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Out of curiosity, does anyone have the total quantity of pawns in this box and the quantities of each size category?

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Yea, I get it. I do not really believe that anyone is interested in paying that amount for this product and I see no evidence of anyone having paid that amount for it or even similar items.

I just thought it comical that it was listed for so much and wanted to draw attention to it. It was outrageous when it was listed for $600 a few weeks ago.

I'm sure this has more to do with the sellers' algorithms that each increase their prices over the other's until it reaches their predetermined limit of $50,000. - However, I have no qualms in also offering the product for a similarly ridiculous price.


BTW, for anyone interested in my copy, the $45,000 includes a $5,000 (10%) off which is my Rainy Day discount that is only good until the end of March. After which it will go back up to $50,000. So act now! And remember, it's free shipping! The seller on Amazon is charging $3.00 for shipping. I won't gouge you on the shipping. It's free.

Today Amazon has a seller offering a copy of this for $50,000.

I have an un-opened Monster Codex Box I am willing to sell for $45,000. Free shipping ;) Any takers?

Got an email update from Amazon this morning that said my box shipped today! I have a tracking number and everything now and it says it is arriving on the 31st.

There must have been only a handful that snuck in at the normal price back in November. Although I do somewhat question the condition it will arrive in. I am debating on whether I should open it or not when it gets here.

Amazon originally estimated a Jan 10 date to deliver my order of these from Nov 19. On the 10th they sent me an email to choose to cancel the order or approve the delay. I chose to approve the delay.

Yesterday they sent me an update that I have a new estimated delivery date of Jan 31. Still not holding my breath.

Methinks that if you use a range of 2-5 as an "automatic miss" your probability of missing actually becomes 10% instead of 5% on using a 1 on a d20.

With a 2d10 to calculate a "miss", you have to add all the probabilities of the combinations you can make with the two dice that count as a miss.

There are a total of 100 different combinations you can make with 2d10. A roll of 2,3,4 or 5 results in the following 10 combinations that represent 10% of the possible rolls provided below:

number: first die, second die

2: 1,1
3: 1,2 2,1
4: 1,3 2,2 3,1
5: 1,4 2,3 3,2 4,1

This means that the probabilities are as follows:
2: 1%
3: 2%
4: 3%
5: 4%

Therefore to calculate an "automatic miss" you need to consider the possibility of rolling 5 OR a 4 or a 3 or a 2 which is 1+2+3+4 = 10 or 10%

Similarly you would have the same thing on the high side for crits.

Athasian dwarves in Dark Sun are just that way... beardless. I think it's genetic. No hair at all. Everywhere I suppose.

Checking on the status of this order. I placed it on January 10 and it is still showing pending. I realize there is a holiday in there. just wanted to make sure something wasn't keeping it from shipping.


DeciusNero wrote:
Is that an Wilbur Whately I spy?

My thoughts exactly. But maybe he's just a half brother.

Is Starfinder going to be, in part, the proving ground for future mechanics of a PF2?

Under Ability Scores under Generating a Character

PRD wrote:

Determine Bonuses

Each ability, after changes made because of race, has a modifier ranging from –5 to +5. ... The modifier is the number you apply to the die roll when your character tries to do something related to that ability. You also use the modifier with some numbers that aren't die rolls. A positive modifier is called a bonus, and a negative modifier is called a penalty.

Based upon the most recent info on the Arcanist, it looks like at least one, maybe more, of the classes will not have a hybrid class made out of it in this book. We have Cavalier, Bard, Monk, Summoner, Alchemist, Paladin and Inquisitor all with no hybrid. Which one, or two don't make the cut?

For the last 4 hybrid classes to be detailed out in this book, are they combinations of the 8 classes that Paizo hasn't already created a hybrid for? (At least address by this book? - Looking at Magus)

Bard, Monk, Paladin, Alchemist, Cavalier, Inquisitor, Summoner, Wizard

Do some core/base classes not get a hybrid class?

Interested in seeing a Summoner/Cavalier class.

OoO.. interesting... I'm curious to see the see what the other four classes are going to be hybrids of.

I'd be interested in what, if any, hybrid is done with the bard. I'd love to see a bard/alchemist class, similar to the Athasian bard from Dark Sun.

Lord Zeb wrote:
I'm having the same issue. Any ideas?

No ideas. It looks like they're looking into it. I'm following this thread and it's getting some attention.

Kindle Fire

Cheapy wrote:

I used to be able to download whatever I wanted from the website, even as a zip. Not sure when that changed, as I haven't done it in a long time.

I don't appear able to download UM's errata either.

