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Yea, I get it. I do not really believe that anyone is interested in paying that amount for this product and I see no evidence of anyone having paid that amount for it or even similar items.

I just thought it comical that it was listed for so much and wanted to draw attention to it. It was outrageous when it was listed for $600 a few weeks ago.

I'm sure this has more to do with the sellers' algorithms that each increase their prices over the other's until it reaches their predetermined limit of $50,000. - However, I have no qualms in also offering the product for a similarly ridiculous price.


BTW, for anyone interested in my copy, the $45,000 includes a $5,000 (10%) off which is my Rainy Day discount that is only good until the end of March. After which it will go back up to $50,000. So act now! And remember, it's free shipping! The seller on Amazon is charging $3.00 for shipping. I won't gouge you on the shipping. It's free.

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Out of curiosity, for all the builds of classes that are out-shifter-ing the shifter, what books are being used? Are these builds accomplished with just core and APG? Or ACG if it includes hunter? Or do they rely on several others? How do things look when limited to just core and UW?

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I've had no problems with transferring any/all of my Paizo PDFs from my laptop to my Kindle Fire via USB cable. I'm a big fan of the "Lite" versions of the .pdfs too now. I'm able to first download the zip/pdf from the Paizo website to my laptop just fine and then transfer them to the KF. I've been investigating using wifi transfer apps or remote desktop apps like Splashtop to facilitate getting rid of the USB cable between my laptop and KF.

However, I haven't been able to successfully download any files directly from the Paizo website onto my Kindle Fire. The KF just sits there saying "downloading" and never shows any progress or total size or time it will take to download the file.

Anyone have any success with downloading directly from Paizo with the KF or is this not possible?
Is this a Kindle Fire OS thing, KF browser thing or something else?
Or am I the only one with this problem?

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Erik Mona wrote:
The Core Rulebook iconics will appear in token form before the end of 2013.

Does this also mean that Halfling, Gnomes, and Half Ocrs will get some token love? I'm not finding them in any of the tokens yet.

I'm definitely buying this box when it comes out. I love the tokens from the Beginner Box.

Until then, I guess I will have to use the vegepygmy tokens from this box as halflings... provided the art stays the same as what's found in the book.