the net.

Alaina trys to get it, and does, but the bump is too low for Serafina, who ends up faceplanting in the bone sand. She gets up, brushes herself off and tosses the ball to LJ

Your point!

Serafina gets under the ball and bumps it up, skulls bounding this way and that. Alaina sets by the net, and Serafina twists and hammers the ball over the net

lynora-Jill wrote:
LJ dives, just barely hitting the ball in time and Allura spiked it back over the net.

Serafina sets and bumps the spiked ball high in the air. Alaina pops it back over to her, and the lithe teen girl twists and spikes it back towards LJ

Allura wrote:
Allura bounces over to hit the ball back over the net, straight at Serafina.

Serafina dives, saving the ball and Alaina taps it over the net. Serafina scrambles to her feet and dusts off the sand.

Serafina comes bouncing out in a skull and crossbones bikini. She has dyed her hair with purple streaks and teased it out into spikes.

I'm in!

Serafina has been sitting quietly for days. She eats occasionally, and once in a while she strips down to her shift and goes swimming. After a week or so of thought she is suddenly struck by something. She screams and doubles over, collapsing on the mossy earth.

Rio, Pokemon Trainer wrote:

"Don't be so down, Serafina. It wasn't that bad. Not everyone is going to believe you were in control of your actions. I apoligize in advance if I do something stupid and drastic, though."

Serafina smiles wanly

It's OK, Rio, I just need to get my head straight. I did a lot of bad things while I was a vampire, and having half a millenium of guilt come crashing down on you all at once is a hard burden. I might not be Innocent Blood anymore, but I remember everything she did.

The omniportal flashes and Serafina and Rio emerge. Serafina finds a spot under a willow and sits down, tossing stones across the large pool of water.

Rio, Pokemon Trainer wrote:
"Serafina, we should leave before Alaina comes back. Let's go to the Oasis, we can enjoy the waters there and think about what to do next."

Serafina sighs

Yes, it was premature to come here.

She stands up and walks towards the omniportal

Dragonborn3 wrote:
Sooo... is Serafina still here with Rio? Or has she decided to try and make ammends with other people?

Serafina's still here, but I have not been. Lots of junk going on in RL Db3, apologies.

Serafina sits on a beach chair, despondent. The laughs and cries of the folks staying at the temple resort seem to have no effect on her

Serafina begins to cry, great wracking sobs

Serafina cringes at the harsh tone.

I ... I ... just want you to know I am sorry for everything that happened She whispers

Serafina grabs Rio's hand and enters

Either is fine Rio, as long as I get there

Serafina wakes up after several horrible dreams

Rio, I think I need to go to The Sanctum of the Sun. I need to make peace with Alaina.

Serafina sighs

I need a place with a lot of quiet and somewhere I can think and get my mind together. Rio, thank you for staying with me, but I just want you to know you don't have to if you don't want to.

Serafina flashes back to the warded area, hoping that Rio is still in residence

Serafina looks over the hubbub at the Sanctum and turns back to the omniportal. A flash and she is gone

Serafina stands off to the side, leaning on the black walnut quarterstaff. Half-a-dozen cuts and bruises speckle her skin

Serafina sets the omniportal to the Sanctum and activates it


Serafina runs ahead, clubbing the carnies down as they swarm the group

Back foul creatures! Back to Mictlan with you!

Priestess of Discord wrote:
Smiling at the stricken knight PoD becomes black smoke and streams towards him.

Gazing into the tent during break in the action, Serafina sees the priestess turn into smoke and head for Telestial. She mutters and points her staff at the smoke

Cocotona nahualli! She cries as a beam of golden energy lances into the black cloud

Basically a big blast of positive enrgy

After thwacking the roustabout with his own staff, Serafina acts as gatekeeper, fighting off the carnies rushing to the tent. Every time an undead approaches her blows become infused with a golden glow.

Tonaltzintli yollohtli! She yells as she lays about the various minions with the length of black walnut

Serafina watches the unfolding drama from outside the tent. When a burly roustabout comes running towards her she shows some surprising moves, taking him down with a judo move and taking his quaterstaff-like shillelagh

I'll be taking that thank you ..

