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I like the mural/painting behind the Throne where Urgathoa seems to grant power/knowledge to Geb, if that is Geb sitting on the Throne.
Or possibly being "Ain't no rest for the Wicked, have fun being Ghost"

Also like the Mummy carrying undead cat.

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Just noticed, that on the cover, Navasi and Quig were on a Picnic and that monster interrupted it.

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Just bought the Pdf and first thing I checked was the Poster map.

Nice that they have updated the Inner Sea region with happenings in the Adventure Paths.

"Lastwall, you will be missed and your sacrifices shall not go in vain! Now how can I make Whispering Tyrant to set his sight to Razmir? He might be interest to find out if this so called" Living God" is match to his might like Aroden was."

Hopefully, when they release more setting books, they make the area postermaps so that you can just add, for example, Garunds map under Inner Sea map and fill your wall with huge map of Golarion. Crown of the World might be littlebit difficult.
"I can always dream, can't I"

In the World Guide itself I like the break up of differend regions with Nations, religions, resources etc. Also region specific Backgrounds, yay.

Will have to immerse myself with more time, now just skimming the book at work.

"Can I have more please Paizo. Pretty please, with sprinkles on top"

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“Because I’ve got a crazy idea.”

Line every GM waits from his players =D

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Nice story. Good to read Valeros taking good use of his new shields.

"Now can someone point me where I can find picture of Valeros, Imrijka and small quarter-orcs?
And No, I didn't read Spiral of Bones comic yesterday. Why are you asking that?"

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captain yesterday wrote:

It shouldn't terrify you... Okay, Perry Farrell is pretty f&#~ed up.

Still, great music, with just the right amount of whimsy. :-)

"What... What did I just watch?" O_O

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Ultimate Equipment - Mantle of Immortality p.221

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I think that Rust Monster is going to have Bad Day, as it broke Amiri's sword.
Also love the Orc with the Eviscerator.

"No I'm not Warhammer enthusiast, why would you even imply it" =P

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Tacticslion wrote:

Dang it, Lamontius.

I still don't know whether you're a skull-faced elf, a happy dapper older gentlmen in a hat, an approving bearded guy, or Ron Swanson!


Lamontius is all those and more like he said himself.

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Somehow after reading many of these posting my campaigns coming battle get's new dimensions.

Villain: Succubus Sorceress, yes She has Black Tentacles spell before you ask.

One of my groups player has always loved Grapplers. In D&D 3.5 he usually at some point took levels as Reaping Mauler, so you can bet he was like little child in a candy store when we got UC and he found out Tetori (monk archtype).

So I can just see where this might go now if I happen to be in a "giving" mood.
Bad luck the Tetori doesn't yet have Iron Body, that makes his tissues ultra-dense.