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I was thinking of getting a driver (UC, p. 105).

Now, p. 92 mentions that team earnings assume that you have a place for them to work. Does this mean I have to buy a cart & mule as a separate expense, or are they covered by the 2 'goods' that are part of the driver's cost?

I have a player who really wants to play an Arcane Trickster*
Before I'm going to say anything at all about that, need to know: can you sneak attack with Magic Missiles? I can't find anywhere where it says that you have to make an attack rool to get sneak attack.

Also, am I blind, or can Arcane Tricksters make sneak attacks against multiple opponents, assuming they can achieve surprise or otherwise deny their targets Dex-to-AC?

Or should I expect 5 Sneak Attacks (against different targets), unerringly hotting, by CL9?

* Undoubtedly inspired by a character from a recent, reasonably popular, video game.

When I cast Teleport, I have to roll a d% to see if I end up where I want to go. The obvious way to improve my odds of getting to the right place is to study my location carefully...

Wel, bugger that for a game of soldiers!
How do I rig the odds? Is there an easy way to get a re-roll for a d%? or just a straight bonus to the roll?

This is probably a stupid question that gets answered every year or so but I was suddenly confused:

If I have some way of gaining a bonus to a skill rolls, "for 1 round" (eg. Diviner's Fortune), I can't use that with skill checks that take more than 1 round, right?

Ie, I'm looking up something in a library, 1 skill check/day.
Then Diviner's Fortune won't help me. Is that correct?

As the title says, I've finally written up a sorcerer I like. Except the Arcana. Is there a way to change the Arcana, or trade it for something else?

Warning: I'm already using a Wildblooded bloodline, so the Arcana has been changed once already.

Core rulebook, p. 435 wrote:
Ballista: A ballista is essentially a Huge heavy crossbow fixed in place. Its size makes it hard for most creatures to aim it. Thus, a Medium creature takes a –4 penalty on attack rolls when using a ballista, and a Small creature takes a –6 penalty. It takes a creature smaller than Large two full-round actions to reload the ballista after firing.

Now, we have a tiefling who rolled a '16' on the Variant Abilities and Physical Features table:

You have over-sized limbs, allowing you to use Large weapons without penalty.

Would this be enough to count as a Large creature (assuming a medium-sized tiefling) for the purposes of reloading a ballista?

Is there an (preferably easy, reliable) way to detect if a character/creature has negative levels?

An old friend has come back and is talking about running Wrath of the Righteous.
I've looked at the Player Guide and it looks like I should expect CE Outsiders to be our main opponents.
Paladin looks like the obvious class to play, but someone else already piped up about playing a paladin, so I was thinking maybe a Cleric, probably starting out as a Reach light cleric and then turning myself caster cleric with a few levels.
Standard build with Sacred Summons and Augment Summoning. Possibly even as a Herald Caller. Any Comments on this would be welcome.

But then I got a silly thought:
What about a Holy Blaster? As a LG cleric, I will get Holy Smite and Order's Wrath, which may be even better.
Could that work? These are basically level 4 fireballs, with a 1 round special effect attached. Except I don't have to worry about Energy Resistance, and if my party plays along, alignment-wise, Selective Spell Metamagics becomes irrelevant as well, as these spells don't affect character with the correlating alignment.

Also, Magical Lineage don't say anything about Arcane spells, so I could take that with eg. Order's Wrath and get the Consecrate Spell Metamagic (assuming I go Aasimar), does that seem even remotely sensible?

I was just ambushed, but luckily managed to fend off the attack long enough to explain that I needed a little time to figure out the answers, so here:

One of my players have been reading up on Shadow magic, in particular Shadow Evocation. So now I have to answer questions like

1) Admixture specialists exist in setting, so things like Acid Ball exist in setting. More specifically, Fire Ball is really just (Element) Ball. All of these variants are cast as 3rd level evocations spells, and so he should be able to imitate them with Shadow Evocations, correct?

2) Fire Ball is a 3rd level evocation spell, making intensified Fire Ball a 4th level evocation spell. So he should be able to cast that with Shadow Evocation, right? Or Empowered Scorching Ray? (Note: his character does not have either metamagical feat)

As the subject line says:

What's a good class for boosting the power of natural attacks?

NB! I'm not asking for to get those natural attacks - it's for a monster that needs that certain extra 'punch'.
I just want some nice synergy with existing natural attacks.

Say I have a Greatsword +1 (Bane [Chaotic Outsiders], Bane [Evil Outsiders]), that I use to strike a demon.
What's my enhancement bonus and how much damage do I do?

In other words, do Bane effects stack?

2 more questions about Calling.

1) Can you use calling spells (mainly Planar Ally/Planar Binding) to Call and bind Outsiders with the Native subtype? I can't find anything that says I can't, but I'm thinking I've overlooked something.

2) There's no Outsider (Genie) subtype as such, as far as I can tell. Could you still take Genie as a "subtype", for the purpose of the Augment Calling Feat?

2a) Would you allow it, even if it's not strictly RAW?
2b) Actually, why isn't there a Genie subtype. There's a Div subtype, and they're just fallen Genies, right?

Just a (hopefully) quick question about the Battering Blast.

It says that:

On a successful hit, you deal 1d6 points of force damage per two caster levels (maximum 5d6). For every 5 caster levels you possess beyond 5th, you gain a second ball of force.

- if this spell is cast with the Intensified Spell metamagic, the max damage per ball increases to 7d6 force dmg/ball, and the number of balls remain the same, correct?

We get XPs for "defeating monsters, overcomming challenges and completing adventures" (Core, p. 399). So far so good.

But how do we overcome traps? Surviving them? Finding them? Do we have to disable them, or simply get past them?

I'm confused.

We've taken a cleric prisoner but need him, well, not cast spells.
He's been stripped to his skivvies, but what else can we do, short of cutting out his tounge (and hoping he doesn't have Still Spell)?

I know I've seen a way for Clerics to get the Planar Binding spells, but I don't remember where. Who does?

I just noticed/realised that a druid's Animal Companion does not gain survival as a Class skill. Is this correct - and if so, how can I fix it? It's not like I can give the poor thing a trait, is it?

I'm having some problems with XPs and the Summon Monster family of spells.

Case 1:
The PCs enter the lair of the Villain. De declares them irrelevant and summons a monster to take care of them. assumin ght e PCs win (or at least survive), do they get XPs, or are the summoned monster(s) considered a weapon/tool/ability of the villain, and as such part of his XP value?

Case 2:
Same scenario as case 1, except the villain flees the scene. does this change anything?

Case 3:
The villain decides to use a bit of "scry-and-fry"-style tactics, summoning a bunch of monsters and teleporting them to the PCs' location

Case 4:
Same as Case 1 above, but with a called monster (instead of a summoned one).

Case 5:
Same as Case 2 above, but with a called monster (instead of a summoned one).

Case 6:
Same as Case 3 above, but with a called monster (instead of a summoned one).