Considerations for Teamwork -- Feats, Party, and Individual


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So this might someday turn into a guide, but for now I'm simply doing a cliff notes version to gather my thoughts on teamwork feats and how to utilize them effectively. feats worth sharing but not taking independently

First Up: Good Teamwork Feats
Allied Spellcaster -- Useful for the spell penetration help, better when you and your teammate share a spell. // If you have a caster/bodyguard combo in the party then the bodyguard helps with spell penetration simply by being there. However is otherwise a wasted feat for the bodyguard. Better if the spellcaster can share it instead of other way around.

Coordinated Distraction -- Nice in part because you don't have to be adjacent simply threatening. Makes concentration checks harder and scales with the number of people threatening. Must be able to AoO though.

Coordinated Shot -- Situational at best. IF you can flank AND not provide cover THEN it's a +2 bonus. Two conditions makes it harder to like, but for not straight fighter archers it offers bonuses to hit which can be needed.

Enfilading fire -- A much better choice than coordinated shot, but requires more to get. Hurts the melee types you need because they have to spend feats on ranged combat in order to set up the ranged ally. Best if the ranged ally can get it and share it out.

Escape Route -- Probably one of the best teamwork feats out there. Allies can help prevent the need to withdraw and with careful planning can ensure no one eats AoO's from moving. Provides greatly increased tactical options.

Ferociously Loyal -- Free +1 just for your ally being threatened. Great feat for flankers and anyone else in the party. Basically as long as the monster has someone close to it you get a +1. If the ally drops (looking at you rogue) then the bonus increases. Morale bonus so methods of increasing it exist as well.

Lastwall Phalanx -- Situational but good, if adjacent to allies. Sacred bonuses aren't common and it is a bonus to both AC and saves but requires evil opponents. Stacks with the number of allies you can get near you. If you can share it then it is awesome for summoners and conjurers.

Lookout -- plenty of classes and archetypes can be not surprised and this shares it with the party. For parties with more than one capable of doing so expands action economy -- requires surprise rounds however and can cheat you out of initiative though. Situational but great.

Outflank -- good other end to the enfilading fire, as the flankers gain more bonus and is especially good with crit fishers.

pack attack -- good for helping to set up flanking solutions. But requires preplanning so you are adjacent and near the monster at the same time. potentially awkward to use.

Shake it off -- good for casters with valet familiars or if you can share it (summoners and conjurers can use it in such cases). Also useful if the party sticks close together. Untyped stacking bonuses to save throws are nice, and even if only one ally is near it's a +1 to all three save throws.

shield wall -- A good pass off feat if multiple people are using shields. Increases bonus for bigger shields and can provide total cover for multiple allies with a single tower shield expanding defensive options.

shielded caster -- very good choice for martial casters such as the magus, bard or cleric. A minimum of +4 bonus to concentration checks increasing up to +6 with the added booster of helping decrease the effects of concentration DC increasers by half -- but those are still rather rare and require your ally having disruptive. Good for a caster to share out if possible.

spell chain -- great for parties with multiple casters especially ones with witches. Gives double roll on spell pen checks An awesome feat that any party with two casters targeting the enemy should take, best if the first caster uses a multi-target spell to increase target choices for the follow up casters.

swap places/improved swap places -- good if you have a the swift action economy for it and a glass melee combatant like the investigator who wants to hit then fade out of attack range. Combined with escape route can allow you to swap out the front line quickly without burning extra actions. The optional bull rush has potential.

broken wing gambit -- interesting but potentially worth it for every party member.

target of opportunity -- ranged pile on.

Next up options for Parties -- these are ways to spread the teamwork love

Druman Blackjack == Best option for teamwork feats. Everyone takes a single level and one person stays fighter until 4. Gives up 3 feats but allows you to share or more teamwork feats with everyone, without meeting prerequisites and from anyone that has the teamwork feat. Infinite reusability and lasts for hours at a time. At level 8 works with anyone not a blackjack but doesn't last as long and if all are blackjacks a free +1 on skill checks and save throws. At level 12 provides two teamwork feats. Allows each party member to selectively build out to the teamwork feats that are easiest for them to get and then allow everyone to share based on the needs of the party. Also allows iron will and improved iron will (as well as teamwork feats) to be bonus feats. Stacks well with most other archetypes.

Holy Tactican == faster share at lower level and give five bonus teamwork feats. Provides on the theme of shared tactics well.

Tactician fighter / cavalier/ Exemplar/ Vanguard / Divine Commander == shares teamwork feats for less time and more specific on what is shared. Exemplar gains other thematic bonuses and can inspire which is nice.

Next Up: Teamwork for the Solo.

Individual choices for teamwork options: Reasons to take -- your buddy wants you to have teamwork feats but you don't want to rely on him for them to be active. You want the bonus but want to know you can use it without relying on other allies.

Valet Familiar -- teamwork, crafting and more, an easy trade to make.

Carnivalist with Valet -- Hey it's an option. Get a goat, be Esmeralda from Disney.

Hunter -- You have a companion -- you share teamwork feats.
Packmaster Hunter -- You have multiple companions, you can share teamwork feats with more of them.
Sacred Huntsmaster -- Inquistor hunter.
Any of the above tactician options

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They posted this 4 years ago, you're unlikely to get an answer to your question.

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