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America is Fierce!

Treants In the Mist wrote:

I'm hot blooded!

::Sneaks into thread and steals beer and chicken wings::

Note left behind:
The Rouge Rogue

Ambrosia Slaad wrote:
Orthos wrote:
The Crimson Jester, Rogue Lord wrote:
** spoiler omitted **
Typo intentional? :P ;)

I assumed so. If not, it'll be interesting to see if it's noticed. :)

Edit: Typo TotP with The FaWTL Bunch!

What typo?

Treppa wrote:

You're trying to get me to go to another OT thread, aren't you? AREN'T YOU?

It's not gonna work.

You know you wanna.

lynora wrote:
Blu-Ray Boy wrote:
lynora wrote:
Apparently I'm feeling blue today. I'll probably change it back later though. Not so sure about this avvy switch.
You look familiar.
Sigh. Missed that in the slew of new avatars. I'll change it back in a bit. When I have another hour free to look through the avatars trying to find my old one again.

Sometimes, when you see that shiny, sexy new avvy, you just gotta take it. Am I right, honey?

Urizen wrote:
Mairkurion {tm} wrote:
I just realized, even CrimJ is a sylvan type, now.
He's always been a roguish rouge fairy to me. :p

Watch your f$#@ing mouth.

taig wrote:
Urizen wrote:
taig wrote:
That sounds reasonable to me. Now that you mention it, raw sneak attack damage should be better than applying a condition/poison. Have you ever looked at the Complete Rogue sourcebook (3.5 splattybook from WoTC)? It's got a similar mechanic to what you're looking for, except it trades out dice of damage for a condition.
You're thinking of the Complete Scoundrel.
Yeah, that's the one. I knew it wasn't Complete Rouge.

I've got both of those volumes, backwards and forwards.

I'm in.

Steven Tindall wrote:
evil ... simply frees you from constraints and opens up a whole new world of rp.

Free, free...

Set them free!

*Lifts anything left of value in the thread that is fireproof.*

Did you brew it fresh, with those little mouth-feet of yours?

It's probably a paradox of alchemy.

Oh, I'm as willing to hand said document over to you as I am to any one who's willing to strike a deal.

I have "acquired" a document that might shed light on Jason Nelson's motives, and would be willing to sell it for the right price.

messy wrote:

1. anyone involved in politics.

2. anyone involved in sports.
3. any celebrity.
4. anyone who can't spell "rogue" correctly.
5. anyone who can't spell "rogue" correctly. :-)

Howdy, Messy. I'm a retired sports celebrity who now makes a living stealing elections in Hell. My turn-on is messy souls.

I've got some cheese in my pockets.


Sir, you must have me confused with some other thematically red thieves.

Pokes around in SRW's pockets

Abyssal Healer wrote:
Rouge Rogue wrote:

Hmm...what's this document I manged to steal from the Fallen Fastness?

** spoiler omitted **

No, we've been through that. But as far as I know, David Fryer's soul is still MIA.

What? I make no claims as to the soul's location. Asmodeus bought it for a chicken recipe, I stole the deed from under his infernal majesty's nose. Nobody's interested in the deed? I thought it would fetch at least a copy of that Maxim issue people were looking at earlier.

Hmm...what's this document I manged to steal from the Fallen Fastness?

Deed of Soul:
Item: 1 (one) soul of David Fryer, covenanter and signatory, the Eternal Property of Asmodeus.

*Steals some of Spanky's vowels, then puts them back mixed up.*


Uh...excuse me, please show me your guild license.

I gave it to that guy in the hood. He said he was taking it straight to you? You didn't get it?

Of course you wouldn't know! That's because it was your evil alter-ego!

Apostle of Gygax wrote:
HolyHandGrenadier wrote:

I would love to agree and say, "Play what you will."

As a matter of fact I do.

However the poster of this thread made this to prove to the group that rogue was useless so they would ban me from playing one.

Let's hear it for DM fiat!

Too late! This apparently useless rogue stole it!

It's a hard knock life, that's for sure. Oh look, a hoard creature.


Rogue Rogue Derpy Der wrote:
Solnes wrote:
Heya Dragon. I am sorry I have been unable to answer your calls tonight. We are having some problems with one of our employees and I have been on the phone with my boss and Kirk all night. It's dead now. When it charges I will call you right away. :)

Doesn't even say hi to me. I am unloved. :(

I like the color of you outfit. Your name's not as cool as mine, though.

I expect you'll let me in because the devil will make you do it.

Where's the Crimson Jester?

Many people are confused about us...let them remain ignorant.