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I was really, really disappointed when I had my suspicion confirmed, that they removed spells scaling by level.

So many people have already said how this has been in 5th Edition DnD and you can pretty easily just go through the numbers in your head.

This is exactly not how you solve the balance issue between casters and martial characters...

At the core, it is about trade-off.
If two characters both fill a similar function (dealing damage, doing battlefield control, soaking up attacks, solving various out of combat problems), there should be balance to their pros and cons at their respective job.

One thing of course always is what other functions they also fill, but assuming balance there (with both having equally valuable other areas where they contribute), we would want to have a relatively steady level of trade-off at every character level.

Scaling Cantrips I personally like because they mirror scaling attack damage.
But combining that with fixed damage spells leads to a weird thing where it always centers around the highest spell slots.
Cantrips outclass the level 1 damage spell at some point and then you have no use for such a spell ever again.

Could we not instead have a system, where a level 1 spell always does at least X% more damage than a cantrip?
It would not be all that hard and I think it would smooth out damage a lot more than slowly having damage spells of low levels peter out into uselessness.

My experience from other systems usually is that the way to deal with the imbalance between the magical and non magical is not such a tough issue.
And damage usually will always be the easiest part of it, given how quantifiable it is.