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that DID help tyvm :D

the #3 was more of a scenario in which I'd make coin shot my gimmick, and go into C-Q thrower or some stuff, but I realized that "coins" are definitely not on the list for startoss anyway so nvm :D I liked the idea but it's definitely not-optimal and would require too much rule-bending.

Thanks for the clarification, it will save us a lot of time at the table in the near future :)

I've been looking at this guide for a long while now, and the time to ask an important question has come:
due to unforeseen circumstances we're starting a new campaign tomorrow, we're gonna roll stat for some reason so no PB, but I'm kinda dead-set on card-caster+hexcrafter magus, while I have some theory-crafted builds for higher level we're gonna start from the very bottom, level 1 and starting gold rolled by class. Still unsure between Human and Elf, as the only info we got about the campaign is "be prepared for cold temperatures and lots of Ice".

Question #1: Can anyone give me a rundown on how should my first 3 level look like for equipment and feats? (I was thinking a chakram is good, but that reflex 15 to avoid damage in melee since I won't have returning or anything is scary), we might jump to lvl 2 very soon but not having spell strike forces me in melee.

Question #2: My idea to circumvent this, was to take Coin Shot, spell combat the spell (that allows a free throw) and attack with the second coin, next turn throw coin and cast spell, so on and so forth. Would that work?

Question #3: Since I'm in love with the coinshot, the spell says that "coins can be used as simple thrown weapons"... can I use WFocus on them? I take that by default the answer is no, but I have no actual idea. (A reddit thread states I can but... it's reddit :D)

Question #3.5: IF I can Wfocus the coins, they would be treated as thrown weapons under every aspect (while under the spell ofc) will I be able to spell strike with them? (obviously not in the same round as casting coin shot, feels obvious but I prefer to specify)

Question #3.5.2: Would it be possible to houserule, considering I'm a card caster, to consider a 54 coins puch like a deck of cards, for the purpose of enchanting with Arcane Pool? (yes, houserule can do everything, I'm more interested in upsides/downsides so that I can give a neat explanation to my DM :D)


would like to cancel my 2 current subscription.

Thank you

considering that usually takes 2/3 weeks for my sub orders to arrive (strangely enough, regular come withing a week) i'll be seeing this mid august T_T

oh great thanks! i got the card declined a couple of times and was getting worried :D cheers!


same problem as a couple week back with this topic ( ) weird thing is I made an order the same day and it got processed with no problem, do I have to expect a hiccup every time a subscription order gets (partially) processed?

thanks for the great work you do!

just recieved order confirmation, thank you!

it's been almost a month wince i have this order pending (mind you, i'm not in a hurry) and I'm 100% positive the card works (I use it regularly and have had no problem in the past month) but here I keep getting the "your card was declined" error, since new modules are approaching I really wouldn't want to start piling up, any idea on how to resolve this? (as stated before, I tried several purchases with the same card on different places and it all went smooth)

I have 2 items in my sidecart that I no longer need, I guess i already paid for them, is it possible to cancel and refund/get store credit?

amazon has it scheduled for nov.7, are we still talking oct or is amazon correct?