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I like the mural/painting behind the Throne where Urgathoa seems to grant power/knowledge to Geb, if that is Geb sitting on the Throne.
Or possibly being "Ain't no rest for the Wicked, have fun being Ghost"

Also like the Mummy carrying undead cat.

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Just noticed, that on the cover, Navasi and Quig were on a Picnic and that monster interrupted it.

"How dare you to dangle this tasty morsel before me!"

Thought as I added this to my cart and bought it. Have been playing little too much Elite Dangerous: Odyssey and exploration in that game is my favored time waster. Quickly skimmed the Exploration rules in GEM and I quite like them.

Thanks Sara =)

Are those Skeletons old friends of Valeros as that emblem on the shield and banner is the same Valeros has on his shield in his Iconic picture??

Also love those Tooth Fairies on the cover, especially the one on the foreground that looks like salivating watching those skeletons and all those teeth ready to be pulled off.

Also got my Bigger Sewer PDF added yesterday.

Thank you =)


He walked past the man and toward the corner of the room that served as a kitchen and continued. “So, how do you like your tea?”

“… tea? What are you on about, man?”

Quinn peered into a kettle to ensure its cleanliness and began filling it with water, then turned to Randall and smirked. “When someone’s about to tell me a long story, I like to have something to drink.”

This was possibly one of the best endings I have read so far in Iconic Encounters. Poor Randall must have been somewhat wrong-footed talking with Quinn at the end.

Mimski wrote:

I'm glad I held off buying the CRB and B1 PDFs a few days before the bundle hit haha. Or, my wallet is. With the rise of online play (for me...) the maps are also a very welcome addition.

I also didn't have the Bigger Sewer Flip-Mat added to my Digital Contents, have heard something about that?

I send e-mail to customer service as I was on my phone and few times have lost my wall of text because of bad wonky mobile net when trying to write at Forum.

Haven't got any information about missing Bigger Sewer Flip-Mat, yet, from Customer Service.

Bought this even though owned most of the Corebooks. But the Maps are a big help as I have started to use Fantasy Grounds for exploration and combat tracking when leading games for my group.

Also it's always good to give money for good cause.

PS. Just noticed that Bigger Sewer mat seems to bee missing from my Digital Content.

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Just bought the Pdf and first thing I checked was the Poster map.

Nice that they have updated the Inner Sea region with happenings in the Adventure Paths.

"Lastwall, you will be missed and your sacrifices shall not go in vain! Now how can I make Whispering Tyrant to set his sight to Razmir? He might be interest to find out if this so called" Living God" is match to his might like Aroden was."

Hopefully, when they release more setting books, they make the area postermaps so that you can just add, for example, Garunds map under Inner Sea map and fill your wall with huge map of Golarion. Crown of the World might be littlebit difficult.
"I can always dream, can't I"

In the World Guide itself I like the break up of differend regions with Nations, religions, resources etc. Also region specific Backgrounds, yay.

Will have to immerse myself with more time, now just skimming the book at work.

"Can I have more please Paizo. Pretty please, with sprinkles on top"

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“Because I’ve got a crazy idea.”

Line every GM waits from his players =D

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Nice story. Good to read Valeros taking good use of his new shields.

"Now can someone point me where I can find picture of Valeros, Imrijka and small quarter-orcs?
And No, I didn't read Spiral of Bones comic yesterday. Why are you asking that?"

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Ultimate Equipment - Mantle of Immortality p.221

I dont know if it would have interfered with my purchase.

I didn't want to try it as I live in Finland and mostly buy my hardcover books from local game store. And I added the item in question to my cart by accident.

Had the same problem with
Pathfinder Legends—Mummy's Mask #3: Shifting Sands CD Set/Download Bundle.

Got rid of them by First pressing "Remove" button, then after Page refreshed pressed "Remove all".

Had this problem for about 2 months. Just got rid of it.

Ps. Tested this for the same item you have problem and it worked for me, atleast =)

Just read this description of Alahazra. There you seen what his Father thought about his daughter who suddenly got Divine powers.

So I would say anything Divine is big "No, No."

Dot for future reference

Cult Leader Mesmerist Halfling, from nice little out of the way Halfling town that is in middle of a swamp. Though he seems little bit "wrong", might be those little bulging eyes he has and smell of fish and brine always surrounding him.

Oread Kinetisit, short tempered guy, like dormant volcano but under the surface fire burns.

"Damn you work day! You take me away from my books."


And I just yesterday I got my hands on Occult Adventures book from LFGS. and then I was distracted by cutest kitten with polydactylia and fluffy fur.

Gah!!! I couldn't concentrate when he jumped on my chest and said with her little voice, "Meep"
Multiple times I say, Multiple!!
That little fur ball will be the end of me and my reign of Terror, in a loving way =)

Quick check through Additional Resourses didn't bring up anything that would prevent you starting as Mysterious Stranger with Musket or Blunderbuss.

Gunsmith gives you option to start with either a Blunderbuss, Musket or Pistol and Mysterious Stranger (Archtype) doesn't change that at all.

Edit: always remember to read eveything in books before posting. Edited text after reading Gunsmith description in Gunslinger section

Dotting so I can find this again. Looks really nice =)


blackbloodtroll wrote:
kestral287 wrote:
Kobold Cleaver wrote:
But one if one of the party members drops her glasses and has to get on her hands and knees to look for them?

