Getting Cha to Spellcrafting


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Is there any traits or feats that allow you to use your Charisma on Spellcrafting checks?

I know some class features like Pagent of the Peacock does it, but I am looking specifically for feats or traits.

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Voices of Solid Things.

You're welcome.

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Voices of Solid Things.

You're welcome.

thank you!

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And consider picking up the Theoretical Magician trait (+2 trait bonus to Spellcraft checks) while you are at it, if you are trying to boost you Spellcraft bonus as high as possible.

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Be a Spirit Guide oracle. At 3rd level you can choose Ancestors or Lore spirit, they have a hex that gives Wis to all int-based skills. But as a Spirit Guide you swap Wis and Cha. Therefore, Cha to spellcraft.

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