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Did someone say rust?


Can I borrow a cup of filings?

Rusty the Rust Monster wrote:

<3 <3 <3 <3 <3

Drejk wrote:
Beowulf's dragon looks good but I think it would be better in some darker, not-shiny color, like rusty brown-red or dark green instead of gold.

Rust is good.

Rusty the Rust Monster wrote:
Eat can?


Girders are rich in iron.

Aberzombie wrote:
Freehold DM wrote:
NY is waiting....
I would rather gouge my eyes out with a rusty spoon......

I can help with that.

Holy s+%*!

<Whizzes on the carpet, leaving red stains>

Oops. My bad.

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I'm a monogamous aberration.

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Rusty the Rust Monster wrote:
Eat poll?



How about those iron spikes?

There, there. You're among friends. Uh, you don't need that sword, do you?

And the shrieks of, "Here comes the rust monster! Don't let it eat your armor!!!" Well, yeah, I'm going to eat your armor. It's not like I can eat plain rocks.

Rusty the Rust Monster wrote:
Eat priceless silverware?


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Oh, don't get me started on chastity belt removal. The number of times I got swatted by a broom held by some overprotective chaperone...

Ruh roh!

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Do we really want to start ThuMo nuclear war?

AbsolutGrndZer0 wrote:
Rusty the Poodle wrote:

Poor TuMo! Let me get some duct tape.

*Throws a roll of lavender Duck Tape (Begin lesson. That's the original brand before it was used on heating ducts and became known as duct tape. End lesson) at Rusty's head*

<the roll bounces off Rusty's head, drawing no discernible reaction>

Oooooh, duckt tape! I was looking for you!

Poor TuMo! Let me get some duct tape.

Whoa, Tuedsay Monster, thanks! Why are you being so nice? Is it my birthday?

Damn it, where is my shovel?!? I need my mid-afternoon snack!

I was wondering where my Doritos went...

Monday's are deliciously rich in irony.

It's Tuesday I'm not looking forward to.

Casual Friday Monster wrote:
*wanders into the thread wearing a gown made of metal shrapnel*


I wonder if they'll let me on the plane. I mean, it's not like I can sit on the wing. That's just silly.

I like baseball.

The bats are really crunchy!

<...and immediately surrender>

Thanks for the bats, guys! They're alumininum, but I'll take it.

Om nom nom nom...

Clinically Depressed Poodle wrote: wasn't....wasn't very pretty. I still have nightmares about it. And daymares......

And *shudder* Sebastians?

Cockapoo wrote:
Clinically Depressed Poodle wrote:
I was lit by Barry White once.......
I'm afraid to ask.

I think he got a spanking.

<Slips out of TuMo's grasp>

Got to go. Bye!

*sigh* I'm a paladin poodle now...

Iron filings...with whole milk.

I know PCR!

<Jumps on TuMo's chest>


That's like catnip to me! Er, dognip?

Yay! Knives!

Om nom nom nom...

Can I have the knives?

Pwetty Pwease?

Oooooh. That hit the spot!

AbsolutGrndZer0 wrote:
NO leave the black powder alone!!!! Arrrrrgh.

<Wearing black powder mustache>

Why? It's soooo delicious.

Now, C4, that stuff is naaaasty.

Cockapoo wrote:
Miss Kitty wrote:
Be careful, that black stuff looks spicy.
Miss Kitty is right, Rusty. You know what spicy stuff does to you. Spotty Carpet has horror stories....

Oh, pshawrt!

AbsolutGrndZer0 wrote:
*returns with written permission to destroy the Poodle Cult, notarized by Jezelda, Mistress of Werewolves herself. (DC 30 to realize it's a forgery), and sets up large barrels of black powder around the clubhouse with a line of black powder out a crack in the wall, then lights the black powder and runs off to watch the fireworks...*

What's this black stuff?

Ooooh, YUMMY!

The Monday Monster wrote:
Rusty the Poodle wrote:

MoMo is so cute. His cheeks get all rosy when he threatens us.

Your cheeks are going to get real rosy when I kick you in the @$$ tomorrow.


MoMo is so cute. His cheeks get all rosy when he threatens us.

Well, I like CaFriMo better than ThuMo or MoMo.

Yay! Om nom nom nom...

Ooooh, and humping too!

I can has jungle gym?

Naked rust poodle!

Crimson Jester wrote:
Bitter Thorn wrote:
Aberzombie wrote:
Bad BT!!! BAD! BAD!!!
Oops. which thing?
feeding strays.


It's MoMo!

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