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same problem as a couple week back with this topic ( http://paizo.com/threads/rzs2v8f8?Order-4902789-card-keeps-getting-declined ) weird thing is I made an order the same day and it got processed with no problem, do I have to expect a hiccup every time a subscription order gets (partially) processed?

thanks for the great work you do!

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Hello SINner505,

There are no issues with this order. It is just waiting for its turn in the shipping queue. With subscription orders we usually allow up to 2 weeks to get them all shipped out.

It looks like you updated the payment method a few hours ago, so I have gone ahead and authorized the updated payment method. It authorized successfully.

oh great thanks! i got the card declined a couple of times and was getting worried :D cheers!


Order 5293284

Hey there,
I was just wondering if this order and subscription are good to go? Also when (speculatively) when it might go out? I also had a great deal of trouble changing my payment information. I hope that my previous order is now cancelled? Thanks for the help. PLease respond here or my email.

Customer Service Representative

Hello Winchester,

I don't see any issue with your order. We just started shipping the subscription orders today. We usually allow up to 2 weeks to get them all shipped out. Your order can ship anytime in that 2 week window.

I saw a pending preorder as well as the subscription order. I went ahead and cancelled that. If you were trying to get a second copy please let me know and I can reinstate it.

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