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would like to cancel my 2 current subscription.

Thank you


same problem as a couple week back with this topic ( ) weird thing is I made an order the same day and it got processed with no problem, do I have to expect a hiccup every time a subscription order gets (partially) processed?

thanks for the great work you do!

it's been almost a month wince i have this order pending (mind you, i'm not in a hurry) and I'm 100% positive the card works (I use it regularly and have had no problem in the past month) but here I keep getting the "your card was declined" error, since new modules are approaching I really wouldn't want to start piling up, any idea on how to resolve this? (as stated before, I tried several purchases with the same card on different places and it all went smooth)

I have 2 items in my sidecart that I no longer need, I guess i already paid for them, is it possible to cancel and refund/get store credit?