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Merisiel Sillvari wrote:
Rhung wrote:
When did you go into space?
Was trying out a crazy bit of weirdo equipment. There's a picture of me in the suit in Distant Worlds, I hear. It was a few years back though.

*Checks out the picture.*

Was the gear supposed to be glowing green with weird runes like that, or was that a spell effect?

Janka Fastgut wrote:
Vingorg wrote:
Star Captain Killjoy wrote:
John Napier 698 wrote:
Marines! Muster on the boat deck. Prepare for boarding.
...but what if they come back with bigger boards with bigger nails? How far could this escalate? Do we really want to get involved with this sort of arms race, or do we nip it in the bud before someone loses a spleen?

OK, now I'm conflicted. Do we continue the assault or back off and reconsider the potential impact of our actions?


...or do we just cut to the chase and BURN IT ALL DOWN!!!!!!

One thing I'm positive about: I am NOT drawing the Captain his bath!!!

Those things are just so unhealthy! *shudders*

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Rysky wrote:
Master Pugwampi wrote:
Rysky wrote:
Aaaarampi? Rampi?

Aaaarampi sounds more like pirate pugwampis than aardwolf.

Rampi sounds like a nickname of a really lame autobot that transforms into a ramp.

Other than that, cool ideas boss!


That's... actually not that lame, you know how much the autobots would love to have a portable ramp buddy they could use to launch their vehicle selves at stuff?

Does he even lift?


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Pillbug... In... SPACE!!! wrote:

After reading the title to this thread, I blame Cosmo that the Pact Worlds may actually reside in fluidic space.

If that is true, I blame Cosmo that I must immediately consider the hypothesis that pugwampis and other gremlins are simply antibodies.

If that that is true, I blame Cosmo that I must consider the further hypothesis that the rest of us lifeforms are merely food, viruses, diseases, and/or parasites living within the Universe Entire Which Is Cosmo.

I Blame Cosmo for Pillbug revealing that which was not meant to be revealed!

I mean how can we go about purging the universe of that which must be purged if everybody knows what we are up to? They might object!

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Pillbug... In... SPACE!!! wrote:

Master Kretzer, have you ever watched Babylon 5? ...

The first season is a bit of a slog, the dialogue could often use a bit of work, and some of the acting can be a bit flat. But season 1 lays out all the major pieces and players, and seasons 2 through 4 are a well-plotted epic storyline of political machinations, complex alien cultures, and all out galactic warfare with major repercussions.

...and season 5 is an entire season of Denouement. Just a heads-up warning.

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The Masked Pugwampi wrote:
Master Pugwampi wrote:
Sir RicHunt Attenwampi wrote:
I now blame Cosmo for Pangaea breaking apart.
I Blame Cosmo for Hunt breaking apart. Two identities? Seriously?
Yeah! You tell them!

I mean come on, right?

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Rysky the Dark Solarion wrote:
Hunt, the PugWumpus wrote:
David knott 242 wrote:
If you got your authorization e-mail between Thursday and today, your shipment should occur some time between today and August 18th per this thread.
Rysky the Dark Solarion wrote:
*waiting intensifies some more*



{quietly moves Rysky's order to the end of the queue}

*slowly narrows eyes at the Pugwumpus*

*slowly narrows eyes at the Pugwumpus AND Rysky*

EDIT:*then puts in garbage orders just ahead of Rysky's*


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Thurston Hillman wrote:
Dal Selpher wrote:

Is this the Exo-Guardians' capstone or the Wayfinders'?

Preview wrote:

Prerequisites: Exo-Guardians: Tier 4

Gah! Sorry for some of the flubs here, the blogs have been one of the later additions to the "Road to Gen Con" and after spending the past few weeks going over scenarios and guides, it looks like a few gremlins (space pugwampi?) have snuck in.

Obviously, this requires Wayfinders Tier 4!

An early success! More to come!!! >:D