Well, if they're smart they shout "Jinkies!" so the rest of the party knows to look at them.

Aaand now I'm tempted to make Velma.

Am I only one who thought she was hot?


On the topic it might be difficult to shout "Jinkies!" as the Executioner's Hood' Strangle (Ex) special ability mention that Creature grappled by the Hood cannot speak of Cast spells with verbal components and must hold its breath.

Well it doesn't say anything about shouting but this can be circumvented by making noise another way.

Was just listening to B.B. King's "When my heart beats like a Hammer" and read this.


What Gisher and Weirdo said.

Also have to add that weapon or armour always have to have +1 enchantment before you can add special ability.
In this case Vicious.

Cap. Darling wrote:
Why say no to dinosaurs. The Real question is scales or feathers:)

Why not both =)

Well I found new PFS Character Generator and got to test it. It isn't my fault that I could not get any sleep because I had so much fun making characters.

Next poster: Would you kindly explain rumours concerning ties between Gillmen and Aboleths?

Possible to get registration code? Have just started to be interested of PFS games and this could cut time to make few quick chars to check.

Liquorice has nice taste.

Me as a crazy Finnish person, love liquorice or to be correct "Salty" Liquorice.

I wouldn't though recommend salty liquorice to everyone, as some people have said,
"It is an acquired taste, Yes."

I have just started to read Emerald Spire book and going to run it for my players and these pictures you have made are perfect.

Thank you very much =)

just ninjaed by DM_aka_DudeMeister.

So two Bi/Lesbian Iconics are confirmed.

Velarrio Ileor the Faceless wrote:

I'm still questioning why the cover art for that Mythic Robots 2 is using a semi-transparent Lego AT-RT.

I'm also hoping that I'm not the only person whom noticed that.

No, you are not the only person to notice that.

Pathfinder CRB p.154

"Weapons fashioned from adamantine have a natural ability to bypass hardness when sundering weapons or attacking objects, ignoring hardness less than 20 (see Chapter 7)."

*Ninjaed by Sniggevert but still posted this.

PS. After playing Fantasy Flight Games games I learned to read all, when I read Rulesbooks. FFG had a bad habit to hide small and integral parts of the rules to the bloody middle of the text. And nothing was mentioned about it elsewhere

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I think that Rust Monster is going to have Bad Day, as it broke Amiri's sword.
Also love the Orc with the Eviscerator.

"No I'm not Warhammer enthusiast, why would you even imply it" =P

Don't talk about Barbarians and Traps in the same phrase.

Brings back bad memories about Frenzied Berserker, with low Will Save, armed with Greataxe. He usually survived the trap but his friends didn't survive him =(

I remember using these sometime ago but didn't remember to mark the page where I could download these and when my old computer said "Puff" and out goes the HDD. It was then when I found out that I didn't have them anywhere else backed up.

Stumbled upon this thread by accident and if I wasn't at work would have jumped like maniac =)

Thank you for these character sheets.


Sneak Attack

-Ranged attacks can count as sneak attacks only if the target is within 30 feet.

Dirty Trick

-The GM is the arbiter of what can be accomplished with this maneuver
-The penalty is limited to one of the following conditions: blinded, dazzled, deafened, entangled, shaken, or sickened.

I would say it is possible to use this special attack by Bounty Hunter, to make Dirty Trick from range. You just have to be within 30 ft of the target as per Sneak Attack rules.

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Tacticslion wrote:

Dang it, Lamontius.

I still don't know whether you're a skull-faced elf, a happy dapper older gentlmen in a hat, an approving bearded guy, or Ron Swanson!


Lamontius is all those and more like he said himself.

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Somehow after reading many of these posting my campaigns coming battle get's new dimensions.

Villain: Succubus Sorceress, yes She has Black Tentacles spell before you ask.

One of my groups player has always loved Grapplers. In D&D 3.5 he usually at some point took levels as Reaping Mauler, so you can bet he was like little child in a candy store when we got UC and he found out Tetori (monk archtype).

So I can just see where this might go now if I happen to be in a "giving" mood.
Bad luck the Tetori doesn't yet have Iron Body, that makes his tissues ultra-dense.

KutuluKultist wrote:
The Robot Golem is in Numeria - Land of Fallen Stars.

Thank you KutuluKultis. I knew I saw it.

KutuluKultist wrote:

And it goes to show that a destroyed robot does not turn to dust, but leaves a robot corpse, which can be turned into a magical construct.

So I see no reason why a robot corpse should be unfit as a target for animate object.

Unless you happened to use Disintegrate on it but that is another story.

I remember just recently going over few recently released books pertaining Numeria and remember that I saw some stats for magically reanimated Robot.
Technic League uses them sometimes.

There was similar stats for creating them just like golems have.

Don't remember which book it was though.
I know it wasn't in Technology Guide as I don't yet have that.

I would say you still need the dagger(s) to be enchanted separately.

I think it would be little far stretched to have belt that not only returns your weapons but also enchants them to make more damage.

And by Enchanting rules, if I remember correctly, you can only put weapon specific enchantments to weapons. (Amulet of Mighty Fist is its own thing)

One option to this could be that you are throwing the same dagger over and over again as it returns immediately after the attack is resolved.

But this is just my opinion. Ask you GM what he is ready to do.