Try the catalog

Patrick McGrath wrote:
I had the same issue with Droid bionic, but I don't think the issue is with the PDF reader. I believe the issue is that when you download the files, you are downloading a zip file. Droid does not seem to be able to deal with them. If you down the load the file to a laptop or desktop computer, extract the files and then copy the actual PDF files on to your device, you should not have a problem.

I'm not sure what the problem is, if it is the device itself, the browser, or a way that Paizo handles the zip files that are purchased.

I've had no problem viewing my pdf's on my device after transferring them via usb cable.

I've also been able to download the catalog via my KF with no problems and it was a zip file. zip files from my downloads no worky.

Cheapy wrote:

It appears to not be working with the 3pp ones either, so it's not just the paizo PDFs, if that makes any difference.

My test PDFs: ARG and SGG's Alchemist Options.

Are you able to download anything else from the Paizo website non-purchased? like the catalog?

I've experienced a similar problem with using my Kindle Fire to download my purchased pdfs through the Paizo website directly - it just sits there with no progress. However, I can download everything just fine on a Laptop or PC and then transfer via USB cable.

I think it is just limited to my purchased files. I've been able to use my Kindle Fire to download things like the 2012 product catalog just fine from the Paizo website.

Weren Wu Jen wrote:
@ Rovewin - Does the Adobe Reader app allow you to Search the PDFs, and let you use the Hyperlinks?

Adobe Reader does let you search the document. (Not possible with the default reader) Which was one of the reasons I got the app. However, it still seems to take a long time. Searching the Lite version of the pdfs seems to speed this up.

When searching for information quickly during a game I usually rely on the internet by searching the PRD or d20pfsrd. If I'm just reading for the sake of reading I use the pdfs.

Hyperlinks within the pdf work as well. However, it seems that IIRC there are no hyperlinks for page numbers referenced in the table of contents. Just key words that are hyperlinked. (Don't have it in front of me)

Dunno about interactive maps.

The lite versions of the core PDFs are nice... work much better on the KF.

I downloaded the Adobe Reader app to view my pdfs. I like it better than the default pdf viewer the KF comes with.

I had a couple of dice rollers but it's just not the same as rolling real dice on a table.

Though not directly related to gaming itself you might want to look at the following:

File Expert
I've just recently installed this, which gives access to the Kindle's directories for moving/copying/etc files and folders. Which the KF doesn't really give you access to unless you are plugged into with a USB.

Maxthon Mobile Web Browser
I also installed this, which seems to be a nicer browser than what the KF comes with.

Splashtop Remote Desktop
I was researching this to use my PC/laptop remotely from my kindle. Haven't had time to buy it (4.99) and try it out.

Also looking into some Wifi tranfer apps for FTP so I don't have to use the USB cable... haven't settled on one yet, but I think File Expert can do this... I just haven't played around with it much yet.

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I've had no problems with transferring any/all of my Paizo PDFs from my laptop to my Kindle Fire via USB cable. I'm a big fan of the "Lite" versions of the .pdfs too now. I'm able to first download the zip/pdf from the Paizo website to my laptop just fine and then transfer them to the KF. I've been investigating using wifi transfer apps or remote desktop apps like Splashtop to facilitate getting rid of the USB cable between my laptop and KF.

However, I haven't been able to successfully download any files directly from the Paizo website onto my Kindle Fire. The KF just sits there saying "downloading" and never shows any progress or total size or time it will take to download the file.

Anyone have any success with downloading directly from Paizo with the KF or is this not possible?
Is this a Kindle Fire OS thing, KF browser thing or something else?
Or am I the only one with this problem?

Xum wrote:
Rovewin wrote:
Xum wrote:
Half orcs have Darkvision, not Low-light, making them 11 points.

True. However math was done wrong. Total actually sums up to 9 as is. Fixing it with Darkvision will bring it to 10.

I assume you are talking about Orc Blood that doesn't apear anywhere and it's more of a Bane then a Boon. (Yes, I'm specifically talking about Bane)

I mean (Copied from pdf):

Standard 1 RP

Racial Abilities
Low-light vision 1 RP
Orc blood 1 RP
Orc ferocity 2 RP
Skill bonus 2 RP
Weapon familiarity 2 RP

Total RP: 9

Replace Low-light with Darkvision and you get 10 total.

As a side note, I just caught this. There is no description for Orc Blood or Elf Blood for that matter.

Xum wrote:
Half orcs have Darkvision, not Low-light, making them 11 points.

True. However math was done wrong. Total actually sums up to 9 as is. Fixing it with Darkvision will bring it to 10.