The omniportal flashes behind the group after they have advanced. A slight dark-haired girl appears and sneaks into the tented area

Serafina sighs, and looks at the disappearing party

I want to help ...

She heads back to the omniportal and flashes out

Just as the group heads for the omniportal it flashes. A dark-haired girl appears, looking ill at ease

"Umm, hello."

Serafina wakes up and looks over Rio.

I have to get going. She thinks sadly. She touches his brow gently and moves off to the distant omniportal.

Serafina wakes up walks out of the cave and looks over the sleeping form of Rio by a banked fire. Her eyes are haunted, but her crying seems to be done. She studies the stars above for meaning, but sees none.

Why am I alive? She thinks to herself

A flash of memory consumes her. The white marble pyramids of Chichen Tlazcla. The smile on her mother's face as her white wings spread and she ascended to the cerulian sky. Her father, quietly dignified in his Quetzalcoatl regalia, chanting the songs of renewal at the Solstice to relight the Unconquered Sun.

Other memories spread in her mind like a stain. The conquest of Chichen Tlazcla. The hooting vampires, the snarling feral zombies, the flash of a Macuahitl as it severed her father's head. Her mother tumbling from a smoke-filled sky, pierced by a dozen spears. Serafina being brought before the invaders' leader, Ebony Jaguar. Her ...

Serafina paces in a tight circle around the dim fire, trying not to let anguish and pain overwhelm her.

Serafina tosses in an uneasy sleep, The faint calling of the goblins reaches her ears and she moans and tosses, her dark curls sodden in night sweat.

Rio, Pokemon Trainer wrote:

"If I thought that would I be here trying to help you? Do you truly belive I would be helping you if you deserved to die? You didn't do any of those things. The instant you were bitten, you stopped being Sera. You deserve to live the life that was taken from you!"
*He hugs her again tightly, letting silent tears flow.*

If I don't reply to her next comment, I'll be able to after school's over.

Sorry just got on. Long day

Serafina manages to stop crying, but still has a wild shocked look

Rio, I need to go somewhere where I can be alone for a while.

She rubs her tear-streaked face.

Can you take me somewhere?

Rio, Pokemon Trainer wrote:

"Hello Serafina, it's been a long time hasn't it?" He leans in and hugs her, comforting her as best he can.
"The djinn is right, you didn't do any of what you think you did. I know that is true and so should you."

Serafina cries and clutches Rio

I don't deserve to be alive, Rio. I don't ..

She begins to wail again

Djuhah the Djinn wrote:

He keeps holding her, speaking in a soothing voice. "I suppose it's understandable. You're in shock. I can wait. It's one of the benefits of being a djinn. We're very patient. Just remember that *you* did not do these things you are remembering. You are not responsible. No matter how horrifying it is, you must remember that."

The young girl begins to wail in heartwrenching sobs, but they blend in well with the wails of the mourners discovering wounded and slain friends on the battlefield. She hugs Djuhah tight.

Djuhah the Djinn wrote:

"You didn't do those things, Serafina. I have something to tell you that may help if you are willing to listen."


The young girl is going into shock, unable to process a half millenium of vampiric life

Djuhah the Djinn wrote:

"Please, miss, I'm sorry. I'm sorry for your pain. We have all lost friends and loved ones here today. Please, it will be alright."

The girl stares off into space

Oh Gods, the temple. Oh gods, the children! I spent centuries bathing in the blood of c-c-c-hildren ...

The girl screams thinly and throws up a greenish foam in big racking heaves

Djuhah the Djinn wrote:

"I'm sorry, miss. I do not know who your father is. Or if he is here. There are so many fallen and wounded. But we will help you look if you like."

The young girl looks at the kindly djinn


The girl rocks on the ground

No no nonononononooo

The Djinn's spell heals the bruises and wounds of the prostrate girl

She sits up and looks around wildly. She looks as if she is in shock.


Serafina busses the tables along the bistro edge. She looks unhappy, and is sporting a bruise along one leg, looking like a blunt object twacked her.

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